Chapter 107

             Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”                

Reflected on my eyes is the man who worked as the pilot of the merchant guild before me.
I’ve heard his bad reputation many times but this is the first time I saw him in person. It might be my biased view but, he looks like a troublesome man with a twisted personality.

「Then, how about those two there?」

Two men lined up in the last row. Both of them look like they are in their forties.
Voice of admiration came from the guild master.

「Ohh…. The two of them are the pilots from adventurer guild」

I was surprised again. Is it really okay for the pilot of a guild to participate in the practical exam?
The guild master shrugged at my question.

「A person is free to chase their dreams after all」

I see, Although they ended up being the pilot of adventurer guild, their dream was to enter the knight order huh.

「Look at that, the adventurer guild’s guild master face. That expression as if he swallowed a bitter bug… looks like he didn’t know that those two will participate」

Our guild master here seems very pleased.
Beyond that gaze was a big man sitting in displeasure.

「The practical exam this time even has participants aside from the student. This shows just how desperate the knight order is」

While listening to those words, I put my gaze on the lining up participants. I was looking for a familiar face.
I was able to find Busty-chan at the entrance parade. It’s easy to spot her because those shaking huge twin oppai made every man here drop their jaw.

(…There’s no way she lost, right?)

I can’t find the other person.
I became worried that she might have lost at the qualifying match.

(Ah, there she is)

A female student stood in the middle row. Her long hair is tied up in high position behind.
I feel relieved after seeing that familiar figure.

(Do your best, Ponytail)

It’s unexpected that the number of participants has increased but this special practical exam is a great opportunity for her.
Even if she lost, I doubt she would go back to be a prostitute. Then there is no reason for me to hesitate and cheer for her.
After the principal’s long speech ended, the preparation for the match finally began.
Yesterday’s group league already reduced the number of participants down to 16 people.
And the match today will be fought by those 16 people in a tournament system.

(Just winning two rounds is fine)

Only the top four that can participate in the knight order training. Meaning, if she can win twice then she’s already inside the frame.
I followed Ponytail who got inside the cockpit with my eyes.
A huge magic circle drawn on the floor.
Outside of it, two cockpit simulators were installed facing each other.
With the control of Ponytail from inside the cockpit simulator, a 1 meter tall golem began to move from outside the magic circle.
The golem that came forward to the center of the magic circle is like a complete miniature of a Knight.
It will receive a remote control from the cockpit as long as it stays inside the magic circle. In other words, if it gets outside the magic circle, it won’t be able to move anymore and you will lose.


At the same time as the referee shouted, Ponytail immediately leaped forward.
She then lifted the giant two-handed sword and swung it down sharply.

(One hit kill!)

I unintentionally lifted my hips from the seat and grabbed the handrail while leaning forward.
The golem controlled by Ponytail blew away the opponent with a single swing from above.
Without stopping, she rushed forward and kicked her enemy’s golem when it was about to stand up. As a result, her opponent’s golem staggers out of the magic circle. The match is over.

(…..She became much stronger huh)

I let out a small whistle.
It was different from the time when she fought against me.

「That was brilliant」

The guild master was also impressed.
A total of eight matches were held in four of the magic circles, with a short break time in between.
And now, the second match has started.


A woman in a pilot’s uniform walking to the cockpit simulator at the outer side of the magic circle in front of her.
That shaking bullet-shaped chest. There’s no way I would mistook it.

(It looks like Busty-chan managed to win the first round)

I didn’t get to watch her match because it was at the magic circle far from my seat.
I’m glad that my pawns safely advance forward.

(So it will be her match next)

She shoved her butt covered in a tight mini skirt into the cockpit simulator while shaking those stunning huge breasts.
The whole venue is nailed to her appearance. If this were in “Uniform speciality store”, where you could reserve her, she would attract a lot of customers that they will need a numbered tickets.
Unfortunately, she retired though.
A groan could be heard from my side, and when I turned my head, the guild master folded his arms while having a sharp gaze. His eyes were sticking on those pairs of huge breasts.
My ears picked up muttering such as “I should’ve visited her again for the last time before she quit” coming out of his mouth.
As expected from guild master. He already tasted it and even knew that she had quit. Great information gathering ability as always.

