Chapter 73


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Not long after the guild master and Tauro headed for The Door of Sin, a man was nervously waiting in front of a small room. A few minutes after the previous customer left the room, the lamp above the door finally turns from red to blue.

(Alright! It’s my turn now!)

The tough-looking old man jumped into the door in high spirits.
Inside the small room, a girl with long hair is beckoning him with a smile.
She has slightly big and rounded eyes and thick fluffy lips like a duck.
When he took a closer look with both of his eyes on that beauty, his heart was squeezed hard as if blood would spurt out of it..

「Hello there, thank you for choosing me~」

Her voice and the way she speaks from start to end could make anyone feel like their ears were melting. The Idol he idolized even to his dreams when he sleeps at night was standing before him. From the moment she was selected as a member of the 「Holy City」, her image has never left his heart even once.

When he looked down, the voluminous panniers beautifully inflates the frilly mini skirt and his eyes already fixed on the absolute area located between the over-knee socks and the mini skirt.

「Come here, hurry~」

She said teasingly to the man with a rough face that was standing still at the entrance.
As if lured by those thick fluffy lips and sweet words of hers, he slowly walked towards the girl.


Along with such a cute voice, she wrapped her hand behind his neck and matched his forehead with hers. In such a close distance, a goddess is there. With the scent of breath and body temperature, it is known that the goddess has a body.

(I’m alone, with a goddess)

It couldn’t be helped if he still didn’t believe it.

(Right now, I’m monopolizing the goddess for myself)

It wasn’t just that, there’s still the next step waiting for him.
It made him lose his mind just by imagining it.

「Kyaa~~ M-Mister?」

Suddenly, the girl raised her voice.
The tough-looking old man didn’t remember doing anything. However, he was pulled in by the girl that was laying on her back on the massage bed, and now covering her from the top.
From the position, it appears like the man pushed down the girl.

「No– wait」

He grabbed her by the wrist and made his move.
It was a movement to slide down her shorts in an instant. And before he knew it, his lower body was also exposed. He doesn’t have any memory of it but guessed that he did it unconsciously. But even though it was unintentional, the preparation down there was already completed regardless. It was a natural action for a believer.


The strong man aligned the lower part and penetrated her.
The sweet sensation he felt right now making him clench his teeth

「No way,….. So sudden,…. What is this!? It’s too biiig!」

The man had an average assessment of his size. No, it might be even lower than that.
But even so, it should’ve been her first experience with this kind of size. The man thought.
He feels happy about that and tried to reach even deeper.

「Kyaah~…… It’s too looonggg」

She shouts with a pained look on her face.
Looking at her expression, The tough-looking old man’s lust is at its peak.
Feeling satisfied with conquering her, his lower part became even more vigorous.
Being penetrated inside for several times now, she shook her head vigorously.
She buried her nails on The tough-looking old man’s back so strong but not enough to injure it.
Through the slight pain he felt on his back, The tough-looking old man thought, 「She must’ve reached her limit because of my attacks」.

「Just who’s the bastard that said she’s not proactive ?」

The tough-looking old man got angry as he recalled the weekly article he recently read.
But he retracted that anger immediately.
The reporter who wrote that article didn’t even enter the temple. That’s why they only write whatever they want.
The tough-looking old man’s nostril widens with the sense of superiority.
It might be because that sense of superiority was strong that it pushed his back but, because of that he accidentally released it.


At that moment, her voice raised deliberately and her body twitched on top of the muscular body.

(It was great)

The tough-looking old man left the room with a sigh of happiness. Then he returns to the audience seat and cheers on the stage again. In his hand was an autograph from the idol that accompanied him earlier with her signature on it saying 「It was great」 written in a heart symbol.

(I’ll treasure this forever)

The tough-looking old man put that autograph inside his breast pocket.
Then he took out an autograph of the other idol he likes.
While waiting for her to enter the room, he took a pose while rotating, matching her singing on the stage.

In the end, The tough-looking old man returned to the room with 5 signed autographs.
He thought to himself that given his age, he tried too hard this time but a chance like this might never come again. In his life when he’s wondering where to stand, he determined that it was at this time for sure.

(Even so, I should definitely thank Tauro-san later)

He thought that this time, the one who brought him here was none other than Tauro.
Because he didn’t think that he’s in any position to visit this place with the guild master.
He often came into contact with Tauro because of the potion trading activities, so he became something like the guy who’s in charge of him. Tauro also helped Dolba the leader of “Robust” cure his illness. Moreover, he’s also the pilot of Merchant guild’s Knights And he was remarkably active at doing his job so they always backed him up. Even if he has an E rank merchant qualification, he can’t just take a break, bring a lot of money and come to this kind of place on his own.

