Chapter 159 Part 1

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Summer has come.
Strong sunlight shines down on the Royal Capital and it reflects brightly off of the buildings and stone pavements.
Fortunately, this land has wind and its humidity is not too high. Due to that, it is actually quite pleasant in the shade.
Due to this, there are many people on the streets who walk around by walking under the shadow cast by the trees.

「Flowers you say」

Even though just slightly, a three-floor building is giving the passersby shelter.
In the Forest Garden that is on the rooftop of that building, I put my thoughts into words.

「So it is on the other side of the Herbal Tree」

Imosuke got onto my head and is acting as a guide. Crawling in front of me is Dangorou that is in charge of leading the way.
Imosuke looks exactly like a five year old larvae of a Swallowtail Butterfly and its height is about twenty centimeters.
On the other hand, Dangorou is the very definition of a pillbug. Its height is about fifteen centimeters.
They are both Spirit Beasts and they are also my familiars. Members of my precious family.
Bringing the two of them that said, I want to have a look at the blossoming flowers, out for a walk, we are now heading deeper into the Forest Garden.

「This is just on the opposite end of the living room」

As I say this, I follow after Dangorou, making a round around the Herbal Tree


I unknowingly let out my voice.
In between the Herbal Tree and the handrail wall.
That is because over there lies a scene that is the very definition of a crowd of flowers blooming in profusion.


It can be said that this scene is one that is so beautiful that it would take a person’s breath away.
Carnations, Roses, Lilies, and Hydrangeas, that is all the flowers that I know of. The various flowers dye my vision in red, yellow, white, and blue.

「This is amazing. Indeed, this is very beautiful. I have never seen such wonderful scenery before」

My familiars that are waiting in anticipation for my words.
As I gave my honest opinion, I got on my knees and drew my face closer to the flowers.
Owing to Imosuke’s blessing, the surrounding grass turned limpid. Owing to this, there is no worry about getting hurt by the flowers.

「They have a nice scent」

The rich scent of roses tickles my nose.
Imosuke that is on top of my head, stretches its body down to my forehead and called out to me.

『Are you feeling better?』

『Are you hungry?』

Just after that, Dangorou’s voice reaches me from beneath the ground.
After the one case involving Celeb Beauty, my condition deteriorated.
It seems like they were curious after seeing my weakened appearance that was as if I was suffering from summer fatigue.

「It seems like I have caused the both of you to worry. Thanks to you, it seems like willpower is pouring out from deep within me. Thank you」

The waves from the two of them tell me that they are overjoyed.
When I take a closer look, there are many flowers that are flashy. They must have thought among themselves in order to cheer me up.
I sit down and lean on the Herbal Tree, I put Dangorou on my lap. For a while, just like this, I appreciate the beautiful scenery.

「This is a rare opportunity. Let’s bring that out」

I stand up, heading to the living room with my hands wrapped around Dangorou.
There, I took out the large book I borrowed recently with my hands. It is not really that thick.
The title reads 『Vegetation Encyclopedia with Illustrations』. I thought that I should find out the identity of the pomelo.

「Let’s first search for the name of the flower」

I immediately return to the place earlier and begin matching the flowers to the illustrations in the book together with my familiars.

「Wow, the names are written in detail and they are pleasant on the eyes」

They are lilies and Hydrangeas to me. However, their names change with their colors and shapes.
I can not remember them but it has been quite educational.

「There are many names especially for Roses」

The page is thicker when compared to the rest. This probably means that there are that many species of Roses that have names given to them.


Within the Flower Garden, my eyes stopped at a single flower rose.
It is mostly black in color. With some differences in light, I can see that its edges are purple.
The thick flower petals give off an impactful and classy feel.

「Is it called Black Rose」

I immediately search for a matching picture.

「Pile Bunker (Battering Ram)?」

The illustration that is an exact match which I immediately found.
The text that accompanies it beneath is quite the weird name.

「It seems like a noble in the Empire who is a Rose lover gave it that name. Eh? I do not know what type of person that person is」

It seems like the part with Rose lover touched the heartstrings of Imosuke as he asked me a question from the top of my head.
Just then, Dangorou turns to face us.

