Chapter 101

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In a private room on the second floor of Jayanne. Right now, there are four people inside that room, two men and two women.
These men are a friendship delegation from the Empire. They are both young men with long blonde hair and short black hair.
The other one is light cruiser-sensei and a middle-class woman with long wavy brown hair.
They both were having a simple discussion while the men were undressing.

(By the looks of it, the blonde one is more skillful)

Light cruiser-sensei looked at the slim body of the long haired blonde who’s taking off his clothes. The black haired man’s body is more solid and sturdy, it could clearly be seen even when he’s wearing clothes.

(You, take the black haired one as your opponent)

She then taught the brown wavy haired girl their strategy.

(You don’t have to beat him. Just wait until I’m done dealing with the blonde guy and I’ll be his opponent)

「That’s why–」 she strongly stared at the brown wavy haired girl.

(Hold out by parrying his attacks while exhausting him)

The brown wavy girl put on a serious expression on her cute face while nodding.
Light cruiser-sensei checked her delicate lower parts just in case.

(Looking at the size, it would be a little big for you but, will you be okay?)

They took a little peek at the black haired man. Immediately after taking off his underwear, his lower body was equipped with weapons that would make those who saw that whistle.
But the brown wavy girl seems confident against that. She cheerfully said to leave it to her while staring at that weapon.

(Let me know if there’s something, okay? That goes for both of us)

They both nodded at each other and turned their way to the men.
The blonde haired guy was lying on the bed with one hand holding his cheek, while the black haired guy was also sitting cross legged on the bad while folding his arms.

「Well then, let’s start shall we?」

With the words of the blonde haired man, the curtain of playtime is raised.
Two men and women combined their body on a king size bed.

(His weapon… it looks normal)

She observed the blonde haired man while pressing her weight onto him.
After he got in a sleeping position, they began crawling around and exchanged skills on bed.
They’re trying to get a position that’s advantageous for them, they also tried to use a technique that can make their opponent lower their guard.

(I see, not bad…)

The blonde haired man’s arm is not bad. No, it’s quite high quality even.
He has a high level of fighting skills, and he has more power despite looking so thin.
Moreover, he got a good sense.
When he lifts one of her feet on his shoulder and his tongue is crawling at her crotch, she leaked some voice because of how sharp his skill is.

(But, I will pay you back accordingly)

She glued her body onto him. Her fine-grained skin conveys a pleasant touch to the opponent’s whole body. This isn’t just a direct stimulation technique.
The blonde haired man was still smiling, but he can’t hide the color of surprise on his face.
He must have understood that she wasn’t just a girl on hinadan but an unexpectedly strong opponent.


At that moment, the voice of the brown wavy girl could be heard from behind.
When she looked back, the black haired man’s muscular meat was rising and penetrated the brown wavy girl from behind.

(Isn’t it too fast?)

The situation was progressing faster than expected.
When she worryingly looked at the brown wavy girl, she nodded at her strongly. There’s a strong light dwells in her eyes and she feels enough fighting spirit from it.

(It looks like she’ll be fine)

She felt relieved and refocused on her opponent.
However, in that instant, he was already step ahead of her.

「Do you think you can afford to look away with me as your opponent?」
Both of her breasts are grabbed from the front and the tip is grasped between his fingers tightly. Even if she wanted to shake it away, she can’t gather enough power because the tip is fixated.


She was given no chance to rebuild her posture.
Then she was gradually pushed down until her opponent’s body covered her from above .

「I’m going in, alright?」

The blond haired man pressed his waist against her while laughing. She desperately swallowed her voice on the pressure of an intruder that’s gradually squeezing in.

(What a skill. He’s better than I expected)

He keeps thrusting at different angles and depth in a rhythm. He was also able to continuously hit her good spot accurately.
Even if she moves her waist to shift the point, the correction rudder would kick in, thus making her unable to escape.
It was so relentless that she had to harden herself for many times. An average woman would have climaxed for several times by now.

(But, it’s too light)

She remembered Tauro’s technique.
At first, it has not much of an impact.
But when she took lightly of it, she suddenly felt a big damage was dealt to her.
When she looked around in panic, what she saw was the scenery of buried outer and inner moat, while a great deal of army rushed over the city wall.
It was then she realized that she had been completely analyzed to the point he knew more about you than you did yourself.
What left was the fear of stepping into unexplored land and the never experienced before pleasure that came with it.

