Chapter 164 Part 2

Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

Seven units of Knights heading towards the mansion on the east.
Behind them, in the mountains to the west. There is a glimpse of a beige-colored Knight kneeling between the overgrown grass and leaves.

(A magic attack from that distance…?)

The fragrant scent of the coffee I put in this narrow cockpit.
I frowned with a white cup in one hand.

(Isn’t that dangerous?)

I spent the night in the cockpit and got up earlier than usual.
I was drinking morning coffee while rubbing my eyes, but my drowsiness flew away instantly.

(Looking at the size and how bright it shines, that magic circle will definitely reach Corneal and the others)

There seems to be a Knight like me on their side who is good at long-range attack magic.
Putting aside A and B-class, the C-class Knights are definitely in danger.
If the first hit is aimed at the back of the formation, Ponytail and her companions will lose their life for sure.


I was only going to watch since the guild master warned me, but it seems I can’t just stand and watch like this.
The contents of the cup, which I can’t drink because it’s still piping hot. I throw it out and hold the rifle while standing on one knee.
Then I raised the strength of the optical correction magic circle and caught the magic circle in the center of the iron sight.

(But it’s strange…)

There, I realized.
The magic circle is unfolding unusually slow.

(That thing is still unfinished)

A magic circle drawn in the air.
The pattern is added little by little while rotating slowly.
The unfinished magic circle gradually approaches it’s complete form. I’ve never seen such a thing.

(Don’t tell me, that wasn’t from a Knight?)

The magic circle in the weapon of a Knight is already drawn beforehand.
Therefore, when you want to activate it, you just need to pour magical power into the weapon. No chanting required.
The completed magic circle will immediately unfold and activate.

(Then…is it a magician?)

A heavy, big and expensive tool like the Old lady’s rifle. By not using it, it will take more time and effort to activate it.
By continuing to chant, the magic circle will take shape. And the magic is activated only when it is completed without mistakes.

(However, it’s only slow to activate. The power is by no means inferior)

I recalled the lecture at the pilot school.
The magic of a magician can damage a Knight even though they aren’t riding one. Meaning, we still have to be careful of them.

(Oi oi… it’s still getting bigger and bigger)

A magic circle that keeps getting bigger and brighter. I unintentionally groaned seeing that appearance.
It’s growing into something comparable to a D-rank light arrow missile.

(The highest level I can use optimally)

It’s the same as the one I used to blast the post town and made a hole on one of the A-class Knights there. If he’s still going to put more magical power into it, it will be on the level where even the Old lady can’t reach.

(Can it still be activated even without the help of a weapon and the mithril shell?)

The amount of magical power consumed by this magician is equivalent to shooting three D-rank magics by simple calculation.
In this world, you will be called a high magician if you can cast a D-rank magic.
I unconsciously swallowed my saliva upon realization of the high level power I’ve never heard before.

(Now I feel even more the need to stop them from shooting that kind of thing)

Now that my objective is clear, I began pouring magic into the rifle.

(Let’s do it as some kind of harassment)

The guild master has told me to be careful not to overdo it. Let’s just devote ourselves to supporting role here.

(There we go…)

The magic circle started as soon as I poured in magical power. And then it expand to the surroundings.
After some time, it was ready to activate.

(Take this!)

I aimed at the tower in the mansion with an emphasis on range, and shot the long-range attack magic.
The light arrow missile that flew from the tip of my rifle destroyed the top of the tower. And then the magic circle that had been deployed disappeared.

(Cancellation success)

The weakness of a magician.
If they are attacked midway and their chanting is interrupted, they will have to start over again like just now.

(I’ll be troubled if they’re the same as these weapons)

Weapons made with highly expensive materials and technology.
Moreover, you can’t carry or hold it without a Knight.
If there isn’t this much of a difference from a magician, it doesn’t worth the resources.

(Well, my magic is another different case though)

By the way, my recovery system doesn’t require chanting. All I have to do is wish for it and it will be activated.
That is the akashic magic the stone statue lent me, so it’s exceptional.

(……Of course he’s still alive)

Immediately after the giant magic circle disappeared, a small shell made of light came into view.
It’s probably a magic shield.
So he’s someone who can use that kind of magic. Of course he won’t die from a mere light punch, shot just to cancel a magic.
And sure enough, a new magic circle began to unfold on the wall this time.

