Chapter 65


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I explained the situation to the concierge who came back after some time.
But not in every detail. Customer information must be protected after all.
The concierge seems to be glad because Cool won’t quit the store. He’s making a very relieved expression.
I can’t say for sure but, I think she won’t quit the store as long as she can eat virgins.
I mean, the treatment there is good, so she should’ve felt an attachment there.

「Alright then, please come back here after about 2 hours」

I bring Cool to the bed in my room.
It’s a bed that’s full of my daily life fragrance.
I never thought that this kind of situation would happen so I didn’t prepare a bed exclusively for a play.
I should’ve at least prepared one when I intended to pretend to be a masseuse.

(Now then, where should we start?)

Earlier I said inside my heart that, 「Going to a high-class brothel even though you’re a virgin is like, going to a first-class golf course even though you’ve never hit a ball before.」
And the concierge I owed a favor to, wanted Cool to stay at the store.

(Should I make the high-class brothel, Jayanne, a place where one can eat virgins?)

It’s a difficult proposition.
I looked back at what I said before.
I also said, 「That might be a memorable moment of your life, but it’s just too wasteful」

(Right, I should just make that “wasteful moment” be even more worth it)

I dig up my memories to find what I’d really want when I was still a virgin.

(I was getting ahead of myself at that time and said, “I’ll make you scream in pleasure” to the pro in front of me.)

I spontaneously laughed at my immature, ignorant, and arrogant self from that time.
Definitely one of my many dark histories.

(But if that wish had been come true, I wonder what would happen then)

I take a look at Cool.
She was rising the upper-half of her body on the bed, and that appearance of hers looked so sensational to me.

(Such cool type, transcendent beauty with dynamite body onee-sama like her is excited by being laid by virgins)

Wouldn’t that be a wonderful memory for them and ended up being a powerful charm point to attract the other virgins?

(But it wouldn’t be enough with just raising her sensitivity)

I shook my head left and right.
Cool wants to be specialized in handling virgins.
Just by raising her sensitivity will only make her the same level as Twintails. If it was like that, then not only the virgins, she will also be swarmed by guys who had high sensitivity like her.
I keep observing Cool.
A battleship worthy of being Jayanne’s sideline.
A figure who had been fighting in the front line for all this time.


Then, a flash of revelation suddenly hit me.
I hurriedly picked up a note nearby before the image disappeared.
Then, I started writing the idea that showed up in my mind.

「Here’s the remodeling plan」

「How is it?」 I asked her opinion as I gave her the note.
How is it? Show the notebook to Cool while saying.
I saw her face begin to change like a greedy beast after reading the first line.
Eventually, she lifts her face from his notebook and lets out a hot sigh.

「Please do it」

I grinned and brought out my right hand for a handshake.
She also brought out her right hand and shook my hand firmly.

(Hou…. this is….)

By touching her, I was able to understand her light circulation and temperature color.
Her mood might have been raised by knowing the remodeling plan. The center of gravity of her body shines bright yellow.

(What a greedy woman she is)

Contrary to her cool appearance, the inside of her mind was swirled with lewd thoughts.

「Now then, shall we start?」

I said as I walked to the bed, while she remained the same on the bed.

(Hmm… I feel like we lacked something)

I feel a little discomfort right now.
As if I was forgetting something important.

(That’s right! I forgot about that)

An evil organization must be named. It’s not good if it just remained “Evil Organization”.
A name immediately appeared in my mind.
It’s a familiar name I heard on TV a long time ago.

(If I remember correctly, it was “Die–something”)

I frowned.

(No matter what evil organization that is, it was on Sunday morning shows. To suddenly be told “Die!” so early in the morning of a holiday is too much, don’t you think?)

Moderation is necessary no matter where you go.
I corrected the name so it would sound better, then I showed that name to Cool.

「From now on, you will be one of our Doom corps member」

Doom corps, when she heard that name, her expression didn’t change at all.
But her eyes seemed cold.
I’m not sure whether it’s because of the cold atmosphere or my excitement but my back is trembling.

「And as one of the member, I will have you remember the pose and shout as a proof of your membership」

Yes, it was that, the guy who holds his hand in front of his chest and shouts “Eyy”
The essential item for evil organizations.