(And compared to that…)

The likes of this blonde haired man attack is just like shooting a target.
She felt a sharp pleasure the moment his attacks landed. But that’s it, it doesn’t leave any impression after that. It’s a simple, ad-hoc thing.
It’s not something unbearable if you properly braced yourself for the impact.


Her body that remembered Tauro’s technique makes a hot honey spilled from her core

「What is it? Are you at your limit already?」

The blonde haired man who misunderstood on his own, smiled. And then as if enjoying the sensation of that hot honey, he started to swing his hips more stronger than before.

(Just what am I doing….)

Though it was a misunderstanding, it was the fact that she started a fire.
Because she lowered her guard, damage dealt by the blond haired man became more effective.

(No good, this is a battlefield. I can’t afford to think of unnecessary things right now)

Enjoying myself while remembering certain events should be done in private times. Right now, she’s in the middle of working and a challenge match.
She shook away her idle thoughts.
She then wrapped her arms around his back, asking for a kiss. And at the same time, she entangled their feet to lock the opponent’s movement.
The moment her opponent stopped his breathing, she turned their bodies upside down, changing their positions.
Her white fine-grained skin entangled the blonde haired man’s slim body.
Because their position changed upside-down, her long black glossy hair is now covering the blonde haired man’s face.


A loving, gentle, and deep kiss like what you would get from your lover won’t leave the mouth of the blonde haired man.
They slightly took a distance from each other only when they needed to breathe but she only allowed that just for a brief moment.
The blonde haired man’s ability to think was slightly decreased because the amount of oxygen flowing to his brain is reduced.
As if trying to enter through that gap, she continued to send passionate affection towards him.

(That’s right… A dearest one)

She was influencing him through an illusion that made him think she was the woman he fell for.
The blonde haired man’s heart was taken in by her, before he knew it.
His frivolous expression and laughter still remained, but the light in his eyes gradually weakened.

(Just a little more….)

While skillfully moving her hips, she guessed the state of her opponent.
Finally, the blonde haired man’s limit is visible.

(However, I also took some considerable damage here. Better to move carefully now)

The fight between men and women is like a two-edged sword.
The more damage you give to your opponent, the more damage you receive.
She tightens the entrance slightly and moves shallowly, taking care not to let it go too deep.
If the opponent was in his current condition until the end, she would’ve made it until the finish.

「Get a hold of yourself, big brother!」

Along with a low voice she heard from behind, she stopped as her hip bones were grabbed on both sides.


When she turned around, she could see the black haired man’s expressionless face.

(What about her?)

Rushed by the unexpected scenario, she looked for the brown wavy girl.
She then found her behind the black haired man.
She fell faced down and her butt was raised in the air. She must’ve lost her consciousness.

(If only she gave even just a little warning……!)

She clenched her teeth.
That way, she should have enough time to cope with it.
But there’s nothing she can do now.
She fell into a situation where she was pincered by the enemies from behind and below her.

「…..You saved me there. How careless of me, it looks like she almost got me. I’ve underestimated you」

The blonde haired man’s eyes regained its light.
Furthermore, he showed an anger expression never seen before. He was aware that he was about to lose and thus his pride was shaken.
She was thinking what she should do from now, when the black haired man asked in a doubtful voice from behind.

「Woman, you seem to be pretty shallow down there」

(He saw through me!)

The damage she received has accumulated. So, in order to avoid any more accumulation, she wanted to defeat the blonde haired man by moving shallowly.
It will take some time, but it should’ve been the safest way.

(It backfired huh)

The brown haired girl’s break down is inevitable. She had considered the possibility and prepared for it accordingly but, it was too soon.

「Let me help you」

Despite trying to resist, she cannot escape the strength of the black haired man grip on her hip.
After being lifted and pulled out about halfway, she was slammed deeply over the blonde haired man.


Her voice can’t stop leaking out of her mouth..
The ceiling was violently breached as her pleasure bell rang nonstop.

「It reached so deeply, it feels good, right?」

She is slammed many times and squeezed to go deeper and deeper.
She clenches her teeth and desperately endured her voice.
Below her, the blonde haired man was laughing while having the same enduring expression as her.

(My mental advantage ended up being taken away from me)

In a match, that could be fatal.
She tried to calm herself down and a dubious voice could be heard from the black haired man


The black haired man stopped moving her body and stared at her butt.

