Chapter 100

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Jayanne, built on the finest district in the Royal Capital.
Also called one of the big three, it is the leading brothel in the Royal Capital.
In a certain office, located deeper inside from the front reception, a concierge in her prime was happily looking through the documents while taking in the fragrance of the black tea.
The furnishings of the office were dedicated to practical use, their high material quality gave off a classy feel. To give an example, it had the classiness of the interior design of a bank built back in the Meiji Period.

(As expected of a contest before the Gods. This is perfect to describe what a shriek of joy is like)

An offering contest that occurs in the temple for the God of Commerce at the Holy City.
Out of the two participants from Jayanne, one was the overall champion and the other, was the female runner-up, an excellent result ever since the founding of Jayanne.
Regardless of whether they knew about this or not, there was a rush non-stop to book the two and business has been booming every day.
The circle of females is as the words no time to sit at the gallery says. Especially during weekends when customers are in front of the empty gallery, waiting eagerly for the return of a female.

(With this, let’s hope that she will go out of the store more often)

The concierge thought of that as she looked at the shift schedule that was put up on the wall.
Adorned as the overall champion was Cool-san from the side of someone called Tauro. Her side only has some customers coming from time to time.
What’s more, she does not take bookings and will not accept customers if she does not feel like it. She was witnessed so few times that the public finally started calling her 「Illusive Princess」.

(Though it is because of the number one doing her best that the store has somehow managed to keep up appearances)

Heaving a sigh, she looked above Cool-san.

Although she attained the runner-up in the Contest Before God, she is the number one of the store in practice, Explosive Onee-sama.
Listed there was a figure of her making use of the spare moments in her studies to let it out vigorously in the store and the drawn-up reservation schedule for the next half of the year.

(Persuasion seems impossible)

Taking a sip of the black tea, she recalled Cool-san’s prim and proper but scanty features and shrugged.
She is very particular about the distinction of the customers’ 「quality」.
Originally, Cool-san should be trained to hold back on her pickiness but the concierge could not do that.
Without those strong feelings, she would not have been able to continue winning at the Contest before God where veterans oust one another to victory.
It can be said that that was her true nature. Holding back her true nature would no doubt negatively affect her performance.

(There is no other choice but to have everyone work their hardest)

While giving thanks to the women who work at the store, she started to do what she could such as handling monetary matters. Just as she was about to do that, a strong knock reverberated throughout the office.
Frowning a little, she gave permission to enter the room.

「Please forgive my rudeness, there is something urgent I would like to report」

Entering the room was a breathless young concierge who is her subordinate.
Her cheeks flushed, it seems like she was excited.

「The Empire–the Empire shop has brought the Empire over!」

(……What is she saying?)

The concierge in her prime could not decipher the meaning of those words. She tilted her head as she placed her teacup on the office table.

At the same time.
In a waiting room deeper within the office, two females were enjoying their conversation.

「Well, Tauro-sama sure has been defeated」

The woman who gave off an impression of being quiet and prim and proper placed a hand over her mouth, clearly shocked.
Though it is unimaginable from her gentle appearance, she is very strict while on duty and does not compromise on anything.
Her ratings as a guide are also high and it is said that anyone receiving guidance from her will achieve greatness.
For this reason, regardless of whether the rigorous teachings are known, women with strong desires are knocking on the doors of Jayanne non-stop.
It is all thanks to the achievements of these women that Jayanne has recently been said to be a head above the rest even among the big three.

「That’s right, locking both hands like this, he was on the receiving end of a one-sided attack」

The woman, who Tauro calls Explosive Onee-sama, re-enacted the scene from the Contest before God.
With a 「My oh my」, the woman earlier had her eyes wide open, perking up her ears, she showed deep interest in the topic.
She is the one that is regarded by Tauro as Light Cruiser Instructor.
For a period of time, her condition was grave and she was at the edge of retirement but was saved by Tauro’s massage.
From then on, she cooperated on many fronts to raise Tauro’s techniques.

「It seems like even Tauro-sama could not win」

She said after hearing Explosive Onee-sama’s story from start to finish as she heaved a sigh.
Even the Tauro who she completely lost to was unable to attain victory. It is as she had felt before when she participated in the Contest before God: the world is still vast and the peak is not within sight.

(An opponent who is even stronger than Tauro-sama)

A shock ran through her.
In the past, she and Tauro faced each other a huge challenge, passed down through Jayanne.
And she lost so badly that it felt like a stake was driven through her very soul.


Her body shivered slightly as she recalled that time.
Spending three weeks wandering around Sukhavati*, she would still return at times even after resuming her work. The scar left behind by Tauro was too deep.

