Chapter 103

             Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”                

East from the square in the center of the royal capital. The east gate, which is the eastern entrance to the Royal capital, is located there.
Next to it stood a building that looks like a brick factory.
That’s the hangar of the merchant guild’s Knight.

「It’s strange that Tauro-san didn’t have any serious injuries, even though Old Lady is worned out like this」

The herbivorous mechanic said as he folded his arms.
His expression tells that he doesn’t know how and where he should start repairing the Old lady.

「It’s because it receives good maintenance. It perfectly protected me who’s inside it」

I applied lubricant onto the conversation first and explained the situation.
Not long ago, me and the Old lady arrived at the royal capital and entered the hangar.
And then, right now, I’m having a conversation with the herbivorous mechanic.

(It really took quite a while)

He left the nest of the hell diver yesterday evening and camped along the highway at midnight.
This morning, we set off at dawn and finally arrived in the afternoon.
The hover cannot be used because the armor on the leg was either torn or bent, so the wind magic cannot be controlled well.
Our walking speed also has been significantly reduced due to the armor that torn and distorted all over the place is touching the skin, causing some pain.
The result was we arrived at this time.

(Well, there was nothing on the way, so we just basically waked our way here)

Fortunately, neither I nor the Old lady had any trouble during the journey.
If I had to mention something, is the fact that the tattered appearance of the Old lady was attracting attention on our way back.

「It was just a nosebleed but… maybe you should took some measures just in case」

The herbivorous mechanic was surprised and jumped at me right away when he saw me spilling blood extensively.
However, he seemed convinced by my explanation that it’s a nosebleed because I accidentally hit my face and saw that there were no other injuries on my body.

「No no, I don’t think that’s necessary. It was because my clumsiness that I accidentally hit my face after all」

To that, he answered 「Well, if Tauro-san says so then…」.
I was prepared for more questioning, but he doesn’t seem to have the intention to do so.

(Now that I think about it, his main job is only a Knight related technical matters)

He might not be interested in monsters or drop items.
A mysterious explosion occurred in the battle against hell diver bees.
That explosion eradicated the hell diver bees, tore apart an Old lady, and caused me, the pilot, a nosebleed because the impact made me bumped my nose.
And his reaction to this explanation was,

「As I thought, demon beast extermination involves a great danger huh」

He said something along those lines with a deep emotion while shaking his head.

(I was just being too cautious huh)

While thinking so, I headed to the locker room to take a shower.

「Tauro-san! What is this?」

After I took a shower and came back after putting on my clothes, the herbivorous mechanic came to me asking with a serious expression.
I was wondering what’s this all about and it seemed he was asking about the Old lady’s armor and skin.

「Just how come the main body is fine when the armor is this worned out?」

「Well… it regenerates on its own」

I answered the question as if it were natural.
The herbivorous mechanic knitted his brows and his expression turned even more serious.
Looking at him like that, I gave another explanation in panic.

「It’s a Knight self-repair function. You said it yourself that Golems are compatible with this magic didn’t you? Yesterday, it seemed that it had consumed the remaining magic power inside and regenerated itself」

The herbivorous mechanic was staring straight at me. It was as if he’s trying to spot a lie.

(There weren’t any lies about this one, though)

I stared back at him as I slowly stepped back.
Eventually, he looked away and muttered.

「….Knights don’t have self-repair function, you know?」

This time, it was me who looked puzzled.
I have definitely learned at pilot school that Golems are compatible with self-healing magic. The professional herbivorous mechanic should’ve known about it.
When I said that, he explained.

「Golems certainly compatible with regeneration magic. There are even some natural golems that could regenerate themselves」

Then he continued.

「However, a Knight cannot regenerate on its own. The recovery can only be done in the recovery dock」

「Eh? Then, what does “compatible with self-regeneration magic” mean?」

「It means their efficiency at the recovery dock is high. They regenerates with less magic power and faster than the others」

I asked as I put my hand on my chin.

「Then… Why is Old lady….」

「Something like this never happened before. It’s totally abnormal」

Herbivorous mechanic’s eyes are shining.
The storm of questions that started from there was terrible.
Rather than questions, it was more like a cross-examination, he asked every detail of it thoroughly.
As expected from a technician. He has a big difference in attitude regarding interesting and uninteresting stuff.
But I just repeatedly said that I feel like the Old lady would regenerate faster if I poured my magic power on it.