「Is it not a kind person that loves flowers you say?」

I grinned and stated my point of view.

「While who knows, why is it called Pile Bunker though. It just might be a vampire that loves to see blood」

When I exposed my teeth and made a motion as if I was about to bite something, Dangorou rolled up into a ball.
I might have frightened it a bit too much.

「Oh, that’s right. I must also search for the pomelo」

It is a tree that even made Imosuke – the Wiseman of the Forest – say that it is a rare existence.
After waiting for Dangorou to return to his original form, we went around the Herbal Tree.
The small tree, with many thorns, that is growing at the side of a riverbank has, although small in number, bore yellowish fruits.

「……This is no use, I do not know」

I flip to the page with Citrus Fruits but they only contain illustrations of fruits such as a white flower, round yellow fruit, and round orange fruit.
It is a shame but I am unable to tell them apart at my level.

「Well, I guess it is alright for now to know it as Pomelo」

As I am thinking of such a thing, I hear movement in the form of footsteps.

「What is it?」

When I take a look with my eyes, Dangorou turned its head to face the intersection between me and the area that is deeper into the forest.

「Is that it?」

What lies beyond where its head is facing is a single white mushroom.
Its size is as large as a fist and it is standing upright.

「Hmm? It is the favorite of the Elves and they take it with them」

It seems like it thought that that is why I would be happy.

「I wonder if it is delicious」

Feeling that I should rely on the knowledge of others, I flipped open the encyclopedia.
As I search through the list of mushrooms, I find one with a very similar illustration.

「It should probably be this – White Lady」

A pure white figure that is standing upright and is without any blemishes. A modestly wide umbrella shape that is not opened too wide, . Now that it mentions that, it does feel like it has the air of a lady.

「It rarely grows in areas that are rich in mana, it is rare that one is able to lay one’s eyes on it. It is a very important ingredient for magic and is even more expensive than a stack of gold coins of the same height」

I unconsciously let out a voice of admiration from my mouth.

「It seems to be a rare mushroom. It also seems to have a high value」

The two of them react to my words. Imosuke calls out to Dangorou.


『It isn’t rare though』

Quite a different opinion as compared to the description in the book.
I think for a bit and searched my memory. Knowing the fact that my familiars are born in the Forest of Spirits.
They probably mean that it is not that rare in the Forest of Spirits.

「Come to think of it, there is talk that the land there is rich in magic」

The book I read before. I recall its contents.
There should be a dispute between the Humans and the Elves regarding the management of the Forest of Spirits.
The Humans who suggested a joint management and the Elves who reject that idea.
It seems like it resulted in a war in the end.

「For the Elves to be in control of that land even now probably means that the Humans lost」

The end result is only written vaguely.
It probably is because that book was recorded by people on the Human side who were the losers.

「They were in a dispute probably because precious things like these grow abundantly there」

There would probably be no one who will point at a worthless plot of land and say that the person wants it.
As expected of a plot of land with Spirit in its name. It seems like magical produce is abundant there.
Feeling contented, I continued reading the continuation of the White Lady.

「It has an extremely deadly poison. There are no problems if one’s hands touch it briefly but harvesting it is dangerous. This task will be difficult without a veteran adventurer」

I frowned unconsciously.
Dangorou moved all the way to side with the White Lady and turned its head in my direction.

『Wanna harvest it?』

Want to harvest it and bring it back to the room? It is probably asking that.

「……No, it is fine for now. Let’s leave it as it is」

I am not a veteran adventurer.
Feeling anxious, I seek the opinion of my familiars.

「It seems to have an extremely deadly poison. It is alright for me to let it grow in the Forest Garden?」

Imosuke and Dangorou looked at each other – one from the top, the other from the bottom.

『Wanna eat it?』

『It cannot be eaten』

I too have a long-standing relationship with my familiars.
I do mostly understand what they do not say. This is not food, that is why it is alright if it is not eaten, their opinion is probably somewhere along those lines.

「It is beautiful and provides convenience at night as it lets out a faint light?」


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