Chapter 75


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「Oh my, is that it?」

The tough-looking old man was getting crushed by the gorgeous mature woman’s butt and let out a pathetic scream.
From my point of view, The tough-looking old man isn’t that strong.
In fact, he’s 2 or 3 steps lower than the other competitors.
Well, no wonder he’s struggling there.

「It’s fine. It was something he strongly wishes for after all」

The guild master said.
It seems that the person himself strongly wished to participate in this match whenever he was interviewed.

「Life is all about experience」

The guild master makes a serious face.

「Even if that’s an experience of getting beaten up in public. If it’s a result of something you asked for, someday it should be a good lesson to you in some way」

In front of that gaze is the figure of The tough-looking old man turning pale while being jeered by the audience.

「Well, nothing will go wrong if you raised the next guild master candidate that way」

He laughed mischievously.
I was surprised to hear the sudden conversation about the merchant guild’s personal affairs, he then said to me to keep this a secret from the person himself.
I nodded and this was the end of the story.
After that, we watched another game.
I was told by the guild manager various things, and I was able to know everything from famous players to international affairs.

(Ah, he’s back)

The figure of The tough-looking old man entered my field of vision.
He has a blue face and is drooling.

「Thanks for your hard work」

I can’t find another word.
The tough-looking old man apologizes constantly to the guild master and me. The guild master aside, why did he also lowered his head to me? Anyway, it’s better to leave him alone now.
It might be good for him to go back to the hotel first and rest.
Since this is a qualification match, The tough-looking old man who lost has no more matches.
By the way, this is a mixed-gender tournament.
If there is a bias between men and women, the match will not be possible.

「What will happen if there are only women who won the matches?」

I ask the guild master.
The answer was that it would end when either man or woman was exterminated.
Quite a simplistic rule huh.
He then sent me a meaningful glance at me.

「Shouldn’t it be your turn now, Tauro-kun?」

「Eh? ……..Me?」

I don’t know what he’s on about.
The guild master continued by saying I’m talking about the match, with a smile on his mouth.
It’s my first time hearing that, of course I would be surprised.
I thought the other participant was the guild master.

「I’ve heard the rumors. Doctor slime, was it? You sure make a name of yourself.」

He laughed wholeheartedly

「What, it was just for entertainment’s sake. Don’t think too deeply about it」

He patted my back lightly.
He must’ve told The tough-looking old man half of it.

(I think this is a good chance)

I get up.
I wanted to participate someday.
And that someday was today, unexpectedly.
Also, as the guild master has said. Life is all about experience.
And honestly, I’m confident in myself.

「I understand! I’ll do my best!」

While feeling thankful, I decided to take the opportunity he gave me.
And now I’m getting ready at the backstage.
I took off my clothes and put on a bathrobe. Done.
In my head, I remember the white tan of the beach volleyball.
Since I started going to the brothels, I have been doing some maintenance.
However, I should’ve done more than that if I know this would happen
There’s no use thinking about that this late so I switched my concentration.

(My growth, I’ll confirm it with my own eyes)

I said to myself.

(So then, I can tell where do I stand in this world)

Watching the game up until now, I felt it.
If this is world-class, all of them should be able to compete well.
Then, I would like to try in this tournament, where players from all over the world gather and figure out how far I can fight there.
So I can confirm myself about my standing in this world.

(LET’S GO!!)

I pushed the thick curtain open and stepped onto the stage.
The stage is circle-shaped.
Looking from here to the audience seats, I can also see the other stages behind the crowds.
The center of this cylindrical hall is the audience seats, with the six stages surrounding it.
Looking from the above, one would say that it resembles the magazine of a revolver.
Although for a magazine, the center part, or the audience seat is much bigger than the stage.

When I appeared from the sleeves by the wall, a lot of gazes instantly gathered at me.
I have no experience of it, but if I were to compete in international sports games, I’m sure this is how it would feel.


The nervousness level is higher than I thought.
It’s more nervous than I thought.
My pulse starts beating irregularly, and the sound of cheers suddenly move away from my ears.
At the same time, I felt an illusion as if the stage started to rotate slowly.
To think it was this bad. Even though I was confident I could be more calm about it.