(I’m tired…)

No matter how much he squeezed, there’s no more information he can get from me. The herbivorous mechanic, who decided so, turned his attention away and started investigating the Old lady.
When this happens, the voice from surroundings wouldn’t even reach him.

「It’s always like this ever since Tauro-san came to this place! It’s really troubling! I mean it!」

He turned his back on me and said that repeatedly with a loud voice.
It was like he’s blaming me but his voice and the way he said it betrayed him. He’s obviously having fun with this.
Therefore I don’t feel guilty at all.
I just hope he didn’t overwork himself and got himself sick.

(Well then, let’s report back to the guild)

I would only be in the way even if I stayed here.
I left the hangar and started walking to the merchant guild while enjoying the afternoon sunlight.
I went straight to the hangar, took a shower, changed my clothes, and met with a storm of questions, so I haven’t reported about the completion of hell driver bees extermination.

(Come to think of it, the people should still be evacuating)

Remembering the villagers who lived nearby, I walked a bit faster.
I arrived shortly, greeted the staff and headed for the stairs. The guild leader’s room is on the third floor.

(Let’s go to the toilet before going up)

The tea I drank at the hangar wanted to go out after going around inside my body.
I entered the empty men’s restroom and stood in front of the urinal.
I began discharging water as I exhaled.


I felt something. But I didn’t hear anything.

(No. Something’s here)

There’s no mistaking it. Someone or something is hiding their presence here.
Moreover, it wasn’t just one. It wasn’t just my feeling.

(An enemy?)

I also hid my presence and gulped my saliva.

(No way… This is merchant guild you know!?)

This is the safest place to me.
However, I can’t be careless. First, let’s drain the water so that they don’t realize that I have noticed.
Eventually, the sound of the water subsided and only the sound of droplets remained.
As the silence returned to the room, I sharpened my senses and used my whole body to listen.


At that moment, the presence moved.

(This feeling….. Don’t tell me!?)

I remembered. There’s no doubt about it.

(……This is…. Someone is making out!) (*Bruhh)

The breath of men and women can be heard faintly from inside the booth.
They probably stopped what they were doing the moment they noticed I came here.
But, because I tried my best to not move an inch, they can no longer hold it and continued their session.

(It looks like the fruit cake I brought for souvenir is taking effect)

I smiled a little.
It was a special confectionery that was blessed in the temple. The effect is to increase the feelings of those who eat it and seek to make love.
I purchased it because I wanted it to become the workplace lubricant.
Fortunately, it seems to be working properly. I’m really glad about it.

(Thank god…)

Now, the melody of love can be heard even if I don’t listen intently.
It looks like that their embarrassment was gradually disappearing and they began to make a continuous squeaking sound from inside the booth. I even worried that the toilet would fall off the floor.

(I wish you happiness)

I silently left the room.

「Excuse me」

I climbed the stairs to the 3rd floor quitely and knocked on the door before entering the room.

「Thanks for your hard work」

The guild master smiled gently after I reported the completion of hell diver bees extermination.

「But still… I wonder what was that explosion」

He made a thoughtful look.
In this regard, I will use the three answers I have prepared, “I don’t know”, “I have no idea”, and “I have no clue”, to skillfully dodge the investigation.
The guild chief who knew that I lacked knowledge of monsters and magic in the first place, gave up and exhaled.

「It might also related to the earthquake」


The guild master answered with a surprised expression.

「I heard that an earthquake has occurred in the south. Just around the part where Tauro-kun was」

That’s news to me.
I have an idea of what it was, but I don’t know anything about the earthquake itself.

「Hm, maybe because I was in the middle of the battle, or maybe the explosion itself was the origin of that earthquake」

The guild master stood up and pointed the reception seat at me.

「Well, have a seat over there for now」

He then took a seat on the one person sofa.
The talk about hell diver bees has ended so it probably time for a chat now.
And as I was told, I sat down on the three person sofa.
The door was knocked just when he gave the instruction and a female staff member in a skirt brought some tea.

「The talk about ‘that’ matter is spreading, but it turned out to be not as bad as it actually is」

The guild master bent his knee slightly while gazing at the knees of the staff putting tea on the table, making his nose twitch.
He can’t talk about the matter of heavy lancer and knight order in front of her so he blurred that part.

「I see」

I stared at her knees just like the guild master. She’s not too young and is a pretty attractive woman with a fresh scent.

