Chapter 132 part 1

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A giant lake in the northern part of the spirit forest.
A huge magic circle with a diameter of over 200 meters appeared on the bottom of the lake, and something like an island began to emerge from it.
It’s a slow ascension that cares about the surroundings, after all, its size was the same as the magic circle itself. It creates tall waves that wash far onto the lakeshore.
The island-like thing has a big head that matches its body.
Its head that looks similar to a turtle was holding a fruit in its mouth.
It might be difficult to notice since the island-like thing was so huge, but the fruit was also big with about fifteen meters in diameter.
The island quietly headed to the north of the lakeshore, and put the fruit on the shore.
The fruit sank to the bottom of the sandy soil. It has a yellow color and a shape that could be mistaken as citrus.


The island-like thing brings its head closer to the fruit. It looked like it was enjoying the scent.
It opened its mouth a little and bit into the skin of the fruit.
It then took a bite, and when It put it inside its mouth, it raised its neck and squinted its eyes.

『What a mellow scent』

It gulped down and swallowed the fruit.
It continued to eat the skin little by little until Its mouth reached the flesh.

『It’s been a long time』

The long-awaited pulp is finally included in its mouth.
The turtle firmly closed its eyelids and shook its head left and right.
That appearance was just like someone who had enjoyed a strong drink.
After enjoying the after taste for a while, it took a bite of the skin again, put the flesh into its mouth, and shook its head as if to growl.
To describe that figure, it would be like a grandpa who was enjoying a distilled liquor.

『How wonderful』

The scent and taste are perfect but… what’s worthy of mentioning was its size
It thought that the largest it had seen before was half this size.
If it had this much, that lonely feeling after eating all of it surely won’t come.
The island-like thing continued to eat the fruit in a good mood.


Elf village in the spirit forest.
At the corner of the high elf assembly hall, a high elf, who has just received an urgent report, was showing a stern expression.

「Zaratan disappeared you say!?」

Zaratan is a spirit beast that protects the lake in the north.
It has been around there for a long time and is watching over the world tree and the elf village.
And that very being was said to have disappeared earlier. It seems to have moved somewhere using an incredibly huge transfer magic.

(A new world tree, deterioration of the forest’s vitality, and now Zaratan has disappeared? Just what on earth is happening!?)

Events that should have continued for hundreds of years have changed in recent years.
Feeling the abnormalities of the world, the high elves trembled in fear.
There, a single elf came to report.

「Zaratan has returned?」

Apparently, it appeared in the lake with transfer magic, just as when it disappeared.
The high elves were relieved but still unable to release their tension.

「This is… I should immediately go and confirm it myself」

Then the chairman selected a high elf who was good at spirit language and had water affinity.
He’d like to bring his spirit beast as an interpreter, but it is useless with Zaratan. It would get frightened and unable to get closer.
When the old high elf woman arrived, he immediately headed to the water intake tower on the south bank with a transfer magic circle.
An elegant small castle on the lake. That is the intake tower.
It draws water from the lake and uses magical power to fly it to the elven village.
The chairman and the old woman appeared in the transfer magic circle in the innermost room of the building.
They immediately headed to the watchtower, escorted by the guards who have been waiting in the room.

「So it’s on the shore to the north」

The chairman was looking over the scenery of the lake with a baffled expression.
Zaratan has always been in the center of the lake ever since he became conscious. And that Zaratan was now at the opposite shore.
Even though he had received the report of its disappearance and reappearance, he still can’t help but be surprised.

「Can you take us there?」

The old high elf woman asked the soldier.
The soldier replied nervously.

「I think it is possible to go there using a Knight. However, I kindly ask for your understanding since it might be too narrow for both of you」

The chairman nodded and the old high elf shrugged her shoulder.
And then, four people rode two units of C-class Knights deployed at the intake tower and headed for the north shore.
Zaratan was almost done eating the fruit when they arrived.
The two green-colored Knights knelt down on one knee so the two high elves can descend to the ground from the cockpit.
The chairman and the old woman dusted their clothes with their hands and straightened their backs prior to looking at Zaratan.

(So big…and it moves)

The two of them aren’t young, even among the high elves. And for both of them, it was the first time they saw such a spectacle.
The physical force that comes from the enormous size, and the pressure that comes from its tremendous magic power. They can’t stop trembling from the nervousness.
Zaratan is a powerful high ranked spirit beast that lived for an eternity.
It was one of the few being the elves, who considered themselves as a high ranked being, still respected until now.

(For the time being, we should ask to find out what had actually happened)

He looked at the old woman beside him to get her to translate it to spirit language.
The old woman who had made a face like a dried persimmon from astonishment, opened her mouth.
Her right hand pointed to the fruit that Zaratan eats.

