Chapter 162

Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

The sun rising high right in the center of the sky.
Several spires are shining white, reflecting a strong sunlight.
The Royal capital, the central city of the Kingdom, is in the middle of summer season now.

「I came from Black Locust country. I might be lacking in some points, but pleased to meet you」

The one who gives a greeting on the stage is a young man that’s close to being called an old man. He has a well-arranged short mustache.
This place is the main hall of the knight order on the north side of the Royal castle.
Small whispers were leaking out from the knights in line.

(So that’s him?)

(Is it true that he defeated four B-class Knights?)

(I bet those B-class Knights was the same level of our B-class Knights)

(What, so they’re basically C-class Knights then?)

(I can possibly pull it off too if it’s just four C-class Knights)

The story about him defeating Knights of unknown affiliation in the northern town.
Due to its sensational content, all the other knights have heard of it.
However, few people receive it at face value.
There are two reasons for that.
One is that because the one who brought the report was one of the newcomer’s fake B-class Knights.
The other is because each person was comparing his/her own ability to him and having this kind of mindset.

『A unit of B-class defeating four units of B-class Knights? That’s impossible』

Only those who are blessed with natural talent and have made efforts can earn the seat of a pilot.
Naturally, they are confident in themselves and feel prideful.

(So they don’t believe it huh?)

An old man in his forties clicked his tongue on the surrounding atmosphere.
He’s a former pilot of the adventurer guild. He was also one of the people who was helped by Lightning in the northern town.

(Damn it!)

Right now, rather than his dissatisfaction towards the surrounding pilots, the feeling of frustration at his own incompetence is greater inside his heart.
To the fact that he still couldn’t make everyone believe the words coming out from his mouth.
And other than him, there is another person who looks at the line with a slight irritation.

(Why don’t they understand?)

Near the knight commander was Corneal who stared at the line.

(Are they unable to measure the strength of their opponent?)

When he saw Lightning, Corneal intuitively understood his strength.
He heard from Tauro that he is strong, but it’s not as simple as that.
If he lowered his guard, he’s going to surpass him.

(This greatness… and this aura… The knight commander seems impressed with him)

Among the knight order members, only a few are aware of this fact.
Corneal just shook his head on the unawareness of the surrounding pilots. However, this is just a rough evaluation.
The training at 『Adult Gourmet Club』greatly enhanced his ability to manipulate magic powers.
He was just a few steps away before learning the magic eyes. And he can feel it exactly because he’s at such stage.


「To think that I would be able to work together with Lightning-san, it feels like a dream!」

In the cafeteria inside the knight order headquarters after the introduction was over.
There, a huge cannonball-shaped breast was bouncing up and down.
This is because Busty-chan was joyfully jumping up and down.
Ponytail and the two old men around her put on a troubled look.

「Hey, you’ve got work to do right? We’ll show him around so hurry and go」

The old man from the adventurer guild waves his hand as if to chase her away.

「Switch place with me please!」

「Are you telling me to go and do maintenance on your Knight? Don’t joke with me!」

The old man made a fed-up expression.
He signaled Ponytail to do something about her friend with his eyes.
With a sigh, Ponytail put his hand on his best friend’s shoulder.

「It’s time already, we should go now」

「Eh, buuuttt……」

In the end she had to drag Busty-chan with her who persisted till the end.
But even so, she’s still waving towards Lightning’s way.

「Sorry for the commotion」

Three coffees on the table.
Surrounding it were two old men and one semi-old man.

「No, I’m happy to be welcomed like this」

Lightning, a step away from the old man, replied to the old man with a bitter smile.

「But still, she’s real serious about it you know?」

What’re you going to do about it? A pair curious line of sight pierces Lightning.

「I’m faithful to my wife so…」

On that answer he said with a bit of shyness, one of the old man nodded greatly.

