Chapter 58


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After laying Ponytail on the bed to rest, I watched Corneel as I took a break on the sofa.

Corneel seems to be neither having a showdown nor having fun with Super-big breasts Kappa with braids as his partner.

From his form, he seems to be practicing.

(Poison Removal?)

Corneel has recently been trying to learn Poison Removal.

He is most likely working hard, with braided kappa super big breasts as his practice partner.

Poison Removal is a technique owned by an experienced older sister working at Healthy Massage.

First of all, keep the water level of your partner at the limit, continually avoiding the climax.

And when it comes to a point where nothing can be done to stop it, it will urge it to overflow all at once.

At that moment, the overwhelming internal pressure that has been accumulated literally explodes which brings the mind and body to new heights of ecstasy.

(In other words, the more you endure, the more incredible you feel later)

Though I explained it in significant detail, that is the gist of it.

I continue to observe both of them.

(It seems that the practice is not going work well)

He is in front of me, letting out a hoarse voice and has a leg raised up,

Corneel failed to control the water level of Super-big tits, and this seems to have caused it to overflow.

When I use my hands to wipe the sweat on my forehead, the fallen blocks started piling up once again.

And he turned around, most likely noticing my gaze.

「Ah, I’m sorry Tauro-san. Is it time to swap?」

Apparently, he forgot the time as he was too focused on practice.

Hearing these apologetic words, I waved my hands

「No, please continue. I’m honestly filled.」

「But wouldn’t Tauro-san be unable to taste it then?」

Hearing these words of concern, I replied I am fine.

「Today is not the only day that I can come to have fun. Thank you very much for telling me about such a wonderful shop.」

I continue to speak.

「Aren’t you trying to get a hold on something right now?」

Corneel lets out an expression seemingly saying so I have been seen through.

Detoxification is a technique that keeps your partner at the brim of the water level limit.

For that purpose, it is necessary to know the habitual water level fluctuation and the height limit of the water level of your partner.

Corneel has most likely had a rough understanding of the braided super-big tits in the time thus far.

That means that the real practice will actually be starting from now. All will be for naught If he changes his partner now.

「I owe you one」

Corneel began to immerse himself in practice again, with a smile on his face that was wet with sweat amongst other things.

When we were nearing the allotted two hours, while we were tidying up our appearance, we were shaking hands in the middle of the room.

「Congratulations, Corneel-san」

As a result of unrelenting practice with braided super-big breasts, Corneel finally succeeded in carrying out the detoxification technique.

「Thank you, Tauro-san. But I only succeeded once.」

「There is a huge difference between 0 and 1. After you succeed once, you just need to increase the accuracy.」

He joyfully replied that is true, to these words.

「Now, since it’s almost time, let’s leave」

Hearing me say this, Corneel said to wait and stopped me.

He pulled me in front of braided super-big tits.

Not only Ponytail who did not have a second round but super-big tits too who was blown away by the Poison Removal were already dressed.

Hmm? Is Ponytail okay?

I learned in the battle with Light Cruiser Mentor. Overdoing is not good.
Just like when Mentor was my partner, it is rare to have a memory etched to your very soul.

「In the end, Tauro-san didn’t touch her at all. There isn’t much time, but please do use this opportunity and touch her.」

My heart will feel heavy if I do not allow you to do that much. Corneel insists.

Braided kappa super tits and Ponytail concentrated their gaze on me.

Honestly, I do not feel comfortable.

However, I turn my gaze toward the chest of Supe-tits.

Not only was it gigantic, but it also stood diagonally upward, like an air defense missile that protected allies from enemy aircraft.

That form which ignores gravity makes it look as mysterious as a cantilever beam.

Obviously, it was a hot topic at the pilot school.

Needless to say, I cannot help but turn to look at it as it entered my sight.

(…This must be touched)

I thought so instinctively.

I reach out my hands to braided Super-big tits whose face has turned red.

And I continued palpating the stunning missile for the remaining 5 minutes.

The northern part of the Ost continent, the spirit forest.

In the deepest part, there is a giant tree with a frightening height exceeding 1,000m.

This giant tree is not only tall. The branches extending around form a green umbrella with a diameter of 4,000 meters.

Thinking rationally, the sunlight would not be able to permeate through an umbrella of such thickness.

However, the leaves of this giant tree made seemingly out of thin emeralds, mysteriously allow light to pass through.

Therefore, even if one is near its center, one will not be enveloped in darkness.

The sunlight that permeates through shines gently under the umbrella.

And under the jadish green light, people called Elves traveled back and forth.

This tree is called the 「World Tree」, and in this world, it is one of a kind.

At the same time, the Elves call this the 「Elven Village」, it is the Elven holy land and is also their capital.

And right now, near the root of this tree in its innermost part, the Uro, a High Elf stands.

「What is the meaning of this?」

The High Elf man which had deep wrinkles on his face due to his age had a mixed expression of surprise and doubt.

No one is around. In the gloomy space where no sunlight could not enter, there was only him and the sapling of the World Tree in front of him.

The World Tree is an indispensable existence for this world.

According to the research by High Elf, the mana circulating globally is radiated to the surface world through the World Tree.

The emitted mana diffuses into the sky and eventually descends to the entire surface of the earth.

It is said that the mana that has amassed while absorbing various attributes from the ground and the surface of the water sinks to the depths of the earth, and after decades, it is once again emitted from the World Tree as pure mana.

「What is the meaning of this?」 The old High Elf repeats.

The sapling, which had been growing steadily up till now to become the next World Tree, suddenly stopped its growth and began to show signs of degeneration.

In this world, there can only exist one fully-grown tree of the World Tree.

Therefore, the aged World Tree begins to emit mana into the tree hollow within the tree, known otherwise as the Uro, in order to create the next World Tree.

