Chapter 69


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In a cafe on the outskirts of the red-light district.
After returning to the royal capital, I had dinner with Corneal after a long time.
Corneal is a pilot of the Knights of the Kingdom and a brothel loving lewd macho, who has the nickname “skewering whirlwind.”
Around the same time that I was busy as a merchant guild pilot, Corneal was also busy with his main occupation in the knight order.
Therefore, it has been a long time since we met.

「I’m glad that Tauro-san seems to do a lot of hard work lately」

Corneal said while grilling the squid in the net in front of him.

「It’s a popular talk in the streets, you know. They say that different from before, you’re actually working now」

I smiled wryly.
Just how bad is my reputation up until now?

「In fact, the highway has become safer now. I also think that the price of things in the market is somewhat cheaper because of that.」

Eliminating the dangers around the highway may have reduced distribution costs.

「I don’t mean to do that much but, somehow, it’s embarrassing.」

I got a quest from a merchant guild and tried to do just that.
I feel like doing an extended game myself.

「By the way, what happened to the students who participated in the training of the Knights?」

I changed the topic.
I also participated in it, a regular practical test in the pilot school. And the top three were participating in the training of the Knights.
I think the result is about to come out soon.

「One person is accepted」

He told me that the noble kid had been recruited and the other two were returned to school.
Even though I was third, I couldn’t participate in the training of the Knights.
And though I couldn’t participate, I became a knight pilot first.
And two out of the three who participated in the training couldn’t be one.

「What’s wrong?」

Seeing me sighing lightly, Corneal asked.

「Nothing, I just thought that the world is complicated」

「No, I think in this case it’s not that complicated you know?」

Corneal said with an uninterested tone and bit the thick squid.

「Both the knight order and the merchant guild were looking for capable pilots to hire. That’s all.」

“Yes, yes” he continued while nodding repeatedly.

「Tauro-san too, if only you weren’t obstructed, I’m sure you’ll get hired」

He got a lot of confidence in those words.

「I wonder. Well…… I wouldn’t be allowed to accept it in the first place though」

Yes, I couldn’t participate in the training of the knights even though I should’ve been able to, because they say that my fighting style was cowardly.

「Those guys in the knight order had a few screw loose in their head」

To those words, I replied while laughing.

「Corneal-san is also a part of that knight order though?」

Corneal shape his mouth like the letter へ.

「Though I am a member of the knight order, I’m only a low-class pilot you know?」

It’s a word I’ve never heard before so I asked.

「The member of knight order are divided into three classes: advanced, intermediate, and low」

When I asked if it was divided by ability, Corneal unpleasantly shook the squid’s leg from side to side.

「Officially, it is. But in reality, it wasn’t like that」

According to Corneal, it was indeed to be a meritocracy, until employment that is.
But after that, it is decided by various factors

「The senior pilot is doing nothing but battle training. While the junior pilot cleaning up the troubles that were brought to the knight order」

And then, he continued.

「Normally there’s nothing but battle training but, if the low-class pilot is too busy and has their hands full, the intermediate pilot will come to help.」

Even they said they’ll help, only easy-going people with a good reputation will go though. He said unpleasantly.

「It is the senior pilot who controls the Knights corps. Of course, they also have control over human rights. And there’s nothing but battle inside their head」

I nodded quietly.

「That’s why the only one that can become a senior pilot is a pure and empty person they call a “true pilot”」

In that description of a true pilot, the figure of Ponytail appeared in my mind.
She’s rude, but also a bit pure.
The Knights corps doesn’t seem to be very good. I’m glad I wasn’t able to partake in the knights training.

「How about Tauro-san? Do you feel comfortable with your life now?」

「Me? Well, everything was easy since I’m on my own. I just do whatever guild master and vice-master want me to do」

He sighed enviously to my answer.
“Should I go there too I wonder”, he said.

「Well, if you can bring your own Knight, you’re welcomed anytime」

He shrugged his shoulders at my answer.
While doing so, mealtime comes to an end so I took out the main topic.
I placed several flyers on the table.

「Now then, we shall start today’s meeting of the adult gourmet club」

Is it OK? When asked, Corneal’s expression tightens at once. The eyes staring at the flyer I put on the table are serious.
Of course. The main road of our lives lies in playing in brothels.
I’m going to hide it. It should be the same for Corneal.
By the way, the adult gourmet club is a club formed by me and Corneal.
The purpose is to walk around and eat the delicious things of the royal capital and evaluate them.


After a few hours, we both walking in the shopping district.

「Hmm, it doesn’t feel that great huh」

Corneal sighed at my words.

「Yeah. Even though the flyers are good」

Today’s store is filled with nothing good and accompanied by complaints.
We both stare at each other as we said “Yare yare daze”.
Well, the good thing about having a good friend is that we both can laugh even when we failed.

