Chapter 45


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When I arrived at Jayanne, a familiar gentlemanlike concierge warmly welcomed me.
However, there’s a strange tension in the lobby.
Probably from the moment I entered.

(…He’s here.)

(…He’s finally here.)


(How? … Who will it be?)

Along with the whispers, stinging gazes were directed from the sideline.
But when I look over, everyone looks away.
The tension transmits from the sideline to the platform, and it gets nosier.
And customers, who noticed me, make way for me.

(What’s this. I’m the one saying it, but it feels as if I’m a bad presence here.)

For the time being, I found Explosive Onee-san in the sideline, so I approached her to ask.
I wanted to question her about the situation. It is not yet decided whether I want to pick her or not.

「Wait, wait a minute! 」

However, thinking that I was going to pick her. She starts panicking.

「Em, em I’m happy that you are picking me, but please wait. I need to prepare myself before being your partner. And I also have my school schedule. It’s alright if it is a day off tomorrow, but I have lessons tomorrow. So if I am to be your partner, I’ll most likely not be able to attend school tomorrow, so please wait! 」

She’s definitely in a panic. It’s my first time seeing her like this.
And the other customers who saw it send me a look of reverence. It was as if they were looking at a hero, like Lindberg who made the first solo transatlantic airplane flight.
Seeing the super dynamite sexy lady, the dreadnought who represents the store in this miserable state. Comparing themselves to me, they may be viewing me as a higher existence.
I give up on questioning her and headed to the platform.
Meanwhile, the sidelines are all facing down. It’s as if they are students who are avoiding being picked by the teacher.
And now, I’m finally in front of the platform.

(… This is.)

I’m at a loss for words.
All the women are sticking with their back to the wall. There’s no one in front of me.
Looking back at the concierge, he was holding his head.

(I guess I’ll give up on this store today.)

While I was monologuing with loneliness, Sensei appears from the back of the platform.
The most professional on the platform, and an existence who guides others. It’s Light Cruiser sensei.
Sensei heads straight towards me.

「It has been a long time, Tauro-sama.」

Sensei smiled. It’s the usual Sensei.
After turning a cold glace towards the sidelines and her colleagues who were sticking to the wall for a moment, Sensei talked to me with a smile.

「I’m sorry for the trouble you receive this time. If it is alright, I‘ll be happy to be your partner today.」

She shows a smile, which as usual has illusions of flowers blooming in the background.
I immediately answer.

「Yes, please!」

I talked with Sensei while paying at the reception.
According to Sensei, she’s in the middle of educating apprentices who will leave the nest soon.
And hearing that I have come, she came and say hello, but because of that situation.

「I am very sorry.」

Sensei apologizes on behalf of her colleagues.

「No it’s OK, don’t worry about it. I’m sorry for interrupting you in the middle of teaching.」

Saying so, my vulgar brain cells flashed.

「I have a suggestion, how about using me for that teaching?」

「Hm? What does that mean?」

I make a proposal.

「In front of the apprentices, I and Sensei will have a serious match. I think that having them watch a high-level match up close will surely help them improve.」

My real intention is different.

(Playing with Sensei in front of the students.)

This is my true motive.

(I will make the usual solemn demon instructor satisfied with my skill.)


(And sometimes, I will show myself being satisfied with Sensei’s skill. And expose my ugly state to the students.)

This is the best!
While waiting for Sensei’s reply, my breathing becomes rough.
After thinking for a while, she must have realized something, and acknowledged my proposal.
And we went to the room on the back of the first floor where the students are waiting, not the usual second floor.

I arrive at the first floor room.
It’s one size larger than the usual room.
The bed, shower and bathtub facilities are the same.
And about three magical girl-class young girls were waiting.

(In Cione, the sideline was lined up with girls of this age. And the girls who served at the no-hand restaurant 「Bonaza」were also of this age. This difference should be due to the store’s management policy.)

「Now everyone please listen. I will now be giving the final lesson.」

Sensei says to the students.
What’s the final lesson?

「This person here is Tauro-sama. I believe that everyone here knows about him.」

Then, the girls gazes swayed and began chattering excitedly in a low voice.

(It’s Dr.Slime!)


