Chapter 115

Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

The sun has set and the stars are shining in the sky.
The curtain of night has fallen on the Royal capital of the Kingdom, but by no means it has lost its brightness.
The windows of the houses are lit and the street lights are illuminating the surroundings. Especially in the red light district, it was so bright that the moonlight looked hazy.
Slightly south of that red-light district, or in other words, the northern edge of the downtown.
Stood a three-story stone building with a giant tree planted on the roof.
On the branches of that tree on the rooftop garden, a 20 cm long large caterpillar was looking up above to the starry night.

『House sitting』

The caterpillar was gazing at the north-northwest sky.
It seems even if they are far apart, it knows the direction where its master is.
Looking closely at the forest garden, a large pill bug could be seen exposing its upper-half body from the ground under the branches and faced the same way as the caterpillar.

『I hope he will come home soon』

The caterpillar faced the pill bug’s way and sent such thoughts.

『I hope so too』

As if he was nodding in agreement, the pill bug moved its head up and down several times.
The caterpillar that descended from the branch and the pill bug that crawled from the ground passed through the pet door and entered the room.
After that, they skillfully climbed the bed.

『I wonder won’t he come home soon?』

『I wonder』

They repeated such exchanges.
Then, the futon that smelled like their master was dirtied with sand and mud on their body.


The dawn came as the sun slowly rises and the stage moves to the west, far from the Royal capital.
It is the fortress city in the eastern part of the Empire.
Many Knights were lined up on the outside of the high wall surrounding the city, on a wide flat ground in front of the city’s main gate.
Their number is more than 40 units.
An 18 meters tall armored giant. That sight where they stand side by side can only be described as spectacular.
The bright sunshine pours under the warm spring breeze, dazzlingly reflecting the Knight’s exterior.
Above the city gate is the figure of the lord of this place, the margrave, and his remaining hair, which had become longer as his baldness progressed, was fluttering in the wind.

『Gentlemen! The time has finally come–』

He declared with a loud voice that was amplified with magic
The pilots stood at the opened hatch on their Knights. They corrected their posture and listened to him.
The time wasn’t that long. The margrave immediately called out the name of the short white-haired man.

『Count Rosehip! 』

The one who was called Rosehip was a middle-aged man with tall stature.
He has white short hair and a beard with the same color as his hair. His body is thick and looks well-trained.

『Yes! 』

Count Rosehip answered his call from the cockpit of his Knight that was standing in the middle of the front row.
His voice was loud enough to be picked up by the amplifier outside.
A Knight that has the base color of black with a big red rose as its shade.
The amount of auxiliary magic circles on it creates a body line that makes it look violent, and one can distinguish it as an A-class Knight just by looking at its appearance.

『Your Lord ordered you. Conquer Land barn with the power of Rose Knights under your command and my Frontier Knights troops』

The core city of the western part of the Kingdom, Land barn. If they manage to get a hold of it, the territory around it will naturally fall into their hands and the Empire’s border will be greatly expanded to the east.
Giving a satisfied look at count Rosehip, who responded with a salute, the margrave moved his gaze to the Knight next to him.
A slightly tall Knight painted in black and gray. A slender but has a slightly bulging body line indicates that this Knight was also an A-class Knight.

『Lord Grim reaper』

Answering the margrave’s call, a thin, tall man standing on the cockpit loosen his humpback a little.
It was the Knight and pilot that was directly sent by the Emperor for the sake of the battle this time.

『Your Lordship will go under the command of Count Rosehip and deal with the Kingdom’s A-class Knight』

He has bags under his eyes and sullen cheeks that made him look dangerous. That fierce-looking pilot lifted the corner of his mouth and made something similar to evil laugh.
The margrave looks around at all the Knights that gathered here. Then, he took a deep breath and screamed as hard as he could.



As if answering the margrave’s words, all of the Knights thrust their swords into the sky and screamed their lungs out.
The volume was such that the doors of the houses inside the walls were shaking and the plates were falling from the cabinet.
And then with the command authority that was unified under Count Rosehip, the Knights formed a long line and began marching to the east.
Even after a while, when the knights started to climb the west slope of the mountains, the margrave was still staring at the castle gate.

「The wind is strong here. There’s a chance that you will catch a cold」

Just like the margrave, the handlebar mustache that doesn’t participate in the battlefield uttered a word of concern.
The margrave nodded and headed to the staircase in the castle gate with the handlebar mustache. On the way, he looked back once more with a wishful look before going down the stairs.