(Here you go)

I waited for it to grow to some extent and then sniped again with a light arrow missile.
Another force cancellation.

(I won’t let you activate it)

I kept sniping while thinking so.


A streak of white light that intermittently runs through the cloudy blue sky.
Knights of the kingdom looked up at it as they advanced forward.


Prompted by his words, the dual wield Viking nods.
The light arrow missile flying from far behind them does not allow the enemy to activate their magic.

(Good grief, his timing is really out of common sense, in a good way)

There is only one person that came to his mind.
Corneal bowed to his best friend in his heart.

『Maximum speed ahead!』

The Knights respond to the cry of Viking.
They started running toward the mansion at the limit speed that each of them could put out.

(It might be painful, but please hinder them for a bit more)

Corneal apologizes while making the Knights make a machine gun-like footsteps.
He kept shooting continuously while maintaining that power with that distance.
The burden on the pilot should be tremendous. His spirit must have been greatly diminished. If he’s not careful, his age will too.


The figure of his best friend sitting in the cockpit of the Old lady. It is reflected in his mind vividly.
His complexion has passed white becoming even blue.
Blood drips from the edge of the clenched mouth, staining his chest.
But still, that man didn’t stop shooting cover fire.

(Damn it!)

His chest hurts as if it was hit by a nail.

(Just wait, I’ll use this sword to blow away the entire wall right away)

In the violently vibrating cockpit, Corneal glances at the magic circle that has begun deploying again.
His sharp gaze that could become a trauma for the weak. It was that intense.


White light of light arrow missiles that runs through the air, and the Knight runs through the ground. To the west from this place.
A room in a building with a garden on the roof, in the corner of the Royal capital.
On the table was a large pill bug that was about 15 centimeters in length.
The pill bug is now glaring at the green quadruped in front of it.


A tall green four-legged with a body about half the length of the pill bug.
The morning light shining diagonally through the window stretches the shadows of the two on the table.


Realizing a presence was approaching from behind, the pill bug turned its head around. However, it does not divert its attention from the green quadruped .
What appeared was a caterpillar about 20 centimeters in length. It just arrived after climbing up the table.
Looking at the green quadruped , it didn’t seem to be particularly cautious.

『What’s this?』

The pill bug asks.
Since the owner of the house is out, Dangorou, the spirit beast, is patrolling the house.


The other spirit beast, Imosuke, who just arrived, answers.


Imosuke nods.
Dangorou slowly moves around the green quadruped. Then it turns back again.

『This ain’t horse』

『But he called it so』

Imosuke answers.
Actually, this green quadruped, is a『Spirit horse*』Tauro made.
He couldn’t find cucumbers or eggplants anywhere, so bell pepper was used for the torso and green pepper for the head.
[*TL Note: “精霊馬”, Shōryō uma, a cow/horse made of cucumber or eggplant.]


Dangorou, who isn’t convinced, approaches the spirit horse. Then it presses its body on it and pushes it hard.
Green peppers are light, tall and unbalanced. It betrayed Dangorou’s expectation and fell down easily.
It then crashed into the table on the side.
The green pepper that cannot withstand the impact and came off, spinning and sliding to the edge of the table.


The spirit beasts were surprised and panicking. It was as if they were dancing.
Eventually the two nodded to each other and began to return it to its former shape.


By the way, a few days later.
The spirit beasts were staring at the state of their master who came home.
He glances at the green peppers that have stood up again.



Probably thinking that something was off when he looked at the head made of green pepper that turned to the side, he slightly tilted his head.
However he didn’t make a comment about it.
He then takes a glass of water and sits in front of them.

「Did anything change while I was away?」

What came out of his mouth was the usual question. And with the same gentle smile as usual.
The two replied cheerfully, saying,『Nothing』.


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      • No, when they put the peppers back together to they simply put on the pepper used as head in a wrong direction.
        Maybe the “head” was put on while looking sideways now while Tauro put it together with the head pointing forward originally.
        So Tauro knows that those two played with it.
        But Tauro only built that thing on a whim to begin with.
        So he doesn’t care about anything happening to it.
        He is probably hoping that they had fun playing with it cause he wants his family members to be happy more than anything.

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