Chapter 141 Part 2

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A shiver ran down his spine as he imagined it.

「We face an invasion this time just as we lost many Knights in the Heavy Lancer extermination. And, attacks from the North coming at the same time, it is one with two fronts」

A different voice from the Round Table spoke.

「Although they want to use all of their fighting force, they do not want to reveal the experimental Knight to others so they sent it to the Northern front. Is it something as described earlier」

「There is no mistake, it must be like that!」

The Beautiful Viscountess shouted excitedly.
If that is the case, then an explanation is required on why such a powerful enemy appeared.
The doubt in her chest was cleared which made her emotions flare.
The Emperor listens to the opinions that are exchanged and pondered.
His thoughts were the same as the Marquis’s.

「Hear me」

The voice that came out of his mouth was calm but it cut all the conversations short.

「What attacked the expedition force was probably an incomplete Knight developed in secret」

The response of everyone in the Round Table was akin to as expected.

「We must get our hands on this technology before the Kingdom」

In the tranquil room, only the Emperor’s voice resounded.

「We first need time. We shall forge an agreement for a cease-fire with the Kingdom. Draw up a draft and enter preliminary meetings with the other side」

The Marquis bowed reverently. It is an area he specializes in.

「Next is Boxed Daughter. There is no mistaking that there is a part of the technology within it. Have the Smithing Guild hasten their analysis」

One person quickly acknowledged.

「Lastly, the Kingdom’s Smithing Guild and Merchant Guild. Investigate their surroundings thoroughly」

「I understand」

The middle-aged man with gentle facial features bowed deeply.

「The Ghost Knight from the Kingdom. We will be the first one to find out its secrets」

With a strong glint within his drooping eyes, he gazed at his retainers.

「The time we buy using the cease-fire cannot be wasted. Act with caution」

With this, another thing in Tauro’s surroundings begin to take action.

Awoke that is West of the Kingdom.
The nucleus town of this region, it is also the land that the Empire’s expedition force have set their sights on to capture next.
At this time when the sun is rising from the East, tens of Knights are kneeling on one knee, bowing down in the shadows of the Western castle wall.

「Good morning」

A young girl with ponytail hair and strict facial features talks to the kneeling Knights.
She is almost looking all the way up at them as she is very near.
This is the outside of the castle wall that surrounds Awoke. Within the Kingdom’s Knight Order camp that is meant to battle against the Empire’s expedition force.

「I will return to the Royal Capital in the afternoon. Although it is a shame that I did not get to fight, I guess it is a relief that I survived」

The Empire’s expedition force encamped themselves in the town that acts as a relay station.
They suddenly pulled back a few days ago.
The reason is not known. The search is ongoing but there are no Empire soldiers left and they show no signs of returning.

「Money is being spent just by us being here. I have never thought of that up until now」

The one that is being spoken to is the Knight she is piloting. Of course, there is no reply.
It is a newly assigned B-rank Knight. It seems like it was originally a private Knight owned by some noble.
It is B-rank in name but it is actually a C-rank Knight.
That is because it is originally privately owned by great nobles and wealthy families. It was forcefully drafted through the power of the state and equipped with fitting armor.
It became like this due to the odd regulation that 『the Knight Order who are the elite have no use for any Knights that are below B-rank』.
It seems like the original aim is to build the brand but it became a real-life example of getting priorities backward.

「Well then, let’s once again do our best today」

Ponytail paid no heed to that.
She was so happy about owning her own Knight that she is talking to it every morning.
Ponytail glanced around her surroundings. There are people who pass by the space between the Knights that are lined up but no one paid any attention to her.
Nodding once, she started climbing using the wooden ladder.
She soon reached the chest area and the hatch closed as she slipped into the pilot seat.

「Well then」

She slowly loosened her skirt and unbuttoned some of the buttons of her shirt.


Her right hand between her legs, she used her left to stretch the tip of her chest and started rubbing it rather strongly.

「Ahh, ah」

She will state for her honor that this is not an act to dirty the Knight. On the contrary, she is holding back.
There are brothels for men and for women in Awoke.
However, she cannot cross the castle wall unless it is her day off and the shocks that come forth from within her body do not wait for her.
There are no private rooms within the camp and the only place that she can be alone is her pilot seat.
She is blessed as compared to the soldiers that do it in bushes or behind rocks.

「Don’t move any more! You pervert!」

She spits out abusive words to her partner in her mind. A type of self-play.
The material is mostly fixed.
During the time when she was working The small middle-aged man in his thirties that kept nominating her day in and day out when she was working part-time at a brothel.
He would demand for plays with her clothes on and would continue thrusting, ignoring the fact that she came.
She could not count the number of times she had lost consciousness.

「I told you not to move right!」

That middle-aged man is her peer at the Pilot School.
Gathering public criticism for his anything-for-the-win fighting style, he quit the school as if he was driven into a corner.
However, before she knew it, he got a position as a civilian pilot and visited the store with the money he earned.
And he would bring up the days when he was in school to persistently annoy her and he would then hug her.

「Ugh! Take it out! Just take it out!」

An extremely vulgar and detestable person.
But he is good.

「No good, wai-」

Her fingering became rough.
Before she knew it, it became the 『Material』 that was requested the most.
With slight trembling movements in her pilot seat, her hips were lifted up from the chair.
Nearing her limit, her right leg let out a strong kick.
And she did not realize that she kicked the external speaker’s knife-switch.


Ponytail climaxed and she yelled at the top of her lungs.
Although the inside is a C-rank Knight, the outside merely looks like a B-rank Knight. Voices of this level would not even leak out in the slightest.
She is able to carry on without worries.
By carry on, this means that the actual act is to come.
The middle-aged man she used as material would get serious after she came once.
It is a staple – he would enjoy how she lost consciousness, never regaining it, and would thrust until she no longer moved.
Of course, she would move her material play along the same lines.

「Ah, ahhh!」

The yells of elation shook the cool air in the morning.
They were loud and echoed within the camp, driving the young soldiers into the bushes.

The afternoon of that day.
Ponytail is piloting her Knight and is walking on the path back to the Royal Capital.
The atmosphere has been weird since the morning and she was troubled as she did not know the reason.

(What happened)

The way the others around her looked at her was weird.
When she looked at the middle-aged man from the Adventurers Guild, his eyes and mouth opened wide and, 『Ah, ah』, he let out a weird voice.
The stupid look he made on purpose got on her nerves.

「Hey you, what in the world……」

As she said this, someone pulled her sleeve from the back.
When she turned back, her friend was there looking down and shaking her chest left and right.

「Let’s go」


Saying this, Ponytail followed along, a question mark appearing in her mind.
The middle-aged men from the Adventurers Guild exchanged words like 『Going again』, 『How many times has it been today?』 but they do not reach the ears of the girls.
By the way, the external speaker switch has been switched off by the hands of a kind middle-aged female mechanic.

(They are weird)

With her doubts still lingering, she pouted as she advanced at the rear of the line.


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