The stage shifts further from the Fortress city in the eastern part of the Empire to the north.
There, in the minister’s mansion in the town of Nisheakacia.
At the wooden desk in the dining room, three pilots were carrying oatmeal-like food to their mouths with a spoon.
Tauro is one of those three pilots.

(Hmm…. this doesn’t taste that good)

I thought of something rude as I was having lunch.
I was allowed to stay in this mansion along with two pilots from other countries.
Because it seems that there are no other lodging facilities other than the wooden inn for travelers and tourists.
I thought the food in this world is basically better than the one from the world in my previous life, but there seem to be exceptions in some areas.

(As I thought, the Royal capital is on another level)

This town which has a scale so small that you can go around the town in about ten minutes and the food ingredients that are close to self-sufficiency, can’t be compared to the Royal capital at all.

(I want to go home….)

A small town with no tourist attraction or whatsoever.
The meals are bad and there were no brothels.
I got homesick just in a few nights.
A nice meal and pretty women that would play with you as long as you got money. And my family, Imosuke and Dangorou.
A deep and big sigh came from the bottom of my stomach.


When I was thinking about such things, rushing footsteps echoed from the corridor. The sound grew louder in a second.
And along with the sound of the wooden door of the dining room opening, important information came in.

『The Imperial Army have invaded the western part of the Kingdom』

The minister, who brought the news, asked us to head to the King’s castle immediately.
The three of us looked at each other, nodded, and stood up.
After returning to my room and hurriedly dressed up, I immediately went outside.
Because the town itself is small, the King’s castle is near. We regrouped with Lightning who was rushing to the entrance and entered the castle together.
The handprint on Lightning’s left cheek was also becoming thinner.
It was something that suddenly there the next morning I came to this town. The person himself won’t tell me the reason though.

(Well, he’s popular after all)

What I learned by walking around in the town together with him was that Lightning is popular.
Single women, married women, old women, and young girls, his fan base is wide. That bright red handprint too should have a certain circumstance surrounding it.

(Ah, it’s not the time to think about that kind of stuff)

I reflected on it and stepped into the usual room.
When the King in the back opened his mouth as if to say something, another news was brought in by a soldier that just came.

「Knights of the Empire have invaded our territory!」

We once again looked at each other and immediately went to prepare for sortie.

(That was fast…)

I ran outside and got on the Old lady while thinking so.
I can’t afford to be late to welcome our opponent.
I poured in my magic power and activated the propulsion power magic circle.
The electric motor reverberates and lets out a growling sound after receiving the incoming inrush current, and the Old lady started shaking lightly. As cool as always.


I immediately turned towards the hill that has been planned and took a jump start with the Old lady.
Still, I try not to damage the houses until I leave the town, and went all out after that.
A large amount of dirt and dust rose behind me as I made the Old lady go so fast that it looked as if we’re flying.
In this world where Knights exist, the outcome of the war will be decided by the battle between them.
I definitely want to avoid the possibility of the enemy taking the initiative and be in an advantageous position.

(Alright, time to look for the enemy)

I climbed on top of the hill by fully utilizing the mobility. Then, in a prone position, I look for the Empire troops on the border through the eye of the Old lady.

(There they are)

Their appearance which was advancing quickly while forming two-row groups was easy to spot.

(Hmm… There are quite lot of them huh)

That was my first impression.
I divided the Knights by B and C-class Knights by looking at their appearance.

(Two B-class Knights and six C-class Knights)

It was close to our prediction. twice as powerful as this.

(Moreover, they seems experienced in battles)

A B-class Knight holding a shield on the front and three C-class Knights behind him. There were two rows of these formations.

(Measures against magic attacks huh)

They must be planning to have the B-class Knights block incoming magic attacks using its shield while gradually reducing the distance between us, and then along with the C-class Knights, they will gang on us in close-quarter combat.
Generally, magic attacks have a small number of bullets. Their strategy seemed to be devised with the idea that they would be able to endure one or to bullets.

(Too bad, that doesn’t apply to me though)

An evil smile unintentionally appeared on the edge of my mouth.
Gachan gachan, while letting out such sound with their footsteps, Lightning and the others were making their progress coming here.
Let’s make some disturbance here in order to make some time for them.
I hold the cane rifle and look into the iron sight.
Most parts of the Knights were covered by the shield.


I shot some light arrow magic missile from Old lady’s cane rifle.
The magic power I poured was about half of the F-rank magic.