「What’s wrong? Your flower down here is twitching you know? Do you want it in here too?」

He pressed his index finger to the center of the flower as he said that.
Her flower shrinks reflexively, giving it the feel of eating the fingertips.

「Hahahaha you want it here too, huh? You’re more of a lustful woman despite how you looks」

His face that was expressionless until now is breaking apart and he broke into laughter.
Just as she is about to deny it, electric current runs from her lower back.


His fingers break apart the center of the flower and pressed in.

「Your inside is twitching you know? I bet you really like it here」

He bent his index finger into a hook and made it go around to check the edges.
Her whole body turned stiff and she couldn’t move even one finger.
Her rear part had been completely remodeled by Tauro. But the person herself still couldn’t accept that fact even now. That’s why she would never acknowledge the black haired man’s words earlier.
The blond haired man beneath her then said with a pleasant voice.

「Yeah, she definitely loves it. The tightness is much more different than before」

On that comment, her entire body became red in embarrassment.

「This is just right. Shall we do that, big brother?」

The black haired man pulled out his fingers and suggested.
The blonde haired man was wondering what he meant by that for a moment and made an amazed expression.

「You sure like that, aren’t you?」

The black haired man didn’t say anything towards those words and keep staring at the blonde haired man.
The blonde haired man shook his head in exasperation, he then pushed her thicc butt from below and spread it wide open.

「Come, my brother」

She shouted as she realized what they are trying to do.

「Please wait a minute! I refuse to do it with two people at the same time. Please stop immediately!」

But they just made an expression as if making fun of her. They have no intention to stop at all.
「I will call for someone, you know?」

「Go ahead, no one will hear you anyways」

The blonde haired man beneath her replied.

「Someone from the shop will come when the time’s up」

This time, the black haired man behind her answered.

「By that time, you would have fallen and wouldn’t even thinking about complaining anymore」

Her expression tightens when they begin laughing. After that, they compossed themselves and said in a loud voice.

「We are born and raised differently!」

The blonde haired man continued.

「We trained under the same teacher, and now, our bond is deeper than that of a real family」

There, they said in unison.

「Brother union, love sandwich!」

At the next moment, two swords attacked Light cruiser-sensei’s body from the back and front.


She can’t hold back her scream from the strong impact.
Moreover, there’s one problem about the sword that pierced her from behind.

(Kuh! Agh! So…. Big!)

The diameter is bigger than the blonde haired man. And because she lacked training on her rear parts, it feels too strong, she can’t handle it properly.
Her tongue protruded and saliva is dripping from the tip.


The black haired man raised her body from behind while shouting out loud.

「There you goー!」

As he answered him, the blonde haired man also raised his body. Of course, while still connected to her.
The appearance of three people with their bodies overlapped each other was exactly like the kanji “嬲”.*
「TL Note: Usually, a kanji can be consisted of several other kanjis, which in this case, it consisted of kanji “男”(Man/Male) on its left and right, and kanji “女”(Woman/Female) in the middle. You get the idea.」

「Three bodies in one, love catch ball!」

The voices of the two men resonated.
While still in their glued position, the younger brother thrust at her. Her body that was pushed forward, is caught by the elder brother and bounced back by thrusting her.
Then the younger brother receives it and pushes it back again.
Her naked thin body was like making a round trip between them again and again.
The men’s waist keeps moving back and forth violently. Even letting out voices is difficult for her

「You really like one-to-many action, huh」

The blonde haired man opened his mouth while still holding each other’s shoulders with women in between.
The black haired man just lifted the corner of his mouth without responding to those words.
The blonde haired man knows that attacking with multiple people is what his brother always desires. He sighed as he looked at the women between them.

「Still, to think that this woman’s main dish was actually her rear. I have misjudged her」

The two continued their conversation while holding down the struggling Light cruiser-sensei.

「Maybe every women in this store was like that, elder brother」

「Was that brown haired woman also like that?」

「Yes, she won’t fall no matter how many times I attacked her from the front, but when I tried to pierced her from behind, she immediately sunk」

The blonde haired man who heard that tilted his eyebrows.

「Well, every store…. Oh?」

Light cruiser-sensei’s body trembled for several times while being sandwiched like a toast. It seems she went beyond her limit.
Her body convulsed continuously while her eyes opened wide as if she was screaming.

「Looks like the match has been decided, elder brother」

「Yeah… But, she still hasn’t fallen yet. There’s still some spirit left in her eyes」

The blonde haired man spoke while he took a peek at her eyes.

