Chapter 90


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There’s a large town square in the center of the Royal Capital.
Surrounding this town square are the adventurer guild, merchant guild, and big firms building.
A lot of people come and go here, which is just between the shopping district in the east and the red-light district in the west. It could be said that this place was the center of activity for the people living in the Royal Capital.
If you look to the north from here, you can see a huge chalk structure.
This rugged but extravagant structure was, despite being inside the Royal Capital that was surrounded by ramparts, had a giant stone wall built around it.
Yes, that place is the center of politics in this Kingdom, the royal castle where the king and his family lived, and where the high-ranking officials are gathered.

A middle-aged man was walking in the hallway of that castle.
The floor and wall of the hallway were decorated with beautiful stones.
The ceiling is probably the same but, due to its height and the shadow that blocks the light, it couldn’t be clearly seen. But it was certain that all of it was made of the finest marble.

(Heavy lancers, huh…)

The middle-aged man muttered in his heart.
His long, slightly wavy white hair and groomed long beard made him look like a white lion.
This middle-aged man was the knight commander of the Kingdom’s largest armed organization, the Knight Order of the Kingdom.
This royal meeting was held in a hurry after the report on the appearance of Heavy Lancer came and it was also the return from his absence.
Fortunately, the herds of heavy lancers in the northwest part of the kingdom were slowly moving south without showing signs of approaching any nearby towns and villages.
Their number was around fifty.
They are a large 16-meter tall four-legged demon beast, with giant horns like a Hercules beetle and skin as hard as a scale mail.
If they move in herds, something like a village could be easily destroyed just by passing through it. And even a big city surrounded by walls could be breached by them if they wanted to.
Despite their terrifying capability, the people present in this meeting didn’t have any sense of crisis at all.
Because everyone knows.
They’re not the opponent the Kingdom Knight Order main force couldn’t handle.
As soon as the dispatch of the Knight Order was decided, the interrogation for the adventurer guild began.
It was about the reasons for their delay in the discovery, who should be responsible for it, what recurrence prevention measures they took and the harsh criticism coming with it, and finally imposing the penalties for them.
The adventurer guild’s guild master complexion when he left the room at the end of the meeting was almost as white as the marble on the wall.

(If we’re up against a herd of heavy lancers, then it will surely be a big battle)

The knight commander slightly loosens his cheek.

(It’s been a long time since there’s a big battle. This should be a good opportunity for the advanced-class pilots to vent up their recent stress)

Then, an idea popped out in his mind.

(Let’s also summon the merchant guild’s pilot, shall we?)

One of the advanced-class pilot’s frustrations was the merchant guild’s pilot growing reputation and gained respect among the people.
It was unacceptable for someone else aside from them, who claimed themselves as the top pilots in the Kingdom, getting respected and complemented by the people.

(We will display our power in front him and show our differences)

By doing so, he’s hoping that their frustration and hatred would subside a little.
Also, he heard that the merchant guild’s pilot was getting full of himself recently. So he thought that they should probably show him a lesson or two there.
The steps he took when he headed to the Knight Order headquarters were strong and firm.
The knight commander already had a firm formation plan in his mind. All he had to do was just give out the instructions.
Twelve advanced-class pilots, twenty-four intermediate-class pilots, and thirty-six lower-class pilots. With a total of 72 people who were the strongest pilots in the Kingdom at his disposal.
And if he included the 15 A-class Knights, the 60 B-class Knights, and 5 non-combat C-class Knights, he would have a total of 80 Knights.
The man that could be said to be the very military power of the Kingdom itself, didn’t have the slightest doubt inside him.


At large square south of the Royal Castle.
One of the large buildings facing the square is the Merchant Guild.
It’s a building that can be said to be neither rugged nor extravagant, but it had a sense of historical value in it.
A lot of people come in and out of the building. This place was as lively as always.

「It finally came to this, huh…」

In a room on the upper floor, I muttered while knitting my eyebrows.
The Knight of the merchant guild has been summoned by the country. Refusal is not allowed. With this letter, I have to go to the battlefield and assist the Knight Order there.
To be honest, I don’t want to go.
However, I know that there’s a possibility to be dispatched on the battlefield when I applied to be the merchant guild’s Knight pilot, so I’ve got no choice here.

「The populace acknowledged your achievements, Tauro-kun」

The guild master said as he looked up while burying his small body in the big chair.

「Those Knight Order probably doesn’t feel happy of the fact that there are another pilot other than them gaining the popularity within the populace」

Be careful, he added.
His eyes remained staring seriously at me.
I nodded as I gulped my saliva.
This isn’t the atmosphere to joke around.

