Chapter 150

Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

The time has passed late in the evening of early summer.
A starry sky extended over the red-light district of the Royal capital.
But those twinkling lights have no power here. Since the lights on the red-light district pushed them back to space.
Crowds started to appear on the recently empty spaces, and now the streets were full of people. Both the stalls and the stores swallowed and vomited people one after another.
And among those people was Tauro.

(It’s so crowded)

I muttered in my heart while being jostled in the crowd.
The war with the Empire was over and peace had come, was probably the cause of it.
The string of their purse that they squeezed tight just in case something happened, was loosened with an excuse of a celebration.
The war itself? It was a losing game in which we lost the core city in the west, Land barn.
However, it was impossible to push back the hearts of common people which has become bright with the war over.

(It’s been a long time)

In front of me was a chic building, built with a combination of white marble and bricks.
A place that even showed up in my dreams, one of the big three families in the Royal capital, Jayanne.
Today will be my first play after my ban has been lifted. I was looking forward to Werewolf onee-san.


I passed by the double door made of oak with an inexpressible feeling.
As I appeared in the lobby, the women who noticed my appearance held their breath in unity.

「There he is」


I could hear such words even though it was crowded.
Apparently Doctor Slime was still infamous.
While pretending not to hear them, I spoke to the concierge.

「It’s a bit early than the promised time but… I have something I want to give to an acquaintance」

I showed a linen-colored bag which contained three pieces of Pomelo inside it. It was a share for Cool-san.
The concierge took a glance at the shift chart and smiled politely.

「Since it was none other than Tauro-sama. Please head to the waiting room」

It feels good receiving a special treatment.
After I bowed my head once, I turned my feet to Cool-san’s waiting room.
I knocked and got permission to enter.
There were two women other than Cool-san, both of whom left the room to escape when they saw me.

「I see you haven’t catch any virgins, it seems」

I greeted her with such words.
Cool-san was as expressionless as ever, but I, who knew her for a while already, can tell.
That face was the face of someone who was displeased because her hunger hadn’t been satisfied yet.

「Here you go」

I gave her the paper bag.
After seeing the contents of it, Cool-san made a puzzled expression.

「What’s this, boss?」

「A high-class fruit. It’s a precious fruits you can’t easily get your hand on it around here」

I continued my explanation.

「It’s a gift from our doom squad’s deputy chief and general for Unicorn’s remarkable achievements recently」

Cool-san knitted her brows, making a wrinkle on her forehead.
Probably because it’s the first time she heard of another member aside from her.
However, her reply was unexpected.

「I already have a feeling that there’s another member」

「How come?」

I’m the one who made a puzzled expression this time. You can also say that I was surprised.
I have never told her about it after all.

「I felt their presence back then when I visited boss’ home」


Cool-san nodded.

「I felt like someone had been there just before I arrived. I get that kind of feeling」

What a terrifying thing, a woman’s intuition is.
In addition, I wasn’t aware of it at all.

「That’s right. But it’s just in name only for now. They don’t have any particular thing to do at the moment」

Cool-san showed no intention to pursue the matter anymore, and thanked me for the fruits.
I cut it in four with a knife and served it with tea.

「……This has a refreshing sourness and a modest amount of sweetness. It’s something I have never tasted before」

Her surprised expression brought a smile to my face.
If there is anything wrong with this world, it is a trend that the sweeter the fruit is, the better.
This is why sweet varieties have a wide range.

「It might be difficult to peel since the skin is thick, but it also help it to last longer」

Since it has a high defense power, it won’t go bad easily even if you just put it away.

「Also, the skin can be used as a room fragrance that will last for few days」

Cool-san picked up the skin and brought it to her nose.
Looking at her, I could see that she likes it.
It’s about time for the reservation I made with Werewolf onee-san, so I stood up from the chair.
When I did, Cool-san came closer and whispered to me in a low voice.

「The fourth person who put her name as boss’ partner… Be careful with her」

It was the woman I didn’t know.

「She’s probably a spy. Belonged to the Empire at that」

I unconsciously frowned.