I’m completely naked down below the bathrobe.
This is not the same as the pilot’s school’s regular practical test that attracted attention.
I remember a woman dancing on the stage in the hot spring.
She must have overcome this barrier.
I looked at my opponent to calm down.

(…….hou hou, this is….)

She was about the age of a woman and a teenage girl.
Short hair, neat, yet non-flashy features.
A delicate body with fair skin.
The long, narrow legs, which extend from the hem of the white bathrobe, have ankles that are thin enough as if it’ll break if one’s not careful.
Her neat, crystal-clear atmosphere made me want to breaThe air around her.
And her hair is decorated with White flowers. It is perfect for her image.

(It’s good that she’s exceptionally cute)

I love these types of girls.
A breeze of wind called passions blows into my heart.
It blew away the heavy mist that covered me by the time I saw her.


I’ve overcome my nervousness and feel like I have grown up once more.
There I feel a sudden fierce emotion gushed up.
My heartbeat, which was violently beating, moved down from my heart to my lower parts. It is as if another heart had been formed in my crotch.
The bathrobe is pushed to its limits because of it. It hurts too much.
The same thing happened several times when I, who worked overtime and stayed up all night in my twenties.
I was sometimes called up by my boss and never sat up because of this swelling that doesn’t know time and place.
This may have something to do with the release of extreme tension.
I was confused at that time, but now it’s more convenient to be this way.

「I’ll be in your care」

Such a gentle voice.
She looked at my bathrobe and her cheeks blushed instantly.
That action hit the string on my heart.

(I want to do her so baaad…)

No other words than that.
My motivation switch is completely on.
She bows lightly then keeping her back straight after that. It’s a thing called courtesy.
Her appearance is like the White flower itself swaying in the wind.
With that elegant atmosphere, my patience was already at its limits.



As soon as the match started, I took off my bathrobe and jumped at the White flower.
With the strength equals thirty men, he pushes down the delicate body without allowing any resistance.

「Magic eyes, Activate!」

I removed her bathrobe and touched the well-shaped bulge with both hands.
My Magic eyes could see the pleasure spot of the White flower as her color temperature.

(Right here, huh?)

I touched the place where there’s a relatively high color temperature.
As I did, the color temperature there stayed the same, but then a point with a higher color temperature appeared elsewhere.
Does it mean that instead of the part where I touched, it ended up stimulating a different spot?
I reach out to that part while wondering about this.


Just the same as before, a point with a higher color temperature emerged elsewhere as I touched this spot.

I thought for a second.
I know that Explosive onee-san’s ability is damage averaging.
It means her weakness is eliminated by equally transferring received damages throughout her whole body.
And perhaps the ability of White flower is weakness transfer.
When her weak points are stimulated, those weak points will spawn somewhere else.
As a result, even if you were convinced that this is her weak spot and attacked there simultaneously, you would just end up attacking in the wrong place.
With this as a weapon, she must’ve deflected the other men’s attacks until now.

(Too bad for you, though…)

I started laughing in my heart.
For my Magic eyes will render this weakness transfer useless.
No matter where you change places, I will never let you escape.
I will continue to attack you wherever you change your weak spot.
I lowered the corner of my eyes as it’s getting easier than an easy mode to slap her weak spot.


White flower is astonished and puzzled by a series of critical hits she has never experienced before.
But on the other hand, I can keep going up fast.
Now the White flower had plenty of nectar in the center of the petals, dripping down.

(Found it~)

What appeared to be a true weakness that did not move wherever you touched it.
It was just below the navel, slightly left. It shines with white light.

「Pardon my intrusion~」

I whispered in her ears and stuffed Oshibe* into White flower’s nectar.
Many petals wrapped my oshibe.
[*TL note: See]

(You sure have good stuff don’t you)

As expected of one of the participants.
Saliva spills out of my mouth because of how delicious it is.
White flower bowed and twisted, raising a sweet voice that didn’t suit her atmosphere.
At the same time, she shook her head as if refusing to enjoy it and grabbed my waist with both of her hands trying to tear me off of her.
But I won’t let go.
Conversely, I pressed myself onto her while shaking my waist.
Countless white petals have come under pressure to resist.
I fully enjoy that feeling.