(Thank you, Tauro-san)

He put his hands together in front of him and thanked Tauro who wasn’t there.
To repay this debt, he thought that he shouldn’t embarrass him and decided to do his best for the match tomorrow with Tauro.

There, he realized his carelessness.
That tomorrow’s is the day of the match.

(I shot 5 times today……)

He turned pale to that fact.
The tough-looking old man hurriedly dashed out of the hotel at midnight to look for something to eat so he can regain his vigor.


The light from the sun shining above the clear sky is pouring down in every corner of the Royal capital. Although the outside temperature was low, the sunshine warmed people’s feelings and body enough to forget the cold.
In the merchant guild’s reception room on the third floor, the sunlight is shining through a large south-facing window.
In the room, there was a deputy guild chief who looked like Santa Claus and a person.

「I apologize that I’m the only one here even though the chief of blacksmith guild is sparing his precious time coming to greet us」

Santa said in fright.
The chief of the merchant guild should be attending the opening ceremony of the match in the Holy City right now.

「It’s okay, I already heard that your guild master is absent now. The timing is just bad, that’s all」

The man called the chief of the blacksmith’s guild opens his mouth and laughs.
He is old, but he has a thick and forged body.
Not very tall, but intimidating. If Tauro was here, he would’ve thought he was a professional wrestler with short stature.

「It must be that annual adult match held every year, right?」

The eyes under that completely bald head slightly closed as if indicating something and at the same time, his white beard bent vulgarly.
Santa could only shrug his shoulder with a troubled face.

「I was just joking. Truth is, I just can’t wait anymore」

The bald man looked down from the window to the square below.
There, Heavy stone golem was being inspected while being surrounded by people who were curious about that thing.
After the inspection, the Heavy Stone Golem was to be sold to the Blacksmith Guild, but this man just could not wait any longer.
This is the heavy stone golem that was defeated by Tauro and co.
The collection team arrived shortly after receiving the report, but it took time to work due to the deep snow and finally arrived this morning.

(I was frightened when I heard the report for the first time)

Santa recalled the time when he was told by the herbivorous mechanic.
He felt as if his spine was frozen when he thought that he would lose both Tauro and Old Lady instead of defeating the big monster.
The impact seemed bigger on the guild master that he couldn’t make even a single movement while sitting on the chair.

(The cause of this crisis was the mechanic who accompanied them to the battlefield)

Santa and the others decided so and reprimanded the herbivorous mechanic.
Considering the situation, if it’s just the Knight And its pilot, there could be a lot of opportunities to fight or escape.
The herbivorous mechanic seemed to reflect her action deeply.

(The unusual strength of the Old Lady and the outdated rifle, huh)

From the perspective of the merchant guild, it’s good to have a Knight with strong firepower.
But it sounds weird when that power came so suddenly and nobody knows the reason.
Even more so for the mechanic who’s been in charge of the maintenance.
Santa gave permission to do research on it, money, time, also more staff if it’s necessary

(But even so, it sure is amazing)

Santa got back to his senses and stared at the square.
In addition to the heavy stone golem frame, there are also four stone golem frames piled up. It was worth it just looking at the mineral resources alone.
And if there’s anyone who finds more value other than the materials, the price will be much higher.

「The chance of getting a heavy stone golem with a good shape like this is rare after all.」

The chief of the blacksmith’s guild gazes into it.
A healthy round bald reflected the sunlight, thus making Santa squint his eyes unintentionally.
In the blacksmith’s guild, golems have been actively researched.
It is the blacksmith’s guild that supplies the mecha knights to the Kingdom’s Knight Order.
The state-of-the-art technology used in these mechs was diverted to animal-type golems used for transportation and construction. And the basis of this research was actually the analysis of the natural golem, which may sound surprising. Little is known that these mechs are not yet completely superior to the natural golem. They imitated a natural golem frame and rebuilt it so that we could use it as we do right now. That’s why high-grade golems like this are of great value as research material, even more so when they still have their form maintained.

「But is it really okay with only this amount of money??」

The bald man makes sure once more.
The amount offered by the merchant guild is only for mineral resources. The added value as research material is not taken into account.
For a blacksmithing guild, that’s an exceptionally cheap price to pay.

「That amount is enough for us. Besides, if the blacksmithing guild research bore fruit, it will also be a benefit to the kingdom」

The bald man scoffed at Santa’s word as if unsatisfied with his answer.
Because he knows that the vice-master of the merchant guild is not as simple as that.

