Chapter 175 Part 1

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The Elf village.
At the tree trunk close to the root of the World Tree lies a mansion made of wood, built like it was attached to the tree trunk itself.
In the meeting room inside the mansion, an event, known to the High Elves as the regular meeting, was taking place.
The World Tree, Zaratan. In the midst of everyone with difficult expressions on their faces due to the problems, that they cannot solve, a piece of shocking information flew into the mix.

「The Human race has completed the Elixir, you say!」

The extremely long ninety-nine step (meandering) stairs that are made of wood, built at the World Tree.
The Elf, who had run up those steps with every ounce of energy he had, reports breathlessly as he heaves.

「It was a report from the Royal Magic Academy. Therefore, there is no mistaking it in the first place」

Other than the chairman, the rest of the High Elves who were there nodded among themselves with stiff expressions on their faces.
There was a moment they all thought back to.

「Seeing as it was made from the Ambrosia, there is no mistaking it」

Recently, the existence of the Ambrosia has been confirmed due to Zaratan.
And the Ambrosia is the main ingredient for the Elixir.
At the guess made by the chairman, most of the High Elves made bitter expressions with their faces as they nodded.

「That is impossible!」

Tearing through the surrounding silence, a High Elf old lady screams with her shrill voice.
The reason – creating the Elixir has been her long-held aspiration. For that aspiration to be achieved by an inferior race like the Human race ahead of time, she just could not stand it.

「This is a legitimate report from the Kingdom. Accept it」


The chairman frowns at the stubborn old lady.

「It is no lie that Zaratan has taken the Ambrosia along with it to who knows where. And the creation of the Elixir at this timing. We must consider these as the truth and deal with them」

After hearing these words, the old lady clenched her fists and looked down.

「I will not accept that the Human race has gained the power to create the Elixir!」

Following after that, an angry roar echoes from the seat beside
The High-Elf, which is as thin as dry wood, with the veins at his brows visible, slammed his hand on the table many times.
The chairman frowned, seemingly disliking those words, that were vulgar and had no constructiveness, when he heard them.
The Elf that came to report does not seem to have finished yet. He looked at the chairman, signaling that he wanted to say something.
After letting out a sigh, the chairman urged him to continue.

「According to the report, it seems like there was a shortage of ingredients. At this point in time, manufacturing more is impossible」


The High Elves looked at one another.
The Elixir is made from the Ambrosia, the Ambrosia tree is in the Kingdom.
If that is so, there is no way that they cannot make any more.

「That and one more thing. Even though they made it, the amount is only a little. It is not totally but it is not something that is able to demonstrate the effects of triple B」

Is it not actually triple E? It seems like some of the doctors at the Royal Capital have this opinion.
After hearing the continuation, an expression of relief spread across the face of the old lady.

「What, then we can’t call this the Total Elixir, what a farce」

The old man beside, that is as thin as a dry wood, also crossed his arms and nodded with satisfaction.
The fat High Elf, that is a few seats away, raised his hand, seeking to speak.

「However, they have gotten the technique, right? That means that as long as they have the Ambrosia, it is possible for them to make the Elixir」

The old lady and the old man that is as thin as dry wood looked at him detestably. Ignoring the two of them, the fat High Elf continued.

「And the Kingdom says that they have run out of Ambrosia. If that is so, then where did the Kingdom get the Ambrosia from in the first place?」

The gazes of the High Elves all fell onto the Elf making the report.
The Elf, whose face has gotten stiff due to his nervousness, puffed out his chest as he answered.

「It seems like that person visited the brothel as a customer and gave it as a present to a woman working at the store for keeping the person company. It seems like the customer did not know that that is the Ambrosia」

Is that person stupid? This murmur of the old lady resonates throughout the silent room.
However, no one reacted.

「As the woman is also a student at the Royal Magic Academy, she realized it immediately. She then brought it to the academy and this linked to the creation of the Elixir」

「After using a whole Ambrosia, they were only able to make one with the effects of Triple E?」

The old lady lifts her chin and sneered.
The fat High Elf ignored that and asked.

