Chapter 125 part 2

Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

Although A-class Knights are powerful, there were only two from the Empire and three from the Kingdom.
So the star on a battlefield would be B-class Knights as expected.
And right here, was the scene of the Kingdom’s B-class Knights dominating the B-class Knights from the Empire’s Frontier Knight Order.


He pierced the gap created by the Frontier Knight and pulled back his sword.
Now with the sword he just pulled, he slashed again through its shoulder.
The Frontier Knight that somehow managed to block it with its small shield, went back to retreat.
Inside the cockpit was the figure of someone who Tauro thought as a “Noble kid”. He was once his classmate in the pilot school.
He was recruited by the Knight Order where Tauro was winning the 3rd place in the practical exam.


A beautiful face that still retains the image of a young boy. His rustled bangs were sticking to his forehead because of the transparent sweat coming out of his face.
But looking at it objectively, that means he was in a quite dangerous situation.
His perspective became narrowed and he lost his position on the battlefield, probably because this was his first battle.
While he was busy chasing his enemy, he didn’t realize he dove too deep into the enemy formation.

(There’s no end to them)

A black B-class Knight suddenly came out in front of him as if to protect the Frontier Knight.
Looking closely, this one has some roses drawn on top of its black color.

(The Rose Knight)

The noble kid who’s a Knight Otaku was, of course, aware of their existence.
A powerful Knight from the famous Rose Knights.
But right now, there was no joy in his heart because he’s finally able to meet one of the Knights from a famous Knight Order. What he felt was only fear.
The Rose Knight meticulously fills the gap and flashed its sword horizontally.
The Knight of the noble kid was able to dodge the incoming blade by hair’s breadth by bending backward.
The noble kid’s B-class Knight tried to fight back but was forced to retreat after every move.

(As expected, it’s strong!)

Although they’re the same B-class Knight, their abilities are different from the Frontier Knight.
He was able to overwhelm the Frontier Knight but… against the Rose Knight, he was the one who got pushed back instead.

(….Another unit!?)

Another Rose Knight was heading towards him.
Even though facing one of them was dangerous enough, facing two of them at the same time would be the end for him.

(I have to get out of here)

Upon making such a decision, the noble kid realized.

(Just at which part of the battlefield I am right now)

A chill runs down his spine when he thinks about that.
He tried to look around but he still can’t make sure in which direction his allies were at.
If he misread the direction, there’s a possibility that he would never be able to come back to his camp.

(Here it comes!)

However, the enemy does not wait for him to think about such a thing.
Two Rose Knights were moving simultaneously and swung down their sword from his left and right side.

(Not good, I can’t block it!)

Just as when the noble kid was stiffened and couldn’t do anything, one of the Kingdom’s B-class Knights appeared from behind him and parried the incoming attack from one of the Rose Knights.
He was surprised, but he blocked the other attack with his shield and swung his sword to gain some distance

(I was saved…)

He would probably be done for if no one came to support him.
The Kingdom’s B-class Knight, who took down the other attack of the opponent, gave a signal to the noble kid with his chin.
It seems it wanted him to deal with the other unit.

(Roger that!)

The noble kid made his Knight nod.
And thus the two-on-two battle began.


The noble kid holds his breath at how the other Knight fought.
That style, it was the two sword-style.
Instead of having a shield, he was holding the so-called small swords on both of his hands.
Blocking by crossing the swords when there’s a heavy blow, otherwise, parrying with one sword then strike with the other.
And when he found an opening, he would move the body in a rotation, relentlessly releasing slashes one after another.
The Rose Knight finds no chance to counterattack after the continuous slashes, moved to the back.

(I, too, have to do my best)

The noble kid who became encouraged, took a big leap forward and swung down his sword with a loud yell.
Although he swung it with a force that could split his enemy in two, unfortunately, the Rose Knight was more skillful than him.
When his position was unstable after he got his attack parried, a sword was swung at him from above.
However, at the next moment, there was a small sword extended from his side, restraining the Rose Knight.
The Rose Knight canceled his attack and jumped backward.

