Chapter 119

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The center of the Black Locust town.
There lies a compact two-story inn made out of stone.
The King lives out his daily life here and this place is where all matters with the King take place. A fitting place as it is right in the middle of the nation.
In the reception room at the deepest part of the first floor. The windows there that are facing the garden are currently blocked off with wooden boards making it seem like a make-shift jail.

「That is because there are no rooms to hold nobles in」

The prime minister explained as he walked down the corridor.
There are jails that hold convicts but there is no way a 「ransom in clothes¹」 could be held in there.
It seems like the gardener prepared it in a hurry.
The prime minister, Lightning, the two middle-aged pilots and I are currently heading towards that confinement room.
At the head of the pack is the middle-aged woman who is in charge of taking care of the Viscountess.

(The captive is a noble, as well as a pilot. Must be hard to handle)

The prime minister seemed to think the same.
『Let us head there together』 he suggested with pleading eyes.

(Well, I do want to see the pilot’s face)

The ability to sense that she is aimed at.
A threat to a sniper like me.
I want to know its mechanics if possible.

「It is just ahead」

The middle-aged woman pointed towards the door further back.
The voice of a hysteric woman can be heard coming from behind that door.

「She’s saying to kill her you know」

I furrowed my eyebrows as I looked at the middle-aged woman.
According to the middle-aged woman, the viscountess was like this after she regained consciousness and found out that she had lost and was captured.
After the middle-aged woman said, 『I cannot do that』, she then made a scene about wanting Wickedness to the Defeated.
Lightning put a hand on his chin and silently opened his mouth.

「She might not have been able to forgive herself. She might very well have the intent of either dying or receiving punishment」

(……What is that remarkable insight)

Lightning who is younger.
Hearing those words that were filled with his life experience, I was assaulted by my inferiority complex.
I was probably desperate after losing as I could only think of it negatively.

「Let us first look at her condition」

Hearing the prime minister’s words, we each took turns to peek into the room.
Opening the rectangular hole at the door, a wooden board acts as the cover. The traces of the saw surrounding the opening was still left there, clearly indicating that this was done in a hurry.


The two middle-aged pilots who were the first to peek were exchanging words with each other while smirking.
Lightning who peeked next had no changes in his expression.
Giving up his place, I peeked into the room.


My brows subconsciously stood on its ends.
Inside is a young female. Though her make-up is thick and she is quite suspicious, she could be called a beauty.
If Corneel saw her at the gallery, he would most likely nominate her immediately.
She is pacing about in the room while throwing the pillow at the wall and kicking the chair.
She is wearing a pilot uniform.
Unlike the Kingdom’s, it is dark blue with a white hemming. But her bottom is a tight skirt and it is very short.
And because she is kicking the chair, her undergarment is visible from time to time.

(So this is why the two middle-aged pilots were smirking earlier)

I sighed.
A sexy and mature female that is fierce, that is not outside of my strike zone.
I sighed because she is someone I know.

(She was the opponent I fought with during the second round of the Contest before God at the Holy City)

I recalled the figure of her sitting on the seat at the Empire’s end, provoking by raising her legs up high.
I only understood this from battling with her but her mental poison was a curse engraved by the Elves.
The existence of beauties, that are tormented by the curse of the Elves, are a huge loss for male humans.
I went all-in during the match and concentrated on dispelling it.

(The finale was an amber fountain if I recall)

Dispelling everything was impossible due to the time limit but I succeeded in the most important parts.
However, the Astral Sword that I prepared to scrape off the poison and the poison remover to defend against the explosion, the side-effects of the two allowed the audience to have a huge service.

(She must not have a good impression of me)

An act that a female adult should not do. That was shown during a world contest.
Rather than a good impression, the possibility that she hates me is extremely high.
Before she looked over, I closed the cover and moved away from the door.
At the next moment, something was thrown at the door. From the sound, it was probably a pillow.

「Peerless hill general! You have finally come, show me your face!」

She shouted loudly.
Her husky voice was refreshing and it was calming to the ears.
Not knowing what was going on, we looked at one another.

「Hiding is futile! I know my gazes! This feeling is the same as the one that aimed at me from the hills!」

(……She recognizes gazes?)

She was the one piloting the B-rank Knight.
The moment when I fired as I caught sight of her figure with my iron sight, she suddenly shifted her body.