「By the way, what should we do after this? Should we go try somewhere else?」

Corneal replied to my question after hesitating a bit.

「No, I will call it a day」

I don’t ask the reason why.
We won’t admit it unless we gave our reason, our relationship isn’t like that.

「Then, until next time」

We waved our hands at each other and went our separate ways at that place.

(Now then, what should I do now?)

I started thinking after Corneal figure disappeared in the crowd.

(Ah, right! Let’s go to that place)

I immediately headed to the place that I thought of.
And a few minutes later, I was in front of a flashy sign.
Yes, to “Uniform specialty store. Any uniform is available. Come on, you’re in uniform, conquer now!” store.


「Hey, why do you still working part-time even though you stopped coming to Keni?」

I casually asked her on top of the bed.
when I was looking at the platform earlier, I was surprised that the ponytail was there.
I reflexively called her out and now she’s accompanying me like this.
By the way, Keni is “An Elf shop called Keni. Where lovely male elf gently escorts you”
The ponytail was brainwashed as to contribute to one of the male elves in this shop. And because of that, she’s been doing part-time jobs.
But the brainwash on the ponytail was already undone by me. And Keni already closed for god knows how long.
There should have been no reason to continue doing a part-time job.
The ponytail seemed surprised that I knew she had been commuting to Keni.

「Did you hear it from her?」

By that girl, she must be referring to that braided bob cut girl with big tits, Busty-chan.
I shook my head.

「You said it yourself, remember?」

I’m saying the truth.
It was through her own mouth that I heard the ponytail was contributing to that male elf. Well, it was more like she was sleep talking though.
The ponytail sent a suspicious glance at me.
She might think she didn’t say it, but she thought she might have accidentally spoken while in that state.

「It’s none of your business」

「Don’t be like that, come on, tell me」

I keep pressing her for an answer because I was really curious about it.

「Shut up」

She said and completely shut her mouth firmly.
I really want her to spill it out so I pulled out the legendary sword.
It’s a long barrel that has been kneaded with Ki, the fist of the monk, “Astral Sword”.
This is a technique to make my gentleman part wrapped in a star astral body to create a sensation of an extended gentleman.
By the way, the reason I changed the name is because “Astral Sword” sounds cooler.
I’m going to go deeper than the elf’s point inside the ponytail with Astral Sword.
She immediately opened his mouth.


That’s not what I want to hear.
Besides, I’m already engaging in close combat from the front now.
Because the standard of the ponytail is there should be no cowardly elements.
So I shoved inside a little more.
As I did, she finally told me.

「I have a debt to pay」

The pilot school should have been for free, starting with tuition, teaching materials, and uniforms.
If you have no living expenses, they will provide you with a free dormitory with two meals in the morning and evening.
So the reason that she still has debt is…

「Because of the elf?」


I shoved in again.
And she answered.
It seems to be correct.
What a sinful race, the elf is.
After that, I enjoyed talking with my old classmate.
When I couldn’t get a reply, I shoved in until I could.
Even when it was something unspeakable, I kept shoving in.
Thanks to that, I was able to know various stories after I dropped out.
It seems that the elderly instructor is absent recently.
According to the school explanation, it seems to be family circumstances.

Was that the truth though?)

Just because I happened to hear about it, I can’t just swallow it as the ponytail did.
However, there’s also no evidence that the school’s explanation is false.
(I’m glad I was disguising at that time)

For the time being, I praised myself at that time.
I thought there’s no use thinking about it anymore, so I switched my mind.

「~ugh! ~ahn! ~kuh!」

Just right, the ponytail couldn’t think straight anymore it seems.
Striking another conversation is probably impossible now so I just concentrated on having fun.
Especially the deep kiss.
She hated it at first, but it seems she had a change of mind.

(As I thought it’s so warm it feels so good)

The inside pot of the ponytail is so hot it made me melt.
It’s really a rare, good pot.

(It’s regrettable that she works in a low-class brothel)

If it’s only her specs, she’s a first-class class, but the ponytail can only work in a low-class brothel. Not because she’s working part-time.
If you’re going with that logic, the explosive onee-san which at the top in Jayanne is also a student working part-time.
I’ve heard the reason from Corneal.
Apparently, her service towards the customer is bad.
If I had to say it specifically, the service she gave to the higher-ups. Of course, she also didn’t want to do the cleanup.
And the worst thing is she likes to challenge her customer, and when she won, she would take them for a fool.
Thus, despite having rare items, it seems that her nomination rate is low even in a low-class brothel.

