Chapter 39


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I left home and headed to the merchant guild.
To sell my D rank potions.
The other day, I sold my F and E rank potions when I was paying my membership fee at the merchant guild. However, I did not carry any D rank potions at that time.
I said I will sell them once per week, so I must keep my promise.

「Ohh, Tauro-san I’ve been waiting for you.」

With a smile, a tough looking old man comes out from the counter.
For some reason today, he has eyes full of expectations.

「When I visited the other day, I was told you wanted Status Abnormality Potion (D), so I brought quite a few today.」

And I place the potions on the counter.

「… Status Abnormality Potion (D)! And three at that, thank you, this really helps …In addition, one Injury Potion (D) and one Disease Potion (D).」

He looks really happy.
The old man is rubbing his cheeks against the Status Abnormality Potion (D).
The amount of money I receive for the Abnormality Potion (D) is double than the normal price. The others were the same amount as last time.
When I agreed with the deal with a little surprise, the documents for the sale were already exchanged and processed was completed.
The old man calls a young employee over and seems to be giving him instructions.
The young employee nods, receives the Status Abnormality Potion (D) which had just been bought, and went out quickly.
「The price of the status abnormality potions seem to be quite high lately, did something happen?」

I asked.
Is it because of the malignant aphrodisiac that was talked about the other day?
If the women in the brothels are suffering damage that can only be cured using a Status Abnormality Potion (D), I like to save them as soon as possible.

「Yes, the truth is that the Status Abnormality Potion (D) is required for treating Dolba-san.」

Dolba? Is it that men who is now handling 24 girls in Cione from opening to closing of the store?

「The one from 『Robust』?」

With my confirmation, the old man nods.
Didn’t Dolba and his adventure team 『Robust』 defeated a Lesser Salamander and became a hero after returning to the Royal Capital?
In fact, this Dolba was now buried by two dozen girls from day to night.

「What happened.」

To my question, the old man explains the situation.

「It was during the time of the Lesser Salamander Subjugation. Dolba and his team were on the brink of defeating it.」

「When they tried to attack all at once, the Lesser Salamander breathed a huge flame that had never been seen before.」

The old man explains while gesturing.
Thanks to that, I was able to imagine the scene.

「The size of it was something that the members of Robust have never experienced, and everyone was swallowed by the breath of fire.」

The old man talks which making a gesture of suffering in flames.

「But Robust is an elite adventure team. Judging the situation quickly, the vanguards immediately became shields for the rearguards, and blocks the flame which none of them had ever experienced with their own body. 」

The old man spreads his arms and poses as a shield.
He seems to be acting as a vanguard.

「With a strong heart, they protect their teammates using their own bodies as a shield. But even after receiving the breath from the Lesser Salamander, they were not defeated.」

His wording sounds suspicious.

「They endured and struck back. Their armor was burnt and smokes were coming out from the parts made of skin. Some whose eyebrows, eyelashes and not to mention their hair were also burnt. But even so, they went forward.」

The old man seems to be getting more excited.

「And why is that? It’s because they had to defeat it with this blow. Although they were defended, the rearguards were already at their limits. If another breath of fire was to be released again, it will be the end for them this time.」

The old man hits the table.
Surprised, I jump.

「Not thinking about their own safety! And only thinking about their teammates in the back and us people who are awaiting their return! 」

Oh, they sure are noble people.
Saying that, the old man’s eyes start to moisture.
As if he is drunk in his own words.
I personally think that aside from the adventure team who were present, these people really beautified the truth. But I keep that thought to myself.

「With thoughts of their comrades in their sword, they defeated the Lesser Salamander. 」

The old man says with confidence that this is a victory of friendship.
For the time being, I just nod.

「After defeating the Lesser Salamander, everyone was quickly treated using magic and potions. 」

Here, the old man starts to tremble.

「But! The nasty Lesser Salamander! Left an evil curse on the vanguards! 」

Your voice is too loud.
Look, people have gathered around.
…Hm? Everyone is nodding while listening.
Some people were wiping their eyes with a handkerchief.
Am I the only strange one here?

