Chapter 159 Part 2

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It seems like it will come in handy when there is a night with terrible weather.
If the two of them, who are the experts of the forest, think that it is not dangerous, then I have no intention of saying anything else.

「Alright, let’s return」

With Imosuke on top of my head and Dangorou leading the way, we returned back from the path we came from.
I do also catch sight of Heavy Lancers sometimes. The ones that are running around playfully are probably children. Among the rest of them, there are many others in the group that are doing nothing but eating.

「Let’s go to Jayanne after noon to confirm the status of the reservation of Explosive Onee-sama」

After I got defeated by the Spy from the Empire, there was no news in particular from the store.
The path to Light Cruiser-sensei should not have been closed off yet.

「Maybe it has already been canceled and I am jumping the gun」

With a faint ray of hope within my heart, I walked from the side of the lake to my living room.

A few hours after that.
Several parasols are set up at the center of the public square.
Under one of such an umbrella. I sipped the iced coffee after I finished eating a late lunch.

(I will have to wait for a few months for Explosive Onee-sama huh)

I unconsciously arch my back.
I went to Jayanne to confirm it but the result is quite disappointing.

(It seems that there is no guarantee that the reservation will be pushed forward if I pay the money)

It seems that doing this will result in people throwing out gold coins just to push forward the reservation.
The concierge at Jayanne elaborated with a stern expression that this is a ridiculous act.
After sipping all the coffee in between the ice loudly, I stood up from my seat.

(Let’s head over there)

A short shadow during the daytime of summer.
I advance along the main street of the Entertainment District.
In the end, I reached the place with a large building that is built out of white marble. This is the Cassabell, the first of the big three of the Royal Capital.
Greeting the boy that opens the door with one hand, I walk deeper into the lobby.
Standing still at the gallery, I used my eyes to eye the women there.

(If not for Plain-chan being the queen here, I would have immediately nominated)

Even though Imosuke and the group said it in that way, the aftereffects of Celeb Beauty still remains.
That sex appeal that is too direct and without embarrassment. Due to being on the receiving end of that, my appetite has not returned at all.

(I must neutralize it)

Regarding this point, the old Plain-chan is the type that is the exact opposite.
Bashful and embarrassed, she averts her eyes. And in a small voice, she gives her gratitude for nominating her.
Even though she is now the queen of Cassabell.

(People are ones to change huh)

Have a close look at a person you have not met for three days. As expected of a first-class brothel, the employees do not miss even a day of their training.
However, the me of the present is not seeking the queen. My eyes glance across the gallery, searching for another person.
When it comes to the gallery is said to have many women wearing a one-piece dress. Among the many that are like this, the attire of this place is a white blouse, a black skirt, and socks. It strengthens the feeling that this place is like a classroom of a school.

「This sure is good. So they have changed their attire」

When I ask about it, a young concierge answers with a refreshing smile.

「This is because we pay close attention to the trends of the red-light district」

It seems like they proactively include anything that is trending into their business.

(There might have been some influence from me)

The celebrities who I met at the lobby of the brothel.
They were fervently going on and on about the greatness of uniforms.

「It is too plain and is not interesting. It is very inconvenient to strip it」

I would personally like to take these gentlemen, who say such things, to the 『Uniform Specialty Store. Come now, you too will conquer! The uniform!』 and propagate the love for uniforms.

(This is a good trend)

The world is becoming a better place.
With this, it may not be a dream to see Light Cruiser-sensei in a sailor uniform.
Just as I am thinking of that, my eyes stop at a person in the gallery.

(Let’s go with her)

A young girl, sitting at the corner, who is like a mob character.
A straight, long hair. Her looks make people think that she has no make-up on. If I were to express it in a phrase, it would be like the face of a granddaughter (a serious face)*.
She feels like someone who will become popular among the elderly people.
The lively chatter is taking place at the center of the gallery. I also liked that she did not get involved with that chatter.
[*TL note: The Kanji here is 孫顔 which cannot be found in a dictionary. 孫 means grandchild and 顔 means face. It can be read as ma|ga|o, which another phrase with the same pronunciation, 真顔, means a serious face or look]

「Thank you for your nomination. She will be here shortly so please wait for a while」

The concierge from earlier replied with a clear and loud voice.
She probably has just had her debut on the floor recently, her figure, that is filled with vigor, brings a smile to my face.