(Well, it means that talent and characteristic are two different things)

The words of the instructor I hated came to my mind for some reason.
I enjoyed it enough and poured all of it.
As I did, the ponytail’s promised “I love it~ hug” is activated.
With both arms and thighs, My body is held firmly.
It feels like being sandwiched and it’s really nice.
While our body shook, I one-sidedly enjoyed the lingering pleasure.

(Should we do one more round?)

I thought.
The ponytail not doing the cleanup and shower time anyway. There’s still some time.
So it should be fine if I continue.
I started the second round without pulling out.
The eyes of the ponytail opened wide in surprise and begin to struggle to separate her body from me.
I pierce her inside repeatedly and took away her will of resistance.
And then, I tried doing super long stroke that surpasses the elves with The Astral Sword.
I never neglect to improve my techniques every day.
Doing it at various angles and listened to the reaction.
The result is excellent.
Both her expressions and voices seem like she enjoyed it very much.
Her chin and voice keep rising regardless of whether or not I shook her.
The I love it~ hold has also been activated since her second climax.
The legs that are crossing over my back are tightening tightly as if trying to lead me further back.
The convulsions of my body don’t seem to stop, and the trembling of the ponytail is transmitted to me in a strongly hugged state.

(This feels good too)

The ponytail’s pot is still hot and sucking me like crazy.
Naturally, ponytails already ascended to heaven long ago. By now, her heart should be settled down and relaxed.
I was enjoying the taste of the pot, locking mouth with mouth, while being tightly hugged by her.


I fell asleep after having fun with this classmate of mine.

(If the ponytail keeps working part-time then it might be a good idea to make a reservation on her)

Her pot is a hot and excellent pot.
Also, the situation of her being forced to be in a relationship with the bunch who hated me at her workplace strongly tickles the men’s heart inside me.

(If the nomination got rejected, then that’s that)

But there’s also the expectation of they won’t be rejected.
If she’s going to refuse, she could just refuse. That’s the right of the women.
However, as I mentioned earlier, the ponytail has a low nomination rate. If she declined my nomination, then her income will be greatly reduced.
I don’t know how much debt she has.
I feel sorry for her because she was under brainwashing.
However, she doesn’t even realize that she was brainwashed. I was thinking about her pride and so I didn’t tell her.
And they’re convinced with the reason and even seriously willing to pay those back.
So all I can do now is to cooperate with this former classmate of mine.

(Let’s get her to entertain me from time to time to reduce her debt)

While thinking so, I passed by the platform side.
When I unintentionally looked down at the platform, Busty-chan sat there.
I was surprised at the existence of the ponytail and didn’t notice it, but she seemed to have gone to work.
In fact, apart from that day when I only want to touch the missile, I never nominate and asked her to accompany me anymore.
Busty-chan didn’t go to the elf store. So of course, she hasn’t been brainwashed.
I know the fact that she’s lined up with the ponytail, but unlike her who don’t seem to have anything expensive, Busty-chan have more small items and a little more valuable ones on her.
It seems that her purpose in working part-time is to improve her living standards.

(But really, it’s such a shame)

Not only the ponytail, but I also think about Busty-chan.
Why does she, who has such a huge breast that it was about to burst out, is content with a part-time job at a low class brothel?
There is a reason for that, just like the ponytail.
I found out after experiencing it myself, it’s true that she has an excellent weapon. But that’s it.
Certainly, she’s not as bad as Ponytail who acted unfriendly to her customers and likes to challenge them to a duel only to make a fool of them after she won, but she’s completely passive.
She just let them play around with her prided weapon as much as they like, and that’s it. Finished.

(But again, it wasn’t really that bad)

Playing around with her bullet-shaped super big tits as much as you want.
It was definitely a fun time, with the sparkling cuteness of a teenager’s trait.

(And I’m content with just that)

My heart has been fulfilled.
I was satisfied but didn’t want to taste it again.
And that’s not just me.
In fact, Busty-chan have many first-time nominations. However, the number of her regulars was devastating.
Most customers who visit the shop just nominated her because they are interested in those huge tits that almost burst out.
But they didn’t make a second nomination.
It’s not like her rating is bad.
If you ask for their evaluation, everyone will say that it’s good.
But unfortunately, Busty-chan wasn’t a girl that they wanted to visit again.

The two women who can only work at a low-class brothel while having a rare weapon.
In a sense, they’re similar.



  1. Error?
    Busty-chan didn’t go to the elf store. So of course, he hasn’t been brainwashed. => Busty-chan didn’t go to the elf store. So of course, she hasn’t been brainwashed.

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  2. Even now, to all the girls in this series, pony-chan was still in my heart as always. I like her.

    But, combined with Busty-chan, if i were tauro, actually, they are a candidate to an escort service in his house for a private tutorial, or being part of his harem. I know this is anti-story, but those two just did this because they want money, and i think those two are faithful enough not to look for another man if they already did settle

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