Chapter 182

Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

Jayanne, located in the main street of the red-light district in the Royal capital.
It is one of the super-luxury brothels called the big three.

「Wow, as expected of weekend. It’s really packed」

I looked around as I took a step into the lobby.
I’m a regular, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen this many people here.

(My senses of days has gotten dull lately, so I completely forgot about it)

For me, who’s an adventurer, the day of the week doesn’t really matter. I came here when I obtained a lot of money.
It just happened that the end of a big job overlapped with the weekend.

(If I miss today, I gotta stay overnight and have to go for another job. I should play even if it’s crowded)

My rank is E, a so-called intermediate adventurer.
I have to admit, this place is a bit hard to visit. Intermediate adventurers other than me will not come here unless for some kind of celebration.
However, I narrowed down my play to this one and went all the way.

(There is no better woman in the world than Twintail-san)

I think so from the bottom of my heart.

(But, she has graduated, hasn’t she?)

It isn’t Twintail-san that has graduated. It was me, She made me graduate.
My sensitivity was so high that I couldn’t enjoy doing it with women back then.
However, she who has the same level of sensitivity treats me well and taught me how wonderful women are.
I was completely captivated, and since then, I have nominated Twintail-san every time I got a big income.
He has been continuing to explore her cave solo.

『You have grown, dear customer. Now is the time to go one step further』

I recalled the concierge’s words.
As a result of continuously challenging Twintail-san, I somehow became able to attack her beyond her limits.

『Her heart and mind can’t take it, please understand』

A sensitive magician whose strength lies in his speed.
The concierge’s words to me are like a medal given to me.
But at the same time, I had to give up diving into my favorite cave.

(And so, the concierge’s recommendation was her)

I look at the front row in the center of the platform.
She has a small and delicate body with twintails. Right now, she’s in the middle of energetically appealing to customers.


I continue to observe her, but she doesn’t get called in very often. Only the women on either side of her and behind her get nominated.
She tried to sway her thin breasts and shake her tiny hips as she made a supple smile, but the effect seems to be in the opposite direction.

(Alright, I’ve decided)

It’s not like I don’t pity her at all.
She is one of the women who sit on the platform of a super-class brothel. Her social status is far higher than that of me, an intermediate adventurer.
However, a slight shadow was visible in the smile she showed to the girl that stood up first. That pierced my heart.

(I wonder what’s the number)

I go to the front of the platform to read the letters on their chest. Midway, I crossed the sidelines sitting side by side by the wall.


Onee-sans with dynamite bodies that Jayanne is proud of. As always, their presence is amazing.
Some women were winking or showing their tongue as if to tease me.
I just looked forward and passed by them, trying not to make eye contact as much as possible.

「You sure are smart for choosing me」

As soon as I nominated her, she came out in front of the reception desk. She was only a few inches shorter than me, just below my chin.
Her style is also less bumpy, so it will not be favored by those who want volume.

(Wow, so beautiful)

A pair of eyes looking up at me from below, chest outstretched. It was because they were shining so brightly.

「Just leave it to me, I won’t let you down」

Mini twintail-san who flashes a bright smile while closing one eye. Seeing that, a smile appeared on my face as well.
It seems her energy is transmitted to me.

「I’m looking forward to it too」

Just after I said so, I noticed that the lobby was bustling.
When I saw Mini twintail-san, the expression on her face disappeared as she looked behind me.

(What is it, I wonder?)

I quietly turned around and saw a man near the entrance. Apparently, this person was the cause of it.
He’s probably in his late twenties. He was quite well built, and even through his clothes, I could see that he was armored with muscles.
He must be a customer, and he was approaching the platform.

(Eh? The crowd is splitting?)

The lobby is crowded on weekends. Despite that, the man is going straight.
He’s not pushing them away, the crowd naturally formed a path for him.

(…A big shot?)

Jayanne, one of three families in the Royal capital.
The people inside this lobby should be people that are quite famous too.
He must be exceptional even among them. Looking at it, some were even greeting him by giving a light bow.

「Do you know who he is?」

Mini twintails nodded at my question.

「The Skewering whirlwind」

(The Skewering whirlwind!)

When I heard his name, my heart was shocked.
A gentleman with a reputation for spinning not only women but also beautiful boys on top of his stomach.
There are not many people who have nicknames in red-light district. In other words, it’s a sign that he’s a first-rate person.

「I bet he’s an amazing person」

Mini-twintail shrugs her shoulders to my unintentionally leaked impression of him.

