Chapter 200 Part 1

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The main street that runs from east to west through the red-light district of the royal capital.
A brothel made of white marble and bricks stood in a prime location along the street.
The name of the brothel is 『Jayanne』, and it is one of the three most prestigious brothels in the royal capital.
The lobby is lined with a long, burgundy carpet. A middle-aged gentleman with white sideburns was standing there with a fine posture.

(He should be arriving anytime now)

He thinks while looking at the large clock displayed in the lobby.
It’s been more than twenty years since he started working at Jayanne. He used to be just a snot-nosed brat, but now he’s the manager of this place. I am now called 『Master Concierge』 by the people in the store.
And even for such a man, today is a special day.

(She and Tauro-sama will finally clashing with each other)

Tauro’s nickname, Doctor Slime. There is not a person in the red-light district who does not know this name.
And her, who despite being the best in the business, has been sitting on the platform instead of the sidelines. She is also passionate about training the younger generation, and her students are expected to become the next main force in the business.
She was truly the backbone of Jayanne.

(Since returning from her training trip, she has improved her skills several notches. There is no other woman in the royal capital who can stand up to her)

Doctor Slime, on the other hand, is the strongest of the men in the royal capital.
The suite room on the third floor of his store. This would be the venue for the final battle of the royal capital’s red-light district.
His chest swelled with pride, and his back naturally straightened.

(Even so, what a broad-minded person he is)

There were many people in the store who wanted to watch the game, and while being a little afraid, he asked him about it.

『Sure, that’s alright』

That was Doctor Slime’s reply. He didn’t even ask the number of people.
However, he couldn’t let everyone in the room, so he carefully selected a few and gave permission.
Some were saved by Doctor Slime, some had fought with him, and some had become his friends.
As he was thinking about the list, a boy who was an apprentice concierge came to report to him.

「Master, Tauro-sama is here to see you」

He looked at his watch again and saw that it was just before the appointed time. This is one of his virtues that has not changed since before he became famous.

「I understand, I will be there shortly」

He walked straight through the lobby to the entrance. There stood a man in his thirties, with not much aura.

「We’ve been expecting you, Tauro-sama」

He thinks as he lowered my head deeply from my waist. He was wondering if anyone would be able to tell that this person was Doctor Slime at first sight.

(However, that’s what makes this person so terrifying)

This is the top scoop of those who are called masters. They don’t exude an overwhelming power over their surroundings.
On the contrary, they are as calm as the surface of the water without wind, like the guild master of the merchant guild.

「Now then, without further ado, let me show you the way」

I turned on my heel and headed for the stairs at the back of the lobby. There was no one blocking my way.
I, the manager, was leading the way followed by Doctor Slime. The guests stared in amazement as they stood on both sides of the wall.
It would take a very brave person or a stranger to cross in front of him like this.

(And even if they did, Tauro-sama wouldn’t even care about it)

When I glanced back at him, he was walking with his back curled up in an uncomfortable manner.
Personally, I’d like him to be a little more dignified. But then again, I suppose that’s just the way he is.
After climbing two sets of stairs, we arrived in front of two wooden doors.

「Open the door」

At my words, the apprentice concierge pushes open the door. His role is to be the guardian of this place.
And in the middle of the room, behind the doors that opened on both sides. There was a young woman standing there, smiling.

「Thank you very much for choosing me for this occasion」

She pinched the hem of the white mini dress she wore as she bent her knees and bowed.
Her slender body sank along with her words, and her long black hair swayed slightly.

「It’s been a while, sensei. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be your partner this time」

I look around the room, keeping them in sight as they greet each other.
The room is more than twice as large as usual. In the center of the room sits a king-sized bed covered with white sheets.
A few spectators stand around it. All of them are women who work in this store.

「Both sides, please get ready」

I made sure the door behind me was closed and gestured to the main actors.
They shook hands and parted, heading for the wall, where they began to undress.


My cheeks relaxed as I saw an unexpected sight.
A young apprentice girl was trying to go up to Doctor Slime to get his clothes. But a beautiful woman with a cold demeanor stopped her and started to assist him instead.

(People do change, don’t they?)

She has always been a solitary person, hating any contact with her colleagues. To those who knew her, it would have been a sight to behold, for her to take the initiative to help others change their clothes.

(You are no longer alone)

Because she was so solitary, she had no one to talk to about her problems. She was so overwhelmed that she once said she was going to quit the store.
Doctor Slime was the one who counseled her and gave her a solution. As a result, her mood softened and she continued to work here.

(I see you’ve got a great friend. Congratulations)

She finishes wrapping the bath towel around Dr. Slime’s waist and lightly slaps his ass as if to push him.
Her small mouth is moving. From the part that sounded cut off, I guessed that she said, 『Good luck』.

(Now, how about the other side?)

I turned my head to the opposite wall and looked at the camp that Doctor Slime referred to as 『Sensei』.
Twintail and Werewolf, the two of them were competing with each other to help her change her clothes.

(Her illness. It was the trigger for solving a big accident)

As I watch the twin-tailed girl folding her clothes, I rub my chin while recalling the event.
She was recovering from a serious health condition, thanks to Doctor Slime’s massage.

『It felt more like a status abnormality than a disease. Do you have any idea what it might be?』

With a single word from Doctor Slime, the situation moved quickly.
The investigation revealed that some of the customers had been bringing in drugs and mixing them in the drinks behind the women’s backs.
The culprits believed it was an aphrodisiac, but it was too inferior to be a poison.
As the investigation progressed, the existence of a criminal organization that was trying to spread the drug emerged. The investigation develops into a major manhunt in which even the knights are mobilized.


He nodded and moved his gaze further.
It passed over Werewolf and stopped at a viciously curvy woman.
She was sitting on a chair with her back against the wall and her legs crossed high. She was the first of the sideline group, and the most successful woman in the store.

(When it comes to the number of fights, she might be the number one here)

She was defeated out of arrogance, and defeated again despite giving it her all. Then, in the first game where she gambled for everything, she finally won.
The people around her praised her, but she seemed to shake her head from side to side with a sigh.

『I don’t think I’d win if we ever fought again』

It must have been her real feeling. I heard that the atmosphere at that time was not that of a winner.

(And then there’s『Sensei』, how about her?)

I looked back and saw a woman in a very small bath towel wrapped around her chest. She had just finished changing her clothes.

(A disease that she had been prepared to believe to be incurable. Her gratitude to Tauro-sama was greater than anyone else’s because he had cured her of it)

In return, she helps him to improve his massage skills.
She was a good mentor, and Doctor Slime’s skills rapidly improved under her teaching.
The damage caused by the drugs had spread widely in the royal capital’s red-light district. He made a great contribution to saving the victims of the disease.

(But the side effects of that treatment were too strong)

I involuntarily exhaled a deep sigh.

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