「That’s right isn’t it? Of course wife is number one」

The two, who seem to be a devoted husband, were getting lively with themselves for a while, leaving the other old man alone.
At the end, this old man was told by both sides to 「hurry and get married already」 before ending their conversation.

「Well, let’s show you around then」

The three people who were able to understand each other somehow.
They left the empty cups on the table, stood up, and went to visit various parts of the facility.


Meanwhile, the two girls that head to the hangar to make adjustments on their Knight.
A girl with a ponytail and a slightly serious look. Pulled by her hand, the other girl walked behind her while flowers were blooming inside her head.


Ponytail then says with an expression as if trying to tell something difficult.

「Lightning-san…. It seems he’s already married you know?」

She realized how Busty-chan feels towards him, so she asked her superior in advance.
The eyes of her best friend widened and her expression stiffened.

「It seems he already has a kid too」

She looks away as she delivers the final blow.
She felt that her best friend was looking down.

「That’s why, you see…… Eh?」

At the end of Ponytail’s gaze, who’s trying to comfort her best friend, is Busty-chan who’s filled with a burning fighting spirit.
A fearless and evil smile floated on her mouth.

「It’s alright! I’ll make him realize that I’m far more attractive than his wife」

「No don’t do that, what’re you thinking!?」

Ponytail’s eyes opened wide with a great momentum that you can almost feel like hearing a sound effect in the background.

「What, are you saying that I’m inferior to her?」

Ponytail was speechless in front of her best friend’s strange determination.

「I have this weapon of mine after all」

She swung around her bombshell breasts with purun purun.
Ponytail felt a bit down after comparing herself to her.

(This is hopeless…)

Encountering the dark side of her best friend, Ponytail exhaled deeply.

「Wait for me, Lightning-san!」

Busty-chan’s expression changed from a dreamy teenage girl to a warrior with fighting spirit.
Ponytail pulls such her by her hand and heads for their Knight.
Only the Golden Knight, quietly watched over the figures of the two girls passed by in front of it.


It’s been a few weeks since Lightning came to the knight order of the Kingdom.
No one doubts his ability anymore.
Hunting the remnants of a crushed nobles to exterminating the demon beasts. This is because he showed overwhelming ability in all the battles he dispatched to.

「His ability is as expected. However, the impact on the surroundings is greater than I thought. It’s a nice miscalculation」

A big middle-aged man stroked his Kaiser’s beard in satisfaction.
He sits on the executive chair in the knight commander’s office as he gives his opinion to Corneal in front of him.

「The person himself says that he came to learn but… He ended up being the one teaching us」

Corneal replied while standing upright.
The impact of Lightning presence is a change in everyone’s way of thinking.
According to the policy issued by the new knight commander, the Knights will also exterminate the demon beasts from now on.
However, their previous thinking that『Something like demon beast extermination is the job of the adventurer and the merchant guild』still remains unchanged no matter how.

「He didn’t picky about the job he’s given and willingly sortie even if it’s just a middle class demon beast」

Knight commander said.
Until now, demon beast extermination missions were so unpleasant for them that everyone treats it as pushing troublesome jobs to others.

『Going out to fight and then return for such thing is a waste of time. It would be better to do a mock battle in the training ground.』

Such were their thoughts.

「The pilot taking the initiative is a pilot who is far stronger than themselves. That’s why, many of the others will be pulled by his actions」

Corneal agrees.
It’s not everyone, but more and more people are going to accompany Lightning and learn how to fight.
This was the case for the four new recruits from the beginning.

「As far as I see it, their skills are certainly improving little by little」

There are times when he can feel it from their atmosphere when he passes by them.
With a little more time, they will be able to surpass their seniors and take the seat of a B-class Knight.

「It took a turn in a good way for sure」

Compete with each other and hone your skills. Those who neglect it lose their seats.
No matter how much he gives instructions as the knight commander, not everything works as how he wanted it to be.
He was very grateful for an existence like Lightning who can show them how it’s done face-to-face.