「She recently joined this store but, rather than calling it a talent, it feels like her techniques are the result of a strict training」

The eyes of Cool-san that can see through people shined quietly.

「Her objectives are unknown, but there’s a possibility that her target is you, boss. Please be careful」

「Got it. Thank you」

I replied as Dr.Slime, the leader of the doom squad.
And thus, I left the room.

(Was it about the shooting at the post town? Or the defensive battle at northern countries)

There were many hypotheses that came to mind.
Carving the words of Cool-san in my mind, I headed towards the lobby.


In the waiting room Tauro left behind.
After finishing the pomelo, Cool-san put its skin on the corner of the dressing table.
It brought a refreshing aroma to the room

(It really lightened my heart)

She relaxedly sat on the sofa and took a deep breath.
Even though the store is crowded, there weren’t any first timers that came over. The mood that had been impaired by that unreasonableness slowly being lifted up.
And then explosive onee-san appeared.
She must have just come back from finishing a job, she looked somewhat glossy.

「Oh my, what a nice fragrance」

Cool-san nodded at explosive onee-san who sniffed with her nose.

「I got some rare fruits. Do you want to eat it too?」

She also feels that with one half wasn’t enough.
After seeing explosive onee-san who broke into a smile, she cut another pomelo.

「What’s this? It’s delicious!」


Explosive onee-san let out a light sigh and asked Cool-san.

「Why can you eat such delicious things so expressionlessly?」

At that, Cool-san replied.
The two enjoyed chatting for a while.
Then, when the rest time was nearing the end, the explosive onee-san made a puzzled look with a pomelo skin in her hand.
She sniffed the scent again, stroked the surface, and repeated it.
Finally, she took a little bite on the skin.
Her expression turned serious.

「Hey, isn’t this… that?」

It looks like she was trying to tell her something, but Cool-san didn’t understand.

「Right, of course. Can I ask you something? This, who gave you this fruit?」

「It’s a secret」

「Don’t be like that and tell me please!」

Explosive onee-san suddenly getting fired up.
Cool-san was staring at such her with a puzzled look.
There, a knocking sound resounded.
A little later, a young sounding voice from an apprentice concierge could be heard from outside.

「There’s a first timer coming in. Please get ready」

Cool-san’s eyes became wide open at those words. Her body became full of spirit in an instant.

「I’ll be right there」

Without changing her expression, she put the linen-colored bag in her own bag and collected every skin of pomelo in the room. Of course, the ones in explosive onee-san’s hand too.

「Wait! Listen to my story, this is important!」

Explosive onee-san clinging onto her. However, for her, there is nothing more important in this world than first timers.

「Don’t get in my way」

Explosive onee-san still persistently clinging onto her while saying 「At least the skin…」. And such her was silenced with a cold voice.
The one who was there right now wasn’t the Cool-san who casually chatted with her earlier.
But Unicorn, the champion of the match before the god of business.


Explosive onee-san felt a pressure from that word and stepped back.
Cool-san then left the room as fast as a wind.
And then as she stared at her retreating back, she sat down on the sofa while leaking a deep sigh.

(There’s no way, right?…. Don’t tell me, that fruit was really….)

Her heart was wrapped with a feeling of disbelief and the urge to inquire and confirm it.
But she couldn’t think of a way to do it.
It was impossible to talk with Cool-san in that state.

「It’s time~ Please get ready~」

The voice of the apprentice concierge resounded with a sound of a knock.
It was her turn to be called this time.
Explosive onee-san then left the room with a tinge of regret.


At the same time, a fierce battle already unfolded upstairs above the waiting room.
On one side was a stark naked Tauro.
He is an infamous person who has defeated Jayanne’s ace-class one after another and has driven her to the point where she cannot recover from it.
Known in the red-light district under the name of Dr. Slime, he was a target of awe.
And on the other person was Werewolf onee-san in a low-leg black bikini.
Her long loose wavy black hair was as attractive as always.
She possesses physical abilities that couldn’t be compared to a normal human and boasts high defense and endurance except during a mating season.
The two were facing each other on the bed and engaged in a grappling fight which uses standing techniques.