(Her opponent is….. The grinning lad huh)

I beat him at the group league last time. But it seems that he managed to pass it this time.
I have a feeling that his strength is about the same as Busty-chan.

(Busty-chan. You too, are not the same as before. Show me the proof of your growth!)

I know that she uses a special bra imbued with magic in order to live her daily life. That’s the evidence that I trained her.
Then I recalled the time I spent with her.
About the day when I went to the store without reservation and it turned out that Ponytail took a day off. At that time I would appoint Busty-chan instead.
That was her second time with me. The last time was terrible, but it was probably even more intense on the second time. Maybe because the fresh feelings I had towards huge breasts have disappeared.

(The concierge was also troubled by it)

The sales of Busty-chan are falling to the right, and now she can not even pay her fixed costs.
It was only a matter of time before she quit, that kind of talk.

(I wonder if I should lend her a hand?)

The me down there wasn’t up for it, but I still have plenty of playtime.
While looking at Busty-chan who sprawled naked in front of me, I thought about what I could do.

(Your only charm is that elastic huge breasts of yours)

Busty-chan will always attract customers that came there for the first time.
Well that was obvious. There are few men who won’t be moved after seeing those pairs of breasts.

(But, you also have a major drawback that could negates that charm)

She won’t actively serve the customers and just leave her body in their hands. The so-called Tuna.
The customers who are attracted by that super big breasts are always excited as they take her to the room.
They become alone with Busty-chan in the room. She quickly undresses, lays on the bed and closes her eyes.
And some time flows as it is, that a big question mark will appear on the customer’s head. However, Busty-chan still didn’t move.
It was as if she’s saying “Please feel free to do the rest.”
The disappointment of the customers that were expecting good hospitality from Busty-chan was great.
The customers who had their mood spoiled would just play around with the super-big breasts laid in front of them, shove themselves inside her and immediately go home after. Of course, there is no re-appointment. Her repeater rate is completely zero.

(It’s completely no use to give Busty-chan service training now)

Her faults lied in her mindset towards her job. Even now, she still thinks that “It’s a job where it should be fine if I laid naked on bed.”
It would be impossible to fix this wrong mindset unless I throw her in Light cruiser-sensei’s concentration camp.

(If so then, let’s raise her sensitivity. To the point that the customers will be delighted with just how her body responses)

If she doesn’t have the intention to service the customers, then she should at least please them with her live reaction. It’s the same with Ponytail’s toughness.
And that wasn’t an act, that’s just how serious her character is. That’s why I can enjoy my time with her.

(If I’m going to raise her sensitivity, then it should be on those huge breasts)

The biggest and only advantage she has. Where else should I raise it if not on those boing boing breasts?
I made full use of my magic eyes power after a long time and began a great remodelling that won’t tarnish the ‘Doctor’ part of my nickname ‘Dr.Slime’.

(It’s finished)

About an hour later, I was looking at Busty-chan’s huge breasts that had been remodeled with satisfaction.
Then, I breathe at the stiff and hard part of that huge breast.


I involuntarily leaked out such a voice while smiling.
With just a slight movement of the wind, her body convulsed lightly as she let out a moan.
The two protrusions that have been remodeled have evolved to be something far more than just a bean.
Just gazing at it will make it hard and stiff and if you breathe at it like what I did just now, her body will bend in pleasure without being able to hold moans coming from her mouth.

(If she showed this much response, I’m sure her customer would also be pleased)

I left Busty-chan who was still moaning with unfocused eyes in the room while I went out of the store while feeling satisfied with the result of my work.
A few days later, I came to the store again and this time I’ve properly put a reservation on Ponytail beforehand.
When I came, the old concierge happily told me about what happened to Busty-chan after I remodeled her.
A charming sound as if someone had gone crazy along with banging sounds echoed down the corridor. The old concierge took a peek at the source of the noise that was never heard in this place before with a gentle expression.
The sight that could be seen from the gap on the door. It was Busty-chan with customers clinging on her body while sucking her huge breasts.
Their desperate expression was like a fisherman who was wrestling a big fish.

