Chapter 120 Part 1

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「…Is it you? The Peerless Hill General」

The Beautiful Viscountess frowned as she placed her hands on her hips.
She had a fierce look and her make-up is thick. But she can still be called a mature beauty.
She stepped on the face of the middle-aged pilot who was lying on the floor after he was sent flying with a kick.

(She’s removed her boots. It seems her manners are good )

The middle-aged man’s face seemed happy.

「This is good; their blades were dull」

Her husky voice is arousing.
She’s wearing the pilot’s uniform, though her lingerie is wrapped around her left ankle.
The clothes and bodies are wet with glistening liquid that are the aftermath of battle.

(My gaze, is she fine with it?)

I am gazing at her as strongly as earlier but she did not press down on her abdomen and collapse.

(It seems not to be active continuously)

I am somewhat relieved.
It is like my Magic Eye. It needs to be activated consciously.

(A passive sonar that always reacts to gazes. If a person were to have that, the person would not be able to live a normal life)

This was no time to relax.
To change her feelings, I’m resolved. I must return the Beautiful Viscountess’s body back to normal.
Come, I gesture to the bed with my chin.

「……Hmm. I won’t lose this time」

The large amber fountain. Perhaps she remembers that shameful sight, I could hear the gritting of her teeth.
We knelt and faced each other on the bed.

「Ha, this position again」

The Beautiful Viscountess had an expression of dismay.
Laying the Beautiful Viscountess on the bed, I turned my head toward her legs.
In terms of position, each of our faces are at the front of the other’s groin. Exactly the same as the Contest before God.
I silently raised her tight skirt and used my fingers to spread open the pod of the Edamame from both sides.
I then gently held the bean that was exposed to the air with my mouth.


She was annoyed by my lack of response. The beauty clicked her tongue.
My licks appear to have no effect on the bean that was covered by a sturdy protective coating.
The beauty put my banana into her mouth.
A mellow sensation spread throughout me.

(She is adept as usual. She knows the ins and outs of males)

She skillfully traces the ridges at the back
But I cannot remain the only one enjoying this.
I activated my Magic Eye and looked at the beauty’s color temperature and light cycle.
My tongue then shook at its first bean cuisine in a long while.

(Although the appearance is that of an Edamame, they are actually walnuts with shells)

I call beans in this state an Elven bean.
I was surprised but did not falter. I had dealt with more than enough of these at 『Froi, the Elven Store. Wonderful Elves welcome you』.

(What has to be done is the same)

To cook it through at low heat, I used the tip of my tongue to diligently and gently roll them.
These walnuts get hard with stimulation because of their invisible thin skin that acts as a laminating layer.
By cooking it through and softening them up, they can be peeled off.

(There is one piece for starters)

As the heat passed through and softened it, I peeled off one piece of invisible thin skin. Narrowing my mouth, similar to sucking.

(Another piece)

As the bean boiled, I got another off. I slowly peeled them off without resting.
As I peeled off the twentieth piece, the Beautiful Viscountess’s state changed.

(Her defenses are weaker than the Elven women)

There was a reaction whenever I got a skin off.
It felt good when her mouth wriggled as she moaned while having my banana in it.
Her lower back swung from left to right but I held it down and did not let my mouth leave her bean.
*Peel, peel*
I concentrate solely on peeling.
The Beautiful Viscountess tried to get rid of me at every turn by moving her lower back. But if she were to do that, it will only increase the stimulation her bean, that was being sucked upon, received.
This time, she stuffed my head between her thighs and started rubbing it painfully.

(As if I will let go)

Both of my ears are rubbed by her plump thighs. However, I firmly locked my hands behind her hips and clung onto it.
Understanding that she could not force me off, the Beautiful Viscountess increased her offense on my banana.

(Ufu, it feels good)

Imposing the restraint to 『Not jack off』 on myself has decreased my limits.
The feeling of a long and rough tongue, skillfully using the inner part of her throat. It is on a level that cannot be easily found even in the brothels of the Royal Capital.

(Isn’t the cause for her husky voice due to the overuse of her throat)

She had that level of skill to make me have that suspicion.
At the end of the heated battle where both of us were near our limit, I finally peeled the last piece.


While making sure to not cause any stimulation, I silently remove my mouth from it.
I then gazed, at the figure of her shaking her body triumphantly, with satisfaction.

(My skills have not dulled if I were to say so myself)

The glossy bean in front of me.
Having been refreshed by my tongue, its sensitivity has returned to that of a young girl’s.
It can probably feel the flow of the air if I were to puff at it.
If I attack from here, there is no mistaking that the Beautiful Viscountess will head straight for the boundaries of her limits.

(But I will not do that now)

Winning here will only serve to build up a cage of losses within her heart.
To lose to the same opponent thrice in a row, including this battlefield with life and death at stake.
That will not be desirable for her mentally.

(The ones who will defeat her are the middle-aged pilots)

Answering to her request, they attempted Wickedness to the Defeated only to be insulted and kicked.
It will be too pitiful if this ended off with such a note.
And the Beautiful Viscountess would also realize if they led her to climax.
That her walnut has been broken and it is no longer Elven-like.

(I have already finished what I had to do. So it is alright for me to reward myself right?)

My banana is about to melt within the Beautiful Viscountess’s mouth. A sweet swore is rising up from my lower hip.
It is not like I am competing in a competition. There should be no need for me to hold back.
I pushed my hip forward and pushed deep into the inner part of the Beautiful Viscountess’s throat.
I then tightly hugged the Beautiful Viscountess’s hip that was in front of me.

(Getting rewarded……is the best!)

I felt euphoric as I let it out in the Beautiful Viscountess’s throat.

(Whoa, this, this is)

Just then, the Beautiful Viscountess showed an explosive display of competency.
Sucking out until the final drop, she was in a trance for a while as it all went down her throat.

「It is my win」

After swallowing it down and coughing several times, the beauty stood up while she used the back of her hand to wipe the area around her mouth.
Even as she was sweating from her forehead and her cheeks were flushed, she was bathed in the elation of successfully carrying out her revenge.

「I give up」

I earnestly surrendered while looking up at the beauty. I was half out of my mind.
The pouring of my load at the inner part of her throat earlier.
Rather than her hating it, she had turned on a powerful vacuum.
A relentless sucking that was perfectly timed with the timing when I let it out.
The definition of impeccable. I thought that much that even my two balls had come out in the open.

「That gaze is nice」

The triumphant Beautiful Viscountess is rubbing her left hand at her abdomen.


Reacting to her words, I shot her a strong gaze.
Although I was dazed by being able to have a taste of her tongue technique, the details of her ability to sense gazes is important.

「What is it? Are you frustrated?」

Shortly after the Beautiful Viscountess’s abdomen shook when faced with my gaze, she moved her left hand away from it.


Although there is no evidence, that is likely the case.
Her ability to sense gazes is activated by rubbing her left hand at her abdomen.

(Seems like there is nothing else I can do here)


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