Chapter 195 Part 1

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The people of the royal capital were keenly aware of the changing seasons.
Especially at sunset.
The days when it was still bright outside even after dinner. Those days are long gone, and when one looks out the window, they will often be surprised at how dark it is already.
At such times, when the day had gone dark, a young man wearing a hood was walking fast on the street.
Turning down a narrow street, he walked into a five-story inn that stood close by.

「Welcome back」

A five-story inn located on the north side of the red-light district.
I shifted my hood slightly to show my face to the employees. After receiving confirmations in the form of greetings, I went to the stairs.
I knocked quietly on the room I was looking for and slipped my body through the opened doorway.

「How was it?」

In the twin room were two women. The older of the two asks.
With her bangs slanted, she has the air of a female college student looking for a job.

「We have enough information. It’s time to move on to the next phase」

The young man replied with a satisfied look.
He is a handsome man with curly hair, thick eyebrows, and long yet natural-looking eyelashes.
He has a well-trained body with thick chest hair peeking out from his chest. A thick smell of men drifted out from there.

「Now then, it’s finally time to defeat the source of evil」

The one who opened their mouth with a serious expression was the last girl.
If the girl earlier was like a university student, this girl was more like a high school girl. She has long hair in a hime cut.
The chest hair pheromone dropped to one knee and changed his attitude.

「It is just as you said. I beg Saint-sama to please lend us your strength」

The high school girl with the hime cut, who was called Saint, nodded strongly.

「Of course. My power was given to me by God for that purpose」

But right after that, her voice weakens as she looks at the two of them alternately.

「However, as you can see, I am not very accustomed to the world. I will need your assistance」

「If you’re fine with me」

「Please leave it to us」

A job-hunting college student bowing her head, and the chest hair pheromone with long eyelashes who’s winking at her. The look in their eyes when they looked at her was as if they were watching over their little sister.
With a happy expression on her face, the saint took both of their hands and expressed her thoughts.

「Let’s work together to save the people from the devil!」

The job-hunting college girl and chest hair pheromone are the entourage of the Bishop of the eastern country. They are the followers of that fat old woman who swelled up with disgust and anger after witnessing 『Sin and Punishment』 in the royal capital.
They arrived at the capital a few days ago, having taken the saint out under the bishop’s orders. After that, they took turns going to the city to investigate the enemy they needed to defeat.

「Well then, let’s review the informations we’ve gathered so far」

The job-hunting college girl made a proposal with an atmosphere as if she were giving a presentation.
Seeing that they had no objections, she continued.

「First of all, it was a man named Doctor Slime who invented and popularized『Sin and Punishment』. This turned out to be surprisingly easy to find out」

「Ahh, what an arrogant man. It was as if he never had the intention to hide it at all」

The chest hair pheromone makes a bitter expression.
This information was easily obtained at the first brothel he visited.
“I was the one who came up with the idea!” Was written on a piece of colored paper in his own handwriting. It was displayed in the lobby of the brothel.

「On that piece of paper, it also said, 『Leader of the Doom squad』 . But so far, we still have no information on what『Doom squad』is.」

「Doom…huh? That has a very ominous ring to it」

The high school girl-like saint let out a few words that showed her uneasiness. The job-hunting college girl intensified her tone to cheer her up.

「However, after conducting inquiries at some restaurants, we found the existence of『Adult gourmet club』. Perhaps this is the front face of the『Doom squad』」

The chest hair pheromone with arms crossed takes over the words.

「In other words, Doctor Slime is the founder of the『Adult gourmet club』, and so all the members of this gathering are also a part of that squad, huh?」

The job-hunting college girl nodded.

「We believe that Dr. Slime, like those tainted by 『Sin and Punishment』, is using brainwashing to keep his subjects under his control」

After a moment of pause, she continued.

「And I think that Doctor Slime himself has also been brainwashed」

「Why do you think so?」

She returned with a strong gaze at the chest hair pheromone who raised one of his eyebrows

「The appearance of 『Sin and Punishment』 is too abrupt, no matter how outlandish an idea may seem, there must be a cultural basis for it. But I couldn’t just find it in this case」

「Which means?」

「It means that it may have been brought from outside of this world. For example, the demon world」

At these words, the room was enveloped in silence and heavy tension.
And then, as if she were squeezing out the words to come out of her mouth, the high school girl saint spoke up.

「A demon that was supposed to have been driven away a long time ago. Does this mean that it has returned?」

「He’s planning to revive it, is what probably happening」

The job-hunting college girl offers her own opinion at the high school girl saint who’s staring at her with a serious expression.

「Doctor Slime is probably a human. I think the demon that controls him is still outside of this world, getting ready to reveal itself」

The chest hair pheromone who’s been listening to their talk frowned and opened his mouth.

「He must have had a dirty mind to begin with, almost demonic in nature. That’s why it responded to the demon’s call and easily took over his mind」

「The fault lies with the devil. We must not speak of such things about him」

The high school girl saint smiled as she put her hand on the chest hair pheromone’s curly hair head.

「That’s why I’m here. The cleansing power bestowed by God will be able to drive the demons out of Doctor Slime’s mind」

「It is as you said, Saint-sama」

Accepting the apology, the high school girl saint urges the job-hunting college girl to continue.

「As you say, that power of yours is the devil’s natural enemy. There is nothing to be afraid of」

“However”, she continued.

「It doesn’t matter if you are a saint, you are still a human. It’s impossible for you to use your power continuously. We must separate Doctor Slime his subordinates」

Highschool girl saint and Chest hair pheromone nods.

「I think we should leave Doctor Slime to Saint-sama while we keep his subordinates at bay」

The chest hair pheromone asks while brushing his rough cheek.

「How do we plan to divide them?」

「I’m thinking of baiting them with false information」

The job-hunting college girl spoke up and began to explain.
The individual Doctor Slime has already been identified. The members of the 『Adult Gourmet Club』 have also been identified, though not all of them.
They will call Doctor Slime alone as an interview for the 『Adult Gourmet Club』.
And then his subordinates will be gathered in one place under the pretense that there will be『Adult Gourmet Club』special gathering.
It was such a plan.

「I wish it will go smoothly」

「The colored paper thing shows that he has a strong desire for making himself known. If we show interest, he will surely respond」

She replied confidently to the chest hair pheromone who had a worried look on his face.

「What about his subordinates?」

「I’m going to spread the word about the special event from the restaurant employees. There seems to be a restaurant that they frequent to, so I’ll have them call out to the members whose faces are known」

「Please be careful」

The high school girl saint shows a worried look.
As if to reassure her, the chest hair pheromone gently spoke to her.

「Please don’t worry about us. Despite our appearances, we are both ranking holders. We won’t be defeated by the likes of devil’s subordinates」

The eastern country finds great importance in the world tournament and sends their players with enthusiasm. But even so, only a few of them have a world ranking.
This means that these two who were rank holders are one of the best players in the Easter country.
After confirming that the high school girl saint was breathing a sigh of relief, the chest hair pheromone turned her attention back to the job hunting college girl.

「The important thing is the timing. We definitely want it to be on the same day, preferably close in time」

The job-hunting college girl moves her head deeply vertically.

「The day Doctor Slime agrees to be interviewed, that will be the day we execute the plan」

And so the plan to purify and destroy both Doctor Slime and the 『Doom squad』 was set in motion.


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