Chapter 21


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I was sitting slumped in the sofa of Jayanne’s lobby. I was so exhausted that I thought I may not be able to stand anymore for the rest of the day. The concierge who learned about my curing of the girl also spoke words of gratitude towards me. The concierge could easily tell why I was so burnout and told me to take a break for a while in the sofa whilst showing me an apologetic smile. I will accept their benevolence this time round; though I am obliged to comply as I am barely able to move. The other customers looked at me with strange gazes as I just lay there on the sofa.

As I lazed around at the lobby of Jayanne, the girls at the sidelines were gradually coming to work. The Onee-sama that had a bombshell body was also here. Seeing my appearance, she approached me saying “Oh who do we have here!” with a surprised expression on her face. She crosses her legs as she looks at me with a challenging gaze. I can see your lower triangle you know? No, she is purposely showing it to me.

She then licked her lips. She probably wasn’t satisfied with yesterday’s results. She looks like she wants a rematch. She was beating me with a score of 3-0 but then to suddenly have it turned around in the second half to bring it to a tie, I can certainly understand her feelings in the matter. However, it’s impossible. Right now, I don’t have any energy to fight a powerful opponent like her. The concierge whispers into her ear. He is probably telling her about how I got into this kind of a situation. After showing an expression of disappointment she stopped trying to provoke me.

After a while of recovering my energy, I left the store. The concierge sent me off. The day is still early.

Ahh, was the sun always this bright…..?

I didn’t feel like playing anymore for the day, so I returned to my hotel. I begin my daily routine of making potions. I was focused on making plenty of Rank E potions and then making a smaller quantity of Rank F potions and so on and so forth. I intend to deliver the potions to the guild tomorrow so I also made four Rank D potions as well. I also started thinking about various things.

(My passion for playing in a brothel has settled down greatly.)

Immediately after being transported into this world, I was so engrossed in this world. I rushed through the process without really taking the time to enjoy it. I was like a starving animal but as one would expect after escaping from the state of starvation, I am now able to think more clearly and enjoy myself a lot more.

(If I think about it, since coming into this world, I have earned a lot of experience and my level has risen considerably.)

I was an amateur virgin before I came here playing around with women at a rate of once or twice a month. But after coming here, I was playing with them every day and it became a daily thing. I wasn’t just playing either, I was learning new things.

It started with the mourning widow that I met in that post town and she was an excellent teacher. The width and depth of my knowledge were also expanded. Because any disease can be cleared with magic, more so than when I was in Japan, it was possible to enjoy intercourse in a less restricted fashion.

Also due to the difference in culture and ethics of this world, I was able to play with girls who were difficult to find within Japan. As a result, without a shred of doubt, my skill improved, my confidence level increased and I grew as a man greatly.

Before being transported, Tauro as a person was not a villain but he was a biased human being. Because of that there was aspects that was extremely dull about him and also strangely delicate places. Although he wasn’t aware of it at the time generally speaking, he probably wasn’t an easy person to deal with. However, right now, he has grown to a level that is decent as a human being. He has a good control over his temper and he has increased his previously low boiling point before getting angry. He has transformed into a person that people could talk to with ease.

If the manager of his company was to see Tauro today, he would immediately promote him to a position of Chief Clerk and he would be able to trust Tauro as a subordinate person with ease. That is just how much change he has undergone.

(The Capital City is a nice place. Perhaps I should go out of this inn, rent a room somewhere and open a body treatment studio which doubles as a potion workshop.)

After having his libido fulfilled, Tauro had a new desire rise in his heart. This was a desire to have pride in himself and become a useful human being for society. The curing of Teacher Light’s ailments brought him an unexpected sense of fulfillment.

It was nice that she was grateful for his help, but even before that, he felt a sense of accomplishment and joy in curing the disease. He didn’t really understand the reason behind it either. It may be something derived from instinct as a living organism.

(When I go to the guild tomorrow, let’s ask about renting a room.)

Tauro decided on this as he continued to produce his potions.

The next day, I came to the merchant guild in the morning. I was here for the purpose of delivering my potions. I opened the potion bag and showed off the contents. The fierce looking uncle carefully examined my potions one by one and recorded the amount precisely.