「Are you satisfied with that?」

I asked the people of planet Oppai.
The people of planet Oppai shook their heads while looking at me like they were bunch of avant garde artists that common people wouldn’t be able to understand.
In the end, the only thing that came out from their mouth was “You wouldn’t understand”.
Looks like they have given up to even explain.

(He must have a painful history. There might even be a time when he got discriminated and persecuted)

Even though I couldn’t understand their feelings, I can acknowledge it.
Their atmosphere had a weight that made me think so.
By the way, this planet of Oppai had just one structural problem, which is that the woman never reached the finish even though the men had satisfyingly did.
It must be painful for them because as expected, they also want to satisfy their partner.
However, Busty-chan was the one who breaks that structure. She finishes over and over again just by having her breasts stimulated.
Her appearance was godsend for them. Not long, rumors started to spread like a wildfire and she became a goddess worshipped by the people.
I’m sure that Busty-chan will get a higher rating in this store once the population of Oppai planet rises.

「That’s it! Keep going at it!」

The voice of guild master brought me back to the present.
By the way, the person the guild master was cheering on is Busty-chan. Well, it’s only natural for a man to cheer for her.
I pulled myself together and observed the tides of the match.

(She’s doing pretty well)

Busty-chan was cornering the Grinning lad.
She used her shield to block his attack and countered with her sword.
When he tried to escape to the side, she immediately stepped in to keep him in check.
The way she moves was incredible.
The number of times she swung her sword and shield, also the momentum for her to step left and right.

(Her magic control efficiency is way different than before)

She has twice the momentum with magic power that was probably at the same or lower level than the grinning lad.

(As I thought… the theory of “Skill on bed are related to Knight operating skill” is true)

I put my hand on my chin and think.

(It’s necessary to frequently visit brothels in order to hone one’s skill)

I nodded deeply and swear to keep continuing my efforts from now on.
By the way, I didn’t talk about this theory to Busty-chan. From her perspective, she might think like “I feel like I’ve overcome my limits somehow”.
Eventually, the grinning lad’s golem got cornered on the edge of the magic circle and took a blow from Busty-chan’s sword.

「Match set!」

Seeing the grinning lad’s golem kneeled on one knee, the referee declared the end of the match.
Busty-chan jumped out of the cockpit simulator and screamed in delight while jumping around.
Naturally, that super big tits also go up and down, making the audience’s face goes up and down too. On the other hand, the grinning lad was restrained by some of the instructors because he repeatedly hit the cockpit simulator.
The fourth place is secured by winning this match. He probably couldn’t control his emotions after losing here.


I had already lost my interest in grinning lad, so I celebrated Busty-chan from the bottom of my heart.

(The bra is a present from me. Use it carefully, alright?)

The money I’ve earned from regularly delivering potions and rewards from piloting jobs. I used a large portion of it to buy my first magic item which was an underwear magic shield.
With this, no matter how much she moves, her heart should be undisturbed.

(Now then…)

Finally, it was the main event for me.
A match that will decide whether Ponytail can enter the top four or not will begin.
Ponytail is stronger than Busty-chan. There’s no doubt about it.
However, this doesn’t necessarily mean she can win the second round. It will also depend on the opponent.
It can be said that Busty-chan was lucky because the grinning lad wasn’t a strong opponent

(Oi oi…. Her opponent is that predecessor pilot ain’t it!?)

The old man with an exaggerated clothing who stood before Ponytail is undoubtedly the predecessor pilot.
And perhaps to show that he was a pilot and not a cadet like Ponytail, he brazenly shows off the pilot emblem attached on his chest.


And then I wondered.
Pilot is not a national qualification. Someone who earned a seat as a Knight’s pilot is what a Pilot is.
Therefore, there is nothing like graduation in this school. By getting that seat in either knight order or the guilds, would be the time for you to leave this school.