「Where did that customer come from?」

「This is only a guess but perhaps from the Empire」

After hearing those words, whispers filled the whole room.
The Empire is the largest human nation in the Ost continent. They are currently also the strongest.
Of course, they, who fear the humans gathering under one banner, have paid close attention.
However, they have not heard any information regarding the Ambrosia.

「Regarding this store, during the time when the Kingdom and the Empire entered into an Armistice Treaty, this store was used to welcome the representatives from the Empire. And this woman is in charge of keeping them company」

The reporter answers the question while looking at the memo.
It seems like he predicted that these things will be asked, so he gathered the information.

「It is thought that this was the time she got her hands on it」

Whispers filled the room as the High Elves exchanged words among one another.
In the midst of this, a single High Elf calls out to the reporter.

「The person that the woman kept company. Do you know who that person is?」

The reporter looked up from the memo. As if it was hard to say, he bent the end of his mouth.

「It was the Grim Reaper」

「The Grim Reaper?」

As these words entered their ears, they made the High Elves stir.
The sweet trap set up by the Elves extends all the way into the depths of the Empire. However, it has not reached the Grim Reaper yet.

「Back deals, threats, brute force, or even money. He is an opponent that nothing will work」*

Unlike other humans, the Grim Reaper does not show any interest in the Elves.
No, that phrasing does not express it well. He does not show any special interest just because they are Elves. He treats them just like how he would treat a human.

「Where is the Grim Reaper right now? The Empire?」

「He is at Landbarn」

Landbarn. The expression on the faces of everyone in that room is filled with scrutiny at the ring of that word.

「It has become the territory of the Empire quite recently」

This whisper leaks out of the mouth of the old man that is as thin as dry wood.
The old lady opens her mouth wide, with an expression of relief on her face.

「Then that means that the Ambrosia is there? Which means that the Empire attacked and claimed Landbarn because the Ambrosia is there?」

She puts both of her hands on the table and stands up.

「If the Ambrosia is there, that means the World Tree is there and Zaratan is also there right!」

「Calm yourself, you are jumping to conclusions」

The chairman signals with his hand for her to calm down but the gaze of the old lady is fixed. She is merely looking at what was in front of her.

「If this continues, the World Tree will fall into the hands of the humans. The same goes for the Ambrosia. Zaratan too will not come back. We must exterminate the humans quickly」

The chairman scrowled as he opened his mouth. However, before he could speak, a person that shares the same thoughts as the old lady appeared.
That person is the High Elf that is as thin as dry wood.

「You said that the Grim Reaper did not think that that is the Ambrosia correct? Then the Empire must not have realized the existence of the World Tree」

He stares directly at the chairman and continues speaking with an assertive tone.

「Claim Landbarn before they realize it. Seal the mouths of every person living there and do not grant information to the humans」

The meeting room is filled with silence.
A certain person is nodding, showing approval for the opinion of the old man that is as thin as dry wood.

「……Are you telling us to start a war with the human race? Just like before」

The chairman squeezes out these words with a heavy voice.

「It is easy to win. But there are also harmful results. At that time, did we not fail to acquire the resources and experienced a downturn? Have you forgotten?」

The Empire is the largest human nation in the Ost continent. To the Elven Village, they are the nation that is their biggest trading partner.
They buy magic ingredients.
Things that are produced by waste and dead bodies, minerals produced when mining or refining that spread waste or things that originate from magical beasts that do not live in the Forest of Spirits, and many more.*
Either way, all of them are things that either cannot be found in the Forest of Spirits or things that the Elves do not want to dirty their own hands getting.
And their price is cheap. The magic goods, that are for daily use, which is manufactured here in this village are enough. The human race is overjoyed and they buy them at a high price.*
To the Elves, the human race is a trading partner that they cannot do without.

「Have you gone senile? The World Tree is linked to the future of this world you know! This is no time to be concerned with such trifle matters」

Just then, the eyes of the old man that is as thin as dry wood changed into one of disgust

「No, maybe you have not gone senile, but perhaps you have become timid? Shall I become the chairman in your place and declare war on the humans?」

This conversation stirred up his wish of having the position of chairman while being unable to due to him having insufficient supporters, which became a dark sentiment.
The man with the highest position, that he was looking at, crossed his arms without saying anything.
From there, the fat High Elf interrupted.


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