(That shocking perception ability. You are telling me that the secret behind it was the gaze)

Feeling the need to put it to the test, I headed for the door. Opening the cover slightly, I gazed through it.
I might have discovered the secret I wanted to know.
That thought became one of deep interest, without meaning to do so, my gaze became one that is strong and heated.
Even more than when I was sniping in Old Lady on top of the hill. It was a gaze that could literally burn holes on surfaces.

(How about this)

At the other end of the door, the Viscountess that was putting her left hand on her abdomen.
Feeling my heated gaze, she suddenly pressed hard on her abdomen with both of her hands.

「Kuh, so it is you」

She said in a coquettish voice as she sat down. Between her thighs, inside her tight skirt. The undergarment that is slightly peeking out is dazzling.
Getting my confirmation, I moved away from the door.

(The ability to sense gazes, how troubling. I need a countermeasure if there are others who can do the same)

While murmuring non-stop, I dived into my sea of thoughts.
Within this space, I heard a voice saying, 『Whohh』, coming from behind me.
As I stopped my thinking and turned back to look, the middle-aged pilots were staring into the room with a lewd expression on their faces.
It seems like they took another peek as they were tempted by the Beautiful Viscountess’s voice.
At the small opening, both heads were pushing each other.

「Come now, do it! Isn’t this the right of the winner! Or are the males here cowards that cannot even do that!」

The Beautiful Viscountess shouted.
She continued to spew insults at males after that.
Hearing that, the two middle-aged pilots closed in on the prime minister.

「We cannot let her spew those insults!」

「Indeed, our names as warriors of the League of Northern Nations is at stake!」

They were saying cool lines but their intentions are different.
The front of their pants is about to burst. They have been hit with the Beautiful Viscountess’s sexiness and was in the mood to do it.
That is even more so if the right to Wickedness to the Defeated is approved.
The prime minister looked over as if he was requesting help.

(How is Lightning)

I glanced to the side.
It seems like he is not very interested.
As I prohibited myself from 『relieving myself on my own』, I am not opposed to the idea of exercising Wickedness to the Defeated.
But she is the person that I shamed during the Contest before God.

(Let’s leave this to the middle-aged pilots)

Seeing my nod, the prime minister turned back to the middle-aged pilots.

「I understand. Then please enter.」

Hearing these words, the middle-aged men entered the confinement room in high spirits.
Even if I say entered in high spirits, the bottom of the door has a huge rectangular hole like one used to insert meals. They had to crawl through that.

「One person at a time」

The prime minister said to those inside, worried that they would take it too far.
Two acknowledgments echoed back immediately.

「Then let us wait for them to finish」

The prime minister took a breath and sat down on a bench placed at the corridor.
Signaling for Lightning and I to sit, we sat down beside him.

「It has begun」

I said to the prime minister as I looked at the door directly in front of the bench.
Male and female sounds have started reverberating right off the bat from the other side.
『Take this』, a male voice said and a female voice that provoked with, 『Is that all?』
The middle-aged woman that was standing near the door was trying her best to remain expressionless.

「It seems like Lightning-dono is not very interested」

I tried touching on the topic with Lightning that does not seem interested in this matter.

「I don’t really agree with forcing Wickedness to the Defeated on the loser」

Lightning who spoke ambiguously.
The kind of value that Lightning very likely holds.

「By the way, there is something I would like to ask of you」

Lightning looked into my eyes.
I urged him to go on as I wonder what he wants.

「I would like so very much for you to call me Lightning」

He has qualms about the 「dono」 part of it.
Having fought together, we have got to know each other quite well. I myself am quite happy that the distance between us is decreasing.

「I understand. You can also call me Tauro」

I replied with a smile.

「No, Tauro-dono is Tauro-dono」

However, he strongly emphasized his point.
But I cannot back down. I am calling him by his name while he calls mine with 「dono」.
Let me imagine it.



It does not feel good no matter how I think about it.
With my persistence, we managed to agree to call each other with 『san』.
It was the same with Corneel. Nothing feels off with this.


I noticed as I was taking a breath.
The middle-aged woman in front of me was looking downward. Her face red and both of her hands were gripping her apron.

(Ah, it’s this voice)

The male and female voices from earlier that has not stopped. She seems to have gotten excited from that.