「Pose and…. Shout?」
「That’s right. Now, I’m going to show you how it’s done so repeat after me」

I immediately took a half-sitting posture.
Next, I made the so-called peace sign or V sign with my right hand.
Then, I turn that peace sign down and put it in front of my crotch.


This is my original pose and not a look-alike.
Cool looked at me doing that, and she is clearly taken aback.
The figure of a 30 years old middle-aged man doing a pose that can’t be shown to your parents.
It’s natural that you would lose a sanity point if you were suddenly shown that.
Cool was looking at me suspiciously.
But I no longer care.

(I already decided to live as I like in another world. I also love superhero shows)

I’ve prepared myself. In a case like this, you lose if you’re embarrassed.

「Now, you try it」

At those words, Cool looked at me with a gaze that reached absolute zero.
I was still smiling even when she looked at me like that.
For me, that already threw away my shame, that much cold treatment won’t even make me flinch.

「If you don’t do it, you can forget the talk about remodeling」

I declared.
Then I continued.
“You can die along with your hope to eat virgins”, I said.
It was like every sound in this world has gone mute, we continued glaring at each other like this.
After that, Cool-san finally said.

「I understand」

Hearing those words, I curved my mouth like a crescent moon.

(Her desire overweight her shame huh)

Good…. Truly good.
The strength of that desire would become the strength of the monster she’ll become.


Cool shouted, sticking out the V-sign down.
I nodded with satisfaction.
Then, I headed towards between those V-sign and took off my belt.
It was obvious.
This remodeling is just a kind of massage.
Twintails got such a high-sensitivity body as a result of having this massage.
But the truth is, it was because she became my practice opponent every day so I can train my skills. However, that’s not what I told everyone.
And, you might have forgotten but, there are conditions to make my massage effective.

「Yes, if we both don’t feel good together, you won’t get the results of the remodeling」

This too wasn’t the truth.
I don’t need to feel good at all.
But I don’t want to do this to any woman except the one I want to do, so I made this kind of lies to keep them in check.
Cool-san was making an expression as if she understood.
She seems to know what to do.
I guess she must’ve been asking around about me and things about massages.

「Now, show me the best of your skills and experience to bring me to nirvana!」

Jayanne’s sideline main force, excited by the joy she might bring, approached Cool-san.
And at that time, it seemed as if she was laughing.


The next moment, my neck was grabbed, my hips were hit and I was thrown over the bed.
It was like I just got thrown over by Aikido technique.
Cool-san who stood up was looking down at my pathetic appearance with cold eyes while taking off her pants.
Then she took a pose of the dying corps, spreading her entrance with the finger of her right hand and swallowed me down to the root at once.


I screamed. God, what a stimulus, also what a rough technique.
But it’s not over yet as the rotation becomes faster.
Sometimes, she will stretch both hands and feet horizontally. That figure of hers is like the kanji “土”.
She stopped shaking her body left and right and switched to rotation with my body as it’s center.
It’s like being done in “Skewering whirlwind” but by the woman-side.

(This isn’t good!)

I was completely falling behind this time. I don’t have the leeway to make a comeback against this many rough and continuous techniques. I resolute myself for my first defeat in a long time.
But my thinking was still naive. Cool’s finish will come after this.
Even the “reverse skewering whirlwind” that I was prepared to yield to was just the beginning.
Cool draw her extended hands and feet toward her body. It’s a form as if she’s shrinking.
There is something called the law of conservation of angular momentum.
Simply put, the outer edge speed of a rotating object does not change with changing radius.
Up until now, Cool-san had increased the radius of rotation by extending her limbs completely, but what would happen if his limbs were shortened?
The answer is, along with the speed at the tip of her limb that doesn’t change, resulting in a great increase in rpm.

(Kuh, my axis burns!)

It was to the point that it made a strange sound.
Cool’s abundant lubrication keeps it from actually burning but the axle is already quite hot.
I can’t stand it anymore.
The go-ahead sign of my body to let it out can come out at any time now.
Eventually, the spinning speed slowed down and finally stopped, and Cool-san took a pose like a swan on top of me.
At the moment she stopped, Cool-san applied a brake to my axis.
And by bending her body backward like that, it adds a powerful sucking power as if completely squeezing dry a toothpaste.
A brake and squeezing tube, at that moment I moaned and spilled my seed inside Cool-san.
Even the timing of my climax is completely calculated by her. I was once again reminded how fearful the main force of Jayanne’s sideline.

