Chapter 34


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In the afternoon, I ate grilled meat after a long time.
I was led in by the good smell of grilled meat when I was walking down the shopping street.
A butcher store seems to be running in the back of this store.
The food was paired with a sweet and spicy sauce with sesame seeds.
Not just meat but also broiled vegetables. The mushrooms were delicious.
But there was one problem.
For single customers, there’s a corner for us to eat while looking at the wall in front of us.

(Girlfriend and grill meat)

It feels like grilled meat was used as a tool to identify the progress of two people in the past.
Well it doesn’t matter to a person like me who couldn’t be identified.

I head for training after being full of energy from all the meat I ate.
Of course, it’s the training to forge myself.
I head to the first store.
I would like to secretly train without Instructor Light Cruiser knowing.
And test how much I have improved later.
I want to train while hiding about it.
Not studying on the surface, but actually trying my best on the back.
And I enter a 2nd class brothel 「Nasuri」.

The store has an orthodox layout in both the lobby and platform.
It’s smaller compared to Jayanne and Cione.
I picked a Milf-liked busty woman on the platform.

We had a chat while drinking before playing.
She’s not Milf-liked but a real married woman. And she still is one.
Furthermore, she also has childbirth experience.
She just recently returned to work when her maternity leave is over.
She’s really working hard.
I have to do my best too.

After the small talk, it’s time to play.
I have the Busty place both her hands on the back of the sofa while facing me backwards.
For the rest, it’s the same as yesterday.
I just release a normal straight.
I strike using the reaction from her huge assets.
With sincerity and gratitude packed in every strike.
With all my heart, I strike graciously.
And, I scream in heart.

(Outrageous! What is this, this is too much!)

As expected of a married woman, what a shameless body.
As if she’s the goddess of fertility.

I continued to train, even though I felt as if I’m being melted by the rhythm brought by the rich autumn harvest.

(…Hm?…This is)

I found that my heart would be at ease whenever I graciously strike while giving thanks to the world and having sincerity.
And now, I can feel my own color temperature and circulation, which I could only faintly felt in the past.

(Maybe, this is what they call ‘Flow state of mind’.)

I can influence my target’s circulation by touching them, but it seems that for me it’s different.
It seems I can somewhat influence myself from my consciousness, breathing and body movement.

(Okay, let’s start from being able to control my state of mind.)

I continued striking, while trying to keep the speed even, so that the flow state of my mind would not be distorted.
Quite some time has passed, but it’s just a simple straight. Besides being a married woman, she’s still full of energy.
And I gradually became able to control my state of mind.
This was thanks to my magic eye.
Because of my magic eye, I’m able to discern my own flow state of mind; I was able to perform trial and error.
Slowly but surely, I was being led towards the right path with the results of the trial and error.

It has been one hour since I started; I was roughly able to manipulate my state of mind.
My state of mind is flowing close to a constant speed, and there was almost no fluctuation with the flow route.
When I was satisfied with my progress, I exhaled lightly, it happened.


The flow state of my mind changes as if it went into focus. The outline of the flow becomes clear, if you don’t pay close attention, it will appear as if it has stopped.
The flow route has not changed.
However, there was not any error liked fluctuation like before.
The average speed didn’t changed either.
However, there was no sudden change of speed which existed before; the speed has now become perfectly constant.
If it is in focus, up till now it was in a blurring state that’s not in focus.
And a feeling similar to assurance spread inside me.

(I have obtained it.)

I realize that I now have complete control over my state of mind.

(I should test it quickly.)

With her assets shaking, the Milf maintains her satisfaction level at around 60%, I decided to cut her down.

With my action, the opponent would have a reaction.
With the stimulation I give, the opponent would react to it.
And if I could give a stimulus with no errors, the opponent’s reaction can be kept with minimal fluctuation.
I stopped doing constant straights.
Curves, shoots, change-ups, I mix in various pitches.
The Milf who could not follow the sudden changes, loses control and exceeds her upper limit at once.

(But, I won’t let that happen.)

Even if the Milf herself has loses control, I control her water level fluctuation.
I kept her water level at 98%.
It’s something I awhile ago wouldn’t be able to do.
My inaccuracy would have caused the Milf’s water level to fluctuate significantly, even if I was to set my target to 80%, it may have been overflowed by a sudden big waves.
In other words, there would be a big difference in the total satisfaction the opponent would receive.

I restrain it at 98%.
No matter how much I restrain it at 98%, the lower limit biologically exceeds 98%, the moment the Milf starts to overflow.


I release everything, the shackles that bound the Milf at 98%, my own shackles which help me to restrain the Milf at 98%, everything was released.

( ! )

My field of vision is dyed white. It’s probably the same for the Milf.
This technique of releasing everything at once after restraining down to the limit imitates the technique 「Detoxification」used by the lady at the health massage shop.

(It went well.)

It’s a success.
I being pleased with my newly acquired weapon, with a sweet numbness filling my whole body, slowly fell onto the bed.

I am not drinking melon soda at my favorite café in the square.
Actually after that, it was quite disastrous in Nasuri.
At the last moment, the Milf who received 「Detoxification」imitation technique screamed in a tremendous loud voice.
It seems that the loud voice rang through the lobby on the 1st floor.
It seems since I couldn’t hear any noise when I was dyed white.
As a result, the people at the store judged that something happened and came into the room all at once.
What they saw was the Milf who had lost consciousness in the middle of a large puddle and me who was smiling while in a daze on the bed.
After that, including the Milf, knowing about what had happened, and I was even given an apology.
I gave the Milf a tip that was comparable to the amount to the price of playing in the store, and left.
On the way through the lobby, the customers, the ladies of the platform and waitresses were looking at me with eyes as if looking at a swordsman.
I walked swaggering, pushed the door and went out.