(He’s the one who made the sideline sister into that state…)

Sensei quiets them down by clapping her hands.

「From now on, I will be having a match with Tauro-sama in front of you.」

(Eh! Sensei is!)

(What will happen?)

(What is this?!)

Sensei claps her hand again and looks at the students with a slightly stern gaze.
The girls became quiet at once.

「I will be using my full power in this match. My real full power which I have never reveal to you before. 」

Sensei cuts her words for a moment.

「…What you see will be quite high-level, so I hope everyone would learn something from it. 」

I see, so the reason why Sensei accepted my proposal was to show her full power to the students as the final lesson.
So here too, it will be rude to not use my full power as well.

「Then, Tauro-sama, I’m looking forward to the match with you.」

Then, the curtain of the fierce match which would always remain in the memory of the students opens.
I make the first move.
Going behind Sensei, I hug her from the back and start my mischief.
The clothes as usual were not taken off.
My personal preference is to fiddle with the clothes on rather than immediately naked.
I watch Sensei’s light circulation and color temperature while touching. It’s the usual grooming.
When touching, I must not be impatient, not have any strange hand movements, and should be orthodox and error-free. This will push Sensei higher slowly but surely.

However, as expected of Sensei.
Despite being captured from the back, she was giving out an effective counterattack.
By just stroking the inside of my thigh, an electric current will run up my back.

(Ku, impressive techniques like always.)

I continue to touch while enduring desperately.
My goal is not to raise her color temperature by grooming. It’s gathering Sensei’s information.
Because of the message lectures using Sensei’s body, I have quite an understanding on Sensei’s body.
But it is still not yet complete.
My goal is to understand Sensei more than she understands herself.
If I can understand everything about Sensei, I can win. On the other hand, if I don’t, I won’t be able to win.

Sensei turns over and escapes my restraint.
And then, combo techniques are bought out one after another, on strike, 3 continuous strikes, and four continuous strikes.
I endure the sweet blows, and my waist was about to melt.
I realized that I had to fight back and so I unleashed the traditional skill from the construction industry.
「Fixed Killer.」
This sweet sounding skill was devised after windows that cannot be opened, such as those in the kitchen.
Being strike with a technique from an unexpected angle, Sensei was on the verge of being hit by the Fixed Killer.
She was able to escape last minute, but cold sweat is flowing down her forehead.

But I too was also having cold sweat flowing down.
No, I was on the overwhelmingly disadvantaged side.
If I couldn’t make distance from that technique, I might have been struck by the continuous combo technique.

(Scary, Sensei.)

I am aware that I have grown tremendously. However, Sensei is still a high wall for me now.

(But, today, I will go over it.)

The teachings from Sensei are the foundation for me.
I want Sensei to feel how much I have grown and how much experience I have gained.
After that, I continued to analyze Sensei, while desperately fending off her attacks.

(Analysis completed, 80%, just a little more.)

Sensei seems to feel that there is something from my actions.
Surely, I was putting emphasis on defense. But my main purpose was to control my opponent’s attacks rather than dealing damage.
I am going to disguise it as much as possible so that she wouldn’t notice it.

(10% left.)

I continue my pattern of fighting while praying.
Sensei’s offensive is so intense that there is no time to change the pattern of my attacks.

(Oh no!)

The moment I finished my attack and pulled my waist back, Sensei closes the distance.
A gap that can be said to be a chance, a slight delay that can be said to be a mistake, but in front of Sensei it is a terrible mistake.
I was pulled at once, and she took the mount position.

(What! What is this!)

If the previous 「Fixed Killer」a technique used by a man, than 「Reverse Fixed Killer」 will be a technique used by a woman.

(However, Reverse Fixed Killer is a technique that requires high accuracy, to think that there’s still a female user remaining.)

That technique should have been gone after the imperial palace was built.
Sensei, using her whole body started stomping, and my mental blood sugar starts to rise.
Due to this sweetness, I was on the verge of crisis. It was close to the state after drinking 1.5 liter of Fanta Grape.

(Damn, is there nothing else I could do? I am losing.)

At this moment, I thought of it, that technique which have not yet been used.
It’s the Monk’s Fist.
It’s a virtual weapon extension technique I created for the deep elves.
Both Sensei and I are in the light cruiser class, so there wasn’t any need to use it.

