I Became a Living Cheat Volume 2 Chapter 73

Hello peeps! it’s Nefarian here! I’ve got a chapter of Living cheat This is the second chapter of the week out of four~ Thanks so much Danny.K for supporting me on Patreon 😀 and of course I remember you haha. I’ll be doing Himekishi next, I can tell people are itching for da himekishi by the frantic comments >.<. Anyways Please Enjoy the Chapter!

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  1. Thank u always for ur great work…

  2. Once I graduate from school, I’ll get a job and seperate my income into “necessities” “video games” “appliances” and “Nefarian’s budget”. This so I can get Nefarian to make faster releases!

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  4. Thanks for doing this chapter! ? xd

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