(Oh my, I had just made a name for myself.)

Thinking that in my head, I stopped swaggering, walked down the street and came to this café.
It would bring trouble while walking swaggering on the street into the store, in this world full of adventurers.

After taking enough break, I returned to Nasuri.
Most of the ladies at Nasuri were Milf-liked.
I am sure to find the type of person I’m looking for here.
Seeing that I have entered, the customers, waitresses and ladies on the platform became noisy.
However, only an elder concierge was calm.

「Sir Tauro are you here to play?」

I superiorly nod, and stared at the platform with eagle eyes.
The women on the platform, some were stepping forward, some taking a step back and some bending their hips.
This time, I’m seeking for a big booty.
I looked around the platform for a big booty.

(That’s it.)

I found the appropriate woman.
The woman was not young.
However, she’s a Milf-liked woman and has a liberal ambience. Even when our eyes meet, she just gently smiles.
And aside for her huge breast, she has the biggest booty on the platform.
I named her Mama, and picked her up.

The time for training begins once again.
The reason I picked Mama was for a countermeasure for the elf.
So far, this is my strategy against the elf.
First is to get in control of the enemy base by heavy artillery grooming.
Next, I would deploy the tank unit, and crush the enemy’s strength, making them unable to attack or defend.
Finally, capture the enemy’s base by infantry.

(Grooming can only bring my opponent to a certain state, but that’s it.)

It’s just advance support.

(And 「Detoxification」is powerful and could deprive consciousness, but it would take time before getting the opponent into a state just barely near their limit.)

If a counterattack or resistance is made during that time, the effect would be null.
Before 「Detoxification」 is complete, I have to defeat my opponent’s main strength.

(For that, I need a striking force which can overwhelm my opponent.)

I recall the battle against the elf.
My strike force could not reach the depth of my opponent’s vertical depth.

(I’ll begin training now to obtain a powerful firepower.)

I thought so while looking at Mama’s big booty.
It’s not impossible. I somewhat have a plan.
And I’m going to test it on Mama.

I ask Mama to take the same position when I was doing the pendulum training. In other words, placing both hands on the back of the sofa.
Mama may be a human race, but her big butt becomes a physical barrier and widens the distance with me.
As a result, Mama’s point has moved away from me, and the situation with the elf is created in this pseudo manner.
And this is the reason why I chose her.

「Let’s go.」

That said. I started the usual gratitude filled straight.

(As expected.)

Because of Mama’s thick barrier, my straights are not reaching the deepest part.
But I continued, earnestly and graciously.
Carefully, I circulate the flow of my state of mind.
And imagining reaching the back, I sent out a straight.
Repeating it, even though it did not reach the back physically, in the innermost point, a rhythmic light started to show changes.

(Right, that’s it.)

Hope starts to flow into my heart.

Over time, the light changes and becomes stronger and clearer.
The innermost wall reacts as if the long distance straight I was throwing, becomes a fist slamming into it.
And every time, a bright yellow would shine strongly in the innermost part.
And each time, Mama would starts to jump.

No doubt. A strike fill with spirit can hit an opponent even if it is not physically reachable.
A monk’s fist even without contact is able to defeat enemies at a medium distance.
How do you defeat long distance enemies, without physically hitting them?
That is to fill your fist with spirit, creating a pseudo extension to your fist, and strike down your enemies.
I thought so, and worked hard by filling each strike with spirit.
This started when I noticed a change in the light when I was training with the Busty Milf.
There was no waste in every strike, gently striking and observing carefully, that I was able to notice a change.

(Like a monk, I didn’t have to approach my opponent which is a few meters away.)

Gently striking.
She jumps.

(In terms of distance, getting several tens of centimeters in is great.)

Observing carefully, not to be alarming at any time.

(Strength is not needed.)

I adjust the position based on my observation, and gently strike.
She took a bigger jump than before.

(I just need enough strength which my weapon can handle.)

Again, carefully.
And flip my switch
My strikes so far were like an extension of grooming.
From here on, I’ll get serious with my strikes; I’ll crush my opponent base with my firepower.
For the preliminary action, I withdraw for a bit.
And when Mama gets to the point where she’s returning to her usual reaction, I strike.


I strike with a heavy impact.

It was an intense feeling.
I was surprised.
Apparently, the concentrated spirit, which became my extension, the impact feeling was being fully feed back onto me.
But there I noticed my failure.

(Oh no!)

I stopped moving.
Mama has been knocked down from that strike.
It would be bad, if the same commotion with the Busty Milf was made again.
I accept my mistake and decided to stop here.

(Mama would not have been accustomed to taking such a blow so deeply because of her stunning ass.)

I should have noticed sooner from the reaction she’s making when my straight were starting to reach her.
(She would have been able to withstand that strike if she’s used to it. However, in an almost inexperience state, it was really too stimulating.)

Although it was a serious strike, I release it anticipating that the opponent could endure it.
This was completely my error in analysis.

(But, with this the elf capture strategy is set.)

I thought so and went into the shower alone.



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