Chapter 235 Part 2

Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

「Raitoninggu Sworrrd!」

Three consecutive attacks. I didn’t miss the sweet moan that escaped from the corner of Ponytail’s mouth.

(I guess she must be nearing her limit)

But if she stops here, I will also be stopped just before I can finish. As a wickedness to the defeated, this method is the most effective.

(I want to come inside)

I strongly hope, so I count on Black Tights-chan to naturally stir her. I said my lines with a loud scream.

「I can’t hold it anymore! Please, I’ll do anything so let me come!」

I said knowing that she won’t just allow me to do that here. Devilishly trampling of the person who cries and begs for forgiveness is what the wickedness of the defeated is.
Hearing the scream of the prisoner, Black Tights-chan urges Ponytail to attack me even more. It can be said that my teachings as an instructor are alive.

「Just a little more, senpai!」

That’s right. A sweet urge was rising up from deep within my body. But, it came abruptly.


Ponytail’s body jerked violently. From the fact that the hula hoop had fallen, it seemed that the reaction was unexpected for her.
She showed a hint of confusion as she continuously shook her hips.

(Just like that without any sign? Is it because of the hula hoops?)

She tied me up with rope, straddled me and took the lead with her crotch. It was hard to imagine she would suddenly come.
One possibility was the hula hoop. I wondered if the movement of spinning the hula hoop had pulled her body into picking up a stimulus she shouldn’t have.

「Kuu, ugh, haah」

Ponytail desperately tried to keep her voice down and tried not to let Black Tights-chan know that she had come.
Fortunately, her efforts were rewarded.

「It’s a chance, senpai! Hurry and use Lightning Sword!」

Without even realizing it, Black Tights-chan asked Ponytail to do the technique again. I hear her voice near my face, so she might be closely observing my expression up close.
If so, then it’s possible that her senior is out of her sight.

「Raitoninggu… Swoorrd」

Ponytail moves her hips back and forth on top of me three consecutive times. I’m sure she’s still sensitive from her orgasm just now, but she’s got guts.
Her breathing became sluggish but, is she really okay?

(I can’t let the senior looks lame in front of her junior)

Thinking like that, I let out the most pathetic scream from the bottom of my stomach. It’s the biggest appeal I’ve ever made, and it’s working really well.

「Finish him off, senpai!」

The senior did not disappoint her junior’s expectations.

「Ra-Rainiggu.. Sord」

Repeated special moves. I was actually at my limit too, so I decided to let it out here in a big way.
Ponytail’s hot jar. I spewed all I could into it, as it continued to squeeze me out like crazy.
At the same time, I heard a voice that sounded like a strangled chicken.

(Ahhh, it’s sucking me like crazy. It feels so goood~)

Ponytail’s lower throat moves like she was drinking a cold beer in the middle of summer. Partly because the back of her insides was coming down, I could feel that I had poured a lot inside.
In my euphoria, I hear the scream of Black Tights-chan.

「Senpai! What’s wrong? Pull yourself together!」

Ponytail’s body is shaking on top of me. I receive the after-service and let out the remaining last drops.

(What’s going on?)

After that, I was released from the restraints by Black Tights-chan and quickly checked on the situation.

(Oh my)

Ponytail was unconscious on top of my body.
The reason for Black Tights-chan’s scream was definitely her face. It was amazing, even from my point of view.
Her eyes were white, her mouth was wide open, and her tongue was sticking out straight up. She looked like a bizarre object, partly because of the way her body was bent over and frozen in place.

(That appearance is no good)

I quickly laid the ponytail down on the bed and ran my hands up and down her face like I would do to a lifeless victim on a detective TV show.

(She was long past her limit, but she probably keep doing her best to maintain her face and her pride as a senior)

I must admit, I admire her spirit.
The cause of this was probably my eruption inside her. She was sucking so hard that it suddenly filled her up and swept away her senses.

「She got me good, as expected of your senior. It’s my defeat」

I stare at Ponytail who lies unconscious on the bed. The girl next to me, Black Tights-chan is stunned.
Even I said it myself, she probably still had the uncomfortable feeling that 『isn’t the winner and loser actually the opposite?』.