(It is boring to just wait like this so let us have some fun)

I had an idea so I requested the middle-aged woman to carry out a task.

「Excuse me, can you confirm what is happening inside and tell us」

The middle-aged woman had a shocked face.

「The prime minister is also worried about whether acts that go too far will be done. We need a witness and a female is required if possible」

The middle-aged woman’s eyes opened wide, she exchanged looks between the prime minister and Lightning.
Seemingly asking if she is the one.


Just one more push.
It will not be interesting if the one explaining is the prime minister or Lightning. It is interesting because it is the middle-aged woman.
The prime minister seems to believe my lie. He looked at the middle-aged woman and nodded.
With this, the middle-aged woman had no choice but to do it.
I then made it more specific.

「Please explain to us in as much detail as possible」

Hearing my instructions, she was reluctant. The figure of an embarrassed female is quite cute.
The middle-aged woman then started her live coverage.

「Erm, she is pushed down on the bed and is being thrusted from the front」

「What about the clothes the female is wearing? Has it been torn?」

It is not good to turn over a prisoner with torn clothes.

「It is fine. Her clothes are left untouched」

「With it on? What about her undergarment?」

Finding the question suspicious, she skipped it.

「The erm..undergarment is at her ankle」

I nodded at her reply. The middle-aged pilots know their thing.
There is no mistaking that they have an emotional attachment for female pilot uniforms.
I got the middle-aged woman to explain in further detail with 「more details please」.
The middle-aged woman was hanging in there with everything she had.

「—-It seems like the prisoner doesn’t really feel it
Ah, she pushed him away and has now got into the mounting position.
She is now on top, moving her waist vigorously.
Such, such amazing speed. And she is moving forward, backward, left and right, she is going in a big circle.
She is now smacking her rump with one of her hands, ehhhh?
She is saying, 『It is open here, come at me』. Wha-what is happening?
Hearing those words, the other pilot also joined in.
Eh? Wha, oh my, that is!」

「Please explain specifically」

Hearing my strict voice, the middle-aged woman started over.

「From the back, it is from the back.
Er-erm, it entered the uncommon one.
The prisoner is completely being pincered by the two males.
How-how do I put it.
Is her body alright after doing such a thing-」

It seems like pleasure has gradually taken over the middle-aged woman
She stuck close to the opening and excitedly covered the situation.
Her plentiful rump shook left and right and the prime minister’s head did the same.
Lightning looked at the prime minister, speechless.

「The body of the male at the bottom is shaking vigorously. It seems like he came.
The prisoner seems displeased.
Ah, she got angry.
Even when being penetrated from behind, she is using her feet to kick.
Ahh, is the movement not good? This time, the male at the back moaned as his body shook.
The prisoner is angry, no, enraged.
While insulting the pilots, she let out a round-house kick……Ah」

The pilot that had been sent flying with the kick most likely slammed into the door.
There was a *bam* and the door shook.

(Come to think of it, her beans are still walnuts)

I thought back to the Contest before God.
I removed the Elven Curse. But I did not manage to do it as there was no time.
The super-long stroke from those long Elven things. The beans that are trained up with that will have a tough skin like that of the walnut’s shell.

(That will be enjoyable)

The reason for her dissatisfaction with the middle-aged pilots most likely lies there.
The interaction between male and female must not be a one-sided affair.
It should be one where both you and your partner feel good and where the happiness is shared between each other.
That is one of the reasons that I hate the deeds done by the Elves.

(I must save her)

Release her from the Elven chains. That is also my duty.
I silently stood up from the bench.
I then called out to the prime minister and Lightning.

「I will go and heal her heart for a bit」

As it is hard to explain, I gave a random reason.
Hearing my words, Lightning’s pupils had the color of understanding, but the prime minister had one of suspicion.
But even I do not know what Lightning has understood.

(Well, that is fine)

Paying that no mind, I got on fours and entered the room by crawling through the hole at the bottom of the door.

*Ed note:
服を着た身代金 could be read as Clothed Ransom. I haven’t been able to tack down this precise phrase elsewhere, but if one thinks of “clothed” as referring to being in uniform, or dressed in livery, it fits better with the underlying concept of an officer or noble being held for ransom after the end of hostilities.


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