「Take a look at the faces of those people walking at the square. They’re smiling more, compared to the past」

The guild master words didn’t stop there.

「Most of it is thanks to your power. Because of you, the lives of those people are definitely improving」

Of course, there are some exceptions, he added. He’s probably talking about the adventurer guild and the demon beast specialist.

「Honestly, I personally think there’s no one who can replace you. So please come back safely no matter what」

The guild master squinted his eyes, increasing the sharpness of his gaze.

「The merchant guild is even ready to protect you no matter what, even if you became a deserter」

He declared with a deep voice.
It’s been a while since I saw the guild master’s expression became this serious.
My enemy is more likely to be the Knight Order rather than the approaching herds of Heavy Lancer. At least that’s how the guild master sees it.

「I understand. I will abandon everything when it becomes dangerous」

Then I made my tone a little bit crushed.

「That’s why, at that time… Please provide me with the utmost support you can give」

The guild master smiled at my words. Leave it to me, he said. Thus, I joined the Knight Order for Heavy Lancer extermination.


Corneal is one of the Kingdom’s Knight Order lower-class pilots.
He’s also my best friend that often accompanies me visiting brothels.
Although his nickname, 「Skewering Whirlwind」 is less superior than my nickname, 「Doctor Slime」, quite a lot of people know him.

「To be on the same battlefield aside from the one in a brothel with Tauro-san….. it sure is a strange feeling」

The slightly not good looking perverted macho curved his mouth into a grin.
Agreed, I replied and we laughed for a while.

「What a cool Knight that is, just as expected from the Knight order」

I examined the Knight standing behind him carefully. It has the same model as the Knight that I got to test ride on the day the Knights fair was held at the town square.
And that was one of the reasons I wanted to become a knight order pilot longed by a lot of people.

「Not at all, it’s the same B-class model as the Old Lady after all」

He said as he shrugged his shoulder.
Knights are classified into A-Class, B-Class, and C-Class Knights. Built using the latest technology, the most elite Knights even among the Knight Order, are called the A-Class Knight.
The difference in performance is so large, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it the best Knight there is.

「No, no, I think a personal B-Class Knight and Knight Order’s B-class Knight are different」

I said, mixing in some compliments.
B-Class Knights are a low-cost version based on an A-Class Knight technology. Or, it was once an A-class that became outdated and became a B-class.
Corneal’s Knight is the low-cost version, while the Old Lady is the outdated one.
Then lastly there are the C-class Knights that refer to every Knight that has ability inferior to that of a B-Class Knight.
Many Common Knights of small nations, private Knights of a noble, individuals, criminal groups, etc. are using this type.
By the way, the Knights of the blacksmith guild are also classified as C-Class Knights.
Well, it’s not designed for combat, so it is only rated as C-class, while its combat power seems to be almost B-class. Or so the vice guild master said.

「Hmm…. I wonder if that’s so」

Corneal knitted his brows and stared at me doubtfully.

「I don’t think it’s better than a B-Class Knight that managed to defeat a heavy stone golem though?」

He asked me in a whisper whether it really hasn’t been remodeled in any way or not.
Heavy stone golem was said to be a strong enemy that for A-Class Knights aside, was too tough for B-Class Knights to handle. And such an enemy was defeated by the Old Lady, so it brings doubt and surprise to everyone.

「I swear, it really hasn’t been remodeled or whatsoever」

I told him the truth.
After all, even though the Old Lady is classified as B-class, it has been called something like a minus B-Class Knight or a C-Class Knight that’s falsified as B-Class Knights because of its previous pilot’s behavior.
So for such Old Lady, the result of that battle cannot be described by anything else than a miraculous victory. No wonder why everyone was so surprised about it. And because of that, the rumor that 「the merchant guild has remodeled the Old Lady by spending a great deal of money」 has begun to spread on the streets, perhaps because there was someone who can’t accept it.
That rumor seemed to have reached the higher-ups of the country, and so the matter was being investigated by the Royal Castle.
Apparently, if it was proven that the OId Lady was remodeled without any notice, the merchant guild will be punished.
But in the end, the misunderstanding was resolved, and it made me realize once more that defeating Heavy Stone golem was an extraordinary feat.
Well, let’s leave it at that, he said and winked at me. He doesn’t seem to believe what I just said at all.

「I think this time, the reason Tauro-san was called here was because the Knight Order wants to show off what they’re capable of to you」

Corneal changed the topic.

「So I think you will only be watching from a distance」

I was relieved after hearing what he just said.
I was afraid that they would use me as something like a meatshield on the front line.

