Chapter 187 Part 2

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「Umhoo! Umhoo!」

She was beginning to stomp her feet in frustration. Hurry up and do it, such strong will was conveyed to Light cruiser-sensei.

(I guess I have no other choice. I have to calm her down)

Her dance of fists begins once again.
It made Great Madam squeal even more sweetly than before, but the impatience in Light cruiser-sensei’s heart was spreading.

(Even if I satisfy her, there will be another wave coming soon after. I have to do something)

She couldn’t even find a clue to solve the problem. And it was also difficult to escape from this room.


As she was getting to know Great Madam’s preferences, she was able to calm her down in less time than before.
However, the Great Madam’s unfathomable desire soon brings another wave.

「Fumho! Fumho!」

Thus the calming down ritual begins once again.

(It can’t continue like this)

The task itself is not difficult, but it requires a lot of strength.
Also, the coconut’s armor was too thick to be crushed by her own firepower.
Her strength was gradually being drained, and she was certain that she would run out of steam sooner or later.

(If I fall here, those fingers will undoubtedly made their way in me)

Great Madam who continues to demand for seconds. What will she do if Light cruiser-sensei collapses?
She would’ve started tormenting the serving staff to get them to stand up.
And the first thing she would do is to penetrate them with two fingers.

(That’s no good. Definitely not good)

Light cruiser-sensei continues to swing her fist, as she feels despair.

(Big and heavy. That’s the only thing about her, yet she’s so formidable)

So far, Great Madam has not unleashed any techniques on her.
Although she has a keen sense of smell and has spotted Light cruiser-sensei’s traits, it is the size and weight of her body along with her greed that is driving her.

(Physique and weight. As I thought, these are the conditions for strength, aren’t they?)

It is the natural order of things. If it applies to everything, then she is definitely a weak person.
For she’s not blessed with good build or size in any part of her body.
But then the figure of a certain person floated in her mind.

(No, it IS one of the condition to gain strength, but that’s not everything)

It reminded her of Tauro, the Doctor Slime. Like herself, he was not blessed with a great physique.

(If you have the skill and wisdom, you can even overcome the difference in size. Tauro-sama has proven this to me)

A strong light shines in Light cruiser sensei’s eyes.

(I, too, will follow that back of his)

She paid more attention than ever and struck her fists.
However, even if her mental strength returned, her exhausted energy did not.
She was being pushed further and further into a corner.

(My arm… I can’t lift my arm anymore)

Her muscle strength had reached its lowest point and her body was losing its strength.
Her eyes involuntarily fell on Great Madam’s fingers, and her heart almost gave out.
Just as she was being pushed into a corner, she saw a streak of light on the coconut in front of her.


Without knowing what it is, she hit the coconut. At that time, she had a sudden realization.

(This must be what the Director was talking about!)

There is another skill that she has tried to master, but could not.
The name of this technique is『insight』.
If the teachings are correct, this streak of light should indicate a weakness.
This was a similar ability as Tauro’s『Magic eye』and Lightning’s『Vision』, although Light cruiser-sensei did not know of this fact.


Again, she released her fist to confirm it.


The effect was spectacular, even though her own muscles must have been getting weaker.

(I can do this!)

The strongest shield, covered with a tough shell that keeps repelling all physical attacks. She could see the light to attack it.



「And here!」


「And then here!」

A relentless barrage of left and right blows knocked the coconut down.
Her instincts warned her of a different sensation than comfort.

(The boss seat will be taken!)

Until now, it has been about the underlings serving the leader of the pack. But now it’s different. This is clearly a challenge.
The flaming wild fighting spirit is driving Great Madam.


She raised her arms and closed her thighs with a vigorous cry.
Light cruiser-sensei who was expecting this, leaped backwards with leisure.


Great Madam stands up and glares at the sneaky little thing. She starts to fight back by swinging her arms that are as thick as logs.
But the little thing avoids this by ducking down.
On the contrary, she jumps into her bosom and drives her fist into the coconut.

「Gumho! Gumhuo! Gumhuoaa!」

With a graceful step, Light cruiser-sensei moves to the left and right. With each step and sometimes twisting her body, she landed more blows that contained her body weight.
With each blow, the coconut shook, a clear indication that it was nearing its limit.

「What an incredible sight… So this is the power of the so-called saint-sama」

The Minister’s perspective returned as Great Madam stood up. While peeking through the small window, a voice of admiration leaks out from his mouth.
The sight of her in combat was overwhelming to behold. The minister was completely mesmerized by her fighting style.
However, Light cruiser-sensei does not necessarily have the luxury of time.

(If she got hit even just once, she will be done for)

That is the difference between her and Great Madam.
She has the endurance from her huge frame and the muscle power to inflict a fatal wound with a single swing.
In contrast, she has to shave off her durability without getting hit even once.

「Look out!」

The minister shouted involuntarily.
The lump of flesh that had so far only attacked with its arms suddenly unleashed a front kick.
The woman with a slim waist stepped aside to avoid it. But to the minister, it looked like she barely avoided it.


This time, she attacked with a kick and a slap at the same time.
Her stance was poor and her effort was low, but the weight and muscular strength of Great Madam is more than enough to cover it.
She avoided the slap by ducking, and dodged the front kick by swinging her body to the side just in time.
The minister clenched his fists tightly at that last second evasion.
But he hadn’t noticed. Light cruiser-sensei’s eyes were shining with the opportunity of a lifetime.


What was released was a swing that crawled across the floor.
The fist, sent out with elbows folded, rose at a steep angle and pierced the core of the coconut from right underneath it.
It was a position that could only be struck now that she had swung her leg up.

(Inward, as if drilling into it)

Sticking to the basics, Light cruiser-sensei lightly swings her arms.
A powerful but short-ranged uppercut. She kept waiting for an opening on the coconut.


A dragon-like cry shook the building.
The counter uppercut coincided with the return of the released front kick.
Naturally, there was no mistake from Light cruiser-sensei. Her timing was perfect.


She felt the armor of the coconut crack and shatter in her fist.
Immediately afterwards, with a bursting sound, the invisible shell of the coconut flew apart.
What emerged from inside was a large, freshly peeled peach.

「This match is decided」

The teacher grabbed the peach.
A peach that has regained its freshness for the first time in half a century, bearing fruit at the base of the leg.
Grabbing that spot, Great Madam screamed even more.


As if to crush it, Light cruiser-sensei holds up her fingers and puts in a lot of strength in it.
Great Madam erupted like a bursting water balloon. She soaked her from head to toe and then stopped moving.

「It’s over」

Light cruiser-sensei looks back at him with a calm expression while brushing her wet hair.
The minister is speechless.

「Now, she is no different from a teenage maiden. If you press her with attacks, anyone will be able to satisfy her」

The treatment was far more violent than the walnut cracking Tauro had done to the elves.
After her shell was shattered, Great Madam now will even react to a gentle breeze.


The minister made a disgusted expression, but he quickly retracted it. He must have thought that it would be disrespectful to Light cruiser-sensei.
He opened the door and led the way to the audience room with an attitude that was several times more polite than when she just arrived.

『The Saint of the kingdom defeated the demon with her bare hands』

It was a moment when another legend following Lightning’s was born in the Black Locust country.


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