「I don’t know about that. He might have a big name, but our sidelines are better than him, you know?」

A group of high difficulty dungeons full of feminine charm lined up by the walls in the lobby.
The Onee-sama there don’t seem to be timid. On the contrary, they give a challenging look or wink at you to provoke you.

「No, as I thought, he’s amazing」

I think as I look at the muscular man who returned those provocations with chill.
It’s impossible for me to even look at the sidelines.

「…This is bad」

When my attention came back at Mini-twintails’ muttering, her eyebrows were raised and a grim expression formed on her face.

「The skewering whirlwind is wandering around without nominating anyone. This is a sign that it will appear」


I was about to open my mouth to ask again, when I felt a heavy, quiet commotion in the lobby.
When I turned to the entrance, there was a backlight.
From that bright daylight, I could make out a figure of a person with medium height.

(The crowd of customers are split in two?)

The crowded lobby of the three families on weekends.
It’s filled with an ocean of famous people from the red-light district and fierce competitors who are confident in their skills.
But now, that ocean was split into two.

(What in the world is that?)

While I was astonished, sighs of fear were coming out from both sides of the room.


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the sidelines in the corner of my eye.
They were the older sisters who had been provoking the skewering whirlwind until just now. All of them were turning their faces away and looking down.
I looked over to Mini twintail to ask what was going on, but she too was looking away to the side, trying her best not to make eye contact.

(Shh, keep it down! It’s Dr.Slime!)

Mini twintail-san whispered in my ear at a volume that one may or may not be able to hear.
That name struck my soul with a magic wand for adventurers.

(So that’s…!?)

The pinnacle of the Royal capital’s red-light district. In addition to his individual fighting prowess, he is a genius who has come up with new innovations one after another, such as “Oyakodon”, “Sin and Punishment”, and “Slime Game”.
His creativity is unmatched by any other 『Artist* in this industry』 .
「*TL note: 風雲児 (Fuunji) It refers to an awesome person who makes people surprised by great work or ideas in a certain field. Artist is the closest thing I had in mind.」

(As I recall, the only one that could compete on equal terms with him was the Gourmet of Gold)

When I mentioned this, Mini twintail visibly frowned and whispered back.

(You… Do you have any idea what kind of guy Gourmet of gold is?)

I shake my head from side to side. All I know is the rumor that he is a terrifying person.

(You mustn’t know)

The tone was harsh. The sound tickled the back of my ears and felt good.

(It’s dangerous here, so let’s move to the second floor)

My instincts as an adventurer told me the same thing.
I walked up the stairs at a fast pace with Mini-twintail pulling me by my hand.


The stage remains the same in Jayanne but the perspective of the story switches to another person.
From E-rank adventurer magician, Vince to Tauro.

「Over here, Tauro-san!」

A slightly unattractive macho man with a smile on his face.
I smile back at him as I quicken my pace.

「Did I make you wait, Corneal-san?」

「No, you’re right on time. I just arrived a few minutes ago myself」

This is the meeting place for today’s 『Adult Gourmet Club』.
There were only two of us as the members, so that means every member have gathered.

「Wow, Tauro-san’s aura is as amazing as always. I mean, look at this situation」

Corneal is amused. I make a bitter expression at his words and look around.
Not only the sideline and the platform, but even the guests are avoiding me.

「I don’t think it’s the aura. I think it’s just my bad reputation doing its work」

I had been 『rejected』 by the women because I had put one of their main forces out of action.
Even now that the ban was lifted, there were only a few women who would take me on.
I wondered if they thought that if I made eye contact with them, I would pick them. All of the women blatantly looked away from me.

(That’s pretty hurt actually)

If I say it was my own fault, that’s all I have to say, but I can’t help but let out a small sigh.
The unaware Corneal nonchalantly says something like “As expected of Tauro-san”.

「We talked about doing a slime game here today, but isn’t it a little bit impossible?」

My eyebrows furrowed once again at what he said afterward.
Strip paper-rock-scissors called Slime game that started in Cassabel. It is said that it also started in Jayanne.
I heard that Corneal hasn’t tried it out yet, that’s why I came all the way here.

(The story of my loss to celeb beauty and Explosive onee-san. All the women should have known about it. And with that, their alertness towards me should’ve been lowered by a little)

No matter how small it is, I want to hang onto a ray of hope.

「Let’s try asking for now」

I walked over to the sideline and crouched down in front of a calm, beautiful woman with stunning proportions.

「Would you like to play a slime game with us?」

I turned my head to the side and peeked down at her slumped face.
Her eyes widened for a moment. The next moment, her body stiffened as she closed her eyes tightly.
Looking closely at her, I can see that she is slightly trembling. Unfortunately, I didn’t even get an answer.