(Could it be that she was the one who made love in the toilet earlier?)

She had a rich odor that made me think so.
As she walked into the corridor, the guild master and my gaze are nailed to her large hips swaying left and right.
Just before leaving the room, she looked back and lowered her head. And just before she did, we looked away and created the atmosphere of a serious meeting.
However, looking at her expression that floated for a second, it looks like that we’ve been found out.

「They can’t make an official statement before they caught them after letting them escaped, or so it seems」

I regained my senses and grasped the guild master’s words.
It wasn’t wrong. Except for the fact that the knight order has been destroyed.

「Also, the price of mineral resources has suddenly rise」

It seems that they bought a large amount of it at the Blacksmith’s Guild to repair the Knights.
And recently, the Knights of adventurer guild seems to have sought to defeat stone golems for mineral resources.

「Other than that, it seems practical exam at the pilot school will be held soon」

That information is new to me.
I have never heard of practical exam at the pilot school being held outside the fixed term before.

「Was it to cover the lack of pilots?」

The guild master nodded.
Pilots that lose their life cannot be repaired unlike the Knights.
It’s likely that they will recruit new pilots early and train them before the Knights return.

「Well then, please excuse me」

Our idle talk was over and left the merchant guild with light steps.
I’m really enjoying my work as a pilot, but even so “after work” activities are something I always look forward to.
Especially so when it’s a place where there are delicious foods and women.
I headed to the red light district while whistling.

(Special practical exam, huh…)

It was the words of guild master. There’s no way it’s wrong.

(This is a chance for Ponytail)

I felt happy even if it’s about another person.
If I were to compare sports, it was like she’s my favorite player.

(Anyway, let’s deliver this news while helping her pay her debts)

Not many days have passed since the last time I paid her a visit but the more I visit her, the faster her debts will be repaid.
I should come by more often for her sake.

(Hmm… What should I say to provoke her today?)

While thinking about such a thing, I arrived at “Uniform specialty store. Any uniform is available. Come, you are in uniform, conquer now!”, and opened the door.

(Too bad, she’s taking a day off huh….)

The hinadan doesn’t have the usual defiant figure on it.

(Now that I think about it, I didn’t ask her next working schedule)

I asked the old concierge about Ponytail.
But the answer I got was completely unexpected.

「She retired?」

The concierge politely confirmed.

「Did she mess up something and got fired?」

It might be rude to Ponytail but that possibility is high.
The old concierge too, who knew that Ponytail was a troublemaker, showed a bitter smile.

「No, she said that she almost reach her repayment goal, so she wanted to concentrates on her studies」

My understanding catched up with the concierge’s words one beat later.
I knew that this day would come someday and I was doing all this for her but, I still feel a bit disappointed when it actually happened.

(It seems that I put too much tip at that time)

I felt a bit regretful.

(Haa…. I can’t taste that hot pot and her toughness anymore huh)

A hard noodle from the countryside. That’s what she is if I were to compare her to something.
A lot of people choose to avoid her, but I like that part of her myself.
It’s not that popular so it’s difficult to find such a type.

(It’s like my patronized shop is closed)

It has that kind of feeling. I sighed deeply.

(No, I should be glad about this. But….)

I fell silent while having a complex feeling.
At that moment, I felt something flashed through my mind.
Feeling curious, I asked about Busty braided-chan. And it was just as I thought, she also retired at the same time.

(It’s because the special practical exam huh…)

The knight order was in desperate need of pilots, they will hold an exam outside the fixed term.
If the standard can’t be lowered, the school would’ve been excited for it too.
There’s no doubt that it would be even more harsher than before.

(Do your best…)

I cheered for her in my heart while dragging my loneliness.

(Now then, what should I do?)

I thought about what I should do for the rest of the day.

(Hmm… It would be rude to the store if I were to get out like this without making out with anyone) (*TL Note: That guilty feeling when you get out of a store without buying anything)

I put my hand on my chin and lightly nodded.
And then, I signaled the old concierge.

「Hey, is there…. Any uniform* from merchant guild staff?」
(*TL Note: In case you forget, they refer prostitute as uniform at this store)

Of course, there is, I reserved right away after getting such a promising answer.
As expected a guild staff with a strong odor like before didn’t show up, but this woman seems to be a good woman too.

(Well, this will do I guess)

I got a service appropriate for a lower class brothel but I feel refreshed regardless.


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