「…..W-Wait a second, isn’t that Ambrosia?」

Hearing those words, the chairman knit his eyebrows and searched through his memory.
If his memories serve him right, Ambrosia was something that was also called the fruit of the gods.
That fruit was in fact said to have the power to heal injuries and ward off diseases.
And it was also the main ingredient for the high rank potion, Elixir. It’s a legendary potion that achieves high levels of cure injury, cure disease, and cure status abnormality.
It emits white light and has a mixture of three colors, red, blue, and green, and is also called triple B because of its efficacy.
Aside from A, which appears only in mythology, it is the best item that a person can get.

「But… I heard that it’s already extinct」

The chairman was convinced by her astonishment.
She is one of the best pharmacists in the elf village. It’s only natural that she couldn’t calm down in the presence of Ambrosia, the main ingredient for Elixir.

(This could be the reason for its momentary disappearance)

He was wondering how it knew the existence of Ambrosia and where to obtain it.
The chairman realized that this wasn’t something that would endanger the elf village and breathed a sigh of relief.
However, he still had to ask where it went to.
The fruit of God, Ambrosia. Because the place where that fruit grows might also be the place where the other World Tree is.

(That possibility is high)

The chairman shook the old woman’s shoulders to bring her back to reality.
Then, he firmly ordered her to ask where it had transferred to.
The old woman having regained focus in her eyes, cast a magic circle around her and poured her rich magical power into it.
And then she began to call out in a very esoteric spirit language.


The giant high-ranking beast noticed someone calling out to it just as it had finished eating the fruit.
When it moved its eyes, a humanoid creature living in the forest was chanting in a spirit language.
It is rare for anyone other than spirit beasts to speak spirit language. Having his interest piqued, it lent its ear.

『Tell me, where did you go?』

It’s annoying, but it can’t be helped.
Understanding the meaning, Zaratan thinks.
Tell us the origin of this fruit, is what it probably meant.

『I refuse』

An immediate answer.
Humanoid forest dwellers must be aiming for this fruit.
If Zaratan told them the answer, they would definitely go and retrieve it. Moreover, these creatures are large in number. Probably even the immature fruits would be uprooted and harvested by them.
This is a sweet dew it went all the trouble to get. Zaratan didn’t want to give it away. That place is a secret place for it.

『Tell me!』

『I refuse』

No matter how many times it repeated it, the answer is the same.
Zaratan opened its mouth widely and ate up the rest of the fruits.

『Did you see a world tree there?』

The question changed, but it still won’t answer. As expected, their aim was the place where this fruit grows.
It repeated this question many times, but Zaratan ignored all of it.
After a brief silence, the humanoid forest dwellers stopped asking questions and demanded.

『Hand over that fruit!』

As expected, that made Zaratan feel uncomfortable.
This is why he doesn’t want to tell the answer to the humanoid forest dwellers.
Not feeling like dealing with them anymore, Zaratan pretended not to hear them.
It then crushed the seed which is the last remaining part of the fruit to enjoy the taste of nuts.
Seeing that, the humanoid forest dweller screamed like tearing metal.
However, without a care in the world, Zaratan finished eating all of it without leaving even a fragment behind. Then, it began to move quietly to the center of the lake.
Even though their behavior was unpleasant and made Zaratan feel uncomfortable, it doesn’t have the intention to starting a fight with them. It looked at the humanoid forest dwellers.
Escaping the rushing waves, they rode a giant doll and went away from the shore.

『I have to thank them somehow』

Switching its thoughts to the lake he visited earlier, Zaratan thinks.
It wants to give a thank you gift that would make them happy.
And if possible, in appreciation of the thank you gift, it wants them to give it another fruit in return.
After satisfyingly breathing through its nose which has the scent of the fruit left in it, it put its head under the water.


「It was useless」

The old woman who was fatigued after exhausting her magic power groaned.

「It wouldn’t answer any of my questions regarding its transfer destination and the world tree. Lastly, I asked it to give away some of the Ambrosia, but that’s no good either」

This is the back of the shore. They have escaped the lakeshore with the Knights.

「But the key is definitely Zaratan. Once we know where it went to, all the problems will be solved」

The chairman frowned and answered.
It was useless, but there’s no way he would give up here.

「It’s not impossible for it to go to that place again. If possible, I want some people to hide on the island」

If Zaratan won’t speak, there’s no choice but to hide and follow after it.
Honestly, it is unlikely that Zaratan, who has been idle for hundreds of years, will move again soon. But he should do what he could regardless.
He wanted to go back soon and made a plan.
While feeling frustrated, the chairman waved his hand to the Knight’s pilot.

「Wait a minute」

However, he was interrupted by the old woman.

「There might be left over seed and flesh of the Ambrosia fallen on the ground」

With a passionate eye, she stared at the place where Zaratan had been.

「It was such a huge fruit, there must be some left!」

She spoke in a heated tone.
The chairman shrugged his shoulders and told her that he will ask the other Knight to stay with her, and get into another Knight.
She has her task, and he has his duties as well.
The chairman crouched in the cockpit and endured the narrow space until they arrived at the intake tower.

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