(Uhoooo…. What a pleasant feeling)

The White flowers, whose abilities have been sealed off, overflowing with hot nectar without even fighting back.
At the same time, the White flower that was hanging on her hair fell onto the mat.

「Winner, Kingdom guy B!!」

The winner has been decided.
But I want you to wait for just a second here, I haven’t finished yet.

「Winner, Kingdom guy B!!!!」

The referee declared once again and he signaled me to leave.

(As if I would stop here!)

Now, White flower was intertwined with fine petals, pulsating to suck out honey from me.
It would be just too bad to end it here.
I look at the referee with a glance. I glared at him with scary eyes.


I start pulling out, albeit reluctantly.

(Kuh…. it even made a good reaction when I pulled out)

The petals clung as if they didn’t want to let go. And hit my oshibe many times with dissatisfaction, as if asking to leave it here before I go.
Perhaps it was on instinct. As I thought women are wonderful creatures.
I released my body as I felt a bit of regret.

The venue is filled with whispering sounds.
They seem to have been shocked by the unexpected development of the game.
I can hear voices from everywhere like who is he?, but nobody seems to be able to answer.
As I returned my gaze, I retracted into my sleeve and returned to my seat.

「Not only your skill as a pilot, but your skill in this department also good isn’t it?」

The guild master was surprised. Probably because the result was more than he had expected.
The tough-looking old man also waved his hands in front of his waist in excitement while saying As expected from Doctor slime.
It seems he was copying my moves earlier.
Well, it seems that he has recovered completely.
Speaking of which, this uncle was good at imitating.
Setting aside his appearance, he also had some humorous aspects on him.

(Also, he seems to be able to recover quickly)

He must’ve trained his mental strength too.
I felt like I knew why he was regarded as one of the future guild master candidates.

「‘Jouin’ is a man’s dream right? Now I also want to do her」

The guild chief laughs, saying that he was not yielding.
When asked what is this Jouin thing he said, it seems that it means having sex with the unreachable flower to the fullest of your lust.
Suddenly he starts talking excitedly about the guild-length points.
He seems to be getting excited gradually, his tone is fast, and the way he looks becomes a bit suspicious.

(No good, he’s switching to Goblin jii-san now)

I panicked.
It wouldn’t be a laughing matter if he’s about to transform here.
The tough-looking old man widened his eyes seeing the guild master’s state.

「I’m back~」

Cool-san is back.
The guild master came back to reality after hearing her voice and his transformation stops from Goblin jii-san back to just jii-san.
The tough-looking old man aside, I don’t want Cool to know that side of him.

(Good job, boss)

Cool whispered to me.
It seems she had been watching my fight before returning to her seat.
By the way, when I asked how the women side fare, they both seemed to have safely won.
The explosive onee-san goes straight to another stage, saying that the next game will start soon.
The guild master that has returned to normal congratulated Cool for her hard work in the match and talked about my match once again.
Everyone is pleased with the victory.

「Thank you. I’ll do my best next time too」

Hiding away her unachieved sadness, she returned with a smile.
No matter how hard a unicorn named Cool tries, it’s hard for me to pull out.

(This and that are different)

She’s a woman that worked in the brothel before I’m here.
If she needs something, she must go through Jayanne, the brothel she works at. So I thought.
Explosive onee-san appeared in my field of view.
The game seems to take place on the left side stage.
It’s been a long time since onee-sama is serious.
There is no way I would miss this.

「Do your best~!!」

Everyone turns their gaze on her, cheering for her.
Explosive onee-san returned with a nervous smile while looking this way.

「This is bad Tauro-san! Her opponent is that Shinigami!!」

The tough-looking old man shouts as his face turns pale.
A tall man appeared from the stage sleeves

(That guy huh….)

The celebration mood up to that point was blown away on the appearance of a very powerful foe.
Both mine and the guild master’s face frowned.
Only Cool who remained the same look as usual.



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