(It became a matter that she is apologetic for)

She dropped her shoulders as she thought of that.
Jayanne is already not Tauro’s playground.
Anyone who knew of her disaster rejected Tauro’s nomination out of fear.
What’s more, this did not only occur at Jayanne. As her condition was well-known, this also occurred at all the big three.
It can be said that Tauro has been practically banned from entry.

「So what will you do?」

Explosive Onee-sama had a fire in her eyes as she was asked this question by Light Cruiser Instructor.

「I will think of countermeasures and attain victory someday」

Being prideful, she cannot stand leaving it as a loss.
Her temporary oversensitivity was also returning back to normal. That she was able to experience when she was on her previous pilgrimage to the Holy City.
「Fufu」 She laughed, smiling while seeing her like this.
And she said certain words.

「Then I should also stop running」

A surprised expression appeared on Explosive Onee-sama’s face as she heard this. But her expression changed immediately, laughing carefreely.
And she said with confidence in her words.

「Let’s team-up. And take that guy down」

The two of them laughed together.
By the time they controlled their laughter, Explosive Onee-sama checked the time and stood up.
She has to entertain the next reservator.

「Well, see you later」

She watched as Explosive Onee-sama waved her hand and left the room.

(I should also return)

She stands up as she checks that her break time is almost at its end.
She exited to the corridor as she headed to the gallery.
Currently, she refrains from taking reservations to the beat of her ability.
Of course, being as popular as she is, she has many reservator hopefuls.
But if she were to accept them all, she would not be able to sit at the gallery.

(Only showing the girls who do not have any reservations to the gallery. That is not good)

If one cherishes the reservators too much, one’s chances of partnering with a first-timer would dwindle. If so, the store’s good points would not be conveyed.
She does not wish for such a thing.

The concierge in her prime, with her subordinate leading the way, hastily headed for the lobby.
To not run no matter the circumstances – that is the etiquette of a concierge.
They arrive at the lobby; A stout man who talked in an overbearing and loud voice and a middle-aged concierge who, despite her short stature, firmly refused to give in to his demand.
And the surrounding customers were watching the scene unfold, their expressions filled with annoyance.

「May I ask what is wrong?」

She courteously called out to the stout man.
This man is the owner of a huge store in the Royal Capital, a prosperous merchant, the head clerk of 「Empire House」.
The people at Empire House are merchants from the Royal Capital but as its name suggests they mainly trade with the Empire.

「What is wrong you say? This guy is saying that he cannot fulfill a request from a prestigious customer such as myself」

「And that would be?」

「The two who are here from the Empire Friendship Delegation」

As he said this, he turned the palm of his hand to the two young males beside him.
One has long golden hair, his perked mouth forming a superficial smile. Another has black and short hair and has a bulky build, he was expressionless in contrast with the golden long hair man.

「As honor would have it, two of the participants of the Dedication Contest wish to try out your store」

Seeing as the situation is as the concierge in her prime had expected, she shrugged her shoulders in her heart.
Feeling the need to answer the request of the Empire’s public figure, he was right in the midst of pushing through his unreasonable demand.

「I am very sorry but we are currently fully reserved」

Hearing this reply, the head clerk grimaced, clearly irritated.

「You would not understand. Call the manager」

「I am the one who is in charge of this store. All requests are to go through me」

Though she was courteous, those words did not have an ounce of respect in them.
The head clerk must have been sensitive to that; His face dyed red with anger.

「From now on this store」

「I humbly refuse」

She said, crystal clear, without going in circles.
She has no intention to take action for the income and expenditure for the near future. She believes that this will be beneficial for the store in the long run.
And above all, she has a strong will to manage the store in a way that she is content with.
The golden long hair man raised his hand to stop the head clerk whose eyes were wide and mouth agape. And with an insulting smile plastered on his eyes and lips, he opened his slightly slanted mouth and started to speak.

「So I thought I would come and defeat that woman who defeated the God of Death. But it seems like she has already been defeated」

As if he found something to be funny, he put his hands on his brows and lifted them up, laughing while his mouth was wide open.

「They say that you can gauge a store’s level by their gallery. To lose to the woman of such a store, the God of Death must be nothing much」

The black shorthaired man nodded to these words and the head clerk rubbed his hands together, expressing his agreement.

「But since I have taken the opportunity to come here, let those two over there to be my partners. That will be fine right?」

He pointed to the gallery with his chin as he said this.
The concierge in her prime thought hard.
The two currently sitting at the gallery. One is a key figure, another has not even come out of the rookie stage.

