Chapter 172 Part 2

Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

A book with a black leather cover. The sunken ship where it’s kept. The size also seemed affordable too.
Zaratan immediately activates the magic, summoning a magic circle several centimeters at the bottom of the pond and tens of meters at the bottom of the northern sea.
And then it transferred the wreckage of the ship to the bottom of the pond.

(If I put it here, there’s no need to worry about it being stolen)

Deep underground, in the depths of ruins, or in the ocean like this sunken ship. It used to put things in various places, but they were already gone.
It doesn’t have much attachment to these things, but they are all memorable items. If there is a safe place, it is better to keep them there.

(There are also those creatures after all)

The reason it didn’t save things in the spirit lake is because there are humanoid creatures that live in the forest.
They are good at water magic, and they always took everything.

(Let’s move everything I can transfer over here)

In this place, in the water no one else can interfere but Zaratan. Moreover, the owner of this land left its management to it.
He’s been doing whatever he wants with the place.
However, there are some things it needs to be careful of.

(I need to be moderate when it comes to changing the water’s quality)

Actually, recently it received a request from the landlord and spirit beasts.
They have recently asked it to restrain itself from doing anything that would affect the forest too much.

(That is certainly true)

It could think of a reason for that.
Rapid changes put stress on the forest.
It seems that it was bad to be too absorbed in it after a long time because it was fun.
Now it was trying to do it little by little while observing the effect on the surroundings.

(Let’s take another look around)

Zaratan rarely moved when he was still in the spirit lake. Now, however, he was moving, kicking the water with his short limbs.
In its heart, there was no intention of returning back to the spirit lake.


The intake tower on the shores of the spirit lake.
An arch made of flowing water that travels from the tower to the village.
It had been a few days since the purification of the water to the village began. Something strange had happened.
No, it would be better to say that there was no change.

「Why… Why is the water tastes the same?」

A magician groaned.
A huge magic circle built inside the intake tower.
The three elves surrounding it keep pouring magical power in a three-shift system. The purification magic was definitely activated.
However, despite all these measures they have taken, the taste still doesn’t return.

(This is bad, the water didn’t get better at all)

Captain of the intake tower groaned.
They were at a loss. Thinking that they should ask for further instructions, they put a pre-purified and post-purified water in a bottle.
And then they sent it to the high elves.

「Stop the purification for the time being. They’re going to re-examine it apparently」

The next day, a response arrives from the high elf council. The three elves on duty crouch down to the side of the magic circle, sighing heavily.
The magic circle, which doesn’t receive the supply of magical power anymore, gradually lost its light and stopped rotating.


The elves were confused because they couldn’t figure out the answer.

『There was no deterioration found on the water’s quality』

In fact, the quality of the water had not deteriorated as initially reported.
So how come the taste has diminished?
It was the power of Zaratan, after all. Just as the person who reported to the High Elves had imagined.
With its power, the spirit beast with a powerful water attribute transformed the water into delicious water full of flavor.

(A bad taste that can’t be washed away with purification magic. To think that something like this exist)

But the captains had no way of knowing.
No matter how desperately they cast purification magic, all it had was the power to remove dirt. It could not make the water taste better.

(I don’t understand)

All they can do is fold their arms while making serious expressions.

「Wait for Zaratan. There’s nothing else we could do」

Then a few days passed. Zaratan hasn’t returned yet.
Dissatisfaction of the villagers. Eventually it grew into something that even the high elves couldn’t ignore.


The stage moves from the spirit lake to the royal capital, far east-southeast.
The Merchant Guild, which faces the central square, was still crowded with many people today too.
Shortly before noon, a man with a shoulder bag enters the building.

「I’m here to deliver the potions」

I put the potion bag on my shoulder on the counter and take out the potion from inside.

「I thought it was about time you showed up. Thank you very much」

The tough-looking man went out of the counter with a smile.
It seems that there are few workshops that can stably supply D-rank potions, even in the royal capital.

「It’s the proud item of merchant guild’s headquarter」

The tough-looking man broke his tough-looking face into a smile.
However, the delicate hand movements that continue inspection never stop.