I was looking at the ceiling while lying on the bed.
There are only “perfect 100 scores” in my head right now.
And then at that time, I didn’t notice at all.
The spirit beasts who came into the room at an unexpected time are watching this scene from behind.


At the spirit forest on the north of the continent.
It’s midnight now when even the plants and trees are sleeping.
However, it wasn’t the case at all for the high elves in the conference room.
But a hint of fatigue could be seen on their face.
The meeting started in the afternoon, but it hasn’t finished because of inconclusive decisions.

「I will confirm it again from the beginning」

The high elf chairman said in a tired voice.

「Firstly, there are no abnormality in the world tree」

The head of the team in charge of investigating the world tree nodded.

「Secondly, there are currently no trees that are growing to become world tree, other than the young trees in the world tree vicinity」

The head of the team in charge of the exploration of the world closed his eyes lightly.

「Do you have anything to say from the things mentioned above?」

The chairman looked around everyone presents one by one.

「There’s nothing to say about it!」

A fat high elf shouted.
Then he glared at the head of the investigation and exploration team and continued his word.

「Because there’s an abnormality in the world tree, the magic going to the world tree interior was weakened, right!?」

「No, that’s wrong! There aren’t any abnormalities in the world tree, so there should be something else causing it」

The head of the investigation team spoke out his objection.
He had absolute confidence in his work.
The fat high elf snorted suspiciously and opened his mouth while looking at the head of the crew who searched.

「A world tree is growing somewhere else, and the Great Magi Charter recognized it as the next generation of the world tree. So the world tree stopped growing young trees, that must be it!」

The head of the exploration team shook his head left and right and closed his eyes.

「Every day, we summon spirits to fly and do exploration around the world. And until now, there has been no report that a new world tree was found」

In response to that, the fat high elf sneered and said in a mocking tone.

「It wasn’t because that it doesn’t exist, it’s because your incapability to find it」

The head of the exploration team opened one of his eyes and glared at the fat high elf.

「The probability of its existence is close to zero. Though, a bastard like you wouldn’t be able to understand such a simple thing」

The fat high elf turned towards the chairman and said in a loud voice.

「Do you understand, chairman? There’s nothing wrong with the trees nor this world. This two geniuses here even say so」

The fat high elf kept his eyes on the chairman.
He then continued with a “But…”

「In reality, the magic going into the interior is stopped! The young trees are done for!」

Everyone in the conference room is silent.

「One of them must’ve been writing a wrong report. Or maybe even both of them did. I can’t think of anything but that」

The heads of the two teams made an unpleasant expression.

「It’s just as the chairman said! Of course we have nothing to say if we assume that both of their reports are correct!」

Having said that, the fat high elf sits on the chair. His breathing is rough. I’m breathing on my shoulder.
The chairman looks like he just bit a bitter bug.
This kind of exchange keeps repeating since the afternoon.
The tree sapling is withering. But no abnormality found in the world tree nor the world.
This meeting was unable to draw any conclusions.

「Maybe there’s another factor that caused it we don’t know of?」

「Maybe if we just analyze the the Great Magi Charter deeper, we could figure out the cause?」

The people around speak out their ideas with someone beside them.
But no one tried to speak it out loud.
Because everyone here understands.
Is it possible for them, who have been existing along with the world tree for all this time, to find the answer to the unknown that just showed up now?
Is it possible to analyze the the Great Magi Charter, a huge system built by ancient people in ancient times?
Then the Chairman, who decided that continuing this meeting would be futile, stood up and dismissed everyone.

「And? What should we do in the end?」

The fat high elf talked to the chairman, not trying to hide his frustration.

「Continue the exploration and investigation. And at the same time, we should analyze the Great Magi Charter to predict the cause.」

「What, in the end, it isn’t anything different from what we did before the meeting started」

The words of the fat high elf clearly contained anger in it.
He manages to kill the urge to shout at him and instead, ignore the displeased high elf in front of him.
Because the chairman knew.
The fat high elf is not usually a person with such behavior and attitude.
So are the other high elves who attended the meeting.
Every one of them was actually calm and dignified figures.

(We’re in a dead-end situation without any solution. And because of that, everyone is burned in frustration and impatience)

He thought so.

(I should do something about this)

He scratched his head that only had a little hair left.



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