Chapter 15


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I walk west from the town plaza and turn north along the way to reach the hotel.

The name of the hotel is called “Swissham”. It’s a medium sized hotel and the building seems to be clean. I wanted a place that was relatively safe and clean in addition to being able to bring in girls from the outside, so this was the recommendation the merchant’s guild gave to me.

Going inside, I paid the fee and got them to take me to my room.

I thought they would recommend me to some sort of back alley place when I wanted the option of being able to bring girls in, but as expected of the merchant’s guild, they recommended me a place that seemed more like a business hotel. It’s like a high class accommodation, although the price is also reasonably expensive.

It’s pretty good. I left my luggage in the room and went outside. I managed to obtain some information about the night life of the city from the old man at the hotel. The advice was organized into a proper guide map. As one would expect from a hotel that allowed you to bring girls in from the outside. The tips they gave were pretty spot on.

First of all, I went to this brothel called the “Cassabell”. Why did I choose this place you ask? Well it’s because the lobby is adjoined with a restaurant. In other words, I can also eat here while taking my time to choose a girl. I wanted to experience this kind of exciting situation as I’ve never tried it before.

I eat a lobster dish at the lobby of Cassabell. It’s delicious, to be honest, I’ve never eaten such a tasty meal before. It’s juicy and packed with meat. The garlic sauce also tastes incredible. However, though it does taste really good, there is a strong smell of garlic.

Why would they put out a smelly dish with garlic in it at a store with girls? If I knew about it, I probably would have ordered something else. Well it’s alright, it can’t be helped. I’m really full now, so I call out to the girl that I’ve been eyeing.

This time around I wanted someone who could soothe my soul. After all, those types of things did happen to me. The girl I chose this time is a bit plain. Her height is normal. Her chest isn’t small…. But it doesn’t really pop out at you either. Her waist was thin enough but, it didn’t squeeze itself to make an hourglass figure.

Her hips had around the same circumference as her chest. Her features are gentle and her make-up isn’t too overwhelming. The main reason I chose her is that while I was eating and looking at her, many people around her got chosen, but she herself was left alone without being nominated.

Even girls who returned to their seats would get chosen again before she got a chance. I asked the concierge to confirm that she wasn’t booked on by anybody and they told me that she was free.

Seeing her just sit there like that seemed pitiful to me. Perhaps she would be happy if I chose her. Because of this reason, I made up my mind to choose her.

When I did choose her, she seemed very happy. She wasn’t excited or jumpy about it, she showed me that she was happy with a nice looking smile on her face. Her smile felt like someone applying hand cream to a person’s dried up heart, it’s soothing to see.

Arriving at the room, I still kept my clothes on as I just started to have fun and tease her a little.

It’s the kind of playful thing you did in junior high school, where you flip girls’ skirts or lightly brush against their breasts, it’s really fun. I’ve been traumatized by the Elder incident but the advice she gave me about both parties having fun and having respect for each other is not wrong.

Taking that into consideration, I try my best to make use of her advice.

Resting my head on her thighs and using it as a lap pillow I thrust my hand inside of her skirt and gently poke at her insides. As expected we started to move on to the next stage but it was a smooth transition.

Well, we have plenty more chances, so I wanted to follow the girl’s lead this time around.


I did what I thought should be done and I felt quite fulfilled. I am now walking along the town in the night-life district. That was very fun and felt really good.

It’s true, what I did in Awoke was wrong.

Back then, I was chasing something as if I had to accomplish something and I felt frustrated if I didn’t make any progress; it wasn’t the right mindset for me to have in order to enjoy myself

I don’t think I was truly happy at all.

Thinking that there must be a victor or a loser; thinking like that is unnecessary as there is nobody to really compare to nor is there a need for me to compare myself to anyone.

As long as I have fun and enjoy myself, that’s already good enough.

Back then, somewhere in my heart, I was comparing myself to my classmates and colleagues of the past who had awesome lives and I wanted to catch up to their standards by increasing my experience or improving my techniques in the field.

After walking around, I finally reached this area with a “Go-Go Bar”.

This was not the name of a shop; it was a certain type of establishment. In a brothel, they have a lobby and girls who are arranged nicely on the tiered platform. Then the males choose out of the girls they like and they move to a separate room and have their fun inside. That’s the type of format a brothel has.