「But still, it’s amazing that you can tell with just a glance」
Its appearance indeed gives you an idea of its type and rank. However, the purchase inspection couldn’t possibly be enough with that information.
The tough-looking man became a bit embarrassed at my words.

「It all came from my experience. Since I’ve been handling a lot of recovery type potions」

It seems that he can tell by the shade of color, the feeling when it is transparent to light, and the change in hue when it is shaken.
It would be similar to a bank clerk noticing a counterfeit note.

『I can’t exactly tell how, but I can feel it when there’s something off』

Said the 40 year old lady by the window.
I also pick up the potion bottle and look through the light outside the window. But as expected, I can’t tell anything from it.

「Ohh, Tauro-kun. You’ve been very active recently aren’t you」

There, I looked around after someone called out.

(Where is he?)

I’m sure it was the guild master, but I can’t find his figure anywhere. He’s like a ghost like always.

「I’m here」

The petite body of the guild master appeared from behind the counter.


I don’t understand what that means so I asked back.

「Oyakodon and now Sin and punishment, seems like you made some groundbreaking inventions there, are you not? As expected of Dr. Slime, the one acclaimed as a pioneer in the red-light district」

Although I feel a bit embarrassed at those words, I also feel bad in my heart.
Because none of them are my ideas. It was something brought from the world of my previous life.
Speaking of knowledge cheats, it does have a good ring to it, but in reality I’m just stealing the achievements of the great ancestors.

「By the way, I also came up with an idea. Right now, the brothel I frequent is doing the preparations for it. Would you like to go with me?」

The guild master grinned.
This person’s idea? The person who has a wealth of knowledge and experience. I wonder what this idea he came up with?
It was then, when my interest was piqued and about to answer “yes, I’ll go”, I noticed.

(Vice-guild master?)

Behind the guild master stood the white-bearded Santa Claus.
He was frowning and shook his head from side to side as he looked at me.

(“Don’t go”, huh?)

There, I thought about it.
The guild master is a great adult with a deep sense of taste. But sometimes it’s just too deep for me to follow.
In comparison, Santa Claus is a person with common sense.
I should think that there’s something more to it here.

「I’m sorry. I’m currently busy with my work as Doctor Slime」

Oyakodon and sin and punishment. I lied about how I need to provide guidance for that.
Of course there is no such thing. Once I have the idea and tell them about it, I just need to leave the rest to the concierge.

「Well that’s too bad」

The disappointed guild master and the relieved vice-guild master behind him.
I asked what it was like just in case.
After saying “It’s just some kind of imitation of your idea but…”, he told me what it’s called.

「It’s called, San-dai Don*」
[*TL Note: “三代丼”, San-dai donburi, meaning three generation bowl. Upgraded version of Oyakodon which have mother and daughter(two generations) in a play]

A lightning bolt silently fell on me.

(This one is dangerous)

There’s no mistaking it, that’s the extended version of Oyakodon. And absolutely beyond what I can handle.
I give Santa Claus a look of deep gratitude. The vice-guild master nodded gently.

「Even though I went out of my way to prepare for two people」

Me coming here to deliver the potions. Apparently, knowing that I would come, he waited here for me. I can only say as expected of him.
The guild master then silently glanced up at Santa Claus.
His gaze was enthusiastic as if saying, “How about it?”.
Naturally, Santa Claus politely refused.

「Um, if it’s alright with you, is it okay if I go with you instead?」

There, a man volunteered for himself.
As one of the future guild leader candidates and the man who is currently in charge of me. The tough-looking man.
He nervously raised his hand.

(He definitely don’t get it, this old man)

He definitely doesn’t understand the guild master’s tastes and the meaning of San-dai Don.
The tough-looking man’s sole passion should’ve been the idol group only.
When we went to the Holy City, this old man attended the idol group concert every night, swinging his arms and hips.

「Is that so! Alright, shall we go then!」

The guild master’s face becomes brighter.
They immediately left the building as he pushed the back of the tough-looking old man.

「…..I wonder if this really okay」

Santa Claus replied to my words with a tired tone.

「He’s a man of talent who will eventually climb the ranks. It might be for his own good that he knew about the reality as soon as possible」

We both shrugged our shoulders.
For the next week, no one has seen the tough-looking man in the guild.


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