Chapter 62


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The season is now winter.
The surface of the lake was covered with a thin fog, scattering light from the sun.
On the south shore, a wide cobble paving road travels to the east and west.
It is a major road that extends east from the Royal Capital.
I am now riding on my favorite machine Old Lady, and lying on the hill south of the highway.

「It’s coming soon, be careful.」

The old man standing beside Old Lady says to me.
As if the word had been a signal, multiple carapaces emerge on the surface of the lake.
The carapaces belonging to the Giant Tortoises, landed just beside the highway in small groups.

「Uwaa, so big.」

I was amazed at their 30m diameter appearance.
I am here now to exterminate these Giant Tortoises.
Some of the Giant Tortoises that live in the lake have recently appeared on the highway.
They seem to have considered it their territory, and would attack any wagons they come across.
Because of that, the area became only accessible during the night when the tortoises returned to the lake.
In response, the Knights of the merchant guild were dispatched.

「Will you be able to manage it?」

The old man asked anxiously.
He’s someone belonging to the merchant guild branch here.

「They seem to be slow on their feet, It should be fine.」

I gave an inarticulate answer.
It’s my first job.
Because it is not training, the Herbivore Mechanic is not accompanying me. It’s just me alone.
It’s my first time seeing a monster and also my first real battle.
I am not calm enough to make a statement reassuring the old man.

「I’m going to start shooting, please move to the back.」

Hearing my words, the old man hurried down the hill.
Old Lady got into a prone shooting position, aiming its staff rifle at the Giant Tortoise.
Avoiding close combat battle and repelling them using long-range attack magic.
That’s the instruction given by Santa Clause, the vice guild leader.

(They look tough, I’ll try adding a little more.)

I activate the E rank magic.
The Old Lady’s Mithril silver shell, which covers the cockpit, absorbs the mana without diffusing it around.
A large amount of it, with my Magic Manipulation I turn it towards the staff rifle.
A whistling sound sounds as if a large capacity motor was energized, and the cane rifle shook for a moment.
Waiting for the vibration to subside, I take aim at the Giant Tortoise.


Quietly, I pull the trigger on the lever.
At that moment, the Light Arrow Magic Missile flew straight towards the closest Giant Tortoise.
The white rod-shaped light is much thicker than when I was practicing shooting.
And the brightness and length were also incomparable.
The dazzling light was like an approaching comet, leaving behind a trail of light.
On the top of the hill, a strong wind caused by the recoil of the shot arises.
And the Giant Tortoise,… Exploded.
Various parts that make up the Tortoise blow up in a strip over the lake.
The scene seems to be going by strangely slow.

(… I overdid it.)

As expected, the first battle is difficult.
I thought it would be tough and was on alert, but it seems that the power of my attack magic was even greater.
And this is just one filling of E rank magic.
In my case, I am able to use E rank magic 21 times a day.
My body unconsciously trembles at the unexpected attack power.

(But still, it’s assuring to have this attack power.)

My body’s trembling, but I’m extremely happy.
It’s always nice to have a trump card, even if you keep it hidden.
And now, having grip the amount of power to use, i defeated the remaining 3 keeping them intact.

「As expected of a Knight, to be able to defeat them so easily.」

The old man is impressed.
Certainly with that size. It will be hard to deal with them for a flesh and blood human.

「Still what was that, there seem to be one very weak one.」

It’s the one I first defeated.

「I’m not sure myself, but it looked like it was already originally weak.」

I lied.
I’m not sure, but it probably not because it’s weak. But because my overpowered attack magic.
But the old man seems to be convinced. And is constantly nodding.
And looking at the locals that have gathered, he says.

「Then, i will be directing them to collect the drop items.」

Drop items probably mean the remains of the Tortoises.
And this ends my job request.
It’s been pretty easy, and this concludes my first job.
If I was to suffer from the beginning, I would have been worried about my future.
And it was also a good match for me.
Hitting slow pace opponents using long-ranged attack magic.
Maybe the guild leaders chose this request just for me. To convey this feeling of gratitude, let’s buy some souvenirs.


