Chapter 163 Part 2

Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

「After that, a bunch of soldiers and giants– ah, it was called a Knight, was it? They keep coming one after another you see?」

The young man laughed it off lightly while wondering if he had failed.

「Well, I destroyed all of them in the end though」

After that, he walked in the opposite direction of where the Knights were coming from.

「It’s not like I’m scared of them, but I hate troublesome stuff you see?」

The prideful young man.
Seeing that figure, the count is astonished as he feels chills running down his spine.

(This is…)

What he can tell from his words and actions is that he’s an extremely dangerous person who would shoot magic with just one swing of his mood.
Although he claims to be a sage, he is too unreasonable. However his skill in magic is undoubtedly strong.

(Such a golden opportunity*. I should entertain and treat him well so I can pull him to my side)
[*TL Note: Written as “奇貨おくべし”, which basically means “If you buy a rare item, it will be a material that will make a big profit later. It also means taking advantage of difficult opportunities.”]

The count thought so while paying attention not to erase his smile.
The current position of the count family is on the verge of collapsing.

(This might be a helping hand from my ancestors to face this danger)

That seems to be the case for the cornered old count.
After that, with as much hospitality as possible, he welcomed the young man who claimed to be a sage.

(Even so… I’m glad he likes it here)

Although this is the center of the count’s territory, it is just a rural town with no brothel.
There should be nothing that can satisfy a person who called himself a sage.
He was prepared for him to find it unpleasant staying here, but he was surprised to find that he liked it.

(He should have plenty desires with how young he is)

Thinking so, he told him that he can do whatever he wants with the maids inside the mansion, and he was very delighted with it as he jumped around happily.

(This is but a small mansion. I might be the one who said this, but I’m well aware of how low the numbers and quality of the maids in this place)

And despite that, this reaction.

「Unbelievable! To think you would even go that far for me!」

The wise man took the old count’s hands and swung his arms up and down many times with a cheerful face.
The red-light district in the Royal capital comes to mind of the old count.
Beautiful women and girls as if they have descended from heaven are sitting on the platform. Moreover, there are various types you will never get bored of them.
And the moment you hold hands with them and head to the private room, you will receive a hearty and rich service there.
Although not much, amateur maids from rural territory couldn’t be compared to them.

(Even though he could have gone to the Royal capital, Imperial capital, or even the Cathedral city in the Eastern country with that excellent magic skills)

In that sense, he is a mysterious person.
He was also impressed by countryside booze and food that usually isn’t worth praising.

「Woah! Awesome! There are so many items!」

He went around every item in high spirits.
He did eat using a fork and a spoon. However, the figure of him eating with his face close to the plate is like a dog.

(Just what he’s been stuffing into his mouth up until now?)

While keeping an eye on his manners, the count looks at him dubiously.
I don’t think the chef is bad, but still incomparable to those in a big city. Ingredients and menu variations are different.

(Did he perhaps seclude himself in a mountain somewhere?)

He nodded slightly.
Whoever he is, it didn’t change the fact that he’s a rare magician.
Ever since then, the sage did it with the maids from morning till night, ate to his hearts content, and helped the count using his magic when he’s in the mood for it. Like defeating the demon beasts and digging for irrigation when requested.
And most recently, he took the count’s two grandchildrens as his disciples and began teaching them magic.

(What a fortunate turns of events)

The old count’s expression loosen as he thought about his grandchilds.
A twin with high magic aptitude that appeared from his own bloodline for the first time in a long time.
They haven’t reached ten yet, but they’ve been polishing their skills with the teachings of the sage.

(I have to protect this house for my grandchilds’ sake)

And so the old count renewed his resolve.


A castle with many spires, located slightly on the northside of the center of the royal capital.
The strong summer sunlight makes the walls shining in white, creating a dark shadow on the ground.
In the prime minister’s office, two men sitting in the reception seat were having a conversation.

「So he didn’t answer the summon as expected huh?」

The knight commander who fiddles his kaiser mustache with his finger. His expression is calm.

「Yeah. I bet he is busy preparing for battle by now」

The expression of the prime minister in front of him is no different than usual.
This is because the actions of the Old Count were within expectations.

「Though he was trying to postpone his presence by claiming to be sick at first」

He moistened his mouth with coffee.

「After that, I nominated someone else to come to substitute him instead, but there hasn’t been any reply since then」

「Who did you nominate to come as the substitute?」

「Both of his grandchilds」

In response, the knight commander shrugs.
The Old Count was famous for his love towards the young twins.
He can cut off any of his relatives without batting an eye, but only to his grandchildrens he cannot do the same. That was the prime minister’s proposal even after knowing that.

「What a bad guy you are」

「Hmph. If he doesn’t have anything to hide behind his back, it would’ve been fine to send his grandchilds over to sightsee in the capital. The fact that he didn’t, is making him even more suspicious」

The Chancellor bends one end of his mouth in a cynical manner.
The twin grandchildren of the Old Count are known as magicians, even though they haven’t reached ten years old yet.
Magicians who can be said to be a genius are born from his lineage. For him, they must be so cute it can’t be helped.
In the past, he often brought them to the Royal capital and boasted to everyone he met.

「So, there’s going to be a battle then?」

The prime minister nodded at the words of Knight commander.

「The count’s forces consist of two C-class units. But recently, I heard there’s a magician who calls himself a sage backing him up. Be careful. He’s probably the cause of the count’s confidence」

This time the knight commander nods.
A mysterious man who calls himself a wise man.
He caused trouble in the eastern country and is now protected by the Count.
His skill in magic is so great that the eastern country doesn’t involve themselves with him anymore, fearing his retaliation.

「Although there’s no movement from them lately, we can’t show any openings to the Empire」

They can’t possibly concentrate their entire forces on the battle that’s going to happen in the east.
Out of habit, he stroked his kaiser mustache with his finger

「Let’s appoint someone to look for any information about this sage’s ability」

「I’ll leave it to you」

The knight commander stood from his seat and headed for the knight order headquarters.
He had expected this outcome to some extent and has made a preparation for it.
Upon entering the office, he summons Corneal, the pilot of Viking.

「Do it as we discussed beforehand. I’m counting on you」


A few days later, it was declared that the count had been deprived of his title.
At the same time, it was also announced that a subjugation army would be sent after him.


  1. If that magician is really a sage, then we can expect he can do what Tauro can do? like supplying ample magic power to do laser rifle?

    • If he is another reincarnated person it might be possible.
      But it depends on what he wished for as his cheat power, how much effort he invests to understand “magic” and probably also to which extent his cheat power goes and who reincarnated him.

      1. The one who reincarnated him might be the same being that reincarnated Tauro but it could also be another equally strong or weaker or stronger being.

      2. He might have wished to be reincarnated as a powerful magic user and hence was reincarnated as a “sage”.
      Then he probably has enough magic power to do it.

      3. He needs to learn magic control first.
      Tauro only became able to ride a knight because he learned how to control the flow of mana / magic power.
      Being able to use magic does not mean that you have mana control after all.
      Otherwise ANY magic user would also be a good knight pilot.
      And that does not seem to be the case.

      So I see a problem with that last condition.
      The “sage” does not seem to be the type to be smart and willing enough to study and learn.
      He seems like the arrogant type that mistakes the power given to him as absolute and himself as superior because of that.

      For exaple he completely disregarded to confirm the real situation in that village before murdering that most likely innocent man.
      And then he simply expected to be praised and judged the villagers to be “incomprehensible” for calling him a murderer without even thinking about the possibility of having made a mistake himself.

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