Chapter 67


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Herbivorous Mechanic safely returned.
He said he felt unwell as he caught a cold but I do not believe him.
However, I honestly do not know what he was doing while he was resting.

(I should not probe any further)

There was no doubt that I was partly responsible for this.
I decided to put a lid over this matter.
With Herbivorous Mechanic back, Old Lady, Herbivorous Mechanic and I were working vigorously as a team of three.
The content of the job was to exterminate the magical beasts which were threatening the routes of the town.
I started exterminating the primarily mid and large type magical beasts on an open plain.
To me, just riding a Knight brings me happiness.
And it was quite enjoyable to complete quests like that of an RPG.
As a bonus, the people there thank me and the children wave their hands when they see me.
When I wave back in the Old Lady, they become excited and overjoyed. Running and jumping about.
I am pretty sure without a doubt that they admire me as their hero.

(This puts me in a good mood)

I was grinning in my pilot seat.
I would never have imagined in my former world that I would become an existence that is admired by kids.

(I am really glad I chose to ride the Knight)

I thanked the stone statue that sent me here and the Guild Chiefs that scouted me from the bottom of my heart.


「Tauro-san, I will be accompanying you for the next job」

That was the first thing Herbivorous Mechanic said one day.
It seems like he heard about my first job where I was able to bring down a gigantic turtle.
Up till then, he had thought that I drove it away.

「I cannot imagine that Old Lady is able to bring down the gigantic turtle in one blow. Please show it to me by all means.」

His eyes were sparkling.
Come to think of it, Herbivorous Mechanic was a person who admired Pilots so much that he aspired to work with them and after studying, became a Mechanic.

(I guess it is natural for him to be curious)

I started the discussion with my next plans.

「If I remember correctly the next is the subjugation of the clay golems in the north?」

Clay golems are naturally born from the clay stratum underneath the earth, a naturally-occurring golem.
Their size is about the size of a Knight and their like giants at a glance.
But all in all, they are still made of clay and do not pose a threat to a Knight.

(If so, I do not mind doing this every once in a while)

Recently, I have been starting to gain confidence.
The basis for this was the few live combat experiences I had.
With clay golems as my opponents, I felt that I would be able to defend Herbivorous Mechanic even if there are a few of them.

「I understand. But please bear in mind that this is a dangerous job」

I should give him a heads up just in case.
After replying, Herbivorous Mechanic nodded happily and started preparations.


The mountainous area north of the Royal Capital was covered in layers of snow.
Rock surfaces from the white mountain ridge were exposed in some places. The steepness of the slope was so steep that it did not allow any snow to pile up thus exposing its unrefined appearance for all to see.
From reports, there were several clay golems striding around in the vicinity.
As they were crossing the mountain, they are a potential threat to the nearby town.

「There they are}

Beside Old Lady, Herbivorous Mechanic was looking through the binoculars.
He was wearing a white Mods Coat1. There were grey fur around its hood and sleeves giving off a comfy feeling and it looked warm.
Lying across the Herbivorous Mechanic’s gaze were reddish-brown giants which were moving about.
As expected, they are about the size of a Knight even when comparing with the surrounding scenery. They packed intensity even when seen from afar.

「I’m firing」

Old Lady was prone and half-buried in the snow. Ready to fire at any moment
Hearing this, Herbivorous Mechanic was surprised.

「Will you hit them at this distance?」

Confidently, I nodded through Old Lady.
My synchronization level is high.
This does not only apply to pain, it also applied to vision.
To me, Old Lady’s eyes are like my very own, magically magnifying the image in my mind would not cause any noticeable pixelation.
The drop in power due to the distance can be compensated with the amount of mana supply to the weapon.

「Clay golems are made of clay. Their strength are much lower as compared to the Giant turtles」

Herbivorous Mechanic reported.
While listening to this, I adjusted the amount of mana supplied. I then asked Herbivorous Mechanic to back away.

After confirming that he had backed away to the backlines, I faced the Clay golems and fired.


I frowned.
An unexpected event had occurred – the Clay golems repelled the Magic Missiles (Arrow of Light).
They changed directions after noticing us. And they were quickly making their way here.
From the look of it, they did not take any damage.

(Let’s try increasing the amount)

I immediately supplied mana to the Rifle (Rod).
The supplied amount was enough for firing an E rank weak magic once. It was the same amount that caused the Giant turtle to explode.
I do not mind if it is overkill. I have Herbivorous Mechanic here. I must defeat them before they reach us.
I began firing again after adjusting the amount of mana I supplied through gauge on the sights.

(It went through this time)

The Magic Missile pierced a Clay golem. Shattering its body to many small fragments which dispersed to its surroundings.
Several Clay golems appeared from within the snow, hurriedly headed in this direction, probably detecting that an enemy had appeared.

(…Three of them. There is time to defeat them before they reach here)

While calculating, I fired without hesitation.
The mana I supplied was the same as earlier. Golem after golem change to become small fragments.

「I am done. It is fine to come out now」

Hearing this, Herbivorous Mechanic crept out from a snow mountain at the rear.
He then spent some time gazing at the Clay golem debris through his binoculars.