A few days later, the next job came to me.
Extermination of the Man-eating Bees that have built a nest near the highway, and removal of the nest.
It is very important for merchant guilds to be able to cross the highway safely.
The distribution of people and goods is the lifeline for merchants.

「This is really dangerous.」

I’m now checking the site with the on-site support role adventure team.
A nest is sticking on the rock surface of the cliffs on the mountain side.
A big nest. with about a 10m diameter.
A large number of Man-eating Bees are entering and leaving the nest, and some are across the air above the highway.

「Ah, in fact, merchants and travelers are taking a large detour.」

A middle-aged rough old man, the leader of the team of adventurers, says.
Their job is to support the Knights.
To be specific, the Knights will be dealing with the extermination of the Man-eating Bees, and they will be in charge of the smaller tasks.
Even now, they are informing the people around, 「We are going to exterminate the nest, don’t come near.」

「Then, I will be casting long-range magic attack, please hide yourselves.」

The 18m full plated Knight kneels down on one knee and prepares its staff rifle.
The adventurers quickly went into hiding.

「Surrounding, check. Sight, check. Fire! 」

Saying so, I pull the trigger on the lever.
The loaded mana is also within limit.
The fired Light Arrow Magic Missile, formed into a large white rod, piercing the Man-eating Bee’s nest.
I continuously fired a few more shots.
Until the nest is completely destroyed.
The rock surface and ruins of the nest, breaks down into small fragments, falling onto the ground.
And the bees that barely escape, start buzzing around ruins.
There are numerous of them.
Even after I shot 2 Light Arrow Magic Missiles at the swarm. But, there’s not much effect.
On the contrary, they noticed the place we were at, and a few on them are already heading over.

「Eh, you guys won’t be able to defeat them right?」

I know so, but just to make sure I asked.

「Naturally. It’s different if we are inside a cave, but we won’t be a match in such an open space.」

The rough old man says as if obvious.
Man-eating bees are giant bees with a body length of about 50cm.
Though its name is attached with Man-eating, not just man but also includes any living being.
And especially prefers mammals.
With not just hard skin, they fly at high-speed, and will attack in large numbers.
Certainly, with the exception of fighting 1 on 1 in dungeons, they are not existence you would want to be challenging.

(No choice, I’ll have to do it.)

I stand my Knight up.
I’m going to crush them using my worst way of attacking, close combat.
No matter what monsters, the Man-eating bee offensive ability will not be able to damage a Knight.
Even if it is as frail as Old Lady.
That is why knowing so; the rough old man is able to stay composed.

「O, do your best.」

Hearing so, I walk Old Lady to the direction of the nest ruins.

(I hope it won’t be painful.)

To me now, the Man-eating bees look like syringes flying in the sky.
The few that were flying towards were defeated with a right-hand straight.
The low frequency sound made by the Man-eating Bees nearby is really great. It’s like a modified two-wheeled or four-wheeled.
Almost losing myself by the sound, I swing my hand striking a Man-eating bee.
Then, I had a pleasant discovery.

(Eh, it doesn’t hurt.)

I had the sensation of me striking against something.
But, it doesn’t hurt.
Even now right before my eyes, a bee is trying it’s best piercing the Knight’s left wrist with its sting, but i don’t feel anything.

(Thank god, their attacks are so weak.)

If I were to feel the same pain when poke by a needle by such a large number of Man-eating bees.
Just by imagining, I start to shake.
Feeling relieved that such a thing did not occur, I continued to swing the Knight’s hand.

(It’s almost done.)

Most of the bees that were flying around the Knight and those which were attacking has been strike down.
But at this moment.


I screamed.
I felt an intense pain as if being pierced under my left armpit.
Looking over, one Man-eating bee is stabbing the left under arm of the Knight.
Shaking its rear left and right, it strongly pushes its sting.
Quickly, I crushed it with the Knight’s left hand.

(What? Why does it hurt just now?)

I don’t understand.
But now, I have to defeat these guys first.
If not, I’ll be sting by them again.
Carefully, I knock them down one by one.