In a go-go bar, it is different.

Remembering the explanation, I got from the old man at my hotel, I go inside the place. This place is more like a complex then a shop. The name of this complex is called the “Annan”. Within Annan, there are a number of go-go bars.

Besides the go-go bar, there is also a restaurant, dance halls and love hotels. By the way, the bathroom is unisex.

I go inside of the go-go bar situated in the first floor of Annan. I didn’t see the name of this store. Although I could hear the music even from outside of the store since the music is playing at a very loud volume from the inside.

Nevertheless, I don’t know what type of magic they used here, but the song is just flowing out without rest. The kind of music is similar to the type I heard in Japan. To explain it more clearly, the only sound I heard outside of the store is the sound of the bass drum.

That’s it, explanation done.

After going inside, I scout out the place from the entrance. There is a large cylindrical stage in the center with several girls dancing. The outer circumference of the stage acts as a counter and is enclosed by chairs around the stage.

(Over half the seats are filled.)

Men in the seats had drinks in one hand whilst watching the girls dance. I was standing near the entrance when a waitress came to me and guided me to a seat. I saw down on the chair and ordered a drink.

The girl was dancing intensely in front of my eyes and the music was so loud so I couldn’t really communicate with the waitress.

After finally conveying what drink I wanted, she brought the ale to me. I also gave the waitress a tip.

I watch the girls dance as I drank my ale. Their dancing style seems to be free style where they danced to the beat. Some of the girls were wearing a swimming suit and others were wearing their own unique costume.

The waitress from before approaches me and talks to me. I couldn’t really hear because of the loud music so I brought my ears closer to her.

「Which dancer do you like?」

It’s about which is my favorite dancer. If you point at your favorite dancer, it seems that you can get her to come to your seat after she finishes. By the way, the dancers frequently change. When they aren’t dancing, they are either next to the customers or taking a break at the back.

After all, dancing would use up a lot of their physical strength.

「You don’t have to call out to anyone.」

The waitress tells me. The waitress leaves and a girl who hasn’t danced yet approaches me.

「Do you mind if I sit next to you?」

She asks me. I wanted to watch the dancing for a little while longer but, there is no real reason for me to refuse her so, why not I suppose?

「Can I also order a drink?」

……..I understand it somewhat.

I answer telling her “sure” and the girl calls out to the waitress and orders a drink. She orders whiskey on the rocks, when I looked at the menu, it’s one of the drinks that is at around the mid-high range in terms of price.

By the way, my ale is at the lower-middle end of the price range. Before long, a small glass is brought over. Naturally, I paid for the drink and gave tips.

「Where are you from?」

「Who’s to your liking?」

She continuous to ask me questions like this and I wasn’t really in the mood to respond but I felt a little uncomfortable at the situation.

I then noticed that she had been her drinking whisky for a while but she doesn’t seem to be drunk. I don’t think that it is whisky.

「Hang on, let me drink that whisky.」

When I asked to try her drink she says “No, you can’t” and keeps the glass away from me.

「Is that really whisky?」

The girl laughs and says whisky is of course whisky. I grasp her hands and made her hold a tip.

「Just let me taste it a little.」

I whisper into her ears. This is probably not something I should ask in front of other customers. But well, the music is really loud so probably nobody else heard me.

The girl seems to give in as she lets me have a taste of the contents of her glass. As expected this isn’t whisky. If I were to compare it to something, it tastes more like barely tea.

When I asked the girl about it she tells me that when one of the dancer girls asks for whisky they serve this instead. When one of the customers ask for whisky, they will bring the real and authentic whisky.

(I understand.)

I look around inside of the store. Most of the guests had a dancer girl sitting next to them. The customers sitting alone either just arrived like myself moments ago or they were already familiar with the place and were eyeing their dancer. One of the customers in front of me starts waving at one of the dancing girls on stage.

(This store is making money from the drinks, they don’t charge for the table itself.)

I glance at the barley-tea girl next to me. She winked back.

(The price of the girl is actually being covered by the fake barley tea.)

「Hey, can I order another glass?」

Hmm, alright I suppose it’s fine. I wanted to ask her a few more questions after all. I guess after a certain amount of time passes, the girls will naturally coax you to spend more money. If I were to refuse her here, she would likely leave from my table.