(I’m saved)

However, the comrade that helped him already went back to his own fight against the other unit.
He provided support for his comrade when they’re in a tough spot, even though his fight was still going on.
It was an act that couldn’t be made without a wide field of view and consideration for the surroundings.
The noble kid still received a lot of support from his comrade after that.

(He defeated it!)

His comrade continued to swing the sword with both hands with ease and finally defeated the Rose Knight.
Then without stopping, it went around behind the Rose Knight which he had trouble with and began to launch continuous slashes at it.

(This is…. It’s like seeing a whirlwind)

The sandwiched Rose Knight immediately understood that he’s in disadvantages and began to pull back.
His comrade didn’t follow it. So the noble kid also stayed.


When he was looking at his fellow comrade, it was pointing at the back with his right hand which still has a sword in hand.

(“You’re charging too deep, so go back” is what he probably implying)

The noble kid who understood that, nodded. He began to move, following after his comrade.
A B-class Knight of the Kingdom who leads the way to their camp. Its back looked so reliable.
He didn’t know if it was the suspension bridge effect, but he felt his heart pounding.

(Thank you for saving me back there, Senpai)

The noble kid was only a recruit. The only junior he had right now was only the trainees who are still in the process of training.
He doesn’t know who he was, but he was sure that he’s undoubtedly a senior.

「Good grief… I’m glad we managed somehow」

The Kingdom’s B-class Knight that rescued the noble kid.
Inside the cockpit, a single pilot spoke to himself.
A nice guy with a macho body and face that was a bit ugly.

「He got guts, but he’s still inexperienced」

He shrugged his shoulders as he said that.
This should be the first battle for that pilot. It’s only natural that he still lacks experience.
Apart from that, he was actually surprised with himself.

(I might be the one who says this but… I’ve sure gotten stronger didn’t I)

He once fought an unidentified B-class Knight around these parts.
He can tell that he certainly has gotten stronger compared to that time.
By the way, in the battle with the heavy lancers, Corneal only used long-ranged magic attacks

(I feel like the flow of magic in me and my magic operation has gotten better or something)

He nodded in conviction. He didn’t confirm it, but he was certain that the amount of his magic power has raised for a certain amount

(The reason is… as expected, that huh…)

He has been working as a pilot for a long time, but he never grows this rapidly before.
Looking back, there is only one thing that comes to his mind.

(The adult gourmet group…)

A gathering of adults who enjoys women in brothels, which was established together with Tauro.
Two men and women enter one room and exchange women with Tauro to have a taste of each other’s preference.

(From venom removal to weak spot hunting. Tauro-san had taught me a lot)

He is, after all, that famous Dr. Slime from the Kingdom’s entertainment district. The nickname of 『Skewering Whirlwind』 that was bestowed upon him can’t hold a candle to that person.
There was a lot to learn.

(Ever since I toured the brothels with Tauro-san, whether it was my piloting skill and skill in handling women has gone up considerably)

Corneal was truly grateful that he met and became friends with Tauro.

(Let’s play again together once I got back safely)

Corneal called out to Tauro in his heart and made his B-class Knight advance once more.



The red-light district in the Royal Capital.
In the center was the high-class brothel, Cione.
In the hall, Tauro couldn’t choose which of the youthful sideline in front of him to bring along.

(Was it only my imagination?)

Just now, I felt like someone called out to me.

(Is it because it’s been a long time that I became so indecisive?)

This is the first time I realized the horror of blanks.
Probably because of my lack of proper sports experience.

(Well…. the ban has been lifted anyway. So I could just come here again whenever I want)

I strongly convinced myself.
At this rate, I will never come to a decision.

(Yosh. Let’s choose that girl)

I looked at the girl with shoulder-long hair sitting in the sideline seat.
White pleated skirt and short sleeve white blouse with a navy blue collar.
When our eyes met, the girl shook her diagonal bangs and smiled.

「That girl over there please」

At my words, the concierge bowed politely.
Thereafter, I held the girl’s hand and went up the stairs.


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