Chapter 179 Part 2

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At the center of the space they enclosed lies the standing figure of a single female and the sleeping figures of three men who fell face-first to the cold hard floor.

「I have finished」

A young female with long black hair and a slim body stands upright with a calm smile.
That is the very person who journeyed from Jayanne a few days ago, the very Light cruiser-sensei.
The palms of both of her hands were wet with a cloudy viscous liquid, her lips were as well.
She used her upper arm of her right hand to wipe the one that was starting to flow down to her chin.

「That was splendid」

A single female stands up from the people among the circle.
She is in her late thirties. Although she wore the same monk clothing as the rest, what made her stand out is that she is wearing a seemingly expensive Rosario.

「Doing it with both your hands and your mouth at the same time. I see that you are sent them up to the heavens after a minute has passed」

Just then, she closed her eyes and let out a sigh.

「I did tell you to defeat them within seconds but I did not go so far as to demand that you do so with three people at once though?」

Although her tone was one like she was scolding Light cruiser-sensei, Light cruiser-sensei does not react at all. She merely stands there, her face showing a gentle smile.
Seeing this figure of hers, the female lightly shook her head from left to right. It felt like she was trying to say geez.

「Very well. As I promised, I will present to you the letter of recommendation for the great cathedral. Wash your hands and come to the cathedral head’s room」

Turning towards her back, the female head of the cathedral walks towards the entrance.
Light cruiser-sensei rinses her mouth and washes her hand at the stoup before following behind the cathedral head.
After the figures of the two could no longer be seen, the exchange of lively whispers started happening within the place of worship.

「What does that mean? What in the world is happening?」

A female monk who does not know of the situation grabs both of the shoulders of her friend sitting beside her and shakes them back and forth with vigor.
Her friend brushed her hands aside as her friend started explaining.

「A certain famous brothel in the Royal Capital, she held the letter of introduction from there and appeared. She wanted to learn our techniques apparently」

Uh-huh, the female monk nodded.

「But you have seen her, right? There is nothing that we can teach her at all. Then this time, allow me to meet with the person who entered the Divine Tournament, she said」

「Divine Tournament?」

She, who seemingly has a question mark appearing above her head, leading her friend to explain further.

「It is the Contest before God that took place at the Holy City」

The female monk shows a facial expression as if she was saying ah.

「But that is the great cathedral’s…」

「That is right, Shitanaga-sama」

Seeing her friend nod, her face turns red with anger.

「To demand to meet with Shitanaga-sama, who does she think she is!」

A member of the great cathedral, the monk known as Shitanaga-sama.
She is extremely popular not only with the males but with the females as well.
That technique that is unleashed by her long tongue; It is said that she is a veteran monk as well as someone who is above men.

「That is right, she really does not know her place. That is why the head of the cathedral said the following. Make all three monks attain happiness within a minute」

The female monk who understood everything gave a big nod.

「With that, the match took place and the head of the cathedral had no choice but to write the letter of recommendation」

Then, the gaze of her friend became stern as she stared at the monks lying on the floor.
The three men were just about to wake up, their expressions clearly showing that they are overflowing with happiness.

「Isn’t it all because the three of you were careless!」

Her friend shouts as she looks around.

「Everyone! Train these people! So that they will never bring shame to the head of the cathedral ever again!」

You got it, they said, as the group of female monks stood up, the circle closes in on the three male monks.
One of the three monks screamed, his face horrified.

「We will not be able to let out anymore! It is impossible!」

「You only let out once, didn’t you?」

As these surrounding voices, that seemingly slammed right back at him, he said back to them, clearly panicked.

「You all saw right? It is indeed once but the amount was amazing. Even I could not believe it after all」

「That is fine. If you cannot let any more out, we will make it so that you will even if you have to use our fingers」

His face became as white as sheets when they heard these words.
With his tank in an empty state, the ones closing in on them are danger themselves. There is a fear that his heart may get scarred.
Even if that only happens once.

(There are twenty people closing in)

He looked around at the circle that surrounds them, despair clearly written on their faces.
At that moment, his back bumped into the backs of the other two monks. The circle is clearly closing in and they have no place to escape to.

「Oh God, please!」

The three monks sought help from God. But God ignored their voices as the female monks assaulted the three monks.
On the other side, on the floor above. On the lounge suite of the cathedral head’s room sits Light cruiser-sensei.

「I have written it」

After writing the letter of recommendation, the head of the cathedral places the writing brush on the massive table.
Then, seemingly thinking that she needed to engage in some small talk as she waits for the ink to dry.

「In the end, what is your objective? Defeating every member of a cathedral?」

Defeating famous people and spreading one’s name far and wide. There indeed exists people who undergo training to do that.
However, the head of the cathedral did not think that she was such a person.

「I want to train myself. In order to compete with the people above in a contest of techniques, I will better myself. That is my objective」

Hoo, the head of the cathedral said as she rested her chin on her hands.
Just then, her eyes had a menacing glint.

「But you know, that side of the great cathedral is on a different scale. Your heart may break before you even get to compete」

However, even those words did not manage to change the expression on the face of Light cruiser-sensei.

(I know full well of that. That is because Tauro-sama was defeated by that after all)

Rather than falter after hearing those words, her fighting spirit welled up within her.
Seeing this, the head of the cathedral lets out a sigh. Her very own threat did not work at all. She was forced to realize that fact.

「By all means, do your best. I will not cheer for you though」

While saying these words, she inserts the letter of recommendation into an envelope and pushes it towards Light cruiser-sensei.
While being cautious of the sealing wax that still had heat in it, Light cruiser-sensei accepted it as if it was a precious item.

「Thank you very much」

When looking at that figure of her bowing her head with a smile on her face, the head of the cathedral lets out a huge sigh once again.
While looking at her figure as she exits the room, the head of the cathedral says in her mind.

(It may be that even Shitanaga-sama is in danger)

Just then, she shakes her head with vigor. That is because she realized that the thought she had earlier was disrespectful.
On the other hand, Light cruiser-sensei felt thrilled.


While hiding her lips with the letter of recommendation, she descended down the staircase, feeling the need to exit the cathedral.
Then, she passed by the vicinity of the place of worship.


There are women gathered around the center of the place of worship and they are squirming intensely.
At the center of all of this were three human pillars.
The entire body of the three males are most likely burning as they have become deep red in color. Their eyes, which are wide open, are most likely not seeing anything at all.
From their mouths that are opened as if they were in a daze, drool is flowing out from it constantly. Heartrending voices are constantly being emitted as well.

(If that continues on, their manhood will be in danger)

The state they were in is like the heating of a kettle without any water in it. There is no doubt that they will become scarred.
After a painful expression appears on her face for a moment, she turned to face the human pillars and used her hand to form the kanji word for ten1.
She then silently pushed open the large door and stepped outside.

(I shall end it here for today. I must do my best tomorrow as well!)

She stretched her hands out, breathing in the night breeze, seemingly enjoying it.
Under the starry night sky, was Light cruiser-sensei who starts walking back to the inn.


  1. > The technique light cruiser will unlock from the Divine Tournament is like a Super Saiyan Form, instead of the head hair becomming yellow, it would be down there, and her nips will light like an LED and her hands will glow in the dark.

  2. Thanks for the chapter!!!

    Yeah, it was a tongue tech and the fact that he let his guard down because of the look of his opponent before the match. His heart wasn’t really in the Divine Tournament because his aspirations are not in that direction. He has more than enough fame already and is just enjoying life at this point. I look forward to more developments though!

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