(These males are clearly masterful)

Their experience up till now says as much. And no matter how she thought, they were no regular customers.
Not complying with their request with the Dedication Contest’s participants has led them to attempt to take vengeance by defeating these women.

(Let’s reject him)

This is possible.
Though brothels are also businesses, it is not a one-sided affair. It is not only a matter of whether the gold is paid but also a matter of whether the store and women in question exercise their right of refusal.
This no doubt also applies to public figures of other countries.

(Or has the head clerk from the Empire House already factored in my refusal?)

She glanced at the head clerk.
There is no way that this man, who is the head of the Empire House, would think that he would be able to have fun with the top and the runner-up without any reservation.
The Empire House is indeed prestigious customers that make use of the reception. But even if the Empire House were to cut ties, it would not affect the store at all.
There is no helping it if they do not come. That is all their relationship amounts to.

(Could this not be an act?)

Encounter opposition before his business partners in an important place for business and show that the Empire House had made every effort to accommodate them. They seem to be able to do this without breaking a sweat.

And the owner of the Empire House comes down in person in the coming days. 「I apologize for our head clerk’s rudeness」 he will say as he bows his head, having fun on a grand scale before returning.

(This is quite possible)

A talkative man that talks in circles. That is the criticism given to the head clerk. It would not be weird for him to reveal himself subconsciously.
Tidying her thoughts, she started to speak with the intent of rejecting him.
As the words were about to get out of her mouth, a clear sound like the ringing of a bell reverberated from the back.

「If you are fine with it, I would accept it」

She turned back, shocked and found the figure of Light Cruiser Instructor standing there silently.
The concierge immediately walked up to her side and spoke softly.


Against those words, she shook her head.
Her expression the same as always, a gentle smile.

(Since they have taken the opportunity to come here, I would entertain them as long as they did not jump the line)

(They don’t look like they are here to have fun. They might have come here to crush us. You should not force yourself)

In response to that was were eyes though gentle, they were filled with determination.

(That may be true. But that is something I must overcome in order to develop myself further)

Light Cruiser Instructor started her training, trying to raise herself to the standards set by the world.
For someone of her class, actual combat with certain strong opponents only serves as a practice to her. She probably wanted to advance ever so slightly by facing these two.
Seeing through these thoughts, the concierge in her prime lightly closed her eyes.
She cannot turn them down for she was shown such an expression.

(This will be a two on two. Is your partner fine with this?)

Light Cruiser Instructor turned her eyes towards the key figure.
She is a cute woman with brown, wavy long hair.

(If she were to ask, the woman would no doubt follow through with it)

The concierge in her prime searched her memories for data on the brown-wavy.
She has more than enough skills for this but she has recently been sluggish on her job.
If she could snag something off of this actual combat today, she might be able to overcome the wall and grow by leaps and bounds.

(So she has thought that far)

It was not only about herself. She also took into account the training of the next generation. Truly a deed deserving respect.
She turned back once again, facing the two from the Empire Friendship Dedication.
And she spoke.

「She is a highly regarded woman of this store. How does she accompanied by the one on the gallery entertaining you sound?」

The long golden hair man glanced to the side at the head clerk.
The head clerk was shocked at first but he quickly fixed his expression and replied saying the long golden hair man should do as he wishes.

「Why not?」

With the reply from the long golden hair man, the two on two was set in stone.
The concierge in her prime called the brown-wavy over and explained the two on two and the opponents.
Though she was concerned at first, upon learning that she would be together with Light Cruiser Instructor, her eyes sparkled instead. That was because she learned that she herself had also met a wall.
The two started to climb the stairs to the second floor. This is to escort the long golden hair man and the short black hair man to their room.

(I originally wanted to ask for her to be the partner)

As she looked to brown-wavy walking beside her, she thought of her best friend who she could leave her back to without worry. Not someone from the sideline but someone who is the same as her, from the gallery.
It is not like she has any dissatisfaction with brown-wavy. In terms of skill and the situation she has found herself in, she can very well turn the tide of the battle.
But this is actual combat. Additionally, their opponents are public figures from the Empire.
The feelings of nervousness and concern brought forth such feelings from Light Cruiser Instructor.
She shook her head lightly, expelling any sentiments from her heart.

(Since I have already decided to progress forward, I have to do my best!)

Consciously stretching her muscles, she opened the door to a private room.
After drinks for four have been brought over, the door was locked.
*[TL note: A.k.a Western Paradise, refers to the western pure land of Amitābha in Mahayana Buddhism. To find out more, click here]


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