(At times like this, what I should do is looking straight at the opponent’s eyes)

With a strong mind, I turned to face Black Tights-chan and grabbed her shoulders. You shouldn’t look away from them when you are telling a lie.

「Your senior collapsed after beating me. It probably took it her all to do that」

Since wickedness to the defeated isn’t a battle, there was no need for the initiator to collapse. It was a painful excuse full of points to poke at.
But when I repeated my words in a strong tone, Black Tights-chan nodded. She seemed to believe me.
Her face lit up as she opened her mouth.

「She’s the senpai I respected after all!」

Ponytail, who rides B-class Knight in the knight order, is probably what Black Tights-chan wants to be.
Ponytail still hadn’t returned from her dream world even after I took a short break on the couch. As if remembering the event, her body twitches and she moans loudly while rubbing her thighs together.
As I watched her, I made a suggestion to Black Tights-chan.

「Do you want to try wickedness to the defeated to me?」

She was surprised for an instant, and then nodded strongly.
I’m fine, by the way. Strangely enough, I still have a lot of energy when my opponent takes the lead.

「What, there’s no need to get so worked up. All you have to do is what your senior did just a moment ago. Of course, you may arrange it any way you like」

With that, I pulled Ponytail a little to the side of the bed.
Then, I laid down like a letter 大 on the middle of the bed, and my hands and feet were tied by kouhai-chan, and I received a fresh, though awkward, wickedness to the defeated.
By the way, I wasn’t blindfolded.


Her small breasts and slender limbs. Black Tights-chan sitting on my stomach was light as usual.
She rips off her tights and welcomes me in, violating me.
(It was fun)

Black Tights-chan’s verbal abuse was cute and made me tingle.
I also blurted out a lot of information to her.

『Losing side of wickedness to the defeated play』

This is yet another one of the new possibilities.
Black Tights-chan seemed to have some thoughts about the side of the one doing the wickedness to the defeated. She was repeatedly nodding on top of my stomach.
After the play, she showed me a satisfied smile on her face that was full of sweat. She might have gotten something out of it.

「….Senpai still haven’t woke up」

Ponytail occasionally bent her back greatly like a shrimp and growled like an animal. It seems this one is the worst one out of it.
But only time could solve this. Fortunately there’s enough time for two sessions.

「I’m hungry. Let’s eat while we wait」

I suggested Black Tights-chan to call room service.
I took the menu from the apprentice girl and ordered random stuff. The food is made at a stall outside, so it’s quick and tasty.

「Could you tie me lightly to the couch and feed me with your mouth?」

A meal for a prisoner of war, it was that kind of situation play, but I know this is not how it really works. Black Tights-chan knows that too, but she also understands that this is a brothel.
She agreed with a smile.


She transferred chewed food to my mouth. So of course we did the same for the drinks.
It was also natural for us to intertwine our tongues.
As I was doing this, Ponytail began to show signs of waking up. The smell of the food must have caught her attention.

(Damn it, normally I’d have another fight with Ponytail here)

My stomach was full, and I was satisfied. I was even starting to feel sleepy.

「I’m just going to sleep now. Please wake me up when it’s already time」

I told Black Tights-chan and lay down next to Ponytail.
It’s an extravagant use of time and money, but this is fine. I’m in no particular hurry to live.

「….Hnn? Ah, thank you」

After a while, I woke up from my dream, rocked by Black Tights-chan. The first thing I see is the figure of Ponytail standing with her arms crossed.

(Ohh, I see she has recovered)

The way she glared at me while her cheeks were flushed with embarrassment was intriguing. But alas, there was no time left.
As I stretched, I looked at the table and saw only the plates. Half of the food that should have been there was gone.


I looked at it, then I looked at Ponytail. She looked away from me and turned her face to the side as well.
This was the end of my first contact with Ponytail in a long time, and I made a reservation for the next time.
Ponytail was silent, but she didn’t refuse.

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