「Then, shall we do that?」

「Right, then you do the spinning. It’s a shame but this woman is weaker on the rear」

A vulgar smile appeared on the black haired man. He seemed extremely happy.


The blonde haired man switched to a bridge position from sandwiching position. There’s an unbelievable strength and flexibility from that slim figure.
Her body is now on the top of the blonde haired man. There’s a chance to escape but she had no more strength to spare.

「Now then, Behold! The technique that will put Grim reaper’s Earthquake to shame!」

The black haired man’s tone, different from until now, had a hatred mixed into it.

「The likes of woman from the store that lost to you just now is less than a trash before our might」

「That’s right. As I thought, spinning technique from our school is the best technique. And we must let everyone, including that Shinigami knows its greatness」

The blonde haired man continued his words from below.

(Don’t tell me…)

She shuddered the moment she understood the meaning of “rotation technique”
There’s no doubt she would lose her mind if she were to be spun from behind in her current state.

「Wait, you can’t!」

She shouted out of fear. But her scream doesn’t mean anything to them now.
Conversely, they enjoyed that scream like enjoying the sensation when the fish they caught on a hook showed some resistance.

「Take this, finishing move! Love Tornado!」

The black haired man shouted and took off.
The rotation momentum generated by his weight and leg strength will be passed to her body in any moment.

「Please, anyone!」

Despair filled the heart of Light cruiser-sensei.
The only thing she can do right now is to close her eyes and hope that someone will come to help her.


However, the impact that might rob her consciousness she prepared to take never came.
Immediately after, the black haired man’s big sword was pulled out.

「Who are you!?」

The black haired man shouted in surprise.
Just as he started to spin and soared into the air, he was caught in the air and was pulled away from the woman.
It was such an extraordinary strength.
Feeling danger to himself, he shook his hand with all his might and rolled to land on the bed.
Looking back with the utmost caution, what he saw was a tall woman standing with her arms folded in front of her chest, wearing a fearless expression.

「Werewolf, you bastard!」

Beautiful face with slightly long, loose wavy black haired woman.
That firm body has plenty of woman’s peculiarity, while letting out pheromones of a mature woman, adorable beast ears grow beside the headband.
The black haired man warily took some distance.
He can’t make light of her. Even though she’s a woman, she had the strength that surpassed a trained adult men.

「Hey, hey, isn’t it a violation of rules to get between a two vs two battle?」

From below Light cruiser-sensei, The blonde haired man spoke while making an unpleasant expression.
Werewolf onee-san proudly held her chest high and declared.

「You guys are the ones who broke the rule by forcing a play she didn’t want to do」

She approached the blonde haired man who’s still piercing Light cruiser-sensei in bridge position.
With a dissatisfied expression, he let go of Light cruiser-sensei and retreated back.

「…….You came huh」

Werewolf onee-san. She’s the best friend of Light cruiser-sensei and the one she wants to be a partner with.
When Light cruiser-sensei was severely sick and on the verge of retirement, she’s the one who desperately searched for a cure to heal her.
However, she couldn’t find it and was about to give up, her best friend was saved by a certain man.
She respected that man who could accomplished what she couldn’t, which instantly sparked her instinct for an excellent male.
Then she attacked him to get his gene.
The result was a massive self-destruction and, of course, she didn’t get pregnant because of the magic procedure.
She is a gentle lady that has such a wonderful episode of her life.

(The concierge is worried so I immediately went here without returning to Hinadan)

She winked while spinning the master key with her fingertips.
Light cruiser-sensei can only nod while shedding tears.
Werewolf onee-san whispered to her eyes while making a worried expression.

(It would be tough but…. Can you do it?)

The men violated the rules. It doesn’t matter to her whether they’re the Empire public figure or whatnot.
Usually it would end with just handing them to the concierge, but the anger to the men who violated her best friend despite her refusal is just too great.
She thought she should deliver the punishment herself with the rules she made here.
However, it’s difficult to do it alone. If Light cruiser-sensei was unable to fight here, she doesn’t have a choice but to call someone else from the store.

「It’s okay, I can do it…」

Light cruiser-sensei regained the light in her eyes. Her legs no longer trembling because she already got her energy back.
Werewolf onee-san looked at her best friend with a satisfied expression.
Then, she said to her best friend while turning her face towards the men.

「It’s time for counterattack!」


After Light cruiser-sensei replied, they took a big step towards the men.

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