(He is strong. Just as expected)

Werewolf onee-san thought.
She has fought with Tauro twice.
However, since it was her mating season last time, she kept coming from start to finish, it was hardly a battle.
And this time it was their first serious battle.


She extended her right arm to catch him. And Tauro caught that forearm.
With that alone, a sweet current ran from her arm to her spine.
She shook it off reflexively, and took a few steps back before trying again.

(So this is the rumored massage)

The origin of the name Dr. Slime. He could melt his opponent just by touching them.
This technique was raging in the red-light district of the Royal capital for a period of time.
She had heard about it, but it was more than she expected.

(To think it was to this extent)

A sensitive spot that she herself didn’t even know. She lost her strength when it was pushed.
Because of that, she couldn’t take advantage of her overwhelming power.

(Those hands… If only I can seal it off somehow…)

There is a chance to win. Werewolf onee-san imagined the way to fight it as she thought so.
Fortunately, her opponent was in standby mode. It doesn’t seem he would take the initiative to attack by himself.
It was as if he was underestimating her, but she thought that that is convenient for her. She uses that time to devise a plan.

(Let’s go with this plan)

She would restrain her opponent’s hand using both of her hands.
Then push him just like that, and swallow the opponent in horseback ride position.
After tightening up her abdominal muscles so that he can’t escape, all she has to do is use her excellent physical ability to shake her hips.
She or her opponent first. It would be a contest of endurance from that point on.

(I have a little confidence in my stamina)

Werewolf onee-san formed a little smile on the edges of her mouth and closed the distance.
She stretched out her right hand, aiming for his wrists.
The finger on Tauro’s hand bent into a hook shape was coming to receive her hand. She flipped it off using the back of her hand and quickly grabbed his wrist.

(I did it!)

Now onto the other one. She thought, and when she quickly extended her left arm, a sweet high current flowed into her from the wrist she had restrained.

(What is it now!?)

She reflexively released that hand as if she were electrocuted. And then she withdrew with a roll.
She immediately found the identity of that attack.
That was because Tauro grasped her arm that restrained his wrist with his other hand.

(So it was pointless, unless I grabbed both of his wrist at the same time)

Her expression unconsciously went grim on the hurdle that became higher.
She closed the distance again and tried to grab both of his wrists at the same time.
But she failed.
She got her arms grabbed instead, and an electric current ran on her spine, shaking her knees.
She somehow managed not to fall, and took a distance after she shook it off.

(One more time)

She carefully analyzed Tauro in order to find an opening.
The other person himself was staring at her confidently as if saying 「come at me anytime」.

(He’s quite confident isn’t he?)

Although she was this desperate, her opponent didn’t lose his calm at all.

(Even I know the difference in power between us)

「But…」, she continued in her heart.

(We don’t know what could happen on top of the bed, you know?)

This wasn’t just about comparing numbers, but a serious match of men and women.
In the unlikely event that the battlefield is sold at a much lower price.
Werewolf onee-san took a deep breath, made her resolve and leaped onto him.


Tauro, on the other hand.
It was just Werewolf onee-san thought, he was fighting with a leeway.

(As expected from a werewolf. Her power is extraordinary)

Holding an adult man under her arm, she has enough strength to run up the stairs. Last time, I was being carried from the lobby to the room that way.

(It was as though she’s a heavy machinery)

A 0.7 cubic-meter backhoe that swung its rigid arms while raising its growl in a construction site.
With that overwhelming power and speed, it raises a fear from the bottom of your stomach.
A normal human being was absolutely not a match for it.

(It was the same for the woman in front of me)

But there is no need to panic. There’s a way to fight her.

(I just have to press her spot if she grabbed me)

I could weaken her strength by pressing her vitals revealed by my magic eyes.
I can reach wherever my opponent can reach.
And to me, her weakness was shining.
This battle without blows. I didn’t find any chances to lose it.

(Now come, werewolf-chan. I’ll make you feel good with my counter)

Sweaty abs.
Licking my lips at that beauty, I waited for her next attack.


  1. For that spy, i can only think she will only last round 1 with tauro until she forget that her mission is about tauro because she always think how to challenge him or overwhelm him as a revenge on her first loss against him.

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