The sapling grows into a fully-grown tree using the abundant mana radiating from its surroundings as nutrition.

And when it becomes a fully-grown tree, its role as the World Tree can be carried out, its existence changes from one that absorbs mana from its surroundings to one that acts as the exit of the influx of mana to the surface of the earth.

Now, the same thing will repeat inside this aged World Tree. That is until the other day.

Now, the radiation of mana from the Uro has been weakening at an alarming rate.

It seems that the sapling that has lost its nutrition is returning to its original form as herbs instead of growing.

Medicinal herbs.

Indeed, there is a close relationship between medicinal herbs and the World Tree.

Along with the mana, the seeds of the young World Tree will also diffuse into the sky.

Seeds that have settled in areas with high concentrations of mana germinate and grow into medicinal herbs, and those settled in areas with low concentrations of mana grow into grass called 「Modoki Medicinal Herbs1」.

And, in this Uro, which is said to be the cradle of the World Tree, only the seed that has been exposed to mana irradiation can grow into the next World Tree.

Of course, the knowledge about the World Tree is shared only amongst the High Elves and cannot be known to common Elves.

「Is the sapling reaching the end of its life before it could develop?」

Is that even possible?

If this is possible, what will happen to the world?

The managing the sapling is my job. And for as long as I could remember, there was no oversight on my part.

In the first place, the reason for the stop in the growth of the sapling lies not with the sapling but with the fully-grown tree. This is due to the weakening of the mana irradiation.

If that is the case, this is not my responsibility. This is the responsibility of the group that manages the World Tree.

「In any case, I need to report this as soon as possible.」

While thinking about the global crisis and his own crisis, the old High Elf hurriedly left the Uro.

The conference room was packed with aged Elves who had gathered together.

This is because they received a report from the person who manages the sapling of the World Tree.

「Does that mean the life of the World Tree is ending?」

The old woman listens anxiously.

「No, though it is old, it will not end immediately」The man who sat on the chairperson seat said while looking at the reports from the group who were patrolling the World Tree.

Hearing these words, everyone showed a sign of relief.

「But there is no doubt that the sapling will be ruined as it is, and the current World Tree will eventually reach the end of its life.」

The conference is dominated by silence.

「Is there time left to grow a new sapling?」

To that question, a fat man seated beside fires off another as if he was ridiculed.

「Before we speak about time, how do we even grow it?」

There is no suitable environment to nurture the sapling other than the Uro of the World Tree.

This is because there is no place in the world that is filled with such concentrated mana.

「Then why don’t we investigate the cause of the current World Tree’s weakening of mana irradiation, and work towards allowing it to once again radiate mana as per normal?」

The chairman nods deeply at the unrelenting questioner.

「Yes, there is no other means to resolve this as of now」

The vote for this decision was taken easily and it was decided that the entirety of the World Tree was to be checked as soon as possible.

After that, there was an 「information exchange」 that became a banter.

「The World Tree is the source of our Elven power. We must do something about this」

Many people nodded to those words.

By having the World Tree, the source which radiates mana, under the Elven grasp, the Elves have secured an absolute mana resource compared to other races.

Even when the lower races arrogantly demanded joint management of the World Tree, we repelled them with attack magic using its dense mana.

By the way, it is believed that only one fully-grown tree can exist in the world.

While this is a fact, it is also a fib at the same time.

The fact of the matter is, the World Tree acts as the exit of the circulating mana to the surface. There is no need for one. Conversely, having one is more distorted.

However, there currently exists only one World Tree. That is a fact.

And that’s because the Elves set it up that way.

A long time ago even for Elves, we were a nation that used several years of mana power in order to set up the 「Grand Charter」 (Magi Charter) network around the world.

It is a large scale magic that activates automatically based on the rules made by the Elves of that time (Logic).

Its main purpose is to maintain the number of World Trees at one, which was coincidentally the number at that time.

And the management of the World Tree was limited to the Elves and their cooperators.

Henceforth, we were able to monopolize the most prominent mana resource of the world for the longest time.

「No one other than the titleholder can affect the World Tree.」

Those words were a huge relief.

The Grand Charter (Magi Charter) assembled by the ancient Elves, only those that are recognized and granted a title by it can be involved with the World Tree

There has never been a thief appearing out of nowhere and snatching the title.

Incidentally, they were titleholders.

「High Elf」 is the title, and the Grand Charter selects Elves who have reached a certain standard in age, knowledge, mana, and magical skills from amongst many to grant the title.

That is why the common Elves are not involved in matters regarding the World Tree.

Those that are involved are the chosen ones like them, a group of elites.

「There are titleholders from other races, but this is not an issue.」

In fact, there are titleholders other than Elves. Elven cooperators.

The reason being that at the beginning of the enactment of the Grand Charter, the enactment itself was difficult without assistance from other races.

And there is also an issue with magic where the amount of mana required for the enactment can be greatly reduced by loosening the criteria for the target.

Suppose that the required amount of mana when the target is limited to the Elves is 100, and 0 in the case where there are no limitations at all, there is a quadratic graph that is drawn between them.

Therefore, the criteria was loosened to a certain degree to reduce the amount of mana required for the enactment to a level where it can be accomplished.

「There are no titleholders left in the world that are from the time.」

That is a given. Even those from the Elves, who lived long lives, did not survive.

「And the hurdles in trying to receive a new title are placed extremely high.」

By raising the hurdle, the loosened criteria has been substantially invalidated.

「We are the only ones who can resolve this. We cannot spend too much time on this issue, but investigate carefully so as not to overlook anything.」

Each of the old people in the conference room expressed their consent.

[1. TL note: A group of Japanese herbs. Check this out for images]


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