「Could Tauro-san take me closer?」

It seems he was thinking of something.
I agreed and used both of Old Lady’s hands to cover half of Herbivorous Mechanic’s body. I then faced the Clay golem debris and silently walked there.
By the way, the Rifle is in the sling at the back which was attached by Herbivorous Mechanic.

(Their defenses were pretty solid)

After reaching one of the debris, I stated my thoughts.
But Herbivorous Mechanic did not reply, he only struggled to walk around in the snow amongst the Clay golem fragments.
He then returned after picking up a small fragment.
For some reason, his expression was dubious.


He was trying to say something.
However, at that moment, I sensed that the ground was shaking.

(An earthquake? An avalanche?)

I used Old Lady’s hand to protect Herbivorous Mechanic who was trying to move and kept watch on the surroundings.
If a large scale avalanche were to occur, even Old Lady would be in danger, much less Herbivorous Mechanic.


At that moment, the snow at Herbivorous Mechanic’s rear built up into that of a small mountain.


I shouted as I moved Herbivorous Mechanic above the snow behind Old Lady.
Moving him using both hands, as gently as the situation allows for.
Right after that, dark brown golem figures appeared from below the snow.

(Damn them!)

Their distance is minimal. But I cannot fall back.
I have to defend this position even if it were to lead to a brawl.

(As if I would allow close-range battle, which I was weak at, to start off with a surprise attack!)

I grasped the incoming dark brown golem’s hands with Old Lady’s.
Straight ahead, two golems combined their hands tightly together and got into a stance for a test of strength.
I clicked my tongue at this unexpected situation.
My only saving grace was that my pain receptors were not synchronized with Old Lady’s armor.

(I am being overwhelmed…)

Old Lady which seemed to say she was powerless.
Her strength is of no match to that of the dark brown golems. Her arms gradually bent in as she was pushed back bit by bit.
Even supplying the remnants of the already active E rank magic did not help.
I tried shaking them off but I could not escape from their grip.
An intense pain started crawling from my arms to my shoulders.

(D rank!)

I activated my D rank magic without even stopping to wipe the cold sweat that had gotten into my eyes.
I ramped all of the mana into Old Lady’s drive system.
I never once supplied this much mana at one go.
However, I could not think of any other way.

(Hang in there! Old Lady!)

I do not know if the delicate Old Lady could handle a D rank magic.
While praying, I controlled Old Lady to push back the dark brown golem.
But I could not control her very well.
Old Lady violently vibrated and let out a groan which sounded like a shriek.
At the same time, thick white smoke burst out non-stop from every part of her body

(…It seems like she burnt out)

My heart froze with fear.
Our lives are over if she stops moving here.

(I beg you!)

Determined, I continuously put in strength into both my arms.
However, Old Lady’s output showed no signs of rising.
No matter how high I tried to raise it, and the many times I tried the mana control, she only shook and could not keep up.
The amount of white smoke that burst out increased even further, their thickness also became even thicker.
Old Lady’s arm joints had passed their operational span.


I could not raise my voice due to the overwhelming pain.
It can be said that there is no way to push them back. I also could not think of any other solutions.

(This is checkmate)

These words appeared in my mind.
At the same time, my heart was filled with despair.
My other world story will end here.
Instructor Light Cruiser’s smile which was like the blossoming of flowers in spring appeared in my heart.

(It was a good life)

After transferring here, I lived as I liked.
I would never have experienced these things while living in my former world.
I have…no regrets.

(If possible, I would like to die painlessly)

As I thought as such, the impediment, a weird feeling of resistance, which was preventing the output from rising vanished as if it loosened.
I instantly came to my senses and checked the situation.
The emission of white smoke had stopped. The violent vibrations from earlier also quickly settled down.
And shortly after that, the output dramatically increased by leaps and bounds.

(The power returned!)

It did not only return. It was many times what it was before.
Old Lady instantly pushed back the dark brown golem’s thick arms and twisted them upwards.
The elbow joint of the dark brown golem’s thick arms shattered along with sounds of it cracking into pieces.
The dark brown golem let out a warcry which resembled a shriek.


I also roared and sent the golem flying.
The enlightenment I had when I was close to death had disappeared. My heart then reacted to the pain and fear bringing me to a state where I was unaffected by the ferocity.
The dark brown golem flew into the air, landing back first on the snow.
It then got up with its back facing me as if attempting to escape.

「As if I would let you go!」

Shouting, I straddled the dark brown golem from its back.
I then used Old Lady’s hands to grab the dark golem’s chin and pulled it like a prawn’s head.
The Camel Clutch2 stance.
Old Lady was pulling right behind with all her strength.
Eventually, a heavy breaking sound came from below Old Lady’s rump and the dark brown golem’s resistance faded.
But I do not stop.
I continued putting in strength until it broke cleanly into two. Thereafter, I wrapped the golem’s head below Old Lady’s armpit and twisted it until there was a breaking sound from its neck.
Only after doing this did Old Lady part from the dark brown golem for the first time.
She then sat down as if she lost her strength.
As she fell down on the snow with much force, a large amount of snowy smoke rose.