「….I guess that’s a no」

I muttered and shrugged my shoulders, and Corneal nods.
The guests around me said, “Oh shit”. Honestly, I don’t understand what they mean by that.

「It’s a shame, but I think we should move to another restaurant. I’ll just go say hello to the concierge, so please wait for me」

I left Corneal there and headed for the counter in the back.


Here the perspective returns from Tauro to Vince on the second floor of Jayanne.

「Here’s the money」

We arrived at the private room on the second floor.
Two soft drinks on the table. The girl who brought it just received the tip and went out.
There are only me and Mini-twintail in the room.

(Man, I’m nervous)

Mini-twintail-san is petite and delicate, but the difficulty level is higher than that of Twintail-san.
I don’t know what’s different exactly, but it’s definitely true since the concierge says so.

「Now then, let’s take a bath first, shall we?」

I stood up from the couch and she crouches down in front of me. Then she put her hands on my clothes.


However, before taking off my pants, Mini-twintail’s hand stops.

「I see you’re ready to go」

There is a teasing smile in her eyes that looks up at me from below.


My face turns redder.
I’m ashamed to say that I’ve been in this state since I climbed the stairs with our arms linked together.
It’s not limited to today. I had been like this for a long time now.

「What an honest reaction to my charms. How very well」

Mini-twintail is in a good mood.
She resumes her work while humming to herself as she deftly removes my clothes.
When she was almost done undressing me, I felt a strong gaze on my weapon.

「Hmm… I’d say it’s on the big size, I guess」


I couldn’t believe my ears when she said that.
My weapon is a wand. It’s on the short and thin side, to be frank.
I’ve never gotten this kind of recognition before.

(Wait a second)

You can’t know the truth if you only look at yourself.
Mini twintail-san was wearing a short dress and was kneeling on one knee. I looked down at her figure and came up with a possibility.

(For her, this size is on the big side. Is that how it is?)

I am not a tall person by any means. And she’s only as tall as my, a person who’s not that tall, chin.
Her body is also very slender. That was a possibility.

(Maybe I’ll get a chance to hear those words)

Gokuri, I swallowed the saliva that unconsciously build up in my mouth.
With high expectations, I headed for the bathtub.


And then, two hours later.
I went down to the lobby and walked up to the dignified concierge. I grasped both his hands firmly and repeatedly shook them up and down strongly.

「It was amazing!」

The concierge smiled at those words.

「It’s a great honor to hear you say so」

Mini twintails’ cave was narrow, as I expected.
It was barely wide enough and tall enough for me. And it was not that deep either.
That’s why one of my dreams came true.

(To think a day like this would come)

I unconsciously teared up.
Mini-twintails’ cave. The magic words that its dungeon master chanted over and over again.

『No way, it’s too thick!』

The spell that leaped into my ears the moment I took a step inside. I lost my life so easily because of it.

『Wait– no! You’re going too deep』

A spell that thrusts my chest with both hands, and makes me moan.
The raid failed once again because of this.

『It’s so big! I’m going to break!』

I died instantly for the third time.
My short wand wand that kept releasing magic over and over again. My magic power is now as thin as a wallet.
What came out from me afterwards was only a sigh of satisfaction.

(I thought Twintail-san was the best, but there’s a different kind of fulfillment in the higher categories)

I apologized to Twintail-san in my heart for a moment.

「I’ll make a reservation next time. Thank you very much!」

Since I declared as such without worrying about the surroundings, the customers around me gave me a warm look.
But I don’t care. I headed for the exit with my chest puffed out.
The concierge muttered to himself as he looked at my back.

(The customer is satisfied, and she also got herself a new regular)

It was nothing but good things.
Mini-twintail specializes in small sizes. When he judges that she can’t handle a customer, he will give refunds or change it with another woman.
Not many customers knew about this, and it was one of the reasons why she was losing customers.

(Everyone of them is prideful after all)

Even if they are actually the best fit, her appearance makes them hesitant to pick her.
The moment she is called up from the platform, it’s revealed that “she has a mini size body”.

(Even though I don’t think size has anything to do with having joy)

It’s a relative problem between the other person and yourself.
That should be the case, but the human heart is difficult.

(I wonder what that person would think of it)

The image that comes to mind is that of the dull, middle-aged man with a medium build who had just visited their store. He was Dr. Slime, the one people called as the great asset of the red-light district in the Royal capital.
Unfortunately, he was unable to find a partner today and had already left the store.

(It’d be nice to talk about it over a drink with him)

He narrowed his eyes and nodded once.
Then he shifted his thoughts and went back to work.


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