Chapter 30


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The curtain of the battle between me and the Explosive Onee-san quietly opens.
I gently touch the young lady’s body.
The young lady looks at me with confidence as if telling me to show her what I’ve got.

(I’m now different from the last time!)

I’m not impertinent. I have a weapon that I can thrust in hand this time.

(Your sexual senses appear to me as light circulation and color temperature.)

This can be called magic eye. No, I will definitely call it 『Magic Eye』. I was longing for something like the magic eye.
My hands were not touching any of the sensitive areas.
Upper arms, shoulders, back, elbows and knees I gently slide my palm over them and trace it with my fingers. That’s it.


But even so, a gentle and mild feeling wraps her up. She is confused as to not know why this was happening.
I continue touching her gently while keeping watch on her light circulation. At the next moment, she starts to get engrossed in the feeling.

By the way, do you know the word 「Grooming」?
It is like when you see animals cleaning each other.
Grooming meant, keeping your body clean by taking care of each other areas that are out of your reach.
Individuals who groomed each other are said to live a longer life than individuals who do it alone.
In other words, grooming is necessary for living things.
Therefore, we living things are designed to accept grooming.
I wonder if you guys had any experience with it.
Like when your hair is being mess up or being groomed, you feel comfortable and want it to continue.
I have. But it was when I was a kid though.
And I believe that this feeling of comfort is a mechanism embedded in us living things to accept grooming.
When a kitten become obedient when you grab it by the neck. It doesn’t resist because it’s comfortable, since its body was made that way is what I think.
And that is what I am applying it onto her now.
Despite it not being a delicate area, being treated gently will make you feel comfortable, that you won’t resist and want it to continue.
Of course, this is a trick that is possible only because of Magic Eye.

(Hmm…I see.)

From the image I see from Magic Eye, I understand one of the reasons for her to be called a battleship.
Her overall sensitivity has increases from grooming.
Although it is up, there is no unevenness unlike Jimiko-chan. It doesn’t go up to a certain extent.
Instead, every corner shines from a bright red to a dark orange color.
In other words, by distributing the damage throughout the body, she raised her overall defense.
This also means that my attacks didn’t work.
(If this goes on, it will eventually become bright orange and into dark yellow, but that will take some time. It is impossible for her to not fight back.)

As expected, she took a short breath, she takes back the weight that she entrusted to me and said while looking at me.

「Not bad. To be honest, I was surprised.」

「Yeah, I received quite a guidance from a strict instructor.」

She must have imagined how it went with the instructor, as a look of understanding came from her expression.

「There’s no mistake that you are completely different from before.」

And her counterattack began.

She is a student at the Royal Academy of Magic. This means, she’s a magician.
However, as a warrior, she’s a first-class.
Power, speed and technique are all first-class.
The power is higher than the Power Fighter that tramples me in Awoke, same with her speed.
Surely I beat the Speed Fighter that messed with me, but in terms of technique, she surpassed both of them.
In front of the warrior who shows no opening, I was forced to stay on defense.

(I’ll dwindle if this goes on.)

I’m feeling impatient. But this doesn’t mean that there’s no hope left.

(Why did it come to a draw when I was facing this warrior last time?)

I think frantically. At the same time, to not overlook anything, I observe closely with Magic Eye.
On occasions, I found that a pale light was visible through the gaps in the armor of the warrior.

(This is it! So this was the reason she exploded.)

I understood.
To explain it using shooting game as an example, she’s the middle boss.
The middle boss is surrounded by sturdy armor and cannot be damaged no matter how much you shoot at it.
But, when the middle boss is activating a big skill, a gap will be open in the armor for a short time, and the inner core will be exposed.
The player than accumulates damage by attacking it there, and finally defeating it.
And that’s it.
But this is not a game, but reality.
There is no need to leave a gap in the armor on purpose to keep the balance of the game.
I was able to find this out is because of Magic Eye.

(Still, there are questions remaining.)

This time I was able to find it with Magic Eye. But the last time was just a coincidence.
Like a lucky hit, I was able to coincidentally deal a strike into the gap.
However, after all, it’s only a lucky hit. One hit was all that it can deal.
It’s hard to believe that one hit was able to deal enough damage to beat the opponent.

(I don’t understand. But I have to do it.)

I have increased my attack because of Magic Eye, but my defense remains the same as before.
If this goes on, I won’t be able to withstand it after a few more hits.
I change my attack from grooming to sensitive areas, but she is able to disperse it by her「Damage Balance」ability, so the effect won’t be immediate.
I continued to endure her onslaught.
The onslaught that lasted for a while stopped for a moment.
My Magic Eye shows a pale light leaking through the gaps in her armor.