(A hit!)

The left side of the rows. My arrow of light magic missiles hit the shield of the B-class Knight who acts as the vanguard.
White light scattered around and the B-class Knight proceeded to make a move to withstand another attack.
And that’s it.

(I see, so that’s it)

With only this amount of magic power, it can’t do anything against that shield.
At least I confirmed that for the time being.
After realizing that they were attacked by a long-range magic attack, the Knights from Empire turns from walking fast to running.
It seems they were trying to close the distance as close as possible until the next attack comes.

(How about the other part aside from the shield then?)

The fire-power of my magic missiles and defense power of the Empire’s Knights. In order to measure the correlation between these two, I’m going to release another shot.
I haven’t revealed my rapid shot yet since there is still some distance between us.
Magic missiles struck the knee of the same B-class Knight.
It was the part that was not completely covered by the shield.

(It’s impossible to bring it down in one shot huh)

Although he fell, his legs did not seem to be damaged.
Before he got the chance to get back up, I struck another shot in the same place again.


The left knee of B-class Knight that received two magic missiles.
Its left leg wasn’t completely destroyed, but it seems the joints have been broken, so it was no longer able to stand up.

(For the time being, I managed to make it disabled)

I’ve robbed his mobility from a distance. It shouldn’t count as a fighting force anymore.
The most threatening one is B-class Knights, I can’t let them get close to Lightning and the others.

(One unit left)

I aimed the cane rifle at the last remaining B-class Knight.
If I can immobilize this one too, their remaining forces left are the six C-class Knights.
Lightning and the others should be able to handle them with my support.


A Knight has been immobilized after receiving continuous long-ranged magic attacks. Seeing that, the other unit seems to have maxed their wariness level at once.
It dashed at full speed and it didn’t just move straight ahead. It moves in zigzag. But even so, it can still firmly hold its shield.
The other six C-class Knights have also spread themselves and headed this way in zigzag.

(Let’s take a shot)

As if to mock that effort, I pulled the trigger in my head.
Magic missiles headed straight for the B-class Knight… and missed.


I spontaneously let out a dumbfounded voice.
My target was the B-class Knight that was moving in zigzag.
There was nothing wrong with my iron sight. The magic missile landed exactly where I imagined in my head.
But it missed.
I regained my composure and took another shot.


It missed again.
The B-class Knight changed its course as if it knew that it was locked on.
The magic missile pierces the ground a few steps away, raising dust.

(….Could it be that… it knew it was being aimed at?)

No way.
I can’t help but feel like that.
But the reality in front of me showed that possibility can actually happen.
I tried again once more.
I caught the B-class Knight in my iron sight and pulled the trigger in my head.
At that moment, the B-class Knight jumps backward.

(There’s no mistaking it)

I don’t know how it did it, but it was true that it knew it was being locked on.
I involuntarily swallowed my saliva.

(It’s the real deal)

My opponent is a skillful elite. I can’t handle this half-heartedly.
I recollected myself and fixed the way I hold the cane rifle.
However, I didn’t increase the amount of magic power I’ve poured in.

(I have no intention to looked down on you, but I’m not going to let my current life robbed from me)

Carrying Imosuke and the others, planted the branches of the medicinal tree in a flower pot, and escape at night is the last resort.

(Let’s go with rapid fire now)

I started firing magic missiles in succession to stop the tough B-class Knight.

(…He’s good!)

It managed to dodge all of them by a paper breath.
And it was closing the distance as it’s closing our distance.

(I would really lose my life if something like that were challenging me in a close quarter combat)

I felt cold sweat on my armpits.
I didn’t want to raise the firing rate too much but, it’s not the time to say something like that.
I shot magic missiles every time it entered the center part of the iron sight. As a result, the interval of my shot became once every four or five seconds.

(How are you able to dodge all of this!?)

How terrifying.
The activation of my magic missile caused the B-class Knight to jump off the ground or hold its shield down and shrink its body as if it were the activation key for it.
That’s why it wasn’t effective at all even if it hits.
But just as expected, I could stop it from advancing any more than this.

(They’re here huh)

The Empire’s C-class Knight could be seen behind the B-class Knight while catching their breaths.
It seems they have managed to catch up once the B-class Knight had been stopped.

(And my allies have also arrived)

At the foot of the hill in front of the Old lady. There, three C-class Knights from the northern nations are starting to sortie after organizing their formation.
The battle was about to enter its next stage.


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