But if you were to do something like that, the people of the store will regard you as some cheapskate who only wants to order drinks for himself whilst watching the hot girls dance.

The waitress who brings more drinks says something to the girl drinking barley tea. The music is so loud so I still can’t make out what they are saying.

After she finished talking with the waitress, the barley-tea girl talks to me apologetically.

「I’m sorry, it’s my turn to dance. I will go dance for a little while okay?」

I told her that it’s okay and nod.

「I will finish really quick so you must wait for me okay? Don’t let another girl sit down next to you!」

It seems that she’s trying to mark me. This is a hunting ground for these women. The customers who pop in from the entrance are their prey. If there aren’t enough customers, it becomes a scramble to see who can get more, it’s almost like the concept of an MMO game.

I certainly don’t think that this barley-tea girl has any actual interest in me as a male. I’ve never been popular in my whole life so that kind of thought doesn’t even cross my mind.

Well, the barley-tea girl is dancing right in front of me. She’s dancing in a fast tempo. Looking at her dance, I realized another reason why she was drinking tea instead of whiskey. The barley-tea girl shakes her assets towards me as she danced.

She was wearing clothes that had a lot of slits to show skin in various places including the side of her body and thighs, she was also wearing a miniskirt. Naturally, I could see the undergarments she wore. No, she was purposefully dancing like that so I could see them. She’s wearing a black high-leg leotard.

Other than her, there was actually around 7~8 other women dancing. They wore various types of clothing and danced in different styles. On the right of the barley-tea girl, a beach volleyball girl was dancing. On her left was a tennis girl dancing.

I looked at that tennis girl at least twice. It’s that isn’t it. Under her white skirt is that thing that was really popular during the Showa era which swept through schools, but has now disappeared.

That which embodies the word “good old days” is not something that old people would say but is a fact in this case. It’s the so called bloomers.

This is one of the main attractive points to the tennis girl, she’s wearing a bloomer!

Who care about some girl wearing a high-leg leotard? Exposing a lot of skin is not necessarily the most appealing factor.

As if it was drawing my gaze, I could not help but to watch the tennis girl dance.

The barley-tea girl finished dancing and came back to the table. She was angry at me.

「You weren’t even looking at me, you were looking at that other girl next to me!」

Even if she says that, I can’t really help it. It’s not like I’m your husband. After making a ruckus for some time, she told me something I didn’t quite understand.

「If you take me out, I will forgive you.」

「Take you out?」

「Don’t you know?」

I don’t really know, I answered and she told me…. That I could take dancers outside of the shop for a “private dance”. If a customer likes a particular dancer, he can negotiate in order to take them out. The dancer either agrees or disagrees depending on how much money you offer and will give an answer.

If the negotiations succeed they leave the store together and go to a rental place. This is different from the current set up. In any case the price of an outdoor “private dance” depends on how well you negotiate.

There is a short and long session, a short session allows for “one shot” and a long session allows for unlimited “shots” until the morning.

The location of the outside dance is either in one of the love hotels around Annan or the customer’s own hotel room. Naturally, the cost is borne by the customer.

I see… this has been quite the learning experience.

「So, what are you going to do? Are you going to take me out?」

The barley-tea girl looks at me with an expectant gaze. For her, I am probably a customer with some cash. As for me, I currently just wanted to drink my whisky in peace and she was the one seeming desperate.

「No, I won’t.」

It may seem cold but I think it’s better to be firm in this case. It’s not good to get her hopes up and get in the way of her next hunt. Instantly, she assumes a gloomy look.


She glares at me whilst leaving her seat violently.

Are you a cat or something?

「Can I sit next to you?」

Seeing the barley-tea girl fail her hunt, the next hunter came to me. It’s the tennis girl.

「When I was dancing you were looking at me weren’t you?」

The main reason I was looking at her was because of the bloomers that she was wearing. She sits next to me and I treat her to some fake “whiskey” filled with barley tea.

Even if she treats me in the same way as the barley-tea girl, it can’t really be helped. After all, the barley-tea girl is a hunter and so is this woman. It’s normal for them to have a different attitude towards targets they mark as their prey.

I observe her whilst having a trifling conversation. She isn’t beautiful. If you were to compare with just their beauty, the previous barley-tea girl is more beautiful. Comparing her to the other dancers, I would categorize her as below-average.