(Certainly, what Corneal-san said makes sense. That possibility is high)

It hasn’t been decided that that was the case but, I feel much lighter now.
But if that’s the case, then my selfish desire to watch the battle of humanoid robots up close could be fulfilled.
How troubling, me.
Then, the time for every pilot to gather came.
So we stopped talking and turned our feet to an olive-drab colored tent.


「Proud member of Kingdom’s Knight Order!」

A middle-aged man shouts on the platform inside the tent.
He’s the vice-commander of the Knight Order and had his own unit.
By the way, I went to say hello when I arrived but was completely ignored.

「A mere demon beast, just because they’re a little big, had recklessly challenged us, the heroic Knight Order of Kingdom into a battle」

The blood vessels on the vice-commander’s forehead are bulging out.

「We should never forgive this kind of impudence!」

The voice of agreements is rising from the front.
In the front row are the advanced-class pilots, in the rear row are the lower-class pilot, and in a corner far from those rows is where I’m at.

「Let’s defeat them all and let our valor be known!」

In response to his shout, crackling applause could be heard from the front row.
The vice-commander smiled with satisfaction.
When I look at this scene, it seems that the intermediate-class pilots and above are keen on the vice-commander, and the lower-class pilots are not.

(Hmm… But their attitude towards me is not much different from the higher-ups)

I thought with Corneal as the basic, that I could hold a proper conversation with the lower-class pilots. But the reality isn’t that sweet.
When I greet them, they will reply with a short greeting.
But I can tell from their attitude and the way they look at me that they’re unhappy with my existence.
The only difference from the intermediate-class pilots is whether they clearly show it or not.

(Corneal-san is a special case huh…)

I decided to keep a distance from anyone other than Corneal.
Then, after the burning speech of the vice-commander, the strategy meeting finally began.
Though I said strategy meeting, it was just a talk to decide the objective and giving out orders.
The content was, to put it simply, the main force will take a phalanx formation while standing by to the east of the heavy lancer herds that were heading south. Meanwhile, a separate squadron will take a detour to the west of the Heavy Lancer herds, and become a force to drive the heavy lancer herds east. The heavy-duty heavy equestrian Heavy Lancer will be crushed by a full-fledged, ready-to-wear mainstay. The driven away heavy lancer herds will be crushed by a fully prepared main force that was waiting ahead.

(Fifty heavy lancers against 37 Knights, including me. We’re short on numbers but I think we can manage somehow)

That’s what I thought after looking at the surroundings.

「Also, I have an important job for merchant guild’s pilot」

The vice-commander suddenly throws the conversation at me.
He continued his words to me who was still a bit surprised.

「I’d like you to join mine, the west squadron. Is that clear?」

It seems to be an order. I have no choice but to accept it.
Then I noticed the surroundings atmosphere was changing.
The junior pilots were making faces as if wondering why a mere merchant guild’s pilot got chosen for that role. Ah, this must be their dissatisfaction because I was the one who got an important role instead of them.

(Ah, Those who ranked above the intermediate-class pilots are smirking)

This is bad. They’re definitely plotting something.
I’m aware that I’m hated so my sense of danger is tingling.
At worst, I probably have to rely on the goblin jii-chan–not, I mean the guild master of merchant guild for help.

「Well then, I will announce the formation」

The vice-commander began explaining the formation we’ll be using.
The main force is a total of 24 knights, eight knights of the advanced-class pilot and sixteen knights of the intermediate-class pilot.
These forces will make into one solid phalanx formation to welcome the driven heavy lancer herds and wipe them out.
And the twelve Knights of the lower-class pilot will be put at the sides behind the main formation.
If in an instance there are some of the heavy lancers that are getting scattered, they would shoot some long-range and guide them back towards the phalanx formation. And they’re also to act as the main force’s swords to finish off the heavy lancers that still managed to escape somehow.
Then, the other squad that was supposed to go east to drive the herds towards the west was me alone.
It was an important role to drive the herds towards the main force that was lying in wait by shooting long-range magic.

(This is an absurd order no matter how you look at it)

I thought. This is nothing like being added to a separate squad.
The lower-class pilots are making a fuss.
They made it sound like I was given a special treatment so I can rack up some achievements for myself.
「Why did he get special treatment」, 「What a nice role he got」, their burning jealousy is so hot that I feel like it could pierce through my skin.

(It’s totally not as nice as you thought it is, you know!?)

I can affirm that for sure.
I looked for Corneal and found him immediately. He was the only person that had a pale face.

「That’s all! All members, devote yourself and work hard to the bone for the Kingdom! Now, roll out!」

The vice-commander loudly declared.
Without getting a chance to have a word with Corneal, I was guided to the Old Lady.



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