Chapter 254 Part 1

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It was just about the right time for afternoon tea. Aside from meeting with the commander of Lily Knights, nothing worth mentioning happened as me and the Old Lady returned to the capital.
I lined up behind a merchant who seemed to have come from the Eastern country, and passed through the eastern gate. Then I headed into the merchant guild’s Knight hangar.

『I’ve returned. Subjugation complete, and no problems with the Old Lady』

I saw Herbivore mechanic coming out of the office and said with the external sound system. Then after I climbed down to the floor, I rushed over to him to make a request.

「Did you bring that with you again, Tauro-san?」

「I’ve found a buyer for this. So I want to take this test product and go explain it to the guild master」

The slender young man raised his eyebrows dubiously. He shook his head lightly and let out a sigh, but immediately got to work.

「I just need one of the smaller ones inside」

Standing next to Herbivore mechanic, I pointed at it.
The body is over two meters in diameter, but the inside is less than a meter. Just right for exercise use.

「Okay, here you go」

It was done in a flash.

(He sure is amazing)

It was like a car repairman fixing a flat tire. It’s always nice to see a skilled person at work.

「Thank you very much. I’ll be on my way then」

With my arms full with the big, light, translucent sphere, I ran outside.
Waving my hand, I called for the golem carriage and climbed in with the balance ball. Several times along the way, the driver gave me a questioning look.
But this was a prototype of a new product, so I couldn’t say anything about it.

「I’ve come bringing an idea. I was wondering if you could listen to it」

I ran up the stairs to the guild master’s office and offered my request to a small, elderly man who resembled a goblin.
After looking at the translucent, venomous-looking red balance ball I was holding, the guild leader nodded and opened his mouth.

「Good timing. I also have something to show you, Tauro-kun」

He urged me to sit on the sofa in the reception set. Surrounding me are the guild master, Santa Claus, and the tough-looking chief.
I looked down at the table and saw a wand and a stick the size of my thumb.

「This is a new toy created by『The Revolutioner』」

A small old man buried himself on the sofa, looking up at me from below.
『The Revolutioner』 is a man of ideas and a businessman who is well known in the red light district. His innovative ideas bring new life and sometimes cause controversy in the industry.

(I knew he ran a few brothels, but he also created things, huh?)

Multi-talented and genius is probably the best way to describe such a person.

「It’s already out on the market and seems to be quite popular. I had a hard time getting a good number of them」

Then he picked up one of the wands and waved it lightly upward.
From the tip of the wand, an arrow of light similar to Old Lady’s Magic Missile came out of it, hit the ceiling and disappeared.

「We’re going to have a shooting battle with this」

Interesting, don’t you think? Said Goblin jii-chan, closing one eye with a smile.
He said it was only a toy, so it wouldn’t hurt or cause any injury. Even if it gets into your eyes, the flash will only last for a while.
A gasp of admiration escaped from my mouth at this explanation.

(It sure does tickle a man’s heart. As expected from the revolutioner)

You play snowball fights as a child, and airsoft guns as an adult. There was also a time I played war games in my previous world.
The guild master then pointed a short stick with his wand at me, who was folding my arms in admiration.

「Tauro-kun, hold that stick in your hand」

I do as I’m told and reach for it with my right hand. I grab the thumb-sized stick left on the table.

「I’m going to shoot you now. Hold it tight」

The next moment, the tip of the short staff wand glowed white.


I can’t help but let out a loud scream. It was because the stick suddenly vibrated.
It was only for a few seconds, but it was so violent that I couldn’t hold it still. Even after that violent vibration stopped, it still continued to vibrate like it was on silent mode.
The tough-looking chief sitting next to the guild master smiled happily for some reason.

「With this, we can find out whether our shot hit or not」

You probably need to keep the stick in your breast pocket or something. I nodded my head, but tilted my head at the stick that was still shaking.
When I asked him when it would stop, he said it would continue until the shooter disarmed it.