「……It is nice to meet you」

On the contrary, the young girl who came out up to the counter from the gallery says her words in a voice that feels like it is about to vanish.
I do not sense a strong personality but as expected of a first-class brothel. Her face, her style, although they are lacking in volume overall, they are at a pretty high level.

「It is nice to meet you too」

After I replied with a smile on my face, we joined hands and climbed up the stairs.
When we enter the room, I order my usual order and we wait for it to come.
And finally, the time when both of us are alone.

(For this type of woman, it would be best for me to be the one leading)

The young girl looks at me, all embarrassed, with upturned eyes and shows no signs of moving. This might very well be her selling point.

「Okay, stand up, stand up. Let’s play a fun game with this middle-aged man」

I take her hand and pull her out of the sofa. I then explained to her the rules of rock, paper, scissors.

「The winner gets to strip a piece of clothing from the loser」

Of course, the purpose is similar to the rock, paper scissors forfeit game – Yakyuken.
She desperately tries to remember and nods. I immediately announce the start of the game.

「This sorta game is a must if you are having fun in the Royal Capital」

Switching out some words she does not understand with random ones she would, I twist and turn, getting into the ready position.
I find the figure of the young girl, as she tries her hardest to mimic me, very cute.

「Here we go*」
[*TL note: The phrase he is saying here is よよいのよい which you can think of as something you say at the start of every game of Yakyuuken just like in rock paper scissors.]

A win to start things off.
Her face that has a slight tinge of red, makes an expression that says, oh no.

「Put out your right foot」

I got one of my knees in front of the foot she raised slightly and pulled down one of her socks.
After I stood up, I put the sock against my face, announcing the start of the next round while I took in the scent of the sock.

「Here we go!」

I won once again.
As a matter of fact, her hand forms the shape of one of the three such as scissors or paper, and she swings it down as is. Thanks to this, what she will put out next is as clear as day.
It is probably because she is not used to rock, paper, scissors.

「Here we go!」

「Here we go!」

I who had won consecutively stripped her remaining sock and her blouse.
Her face is already beet red, she is using both of her hands to cover her face and her legs are going pitter-patter.
However. She does not seem to be against this. It seems like she is having fun.

「What will be next? Maybe your brassiere? Or perhaps your skirt?」

Hearing my words, she pushed her arms chest and her skirt. She is in a slouching posture, embarrassed, she takes a peek at me with upturned eyes.

(This is it, this is it)

I can feel that the toxin of Celeb Beauty is slowly coming out of my body.
In a way, she is a terrifying assassin.

(As expected, what is said to be shyness is an important culture)

This is something that must be cherished. That feeling has been renewed.

「Here we go!」


「Here we go!」

After that, I lost on purpose and I stripped
I like the rule of having the winner state what to strip more than the rule of deciding what to strip on your own.

「Here we go!」

When there is nothing left to strip, there only leaves either requesting for services or putting it in.
Be it a win or a loss, the act that will be done at the end is the same. However, I would very much like to enjoy the process.

「What will I strip I wonder」

Or so I say as I walk around her. She is hugging her own body tightly and making my rounds around that feels good.
It would have been the best if, not only her face, but her entire body is beet red as well.
There are people who say that they do not need the flavor. However, I like this a lot.

「Alright, necktie!」

I would be quite the maniac if I stripped everything else but her necktie.
Let’s leave it as the one before the last.

「Ookay, stay still alright」

Opening and half closing both of my hands, I stretched my hands out towards the chest of the young girl.

Two hours later.
After finishing everything, I gaze at the sunset from an open cafe at the public plaza.

「It’s good」

Those are the only words that come out.
The young girl with the face of a granddaughter that feels like she was pampered by her grandfather. Thanks to her, the celeb toxin has disappeared from my mind.
That DVD and those strawberry rice bowls will no longer stir my heart.

「As expected, the power of women is amazing」

They can become a plus or even a minus.
I was impressed once again at their influence.
At that time, I have no way of knowing that the change in name from Yakyuken to the Slime Game was beginning.

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