Chapter 215 Part 2

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The stage moves northwest, from the royal capital to the imperial court. There, a round table conference was currently being held.
Seated at the top of the table was a man with slightly droopy eyes. He was probably in his middle age or approaching his prime.
As the emperor, he looked around at his subjects seated at the round table. After confirming that there were several empty seats, he opened his mouth.

「Gentlemen, you are aware that the Viscountess has set up checkpoints on the highway in the northern city, right?」

Everyone nodded.
The city to the north is a small city just south of the Spirit Forest. In order to protect the country from the threat of the elven race, the mature viscountess had just been appointed as the lord of the city.
One of the vacant seats was where she had been sitting until the last meeting.

「The waste that the elves were bringing into our lands and dumping in our territory. I heard that she managed to put a stop to that」

The voice came from a tall, gray haired gentleman. The emperor nodded at his, the marquis’ words.

「Not long after that, a messenger from the elves came to her. They want her to abolish the checkpoint immediately and allowed free passage as it was before」

He made a thin smile and continued to speak.

「Until that is accomplished, they will not trade with our country, is what they said」

As soon as the emperor finished, the area around the round table began to buzz.
The Elves are the Empire’s main trading partner. There are many valuable products that can only be obtained in the spirit forest.

「It’s not good. As far as magic materials are concerned, there are many things that cannot be replaced」

A skinny old man who is the headmaster of the Imperial Magic Academy groaned with a deep vertical crease between his eyebrows.
The middle-aged man sitting next to him was listening, nodding his head. He waited for the headmaster to finish and then opened his mouth.

「No, it’s not just about buying. The amount of money we got from selling is also considerably high. If the trade is stopped, there will be many people who will not be able to survive」

Following his words, the other members of the group voiced their thoughts.

「That is certainly true」

「No, that’s not the point. We can’t let them do whatever they wants」

Some agreed, others refuted.
As the exchange of opinions continued, the emperor spoke up to interrupt them.

「Let me tell you something first. I have no intention of compromising on this matter」

The people around the round table were surprised but kept their mouths shut. They waited for his next words.
The emperor often lets people freely express their opinions and then makes a decision. It was rare for him to take the initiative and announce his decision first, as he did this time.

「We are unable to buy what we need, and unable to sell what we want for money. This also applies to the other side as well」

Hearing this, a burly middle-aged man raises his hand and asks to be permitted to speak.
After receiving permission, he wipes the sweat from his forehead and opens his mouth.

「But the elves have the ability to trade with other nations. Then the wealth will flow to other nations」

The emperor turned his back and looked at the large map tapestry hanging on the wall.

「Other than our country, which would be the northern country. They do not border with the eastern country, as well as the kingdom」

An elven village in the Spirit Forest, there are two roads leading to it.
One goes south to the northern city of the empire, and the other goes southeast through the northern countries to the royal capital.
The Marquis was staring at it from the edge in silence. After some thought, he nodded deeply.

「I see, so that’s how it is」

A fat middle-aged man turns his face to the marquis while standing. He was impatient and anxious because the marquis understood what he did not understand.
Seeing this, the marquis politely advised him.

「Why don’t you name what the elves have been purchasing from our country?」

Being urged to, the fat middle-aged person counts with his fingers.

「Ores, hides, furs, ceramics, glasses, oils, and so on. And also…」

As if had noticed something, a voice cut off his words.
The old knight commander, who was listening at the side, beat his palm with his fist. Then he raised his voice in admiration.

「All of them are either heavy or bulky. And the mountains that border the northern countries are very steep」

He crossed his arms and nodded repeatedly as he continued to speak.

「It will be quite impossible to carry them on a carriage.」

The line he was going to say was taken away from him, but the fat middle-aged man was not offended. It must be because that’s just how the Knight Commander is.
The emperor looks around the entire round table and raises his voice.

「Yes, no carriage can pass that route. It can’t substitute the roads to our country」

A wide road paved with cobblestones. Large golem carriages were lined up there, carrying the goods.
It’s not an amount that could be carried with a small golem horse on their backs as they crossed the mountain on four legs.
However, as if still not convinced, the headmaster of the magic academy raised his hand to make a statement.

「Many of the items brought by the elves are small but expensive. They can take those over the mountains and into the northern lands」

「I bet they will」

The headmaster choked up at the immediate affirmation.

「We will send merchants to the northern country to bid for what we need, even if it is at a high price. It’s the only way」

At the Emperor’s words, the headmaster clenched both fists and appealed.

「Then the money will end up going to the elves all the same. I’m sure they will be even more than happy to see the price go up!」

The fat middle-aged man who was listening next to him. This time, he decided it was his turn to call out to the headmaster.

「Certainly, yes, headmaster, the money will go to the elves. But how and where they can buy what they need?」

The headmaster raised his eyebrows, and the next moment his mouth opened wide. Seeing this, the fat middle-aged man calmly continued.

「That’s right. No matter how many they fill their bags with gold coins, they still cannot get what they need. Even if they were to buy it in the northern countries, they still have no way to transport it」

「That is certainly true…」

The headmaster closes his mouth after making a flat convinced sound. His expression was slightly distorted, as if he was embarrassed that he’s late to understand this.
On the contrary, a satisfied smile appeared on the face of the fat middle-aged man.

「Is there anything else?」

The Marquis is the only one who raises his hand in response to the Emperor’s inquiry.
Urged on by his eyes, the old gentleman with gray hair opens his mouth.

「However, it is certain that the balance of our country’s income and expenditure will swing significantly to the negative side. What are your thoughts on this matter?」

The emperor looked at another empty seat, the margrave’s seat, and replied.

「The new mine, we’ll use the earnings from it to cover our expenses. The margrave will have to work even harder, though」

The mine refers to the great hole southeast of Landbarn that was recently discovered. The golems that live there are the mineral resources.
Mining, or in this case, golem hunting has begun, and Landbarn is said to be thriving from it.

(It was Count Rosehip who was in charge, wasn’t it? I think there are too many talented people gathering under the margrave)

The marquis bites his lip, remembering the scene from the other day.
A heavy stone golem with its head cut off, lying on a cart. It had been brought to the Grand Square of the Imperial City.

『Rivaled only by an A-class Knight』

Regarded as such, it made even the Imperial knight order nervous when it appeared.
It seems that Count Rosehip defeated it and sent it to the capital as a gift. And he did it in the depths of the great hole, surrounded by stone golems.

(I heard that the mining is going well thanks to the Rose Knights led by Count Rosehip)

The frontier knight order under the command of the margrave. Those men would barely be able to hunt stone golems in shallow terrain.
It’s splendid news for the empire, but the fact that it’s his rival’s achievement is frustrating.
The Marquis let out a breath from deep of his chest.

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