Knight order headquarters, located north of the royal castle.
The time is early morning. The summer sunshine shines from the east right beside it.





A familiar scene he saw somewhere.
Now it was also done at the knight order’s training ground.
In this place right now are Lightning and two old man pilots from the Adventurer’s Guild.
All of them are naked, and they have their swords raised.

「It hurts–!!」

One of the old men shouts.
An American clacker is hung in their crotch making a beating sound. The trajectory was disturbed and sandwiched his balls.
This is a training method of the Lightning school.
It is a method where you make the American clackers hit continuously by moving your waist.

『I want to get stronger』

Those who wished so, asked Lightning to teach them, and thus they began to practice every morning.

「Wow he’s so suck at it」

A jeer comes from someone who came to observe from a distance.
It’s Ponytail and Busty-chan.
Unlike Ponytail who looks at the scene with interest, the gaze of the Busty-chan is hot.
She’s already rubbing her inner thighs.

(Oh yeah, if I remember correctly, that guy shouted something like Lightning Sword, didn’t he?)

Her close friend’s butt that’s shaking from side to side. Seeing that, she remembered what Tauro did to her in the brothel.
She read about Lightning Sword in a magazine, but this is the first time she actually saw it.
She finally got the whole picture of what kind of technique he tried back then.

(No kidding, I would lose my mind if I got hit by those)

The training scene in front of her overlaps with that man and she imagines a scene where she receives his Lightning Sword in the brothel.

(Ugh, even though I’ve done it in the morning……)

Her private business every morning. She went to work after doing that, but it seems that her youthness didn’t allow her to be satisfied with just that.

(It has to wait until summer break, huh…)

If it’s become too unbearable, let’s just release it somewhere. Ponytail thought.


On the southeast of the Royal Capital town square, or in other words, south of the shopping district.
A former adventurer’s guild pilot enters a detached house in Middletown there.
The time is evening. The work in the knight order is over.

「Welcome home, dear」

My beloved wife gently welcomes me.

「Is there no work today?」

「There’s just one, early in the morning」

She answered with a smile.
A wife who has been a full-time housewife since she got married after somehow persuading her. But recently, she started actively working again with my daughter’s introduction.
When asked if our daughter was back, she said she’ll be back about an hour later.
Now that they work in the same workplace, my wife is familiar with her daughter’s shift.

「Then… while we wait for her until dinner, do you want to do a match before that?」

I hold my glamorous wife who turns bright red and carries her to the bedroom.
I covered her after I lightly threw her body on the bed.

「I have been taught by that Lightning you know? Prepare yourself, okay?」

My wife nods happily with teary eyes.

(She become so beautiful since she started to work again)

She’s already a beautiful woman, but she was further refined.
I think again that exposing her whole body to the public is one of the factors that maintain beauty.

(She also become more better at night service)

Her skill has improved and she has become familiar with the subtleties of a man’s mind and body.
Furthermore, her sensitivity is also increased.
The old man remembered her expression with moistened eyes earlier.

(A greater joy. I wonder if she feels it now)

That’s a good thing. It will surely make her life more colorful.

「How about it? Should we move to the upper town?」

I whispered in her ears as I move while imagining my training with American clackers.
My wife who for a moment showed a perplexed expression.
After that, she clung to me saying that she’s happy.


She moaned as our bond as husband and wife strengthened

(I work for the knight order, my daughter is a sideline of a super high-class brothel. And my wife is a bronze badge)

With this much status, we should be able to live proudly in the upper town.
It was actually financially possible all this time. However, my profession as the adventurer’s guild pilot was a problem.

(My daughter should be happy about it too)

Ever since he became a member of the knight order, his daughter has been boasting about her parents’ job.
It goes without saying that her treatment towards him in the house is rising.

(Only good things has happening to me lately)

The old man satisfies his wife with his new technique while basking himself in happiness.


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