「25 potions for Disease Treatment (F), 25 potions for Abnormal Condition treatment (F), 20 potions for Disease Treatment (E), 20 potions for Abnormal Condition Treatment (E).」

The uncle picks up a dark colored potion in his hand and continues speaking but in admiration.

「1 potion for treatment of injuries (D), 2 potions for disease treatment, 1 potion for abnormal condition treatment (D), that’s all of it I believe. This is wonderful!!」

Over the past few days, I have worked very hard to create almost 100 potions in total. My potion bag is almost full. The reason I barely created any injury treatment potions is because the unit price per potion is low.

The most expensive medicines are for treating disease and the next most expensive are potions to recover from abnormal conditions. The cheapest medicines are for treating injuries. The price of disease treatment potions is almost double that of injury treatment potions.

「A total of 94 pieces, this amounts of 145 gold coins.」

I sign the receipt and deposit the funds to my guild account.

「Well, you are a big help to the merchant guild lad. I will buy as many as you can sell, so I hope that we will get along from hereafter.」

The uncle gives me a big smile. It seems that he will make a lot of profit. But that doesn’t matter to me. I also make money and the other party also makes money, as long as the other party’s shares me profits within the acceptable range I think that it is fine. Oh yeah, let’s ask him about renting a room.

「By the way, I have something I would like to discuss with you.」

「Yes, what could it be?」

「The truth is that I would like to rent a room and it would be good if you can refer me to a good room.」

I explained my circumstances. The fact that I was staying at the hotel residence right now. The fact that I want to rent a room and to use it as a potion workshop but also something that can double as my own home.

「Oho, you want to own a potion studio?」

The uncle’s eyes glow. Something seems to have come to his mind.

「This is a very exciting development. I will take the responsibility to introduce you to a good property.」

Saying this he calls someone from the interior of the guild. An auntie carrying a huge book came out.

「Is there any areas or places you specifically want to stay in?」

「I don’t have a particular requirement with the area. But in regards to the workshop, I want the room to be as large as a bedroom.」

In my case, I don’t need a studio to make potions. But considering that I am going to start calling myself a pharmacist and continue making potions, I need some sort of camouflage to make it seem more realistic, right? Also since I am going to double up as an osteopathist, I need to place a treatment bed in there as well.

「In terms of the location, I want it to be a relatively safe place with good public order and where it is easy to reach.」

Hearing my specifications, the aunt begins to flip through her thick book. Apparently she seems to be a real estate agent. After she presented me a with a couple of choices I chose one of them.

「Well, if you would like Tauro-san, I will be your guide from here on.」

She seems to be very proactive in her job. Because I found it a little strange, I tried to ask about her zeal in an indirect manner. The uncle answered me with a wry smile.

「We were worried if a good client can settle down in this city. Therefore it’s natural that I would like to introduce you to a good property to live in before you change your mind.」

I see I was convinced. Directly after leaving the merchant guild, the auntie came with me to the first property I chose on the list. The uncle continues to work at the guild without taking a break.

「Ohh, it seems to be quite sunny today.」

Located in the intersection of an alleyway there is a stone build three stories tall. The first and second floor are filled with a variety of properties for rent, whereas the third floor is one big property.

However, as a tradeoff, the only two-thirds of the building are for rooms where as the remaining one-third of the build is a garden filled with soil. The reason I selected this property as my first choice is precisely because of this garden. I also wanted to try and do some gardening as well.

「I have a living room, a bedroom, a studio workshop, a kitchen, a toilet, a bath and a storage room…. I think this should be enough.」

After checking the rooms, I believe that it is more than enough for me to live alone. Rather it seems that it will be quite difficult to clean the place and I’m a little worried about that. The rooms have also been furnished with beds and cupboards. The set up seems to resemble Western European style. I went to the rooftop of the second floor which is where the garden is located in order to take a look. I can see the castle in the distance. It’s a really good view from up here.

Roughly speaking the layout of the capital city goes as follows; in the north is the Imperial Castle, in the south is the Gate, in the east the shopping district and in the west the Pleasure Quarters.

And to the south of the shopping districts is the middle-class residential area, to the south of the Pleasure Quarters is the lower-class strata of the residential area.