(…I’m saved)

I leaned forward in my pilot seat.
There was sweat all over my body and my heart was racing.
The reverberation from the strong pain disturbs my breathing. This feels agonizing.

(Ugh! What will I do if there is more!)

With panic still lingering in me, I only realize such a basic concern now.
I struggled to get up and hurriedly looked about my surroundings.


A sense of relief filled in my heart.
This time, I slouched, entrusting the rest to my back.


Only dark brown golem fragments were scattered all around.
The dark brown golem which was broken in half was in front of me.
Old Lady which was sitting down, prostrated.
Herbivorous Mechanic was half-buried in the snow by the aftermath of the snowy smoke but he managed to crawl out with his own strength.
He then looked at the surrounding scenery with grave eyes.


Herbivorous Mechanic shook his head, which was in chaos, once. He then started confirming one thing at a time with the intention of sorting out the events that occurred up till now.

(Firstly, the dark brown golem was not a Clay golem)

The color was alike but it was a different species altogether.
In the first place, it was weird that Old Lady’s magic attack was deflected.
There is no way for a brittle Clay golem to survive such an attack.

(That was a Stone golem)

He looked down at the dark brown golem fragment he picked up.
It was a hard and heavy rock fragment uncomparable to that of clay.

(What was with that power after two shots of the Rifle? I have never seen that before)

A white light enough to dazzle the eyes and the power to break a stone golem in one attack.
Combining the knowledge I learned from the Royal Magic Academy about Magic and Knights, this Knight is already past the firepower of a mobile weapon.

(And the final battle with the dark brown golem)

He looked towards the remains of the dark brown golem.

(That was most likely a Heavy Stone golem)

Heavy Stone golem.
Its composition consists of mainly metallic substances, it is an existence very similar to that of a Metal golem.
In terms of its status amongst magical beasts, it is the highest of the Stone golems.
It is not an opponent which could be defeated by several barehanded close-range blows from an extremely weak Knight like Old Lady.
Herbivorous Mechanic’s knowledge asserted this.

(That was accomplished by Tauro-san…and Old Lady)

He shook his head repeatedly, unable to believe this fact.
The Pilot had mana exceeding normal amounts by leaps and bounds. …No, even that cannot explain it.
The combat ability of a Knight is the combined power of the Pilot and the Knight.
Even if a large amount of mana is supplied, it would be meaningless if Old Lady could not take it in.
On the contrary, supplying a large amount of mana would bring about the fear of damaging Old Lady.

(This does not only apply to Old Lady, it also applies to the Rifle)

The Rifle also does not endlessly increase its power proportional the amount of mana supplied.
If the amount of mana supplied exceeds the limit, either the magic circle would burnout or the safety device would activate and disable the Rifle.
Herbivorous Mechanic looked towards the Rifle beside Old Lady.

(The Rifle and Old Lady are from the old age)

Thinking logically, similar to Old Lady, the Rifle should be inferior in every aspect.

(…There might be a need to change my mindset)

Reality takes precedence over everything.
This is basic for Technicians. No matter how unconvinced you are, you have to accept the facts.


He unconsciously let out his breath.
Up till now, he only regarded Old Lady as an old Knight with low combat ability.
Truthfully speaking, rather than an old type Knight like Old Lady, he wanted to perform maintenance on the newest Knights used by the Royal Knight Order.
However, the Knight Order did not recruit him, leaving him unable to fulfill his aspiration.
The only job he could find as a Mechanic was from the Merchants Guild.

That is why he put up with Old Lady.

(Old Lady is not only on the level of an old type, she is the oldest type, but even so, she is still a Knight. I am satisfied with simply being able to work on one)

He passed his time up till now saying this to convince himself.
But the reality in front of him greatly wavered his evaluation of Old Lady.
Power able to overpower even the newest Knights, he was shown that there is such a hidden potential lying within.
By the way, Herbivorous Mechanic has no intention of scrutinizing Tauro.
He heard that Tauro-san was well-liked by that Guild Chief and Vice Guild Chief and they had every intention of recruiting him.
If Tauro-san is an extraordinary person, then the thing with Old Lady is not all that weird.

And also, he thought.

(I do not know anything about Pilots)

It is outside his expertise.

(But I do know a lot about Knights)

He folded his arms as he thought of this.
Herbivorous Mechanic was confident in his knowledge and technical skills.

(It was because he was inferior to a Royal Knight Order Mechanic. He could not be one only because he did not have any connections)

His feelings as a technician swelled intensely. It was as if his half-prostration due to surprise from earlier was a lie.

(Old Lady and the Rifle, I will thoroughly investigate them when I return to the Capital. I will definitely find out the reason that gave birth to this situation)

Herbivorous Mechanic resolved himself as he looked between the husk of the Heavy Stone golem and Old Lady.
He felt pleasant as the hot blood as a Technician which had not boiled in a long while boiled.

[1. TL note: A form of fur coat. To find out more, click here] [2. TL note: A Wrestling move where you grab a person by his chin and pull upwards with all your might. To find out more, click here]



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