I struck a single blow into the gap.

At that moment, the world trembled.


I am trembling at the sight.
It was the same appearance when all the tulips on the pachinko machine were opened and the JanJan BariBari sound is being resounded.
[TL Note: JanJan BariBari is the sound the pachinko makes when you get 3 of a kind.] All the rugged armor that surrounds her had fallen. And the pale glowing inner core was exposed unprotected.
I realized why I was able to reach a draw with one lucky hit last time.

(If even one hit get through the gap, it will become an unlimited ball payout state.)
[TL Note: Ball refers to the token that you use for pachinko.]

This is impossible for a balanced game. If this is a release version, it is a bug that should be patched immediately.
But this is not a game, but harsh reality.
She’s a middle boss who has very hard armor, but will also be killed in one hit.

[TL Note: JOJO Reference.]

I won’t be going easy on you.
If she were in my position, I’m sure she won’t be going easy either.
She wanted a showdown, so she accepted this battle. This is the type of battle this time.
If I were to go easy on her, I would have damaged her dignity as a warrior.


I will continue to attack with all my strength.
She whose inner core which shines a pale light, being attacked continuously vibrates violently and sank.
At that moment, I was also at my limit.
From a while ago, I was enduring continuously at the limit.
And she who is vibrating now?
To be honest I can’t endure it anymore, I also no longer have to endure it. She has already begun to sink.
I should release everything into the sinking battleship.

「?!~~~~~~! 」

At that time, from her mouth, a sound so sweet and maiden-like that you can’t imagine it from her image came out, making my blood sugar increase just by listening to it.
It was the sweetest sound of defeat that I have ever heard.

After Tauro left the store triumphantly, the concierge and the top ladies gathered in the waiting room.
On the sofa, Explosive Onee-san was sleeping.
Twintails sighs seeing the state.

「To be even able to get our top into this state.」

Her voice contains a massive feeling of incredulity.
Most of the surrounding ladies also felt the same.
In fact, as Twintails says, Explosive Onee-san was the strongest in the store.
It’s rare even if she was defeated, but she would be able to perfectly beat her opponent during a rematch.
But it was different this time.

「You were also completely defeated. Why are you surprised? 」

One of the lady said to Twintails.
Twintails refutes by pointing to Instructor Light Cruiser.

「That’s because she was instructing. If Tauro was alone, he wouldn’t get that far.」

「What is that way of speaking about your benefactor. Have some modesty.」

Instructor Light Cruiser concluded.
And speak her thoughts.

「Up till now Tauro has avoided a rematch with her. But today was different. He fought her without hesitation.」

Then, she tilts her head to one side as if thinking.

「He must have caught hold of something, and must have thought that there was a chance of winning.」

「But, it’s not yesterday.」

Twintails says.
Is a person able to change so fast? Is the reason that she thought.

「If it was yesterday’s Tauro, even if we teamed up I don’t think we could beat her. But he won today, alone.」

Everyone silently listens to the continuation.

「From my teaching experience so far, there are people who suddenly grow explosively due to some reasons. It’s just my intuition, but that must be what happened to Tauro today. 」

A commotion stirs up with the ladies.
From the stories that they have heard from the Instructor Light Cruiser, Twintails and the concierge, their thoughts were divided into three groups.
1, I want to experience Tauro’s true ability.
2, it’s true I want to experience, but honestly I’m scared.
3, Impossible, Impossible, Impossible, absolutely impossible.

1st group, these are people who are confident in themselves, which include Instructor Light Cruiser.
2nd group, more than half are in this group.
3rd group, these are people who are not confident in their strength, which include Twintails.
By the way, the werewolf is not present here.

When the concierge sees Twintails in the third group, he says with amazement.

「Per se, you are in the position of expressing gratitude with that body of yours. Do you understand? 」

「But the top who took my place is in this state, if I was the one in her place.」

Twintails cuts her words there and imagine her being the one to show gratitude for the other day.


Twintails who whispered that suddenly loses her focus.


She convulses suddenly and sits down onto the floor.
Instructor Light Cruiser rushes over to confirm Twintails state. And she shows a troubled expression.

「……What happened? 」

The concierge ask Instructor Light Cruiser.
Instructor Light Cruiser thought for a little, and responded in a small voice.

「It seems, that he has reached it.」

Eh? Was the face that the others other than the concierge were making.
The concierge sighs and says.

「I’m sorry for Tauro, but depending on the person he picks, they have to be consulted beforehand.」

The girls in the waiting room looked at each other and nodded.



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