「Because the security of the highway is maintained, the price of the materials slightly fell you see」

Santa changed the topics while looking at the bald man.

「Also, products handled by the blacksmith’s guild can now be transported to various places at low cost」

The bald man nods because that’s the truth.
It can supply farther than before. As a result, recently it has become a situation where it can be sold as long as it is made.

「As you can see, maintaining the security of the highway not only benefit us, the merchant guild, but also the blacksmith guild as well」

And that is where he can guess what Santa’s going to say next.

「Could we ask the blacksmith guild and its mechs for your cooperation?」

The bald man tilted his head. There’s no hint of understanding on his face.

「Rather than us, wouldn’t it be better to ask the adventurer guild or the knight order? After all, slaying demon beast is what they do every day was it not?」

In fact, the knights of the blacksmith guild are used for research purposes. They are used to verify new technologies and theories.
It’s not like you can’t use it to fight monsters, but they weren’t built for battle in the first place.
Santa sighs and shakes his head.

「Until recently, we did rely on adventurer guild and the knight order. But the result of that is just no good」

Santa spoke.
The adventurer’s guild prolongs negotiations to raise the price.
And even if you ask the knight order to do something, they wouldn’t take action immediately.
Even if they do, they ask even a higher price than the adventurer guilds.

「We don’t have any intention to have the blacksmith guild do anything. We just want you to be our weapon in negotiation.」

「As a weapon in negotiation huh?」

「Yes. The adventurer guild believes that they are the only ones the merchant guild can count on, or at worse, those bad knight order」

That’s how the situation is. Santa said with a bitter look.

「If it’s like this, they have the upper hand on the negotiation table because of their power.」

If you don’t have any choice, you’ll be taken advantage of. Understanding that the bald man nods

「However, if our merchant guild and the blacksmith guild were to join hands, we should have another option」

Santa’s voice is quiet and calm. But his eyes were serious.

「Even if the blacksmith guild mechs wasn’t built for combat, it’s significant enough if you can sortie with 2 units」

He placed his hand on the desk and leaned out slightly.

「Yes, to the extent that makes the adventurer guild think “Merchant guild will fight with their own power and no longer need any help”」
「I see. That way, it will be possible to negotiate in an equal standpoint huh?」

While saying so, the bald man thought for a while.

「Well, fine. If you want to use our Knighton negotiation table that way for the price of the heavy stone golem, it’s a cheap price to pay」

But, if they actually have to go on the field, you should consult me properly, yeah? The bald man casually throws a warning and continued,

「But then again, isn’t there a chance that they won’t recognize the blacksmith guild’s Knight as a “Knight”?」

He turned with an amusing face towards Santa.
Santa had an uninterested expression after hearing that.

「That just a personal opinion of a pilot from a long time ago, merchant guild doesn’t have that kind of perception」

Seeing that figure, Maru Bald laughs cheerfully.

「I know I know, I just wanted to say that」

Even so, he continued.

「The pilot this time sure have different prospects than the pilot before, eh?」

He heard that even if it’s only a medium-sized demon beast, he cleaned it up nicely.
While the pilot with high pride has their preferences.
The pilots of merchant guild had always been like that, and probably even the adventurer guild’s too.
The blacksmith guild where the pilots are researchers is a special case.
Santa says that the adventurer guild always prolongs their negotiations.
It was one of the aspects of the fact mentioned above.
However, isn’t it takes time to persuade the people in charge there, is what the bald man thought.

「Thanks to you, I’m able to get some good stuff」

Santa’s smile was bright.
He thought that that’s why he got a pretty good deal.
The bald man decided to wrap up the talk.

「Right, I guess it’s time we head back and do the preparation for research」

He pushes the specific paperwork to someone he brought and leaves the room after shaking hands with Santa.
The goal of the bald man and Blacksmith Guild engineers is to create a knight that surpasses the natural golem.
I do not think it is impossible.
A document once stated that such a knight existed.
And he did not doubt the literature.

(Until recently, it was said that it was a book written with delusions an imagination though)

The bald man grinned.
It was his favorite book since he was a little.
Very recently, the progress of archeological research has begun to be evaluated as a book of facts.
According to the book, the Dark Ages exist, and in the last few hundred years, technology inheritance from the past has disappeared.

(For now, we should catch up with the past first)

A great war that burned precious literature without thought. When I learned the magnitude of the knowledge lost in the book, he felt frustrated and clenched his teeth.
But that is not enough. I am an engineer.
The archeological remains are left to archaeologists, and engineers do what only engineers can do.
The bald man thought so.



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