「Why does he still have a pilot emblem?」

I asked the guild master. If I remember correctly, he shouldn’t have been hired anywhere ever since he lost the seat as a Knight’s pilot at the merchant guild.

「He just haven’t return it to us」


When I looked closely, it indeed resembled my emblem.

「Though as expected, he isn’t wearing the knight commander ornament」

The guild master’s expression was bitter.
It looks like troublesome things happened when they tried to make him return it. Then it would be best not to talk about this anymore.

「I hope the horse-tail haired lass win this match」

I totally feel the same.


It seems the preparation for the match is ready while I was talking with the guild master.
The battle between the two began immediately with the declaration of the referee.
A magic circle about 10 meters in diameter drawn on the floor of the auditorium.
At the center of it, two one meter-tall small Knights were clashing their swords, violently scattering sparks around.
Ponytail was single-mindedly swinging her sword from above.
On the other hand, the predecessor pilot was using various techniques to fight her.


The battle progressed with Ponytail kept pushing him back, albeit slightly.
It’s good that the one who I cheered on was dominating the battle, but the predecessor pilot’s fighting style is, how should I put it… it’s so bad that it feels unpleasant to watch.

(There’s too much unnecessary movement)

Both Ponytail’s and predecessor pilot’s swordsmanship is far better than me.
There’s no doubt I’ll be beaten in a flash if they were to fight me in close combat.
However, I have a good eye when it comes to a simulation battle or an actual battle itself. Because of that, I can see that the way he swung his sword is weird and unpleasant to watch.
First of all there’s too many preliminary actions.
He always brandished his sword high in the air like doing a takeback* pose or something, making it obvious as if saying “I will hit you right now” before attacking.
Moreover, the way he moves the body was also too exaggerated.
(*TL Note: Takeback is one of the tennis moves.)

(Rather than saying that his skills are bad, it’s more like he did it on purpose)

Those wasteful movements I’m unable to fathom is making me sick.

「What do you think, Tauro-kun?」

The guild master beside me asked for my opinion.

「I was wondering why he made those movements but….」

I expressed my impression.
The guild master who heard that was making a strangely convincing expression as he muttered “He haven’t changed at all huh”

「That is just him showing off his swinging dance」

The guild master who noticed my puzzled face explained.

「He only thinks about how attractive and how good his movement looks. The person himself doesn’t seem to notice but, that was so exaggerated it looks ridiculous instead」

(I see… So that’s how it is)

There is a part of me that is convinced with that answer.
Now that he said it, I do feel like every single move he made was only meant to show off.
He made many unnecessary movements that would be useless in actual battle, such as spinning around to dodge even though he didn’t need to dodge, and meaninglessly swinging his sword around before striking down.

「The moves made by martial artists are usually elegant and beautiful. But his moves can only be seen as an amateur play from countryside」

Once again, I’m convinced by guild master’s comparison.
A certain child of a noble that made me helpless during the practical exam. There were no preliminary actions or anything like that in his movement, the tip of his sword just drawing near at my face in a flash.
Even so, there were connections in his movements that made it flow beautifully.

「On the other hand, that horse-tail haired lass is pretty good huh. She just keep striking down in straight line, but she put her all into each and every of that swing」

As expected from someone who became the leader of merchant guild.
Even if it’s about battles, he has better insight than me. Everything I wanted to say was conveyed by him.

「I think so too」

To my reply, he shrugged his shoulders while making a bitter smile. He then added “It was just an opinion from an amateur”.
However, I truly think that guild master’s words are right.
Ponytail’s Knight that kept swinging its sword from above was slowly pushing forward while making predecessor pilot’s Knight back down.

(The real fight will begin once he stopped using those useless performance)

I swallowed my saliva.
Apparently, his swordsmanship skill without doing those useless performances was higher than Ponytail’s.
How much advantage Ponytail can make before he starts to get serious. I think that will be the deciding factor between her win and loss.

(Do your best, Ponytail)

Telling her to do her best while she already fought with all her might might be rude to her.
But, I just couldn’t find a better word.


  1. > MC: (It’s necessary to frequently visit brothels in order to hone one’s skill)
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