(Zombie proof system huh)

It’s the type of person that sometimes appears in survival games that require you to report yourself after you got hit or shot. In order to prevent this from happening, they may have made it so that you can’t stop it yourself.

「And this is the recommended way to play. Read it」

I’m handed a flimsy piece of paper and begin to follow the words with my eyes. Halfway through, the stick stops moving, but this time I’m the one who starts shaking.
I feel overwhelmed by the novel idea.

(So this stick supposed to go there huh)

What a bold idea. Just having this one rule makes the game much more interesting.
But at that time, I wasn’t thinking through.

『Me who shoots, and the woman who got shot』

This was the only thing that I thought about, and the man’s side had slipped my mind.

(The men have to use the back hole!?)

I shouted in my mind after reading the rest of the description.
I looked at the stick in my right hand, and it certainly looked like it could be managed by a man. But me who has no such experience, I can’t nod my head so easily.

(This is quite thick, and long too)

I gulped.

「Amazing right? As expected of the revolutioner」

Goblin jii-chan laughs vulgarly. I very much agree with what he said.

『He’s been quiet lately, overshadowed by Dr. Slime』

There are those who say such things, but that statements are outrageous.
My inventions such as 『Sin and Punishment』 and 『Slime Game』 are all based on my knowledge of my previous world. All of it was just a rip-off of my predecessors’ achievements.
The revolutioner, on the other hand, has created everything on his own. There’s no need to compare the two.

「So, what was it that you wanted to talk about, Tauro-kun?」

Placing the short wand on the table, the guild master folds his hands over his stomach and rests his back against the sofa.
I, on the other hand, am wondering what to do.

(It’s hard to say now)

It’s about the production of the warty balance ball. I was confident until a while ago, but I’ve completely lost confidence.

(No, there were people who said they’d buy it. Let’s at least tell him about it)

I stood up and picked up a venomous-looking translucent red ball that I had rolled behind the sofa. I then moved to a slightly spacious area and looked back at everyone in the reception set.

「This is what I made from Desert Ghost drops」

I then placed it on the floor and demonstrated how to use it.
I sat down and turned over, lifted myself up with my feet between my legs, and stood up again, wiping the sweat from my forehead with my hands.

(…I can’t use it well)

The guild master, Santa Claus, and the tough-looking chief all had subtle expressions on their faces. Not even a question flew.

(But not yet. I have the fact that the commander of the Lily Knights wanted it, and the information I got in exchange for the drop)

After catching my breath, I mounted the warty balance ball. Then I started bouncing up and down more vigorously.

「On the way back, I met with the commander of the Lily Knights. According to her, it feels so good to use it this way!」

The goblin-like guild master raises one eyebrow and for the first time shows his interest.

「This is why they are so popular in the Valley of Lilies. She even said she would take them for a good price if I brought some drops to be used as materials」

The small old man stands up from the sofa and walks over to me.
I quickly get off the balance ball and step aside from the guild master.

「This thing, huh」

After rubbing the warts, the goblin straddled it. He shook his body back and forth, left and right, and then started bouncing up and down in small circles.

「Hmmm… I wonder…」

After a quick bounce, he gets off, folds his arms, tilts his head and opens his mouth.

「Men and women are different after all. So I don’t quite get it」

Then he switched places with the vice guild master.
After a few bounces, the warty balance ball became smaller and smaller, emitting a sound. The air seemed to have escaped, unable to bear the weight of Santa Claus.
The four of us looked at each other in silence. After a cough, the tough-looking chief made a suggestion.

「How about we ask a merchant who is going to the Valley of Lilies to check the market price? We’ll hold off on dealing with the Desert Ghost drop until then」

Santa Claus rubs his white beard and nods slowly.

「That’s about it for now, I think?」

He made eye contact with me and I nodded my head to show that I understood.

(Well, even in my previous world, it wasn’t all that popular)

If you compare it to the wand set earlier, the other one is clearly better. I would definitely buy the short wand set.
Thus the matter of the warty balance ball was settled in this way.

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