「Everyone’s injury was healed by magic and potions. But from that night, everyone starts to suffer from burns that spread throughout the inside. 」

Is it a recurring wound? That’s troublesome.
At this part, I too listen seriously.

「If you treat it with magic and potion again, the burns will disappear. But after half a day, the burns will begin to appear again.」

The old man gestured trying to express himself suffering from the burns.

「As soon as they returned to the Royal Capital, the Magic Academy gathered their strength and examined the condition in detail. As a result, they found out that the burn was not an injury but a raging curse called 『Critical Burn 』.」


Surprised, my voice leaked out.

「And it was found that at least D rank Cure Status Abnormality Spell is necessary to dispel the curse.」

And here, the old man shook his head as if in despair.

「There are close to none in the Royal Capital who can use the D rank Cure Status Abnormality Spell.」

(Eh, is that so?)

Looking at me who was suspiciously surprised, the old man made a face saying, what?
I decided to ask since it was a good time.

「Is D rank magic so rare?」

The old man shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head left and right.
Which state that I don’t understand a thing.

「Rather than D rank magic, it’s very rare to see someone who uses D rank Cure Status Abnormality Spell.」

According to the old man, D rank magic is valuable, but for an advanced magician, they are able to use it once per day.

And just because D rank magic can be used, it doesn’t mean that all spells can be activated. It’s limited to what you have learned and what you can use.
The reason why there are only a few users of the Cure Status Abnormality spell seems to be because the usability is bad compared to the Status Abnormality potion which has the same effect.
You can store as many potions as you like, but that doesn’t apply to magic.
And Cure Status Abnormality is less required than Cure Injury and Cure Disease spells.
For this reason, only a few people would spend their time and effort acquiring the Cure Status Abnormality Spell, and the ones who possess this spell were mostly just pharmacist.

Fortunately, the Great Priest and deputy director of the Academy of Magic were present in the Royal Capital. But even with their two strength combined, activating it once per week was their limit.

By the way, both the Great Priest and deputy director have not learned the Cure Status Abnormality Spell.
It seems, in order to use a higher-level spell which forcibly activates an unacquired spell, including preparations; it will take one whole week.

「We merchant guild are also trying our best and collecting potions. But unfortunately, we didn’t have enough to save one person.」

The old man grasps his fist while groaning.

「The leader, Dolba, saying that it was his responsibility as the one commanding the battle and being the fittest in the team as a reason, and ask for himself to be the last one treated.」

The old man who seems to be impressed, covers his face with both hands.
Looking at the surrounding they were the same.
Just in case, I also follow them and look sad.

「…But with this Sir Dolba will be saved. This is thanks to you Tauso-san.」

And he holds my hands tightly.
He must have cried when he covered his face, since his eyes are red.
And his hands were slimy. It was either his tears or mucus.
Honestly, I want to shake my hands off.
However, the surrounding atmosphere made it hard to do it.
The surrounding starts to cheer and applause.
Even so, I didn’t really feel joyous.
Just in case, I ask.

「So, where is Dolba now?」

With an attitude full of respect for Dolba, the old man says.

「Sir Dolba is away from his comrades and is now enduring the pain alone in a healing inn.」

Like I thought.
Instead of comrades, he is getting laid with 24 magical girls.

(But still, for D rank Cure Status Abnormality Spell to be so valuable.)

I’m glad I didn’t use it in public.
I thought that since D rank potions are sold, there wouldn’t be any problem with using D rank magic in public.

(Dangerous dangerous.)

A cold sweat trickles inside me.

(Not just S rank, I have to be cautious of the type of magic even for a D.)

The Cure Status Abnormality Spell which I have been using on the women who were affected by the malignant Aphrodisiac.
I’m glad I said it was not magic but a massage effect.
I praise my old self. It was a good decision.
I’m starting to get hungry, so I decided to leave the merchant’s guild and head for lunch.
At the same time the old man.

「I will be sure to tell Sir Dolba about you, Tauro.」

He says, but I refused.
I don’t want any troublesome matter to happen.
However, the old man seems to have misunderstood my intentions.

「Such a humbleness…」

He says.



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