However, she really looks like my classmate that was in my junior high. Things like this are very important to me… extremely important. Because of my previous memories, I felt nostalgic and after negotiating with her for a bit, I decided to bring her out of the store.

I went to the front of the store to pay for the fee of taking a girl out and wait at the entrance for her.

The tennis girl came out quickly.

She was wearing something different from when she was dancing. She was wearing the poor looking clothes that young girls would be wearing in Land Barn and Awoke. The color was faded and the cuffs and ends were worn out.

「Ohh, you look cute even in civilian clothes.」

I praise her. I thought that she might be self-conscious about her clothes so I should at least try to eliminate her anxiety. Thought it may have been a little unnatural.

She was being shy as she grabbed my hands and we headed towards my hotel, the Swissham.

We enter Swissham. The tennis girl was asked for identification papers from the hotel. She presented it to them and it looked similar to my guild card.

According to the people working at the hotel, no matter what occupation someone has, if they don’t have identification papers they aren’t allowed to work.

Asking for identification papers is something that seems to be done to protect the safety of both parties by officially recording who took who into the hotel.

Certainly, having other people stay in your room will have risks such as getting injured or having your property stolen.

But this also applies to the people being brought into the hotel. Staying at another person’s room is definitely a scary thing right?

With this type of system in place, you can somewhat make both parties feel at more ease.

The only one called to the counter wasn’t just her, I was also called to attend. It was about paying the fee for bringing someone in.

I was wondering if bringing someone along was covered in the accommodation costs, but clearly that is not the case. The tennis girl was also looking at me so I pretend to have the attitude of, “ahh that’s true I need to pay don’t I?” as I quickly settled the bill.

I arrive in my room. I booked for the long session with the tennis girl so I have until morning with her.

The tennis girl takes a shower without delay. I didn’t dance like the tennis girl and I don’t really need to shower because I’ve taken a bath at the Cassabell after my dinner. After a while, the tennis girl came out with a bath towel around her. I had a short conversation with her.

「Do you have the costume you wore when you were dancing?」

She told me she did. She needed to pay for the costume she wore, but she also told me that she was required to wash the costume before returning it.

Because of the long contract with me for today, she brought it in order to take it home.

「Can you wear it again for me?」

“Ehh” was her reaction but she wore it anyways.

She also took various poses for me as I gazed at her. The reason why I paid for a long session was because of this. If it’s a short contract, you only had one shot so she would have wanted to rush you to climax with that in mind.

However, because this is a long session, it basically turns into free time. Even for her, if I released less shots inside of her, it would be less burdensome anyhow right?

After that I…

「For the next pose can you… lift your right knee so that you are in a position to fix your shoe laces, but high enough so that if a person were to walk by they could coincidentally see….」

「The next pose is the one’s they make in gymnastics, where they keep their knees together, but you can still see that triangular spot…」

「The pose where you bend over to pick something in a distance and to balance yourself, one of your legs lift up naturally and it reveals….」

I make her take these type of innocent but “coincidental” poses and it’s quite amazing. I can put all my junior high school fantasies to rest until I was completely satisfied.

Then I move forward to the part where I invite the tennis girl into the “court”. After a hot and intense rally, I devoted all my power into a full smash into the innermost corner of her court.

It was a dense and thick shot full of feelings. Rather than going at it all night, I decided to just sleep comfortably from that point.

The next morning, I headed to the breakfast venue with the tennis girl. It’s a buffet style breakfast.

For a moment I thought that she may be quite embarrassed, but that wasn’t the case at all. That’s because in my surroundings, there were many women who worked in the job sitting at various tables eating together with their clients.

When the meal ended and it was time to say goodbye, I handed a tip to the tennis girl.

I paid her the fee for the long session last night when we entered my room. For this type of deal, handing money in advance is a standard practice. That’s why if people don’t pay at that point in time, the girl will never take off her clothes.

The tennis girl thought she wouldn’t get a tip apart from the actual payment and so she got surprised.

Furthermore, I booked her for a long session but I only came once, so she asked to confirm if I was actually satisfied.

「That’s not true. I was very satisfied.」

I show her this vulgar smile and she suddenly hugs me abruptly and gives me a rich kiss.

She then waved me goodbye as she smiled and said “Please nominate me again, okay!”

It seems I was a good customer.

By the way, the breakfast tasted perfect.


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