「Alright, thanks for your hard work.」

Seeing that the Man-eating Bees are gone, the adventurer team came back.
Checking the surrounding and cleaning up.
I went on standby, just in case the bees that have left came back.
Defeating several which came back, no more came after.
Soon after, the adventurer team confirmed that the Man-eating Bees have been exterminated.
All that’s left is to withdraw.

「You there?」

After the parting greetings, the rough old man came over with a large jute bag and said.

「What’s that?」

「Bee larva」

Looking closely, the jute bag seems to be moving.

「What is it used for?」

There are many ways to use it, the rough old man says and start thinking.

「Its tasty to eat it.」

「…That’s a『Man-eating』Bee larva, is it not.

Hearing what I said, not knowing why, the rough old man started laughing.
It seems that Man-eating is just an attached name, and has not attacked anything but livestock in the surrounding.

「That’s why, don’t worry.」

Even after heavily recommending it, I still decline.
Bee larva seems to be quite a good drop item. Even though saying sorry about it, the rough old man seems to be quite delighted.
Thus, this request was safely completed.


Royal Capital, Merchant’s guild, Reception office.
There, the Merchant’s guild leader, vice-leader, the old man that was with Tauro at the lake, and so-called branch executives are gathered.

「Thanks to you aid, the highway is now accessible. Thank you for dispatching your Knight.」

The old man bows his head profoundly.

「It’s more than i expected, to do it in such a short time and having zero casualties.」

The vice-leader Santa Clause is impressed.
The guild leader is also grinning.
We did a really good purchase, he says.

「By the way, the drop items for 3 Giant Tortoise is being stored at our branch, how should we handle it?」

The old man takes out a list of the drop items.
It’s best if our branch can handle it, is what is shown on his face.
In response, the others’ reactions were slow.

「Drop item?」

Santa is as if he has yet not understood a single thing.
The old man with a dubious expression continues speaking.

「Drop Item. It’s natural to have it after defeating a Giant Tortoise is it not? 」

Hearing so, the guild leader responded.

「… Defeated? The Giant Tortoise?」

The old man, with an obvious expression nods. Seeing so, the guild leader and Santa exchange glances.
Their order to Tauro was to drive back.
Intimidate the 4 Giant Tortoise using long-range magic attack and drive them back.
Even though they are slow, there are still a number of them, so it will be quite troubling.
That’s how they understood.
To defeat them, is totally unforeseen.

「It’s quite excellent to be able to defeat 3 and drive back 1.」

Santa says in astonishment. But the old man corrected him.

「No, all 4 of them were defeated. But, 1 was damage quite violently, so no drop item was left.」

After a short while of silence, the guild leader and Santa asked about the details of Tauro’s battle.
The old man started describing it with gestures.

「…No no, all in just one shot?」

Santa shakes his head.

「This is not at the level of just a great purchase huh.」

The guild leader’s smile thickens.
The old man is insufficient to the knowledge of monsters, so he’s not aware of how big of a result Tauro’s battle was.
Unfortunately, even Tauro himself does not know.
But it’s different for the guild leader and others.
The Giant Tortoise is not an opponent that a Knight from the Merchant’s guild is able to defeat in a single shot.
And also, all in a single hit is obviously overkill.

「This is not something that those stinking Knight Brigade or Adventurers Guild Knights are able to do.」

If so, how thrilling will it be?
And how easy will it be to complete jobs.
Thinking so, the guild leader starts laughing.
And changing his expression, he commands Santa.

「Don’t let go of Tauro-kun. Don’t let him be headhunted. 」

「Of course.」

Approving so, Santa nods.
But hearing the guild leader next words, his body stiffens.

「Should I entertain him a little?」

「…Em, guild leader your way of entertainment, may perhaps not be the best…」

Hearing these words, the guild leader answers with a 「Is it so? 」.

And thus, everyone went silent.
Santa is one of the few people who know that the guild leader is also Goblin Grandpa.

(If not for that, I really respect him.)

Santa mutters in his mind.


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