Chapter 178 Part 1

Translator: “Ashita”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

My name is Vince.
I am an adventurer with the Royal Capital as the base of operations for my job. And I am currently in the middle of my job.

「It went over there! Don’t let it get away」

The leader of our team, who is a grim-looking middle-aged man shouted.
I immediately chanted the incantation for Explosion. The magic that exploded right in front of the eyes of the small-sized magic beasts made them run back in the direction where they came from.


With the grim-looking middle-aged man at the center, the three uncles swung their swords.
The magic beasts, that look like pigs, were defeated one after another.

「As I expected, having a magician really does change things a lot」

「Their magic have a wide variety of applications, allowing them to be used in many situations」

The group of uncles, who smelled like sweat, smiled and slapped my back.
Actually, I changed teams recently.

(That is because I do not want to move away from the Royal Capital)

The team I was on previously left the Royal Capital with the number of requests decreasing as their reason.
Of course, I will come along as well. My comrades who had that thought were in shock.

「We will give your share of the profit some consideration so will you not come along?」

Adventurers who are magicians are actually quite an important existence. They probably did not want to let me go as they came to me many times to convince me regarding the change of members.
However, the money did not move my heart. This is because I have a very specific reason regarding why I want to stay at the Royal Capital.

(I will not be able to meet Twintail-san)

That is a female employee who is working at Jayanne. Her dungeon has got a hold of my heart and does her dungeon not let go of it.
I, who always finishes quickly as I am too sensitive leading me to always feel very little accomplishment and satisfaction.
However, her dungeon seriously reacts to I, who am like this. It also taught me how wonderful the existence known as a woman can be.

「Hey, good work there」

The team leader who is the grim-looking middle-aged man appeared right in front of me with a bag in one of his hands.
He had gone to secure the drop immediately after they defeated the magic beasts.

「Do you want some of it?」

With the white leather bag swinging in the air, the grim-looking middle-aged man closed one of his eyes.

「What is in it? In that bag」


I am speechless.

「It is a delicacy, you can even eat it raw」

The grim-looking middle-aged man stretched his hand into the bag.
I politely turned him down.

(But I am really glad that I managed to enter a good team)

It is true that the number of jobs here at the Royal Capital is decreasing. No matter how few magicians there are, there will be no place that will accept me if there are no jobs left to do.

「Is there a good team somewhere?」

After the play with Twintail-san, lying on the same pillow with her, I accidentally let my mouth slip.
Even though my monologue continued on for a while, she had an expression that suggested she was thinking of something.

「I may be able to introduce you to one」

The woman I like is telling me that she will lend me her strength. There is no way for me not to go along with her suggestion.
After I nodded and asked for her to do so, she contacted me several days later.

「It will be really helpful to have a magician on my team」

Making an appearance while saying such a line is the team leader, a rather grim-looking middle-aged man.
It seems like he is under the Adventurer Guild but he has recently been given jobs directly from the Merchant Guild themselves.

「Are there no problems with this arrangement?」

After hearing my question, he showed no signs of irritation.

「If I cannot get a job through the Adventurer Guild, I have no choice but to search for one myself」

Saying as such, the grim-looking middle-aged man laughed in a loud voice.
With my mind set, I decided to be in the care of this team.
By the way, the details of the job are to aid the pilot from the Merchant Guild and also to repel the magical beasts on the main road.
The reward for completing the job once is not that high but after I continued without quitting the job, my earnings were so good that they were better than what I was earning before.

「Are you going there today as well?」

We report to the Merchant Guild regarding the Royal Capital.
When we dispersed at the large public square, I asked the middle-aged man who is not the leader.

「Of course! That is the reason I am working after all」

「A person who is single sure is good」

Another middle-aged man said jealously. With the leader included, the middle-aged men number three people. It seems like they are going drinking after this.

「Have some. Your virility will run dry you know」

The leader held the white leather bag aloft once again. It seems like he intends to bring this to the tavern.
I refused him politely once again.
After that, I jogged towards the West of the public square.
As my destination is right along the main street, I found it almost immediately.
Built with white marble and bricks, an extremely high-class brothel. The heavy evergreen oak door with the word 『Jayanne』, written in silver, which is written on it. I pushed it open with all my might.

(It will be good if she is there. Please be there)

I did not make a reservation tonight. I search the gallery with a feeling that is much like one of hope.

(She is there!)

I run over to the concierge and said her name.
I am also quite a regular customer. As I am known to be the dedicated customer of Twintail-san so it was approved by the counter almost immediately.

「Thank you for nominating me. Let us have a good time today as well」

We link our arms and head up to the second floor using the staircase.
And so, my solo dungeon exploration for today starts once again.

(Allllright, it is time to do my best)

The cave of Twintail-san. Truth be told, I do not know how many times I came here.
It has completely become my home dungeon. To that extent, I know the location of all the traps by heart.

(At the right side of this wall, if I recall it will activate after I press it)

The wall of the cave, that is completely coated with slimes. I align the tip of my weapon with the trigger and put my strength into it.
The 『Loud Echo Trap』 activates immediately; It attempts to rob me of my hearing.

(I already have countermeasures for it)

Before that happened, I distanced my ears from the mouth of Twintail-san. With this, the trap that is the loud echo instead becomes a song that makes me feel even better.
I proceeded even further into the cave.

(If I proceed any further, the 『Worm Trap』 will activate if I recall?)

A natural cave with its walls, its floor, its ceiling covered with slimes. Other than the slimes that move slowly on the surface, there does not seem to be anything else that is moving.
However, that is only a visual deception.

「Here I go」

I swallowed my own saliva and took a step forward. After the ground shook, a large amount of worms suddenly appear from the face of the wall.
Then, they went in my direction to attack me.

(This is a tough spot to be in)

Several hundreds, no, it may even be thousands of worms. They rush in all at once in an attempt to crush me to death.
I will probably fall here as long as I do not deactivate the trap.

(Begin the 「Trap Return」)

Even as I am nervous, the end of my lips curve up into a smile, I reach out my hands to the two Dial keys right in front of my eyes.
I had the experience of my hips giving out at this place time and time again. Those experiences are what made my skills improve.

(Right twice, left twice then flick it)

Pinching the soft yet stiff protrusions of the dials, I twist them left and right. After that, I flick them.
I repeat this process many times.

(Come to think of it, in the beginning, it took over tens of tries)

There were also often times when I could not hold out.
However, I have now come to a point where it only takes about eight times. I got an actual sense of how much I have grown.


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