(But this is the only one left.)

Clinging on to her, I release a long distance strike straight up.


Unexpectedly, the effect is improving.
My long distance strike, violently hits Sensei’s innermost part, and the control of Sensei’s body axis was slightly sweetened.
From the impact of my strike hitting her innermost part, Sensei’s distorts her face slightly.
However, I will only earn a little time with this.
If I continue this transition, Sensei’s victory will not be shaken.

(Please, let me make it!)

There’s no stopping once Sensei started her rhythmic movement, grinding and sucking.
Being continuously hit by this sweet electrical sensation, I can see fireworks scattering in front of my eyes.
The prime number I counted to endure has already reached 1999.


I scream.
If this goes on, seven angels appear blowing the trumpet and counting down the final judgment.
And when the fifth angle started blowing the trumpet, I got what I had been waiting for a long time.

(Analysis competed, 100%)

It’s Sensei’s information.
I now understand Sensei’s body, even more than she knows herself.
More than her own, her parents, and even the doctor.
I have now gotten hold of Sensei’s password.
Sensei’s administrator authority is now mine.

(It time for a counterattack!)

But I have to stay alert. Since my opponent is Sensei.
If you are convinced of your own victory and grant your opponent a little more time, the situation will most probably be turned around during that time.
Like me right now.
So to not let her realize I am countering, I have to smash her consciousness away with a single blow.

(Ohrya! )

I grab both the hip bones of Sensei who was mounted on me.
Then, I pull the 30mm trigger of the Gatling gun made by General Electric Co.
Sensei’s offensive barrier that has been preventing my attacks until now is no longer able to prevent my attacks.
Because I have completely analyzed Sensei, my attacks are able to easily slip through all of Sensei’s barriers.
Sensei jumps on me like a puppet with broken threads. But I will not let go of the trigger.
Then Sensei bends like a bow. I was anxious about the spine breaker. But I won’t loosen my grip on the trigger.
The time I let go of the trigger, was when Sensei’s bottom point was pierced by the bullets, flooding the surrounding.

Sensei’s consciousness has not yet returned.
The students around me, after understanding what true battlefield looks like, were unable to speak.
After a while, Sensei’s consciousness gradually returned.
Correcting her posture while staggering, she explains the current situation to the students.
She really has a tremendous mental strength.
If it was any other instead of Sensei in this state, even if you’re from the sideline, you will be liquefied for three days.
After the explanation to the students was finished, I gently make Sensei to get down on all fours.

「Ta, Tauro-sama? This is…」

With no strength in her arm supporting the body, as a result, she was in a state where she was just raising her hips.

「Sensei, I came here to have complete victory over you. From now on, will be the finishing touches.」

Sensei becomes confused. The students are also startled by what will happen from now on.
I knew everything about Sensei’s body.
As a result, I learned that Sensei’s still has some potential remaining.
And I will develop it from now on.
I gently stroke Sensei’s rich hips.
Despite resisting, Sensei is not able to escape because of the damage dealt to her when she lost to me.
I continued gently and relaxingly.

「……! ……! ……!」

I enjoy looking at Sensei’s reaction.
And if not for me knowing everything about Sensei, I would have not been able to remove the lock which could only be open through a complicated procedure.
Sensei to maintain pure and serious, has mentally evaded and refused to develop the area.
But it’s not perfect. Just like unlocking a lock, it can be opened after spending delicate time and effort.
After confirming that she was completely prepared, I entered Sensei’s last undeveloped land from behind.
Sensei’s long scream continues without interruption.
Her heart was screaming from aversion, and her body was screaming from joy.
Hearing the scream consisting of two chords agitated the students hearts, and they who couldn’t stand listening, started covering their ears.
Deeply, heavily and slowly I grind, as if a steam locomotive has started moving to carve this memories into Sensei’s soul.

And so, I have now complete victory over Sensei.
As a price for this complete victory, I needed to pay three weeks compensation for absence from work, and so I had to sell my potions earlier than usual.
And it was at this moment, a legend was born in Jayanne.
At the same time, it was also at this moment that I was banned from entering Jayanne in a substantial sense.


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