On the contrary however, to the north of the shopping district exists the noble’s district called the Noble Town and the north of the Pleasure Quarters is the upper-class residential areas called the Upper Town.

The administrative agencies exist inside of the Imperial Castle.

And the place I am at right now is the northern part of the lower-class residential area. The security around this area is quite delicate but compared with other properties in this area, the overall specifications matches my taste the most.

「Yeah, I have decided. I want this place.」

By the way the rent here is 15 gold coins a month. Although I haven’t completely grasped the value of money just yet, I am guessing that the other properties around the area would be around the same price.

As soon as I made my decision, I made a contract on the spot. Cleaning is done every morning so the place is ready to be lived in right now. There is a bed in this place but no sheets or futons, but the merchant guild has agreed to provide the service of carrying it all in by the end of today.

「You have been staying at the inn thus far for accommodation so please hand over the key tomorrow morning.」

The aunt talks about the rest of the property details and then leaves.

(Without realizing it a lot of time has already passed. It makes me feel as if this is not a different world.)

I was thinking about these type of things as I eat my lunch at a nearby stall close to my new house. Time really passes by quite fast. By the way, I am currently eating some kind of sweet potato set meal with bread as the main course. You might assume that it is a plain meal. However, it doesn’t taste bad at all. I’m not familiar with this combination of food but it is delicious.

(Alright, what should I do from here on out?)

After lunch, it is time for a bit of beauty appreciation along with doing some fitness.

If I were to go in a sequential order, today would be time for me to go back to Cione for the magical girl course. However, I falter in my steps.

(I really like peach as a fruit. I especially like a young peach that is a little crispy to the touch.)


(It would seem that I’ve eaten a little too much of it two days ago. Rather than something fresh and ripe I am craving something else.)

I recall the cherries I’ve eaten in the past. Every year during summer I would buy a box filled with 2kg worth of cherries. Then I would eat them up. I would eat them in the morning, at night and even the morning of next day if there was any left overs. I will not eat anything besides the cherries. I would stay away from meat, fish and vegetables. I would only eat cherries. At first it tastes delicious.

「Hyaah, cherries are seriously delicious!」

I would scream as such whilst enjoying the sweet taste. But soon the fresh sweetness and sourness of the cherries would be replaced by a grassy flavor.

Then the second part of it will just be hardship. Almost as if I only eat not for the pleasure but just to get my belly full. Even if I got hungry I couldn’t eat anything else. Because I made the decision for myself.

「If I am hungry then I should eat cherries!」

「If I don’t like the taste then don’t eat anything at all!」

「However, until the cherries are completely gone, I will not eat any other kind of foods!」

This is the “Cherry Festival” rule that I made up for myself. This type of attraction to cherries would only last during the season. Why would I do something like this you ask? When I was little I was shocked at how delicious cherries tasted. However, because of the high price of the cherries, I was only able to eat a little. In the case of cherries, they were expensive all year around. When I did get a taste of the cherries, it would only be 2-3 pieces at any one time. Due to this type of restricted environment…

「When I grow up I want to be able to eat as much cherries as I want. So much that I will grow to dislike it!」

With that type of thought process, I created my own “Cherry Festival”. Immediately after the festival is over, I would lose my sense of attraction to the cherries. However, when the next season arrives, the feelings of wanting to eat cherries would return and the cycle would repeat itself.

Hmm, though I have gone off topic slightly, I will summarize the point now. I really love magical girls. However, I am really quite full of them right now. If I wait a little longer, I will start to love them again, so let’s just wait a while longer. That’s the point.

(Let’s go to a different store from Cione for today.)

Thinking this I suddenly noticed something. Since I have arrived in the capital city I have only been to Cassabell, Cione and Jayanne.

There are many other brothels in the capital city.

(Should I try some of the other brothels?)

Thinking about this I suddenly thought of somebody. I was wondering how Teacher Light was doing right now. Once she is under my care I shouldn’t just turn a blind eye to her condition.

(Let’s go see how she is doing after yesterday’s session. As someone who provided her with medical treatment, I feel responsible for her.)

Thus I headed towards Jayanne. Although Tauro was not aware of it, the sense of “accomplishment due to being useful as a person” was influencing his actions and conduct in a different direction.


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