Chapter 167 Part 2

Translator: “Ashita”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

(I am sorry, I am very sorry)

I moved my hip while apologizing.
The scream of Explosive Onee-sama, that does not sound like a voice, turned into a howl due to my movements.
The pressure of her I luv you hold increases.

(This is bad, I am about to come again)

Due to the I luv you hold, the amplitude of the vibrations has been limited considerably.
But the unconscious squirming of her insides brings me to the goal in a short time.

(……It feelsh good)

As I expected, Explosive Onee-sama is wonderful. With those thoughts in my heart, I let go of my consciousness.
I wonder how long I have been dazed. Sensing that there is a voice calling out to me, I slowly regain my consciousness.

「Well then, I will be taking these」

When I came to, I saw the figure of Explosive Onee-sama near the door. She is wearing a thin dress like those worn by the members of the gallery.
In her right hand is a Pomelo. I can see that the tote bag in her left hand has the costume she wore right up till just now.
She probably changed out of it as it got quite dirty.
There is no doubt that way she was slouching oddly was due to the remaining reverberations from the play.

「Yes, of course. But-」

I was about to say that “there are three so you should take them too”, but Explosive Onee-sama left through the door before I could.
It is as if she is afraid of me changing my mind.

(Well that is fine)

I scratch my head as I murmur.
With her like this, they probably will not say that I overdid it.

(Leaving that aside, it really felt good)

How do I put it, it feels like all of my worldly thoughts have been blown away and I have attained a calm mind.
My current self is not a self-proclamation. A wise man that is recognized by everyone.

(Alright, all my tasks have been completed. I can now meet with Instructor Light Cruiser)

Werewolf Big Sis, Strawberry bowl celeb beauty, and Explosive Onee-sama. I am on one win and two losses but the results do not matter. The question is whether I have been corrected.
With this much, I am sure I can meet Instructor Light Cruiser.

(I look forward to it, very much so)

I break into a smile even while I am imagining it, it feels like I am about to lose the mind of a wise man.
It can be said that it is as expected of the presence that is Instructor Light Cruiser.

(Alright~, let me head back)

Taking off my shirt that was already stripped halfway, I took a quick shower to wash away the sweat.
I then put on the shirt that has some leftover stains.

(I should head back immediately and change out of this)

It is at times like this that I am thankful for the season known as summer.
I left the room while humming a tune.

(Rain huh)

I descended the staircase. After greeting the concierge, I headed out of the building.
The main street of the entertainment district has been hit by slightly heavy rain. It can be said that it is an evening shower but the color of the sky shows that it is clearly night time.

(Just how long have I been unconscious for?)

The time when the match started should just be past noon. I have not checked my watch but there is no mistaking that half a day has passed at that point in time.
If I remember correctly, it was the same as last time. It is probably due to my serious fight with Explosive Onee-sama that has brought about such a result.
As I become convinced of this, I return to the lobby. There, I beckoned the concierge in training to come over. I request him to call a golem carriage for me.

(To think that I will take a little taxi ride instead of going back by using an umbrella; I must be really getting rich)

My house is on the outskirts to the South of the entertainment district. Since I am going to change out of these clothes anyway, it is not like running back home is not an option. I am sure that I would do that without hesitation in my past life.
However, it is different now. After coming to this world, I have become quite the celeb of high society.
It can be said that there are no longer times when I find myself frowning as I look at the menu of a restaurant and ordering the cheapest item on it.

「Tauro-sama, the carriage has arrived」

The concierge in training calls out to me without me having that much of a wait.
I give him my thanks, leave the lobby, and get on the golem carriage. I then headed for home.

A little while after Tauro left the room.
The door of the closet slowly opens and, as expected, the figures of two women can be seen today as well.

「Did he not overdo it? Is that fine?」

The twin-tail woman calls out to the tidy woman beside her but there is no reply.
Feeling doubtful, she turns to look to see that the tidy woman seems to be in a bad mood. Her cheeks are also somewhat puffed.
For the tidy woman whose face is always full of gentle smiles, this is a rare expression.

「As expected, that is an out」

Shaking her hair that hangs down on both sides, Twintail nods.
It is a pity for Doctor Slime, but it seems like his challenge ends here.

「I will do it on my end」

After hearing these words that were so abrupt, Twintail turns to her side once again.
That is because the voice of Instructor Light Cruiser had a strong determination in it.

「I can make him feel even more pleasure」

It seems like there is a burning sense of competitiveness between her and Explosive Onee-sama.
Just in case, Twintail clarified.

「About the matter where he overdid it, is that fine?」

「There is no problem」

Shrugging at that figure, Twintail thinks.

(Once the date has been set, I must find the best spot to spectate the match)

When it is not a public play, it will be fine to be in a closet just like today.
The concierge may say that he disapproves of this. However, if she says it is to save the employee in times of an emergency, the concierge should have no choice but to approve of this.
Even he knows how frightening and dangerous Doctor Slime is.
While every individual having their own thoughts, the time past noon flows by slowly.

After returning back from Jayanne, I pass time in the living room together with my familiars.
As the rain got heavier, I gave up on heading out again.

「I brought four over but it seems like one was enough」.

I line up the Pomelos I brought back on the floor.

「They are the last of the season right? Let’s leave them for several days and eat them I guess」

My familiars approach the Pomelos and started playing.
Imosuke tried pushing but gave up immediately.
Dangorou managed to tilt it slightly but that was it. Panicking as it saw that the Pomelo returned back to its original location, it ran away from the place it was at.

「I guess it is too heavy for both of you」

Seeing that the Pomelo was rocking back and forth, I stop it with my hand.
There is something I would like to ask that has a link to the Pomelos so I ask both of them.

「By the way, what in the Forest Garden will bear fruit for the summer?」

The two of them head to the glass window at the same time.
Pushing their faces against the glass, they are looking at the Forest Garden that is pelted by heavy rain.

「They already bore fruit huh」

It seems like that it is like that.
Both of them want to show it to me but there is no need to overexert ourselves in the rain.

「Then, shall the both of you show it to me tomorrow morning after the rain has stopped?」

Saying this, I lift the two of them from the side of the window and brushed them one by one.

The morning of the next day, at the Forest Garden after the rain has stopped. The droplets of water on top of the leaves reflect the sunlight which brightens the entire forest.
However, we have no spare time to admire that scenery.

「……So they have come once again」

The pond at the center of the forest.
The Herbal Tree which is within the pond. At that a part of the area it gives shade to, lies a tortoise.
It probably realized that we have shown up at the garden.
When it stretched its neck and looked over at us, the wave spread out towards the left and right and it headed slowly towards us.


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