Chapter 56


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The second and also the final day of the Regular Practical Examination.
Finally the advance class tournament begins.
During this tournament match, off-campus officials would be able to spectate.
Nobles, High Officials, members of the Knight brigade. In addition, a large number of influential or guild related people in the Royal Capital also came to watch.

First round of the tournament.

「This, It should be this.」

I muttered to myself in the simulator cockpit.
As expected from the tournament match, they will not be able to enter the best 4 quota for the Knight brigade training, if they do not defeat me.
My opponent charges at me with all he’s got.
Naturally, I will also give my all to oppose my opponent.
While retreating I used Light Arrow Magic Missile to keep my opponent who’s charging using a zigzag pattern.
Shooting while moving back is now one of my specialties.

「I should now be close to the edge.」

Feeling that I’m close to the edge of the field, I stepped on my right foot pedal.
The blast from the right Vernier thruster changes my course at a right angle.
If you do not lose your posture, moving using wind magic on one foot is not a difficult task.
And with my precise control, maintaining posture is an easy task.

「Alright, I’ll take one.」

With my firing, my opponent’s right foot’s Vernier thruster blows off.
With this, he can no longer charge using wind magic.
My opponent now should not be skillful enough to charge using one foot’s Vernier thruster.

「It will be troublesome If he does a suicide charge.」

My mouth bent as I remember a bitter memory.
The reason I have been shooting at his feet was to destroy his Vernier thruster.
With this, there are no more worries.
Till the time limit, I circle around my opponent while occasionally attack using Light Arrow Magic Missile.

(How is it?)

Judge that I was dominant by the referee; I stand up from the simulator cockpit puffing my chest out to the audience.

「What was that just now?」

「Is that even acceptable?」

There seems to be a commotion.
It looks like my way of fighting is not well received.
I have no choice but to leave my seat hurriedly.
The student that’s taking my place threw me a glance of contempt while passing by.

(Should I uproot that ponytail.)

For a moment, I thought so.


All the other matches besides mine were filled with excitement.
Cheers from both sides are resounding.
And now, the second round of the tournament begins.


My opponent is carrying a shield.
A large kite shield is equipped on the left hand.
I nod.
Finally, there seem to be a countermeasure for me.
Damaging the shield, would not add points to the dominant judgment.
In other words, no matter how much magic attack I unleash, it wouldn’t be a problem if they are all received by the shield.
Of course, the match would not be concluded by just receiving.
The next action of the Golem holding the shield, is to charge using the shield.

「But unfortunately, I have already taken measures for this.」

Assaults that takes advantage of a shield’s defense is nothing new.

「Take this.」

Going around the side of my opponent’s weapon, I started firing.
Because of me constantly going around, it is hard to receive my attack using the shield on the opposite side.
Just in case, I preserve a sufficient distance.

「Right there.」

Going past the working range of the joint, I can create places where the shield is unable to defend.
Matching the maneuver of us both, I have to create such a place by all means.
Though there is little damage, there will still be several hits.
With this the balance of dominant judgment would leaned greatly towards me.

「With this it will be your end. So, what will you do Pony-san.」

My opponent is the Ponytail that gave me a disdain glance just now.
From here on, I’ll show you how I take my revenge.

「You coward! Fight me fair and square!」

Suddenly, she screams from the cockpit.


Still this is unforeseen, I’m surprise.
What should I do next, I observe with interest.

「Stop running!」

Saying so, Ponytail’s Golem throws its shield away, and charges at me holding a sword with both hands.


I’m not in the mood to entertain her, so I dodge the charge.
Then, I cast Light Arrow Magic Missile on to the empty back of the passing opponent.
With the force from the charge and my Light Arrow Magic Missile, Ponytail’s Golem loses its posture, not being able to stand firm, flew out from the field.


As expected, I’m also speechless.
What are you doing? Is what I’m thinking right now.
Going out of the field, the Golem lost its link, and fell onto the ground.


Feeling regretful, Ponytail hits the rim of the cockpit.
From my view, I do not understand which part of it she feels regretful about.
Naturally, because my opponent left the field, I was determined the victor.

「I see, this is the rumored person with a crude personality.」

「Does he intends to become a Knight’s Pilot without even taking a sword?」

「No, as a coward, he must have ponder desperately. We have to evaluate him for that.」

Are the voices that can be heard.
The commotion is even bigger than before.
After all, the audience doesn’t like the way I fight.
There’s nothing I can do, but pretend that I didn’t hear it.


And then the semifinals.
I’m feeling light.
From the previous victory, the best 4 have been confirmed.
In other words, it is definite that I am able to participate in the Knight brigade’s training.
From here on, I do not have to worry about losing.

「But still, my compatibility with the opponent is very bad, I don’t feel like I’m able to win. 」

My opponent for the semifinal is the Noble’s kid.
He’s strong. In the current advance class, he is definitely 1st.
I have not once won against him.
I am really pleased with my luck to not go against him during the first and second round of the tournament.
Our Golem faces each other at the starting position.
It’s a little further than a melee distance.

「Both sides, shake hands in the center!」

The referee shouted.

