Chapter 195 Part 2

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At the same time, in the Eastern country, the Archbishop of the Cathedral City had received an information

「The Saintess isn’t here?」

In the office of the Grand church.
The frail-looking old man who appeared there was startled by the stern face of the Archbishop with double chins.
Currently, there is only one Saintess in the Eastern country.
She is still a student and was supposed to be going to school from the monastery.

「According to the head of the monastery, she was going somewhere as ordered from the bishop」

The Saintess does not show up at school. So a worried teacher inquired at the monastery and that’s how the matter was discovered.
It turned out that the bishop’s followers had left for the west.

(Damn it, I don’t want any trouble to appear between our country and the kingdom)

The Archbishop frowned when he heard the mention of the bishop.
It was the fat, elderly woman who had yelled at him the other day. She must have taken the Saintess to the royal capital to fight against 『Sin and Punishment』.

「I will talk to the bishop. You go take some guys with you to the royal capital and bring back the Saintess and the others」

The usually warmhearted Archbishop. Seeing his brows furrowed even deeper, the timid old man hurriedly left the room with a bow.
Waiting for the door to close completely, the archbishop plopped down on the desk and gripped both ends of the top panes tightly.
Then he let out a deep and long groan.

「What do you think about the talk just now?」

After a deep exhale, he called out to no one in particular.
The reply came from under the desk.

「The 『Sin and Punishment』 that was in the report. The bishop must have considered it as some kind of devil curse or brainwashing」

The nun’s head is between the archbishop’s legs.
She twirled her unusually long tongue and giggled as she cleaned him.

「That’s why she wanted to lend the Saintess’s power」

The archbishop thought about the Saintess while squinting his eyes in pleasure.

(If I recall correctly, that girl’s power was that she could perform something equivalent to a C-rank cure abnormality status magic)

The Saintess. A Saintess is a being who can manifest powers equivalent to magic without the need to chant spells.
They are innate and are born very rarely.
In the Eastern country, they are revered as a Saint if they are male and Saintessess if they are female, and they are under the protection of the country from a young age.

(C-ranked cure abnormal status is certainly amazing)

It is even safe to say that there’s nothing she can’t cure to a normal state.
The act of going to a brothel to seek『Sin and Punishment』. What if that is indeed caused by a curse or a brainwash?

(Then she would be able to cure them)

A Saintess who could exercise such power several times a day. It was only natural to want to rely on her.

「Your Eminence」

A voice emanated from beneath the desk, but it did not reach the ears of the Archbishop, who was submerged in a sea of his own thoughts.

(But will it really work out?)

There is something that can be called a national disease in this country.
It is a tendency to treat anyone who disagrees with you as a madman. The bishop who had taken the Saintess is a typical example.

(The downside of monotheism. It is coherent, but it is unable to accept diverse values, and its vessel becomes small)

The Archbishop himself personally didn’t think that cure abnormal status would work for 『Sin and Punishment』.

(There’s a high possibility that 『Sin and Punishment』is a form of one’s taste and hobby)

A mental and physical pain inflicted by women. Perhaps there are those who find pleasure in it.
That’s what he was thinking.

「Your Eminence」

(If that’s true, then no matter how much she used cure abnormal status– Ohh~)

Tired of being ignored, the nun under the desk tightened her tongue.
The melting stimulation brought him back from his pensive thoughts.

「About the bishop-sama, it seems there’s a problem in the governance seeing the fact that she disregarded the Archbishop’s warning and acted on her own」

She coiled up her tongue in a spiral, her movements seeming to squeeze every last drop out of him.
The Archbishop couldn’t help but let out a sweet squeal.

「That’s right. It is a big problem in our country that there are those who think that if it’s for God’s sake then you’re allowed to do whatever you want」

A loud sucking sound could be heard under the desk.

「What is for “God’s sake”? It’s different for everyone. Oh my…」

The Archbishop’s clone, who had gathered his strength again.
The Archbishop grabbed the nun’s head with both hands and thrust it straight down her throat.
The nun’s head was forcibly shaken back and forth, and her throat was gouged.
However, the nun, the Shitanaga-sama, did not show any signs of pain. On the contrary, she was suddenly filled with pleasure.

(She has changed)

The Archbishop thought.
As the one in charge of servicing him, he has let her go under the desk a few times already. But the Archbishop has never really appreciated it.

(It is indeed good. But she’s always trying to bring a man to her knees)

That’s the only reason.

(As I thought, both parties need to feel good. Otherwise, the man won’t feel truly satisfied)

That’s what he thought, but one day, things changed dramatically.
She began to actively seek joy even during her servicing duty.

(Right here, huh?)

The Archbishop rubbed the back of her throat while having that kind of thought.
The Shitanaga-sama surprisingly came with that.

(This spot at the back of her throat is more sensitive than the one between her legs. I don’t know how this came to be, but it’s a good thing)

The overnight guidance of Light cruiser-sensei had made the back of her throat her most favorite point.
This had given her the opportunity to play using the back of her throat, which she had never liked, even though she was good with her mouth. Now she was eager to do so.
Since then, her popularity with men has skyrocketed. The ratio of men to women has already reversed, overtaking that of women.
After all, the look of satisfaction on a woman’s face gives a man confidence.

(I guess it’s about time)

He swiped his fingers through her hair as he came a second time into the back of her throat.

「You are perfect in both ability and achievement. Moreover, your heart has been showing a rapid growth lately」

He ruffled her hair and continued to speak while holding out both her ears.

「When you’ve finished cleaning, take the priests with you and go to the bishop. I will relieve her of her duties as bishop」

Then, as if he couldn’t take it anymore, he paused for a second.

「Umu, that’s right. Let’s make you the next bishop」

The nun nods repeatedly between his legs. And she began devoting herself to the cleaning duty from the bottom of her heart.
While greatly enjoying it, the Archbishop’s thoughts take flight.

(I know the chances are slim, but I would also try this『Sin and Punishment』thing)

There’s a reason as to why he had such a thought.

(Having an illusion of seeing God after harsh training is quite a rare chance)

Tormenting your body, not sleeping, or extreme fasting.
Going insane from extreme pain. The body’s ability to prevent this will cause illusions to appear. That’s what the Archbishop thought.

(If 『Sin and Punishment』 is a somewhat easy way to experience it, it’s worth the experience)

When he was young, the Archbishop once performed a rough asceticism without thinking.
The vision he had during that time had brought him a joy that could be described as ecstasy.

(It was an illusion)

That’s what he thinks about it now. But that doesn’t mean that those memories will fade away.
Now that he had no intention of doing something so reckless as risking his life, he needed a different way to savor them again.

(I’ll sneak out and go try it out myself in the royal capital…… is probably impossible)

He denied the idea he came up with.
Then after remembering the Dharma joy he had in the past, he becomes hard again while feeling a sense of sadness.
He then began to shake his body and demanded another round.

(This me will become the next bishop…)

Shitanaga-sama had a euphoric look on her face. She switched from cleaning to serving, and began to move her head back and forth.


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