(What? Up until now, there wasn’t such a thing no?)

I gaze towards the Noble’s kid.
The other side also seems to be puzzled.

(The referee said so, I have no choice but to obey do I.)

I walk my Golem to the center of the field.
After a little delay, the Noble’s kid Golem approaches.
Not being able to comprehend, the both of us shake hands.

「Battle Start!」

Seeing our hands leave after shaking, the referee shouts.


I’m astonished.
Don’t declare the start of the battle at such a close distance.
This is a complete distance for close combat battle.
In other words, if the match starts now, I have no chance of winning.
Alertly, I look towards the Noble’s kid.
He’s looking at the referee with an unpleasant expression.

(Oh, this was that instructor.)

I suddenly noticed.
The instructor in charge of being the semi final referee was the one who once presented me the warm words, 「This Is what they mean by talent and character are different things. 」
I guess he wants me to fight close combat no matter what.


The Noble’s kid Golem turns with its back facing me, and walks away.
And turns around at the formal position of a regular battle.

(As one would expect.)

I’m fascinated at such a beautiful gesture.
The sleazebag instructor can boil the dead skin of his little toe and drink. You are not qualified to speak of a person’s character.
I, too, turn and go to the formal position, turning back around once I arrive.
The instructor has some really good skin. You can see his face turning red as he boil with anger.

「Okay, Let’s get started.」

The Noble’s kid and I signaled each other and started the match.


「It’s my complete defeat.」

I muttered in the simulator cockpit.
The noble’s kid was really strong.
I knew the opponents intention, but still couldn’t help it.
He was always one step ahead of me, pushing me into the corner of the field, and crushed me with close combat.
It hurts to lose, but I feel somewhat refreshed.
The venue is in great excitement because the Noble’s kid won and I lost.
When I think that I also contributed in this excitement, playing as the villain, I feel a sense of accomplishment.
Our Golems bump fists and left the field.


Thus, my first Regular Practical Examination comes to an end.
The champion was the Noble’s kid.
I easily won the 3rd ranking battle by dominant judgment and came in 3rd.

(Next month, It will be the Knight Brigade’s training. It’s finally time to move a real Knight with this hand of mine.)

Oh, If I’ll be away for a few days, who will take care of Imosuke and Dangorou?
I thought about such a thing on the podium while being booed.


A few days later.
I was flaring up near the vicinity of the school.

「There is no such thing as the 3rd place of the Regular Practical Examination not being able to participate in the Knight Brigade’s training! 」

Yes, I was not allowed to participate in the Knight Brigade’s training.
It wasn’t because the Knight Brigade didn’t approve of it, but because the school didn’t approve of it.
To participate in the training, the school’s referral is needed.
And up until now, referral would be given to the top four of the Regular Practical Examination.
And this time, I was targeted and removed.

「Please Explain!」

With a rush of impulse, I approach the elderly instructor.
I couldn’t appeal to anyone, so I came looking for the instructor I know best for direct negotiation.
The elderly man frown feeling annoyed.
This instructor was the one who found me during the Knight’s ceremony event and invited me to the Pilot’s school.

「Do you not know even without explaining?」

「What do you mean?」

At my words, the elderly man sighs.

「Try reflecting on your actions a little more, is what I mean.」

With these words, I realize. I can’t keep this up.
The elderly man was the one who invited me here.
So, I was hoping that he would be more favorable towards me than others.
The elderly man looks at me as if looking at a foul object.
Enraged, I left the instructor office.

(Even though I’ve come so far. A little more and I would have been able to reach the cockpit of a Knight.)

Feeling vex, my whole body fills with strength.
And I also feel despair.
I understood that my road to being a Knight’s Pilot has been closed.

(If I do not do close combat like the others, I will never receive a referral.)

I shake my head vigorously.

(But, in close combat, I will not be able to leave a result to receive a referral.)

I felt such a heavy and dark feeling as if all the doors were closed.


  1. Such a shame, those fools are missing an oportunity here, is time for MC to star a revolution.

  2. Shouldn’t his knight friend be able to help him out? After all, he developed his style based on his friend’s recommendation. I think his friend even knows about his sensitivity problem and as a an actual fighter he should know the value of ranged support

  3. Thanks for the treat.

  4. Defeating your enemy with minimal losses to your side is the ultimate goal in combat.

    Peasants understand that you drag a knight down off of his horse and mob him with your cudgels and daggers as a swarm; “honor” is for those who don’t grasp that it’s not a damn game, it’s life or death.

    Honor and chivalry are virtues espoused by those at the top of the power structure; oddly enough, it never seems to cross their mind that artificial societal values which place their opponents in a less effective position are hardly honorable or chivalrous…that without those values it would be a more level playing field to their disadvantage might just have something to do with why they developed such values in the first place?

    The French Chivalry despised archers.
    Agincourt and Crecy showed that the true problem was that properly deployed, archers could devastate mounted troops prior to their getting close enough to engage them.
    Of course they didn’t want archers used in war!

    Similarly, it is that his methods are effective which are at the true root of their discontent; he’s not playing fair! (He’s removing my advantages!)

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    For those knight who do not it, what they’re thinking?

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