10. Black-and-White Princess and Soul Dress [4] – part 2


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10. Black-and-white princess and soul dress [4] – part 2

(She earnestly listened to what I had to say earlier, and also listened to the opinions of the male students who strongly opposed my participation… Perhaps Leia-sensei is just a little eccentric and might be a really good teacher)

With that in mind, when I sat in my seat, Leia-sensei clapped her hands.

「Everyone listen. I will now convey Allen’s wish to you guys.」

She cleared her throat before continuing.

「Allen said, 『ーIt is unthinkable that I’m being compared to the incompetent likes of them. I don’t mind taking on all three of the incompetent trio in a mock battle right away. I’ll show them the difference in strength between us.』」


My head turned blank for an instant.

「Man… As expected of Allen – full of confidence! After all, he is a swordsman personally acknowledged by me!」

Leia-sensei spoke proudly of me and nodded satisfiedly.

「N-No, please wait a minute! I didn’t saー」

Before I could explain,

「Bastard, Allen! You got so cocky, just because we were silent…!」

「Who did you call the incompetent trio…!?」

「A one-vs-three mock battle? If you want to get ganged up on, we will fulfil your wish!」

I was surrounded by the three men.

「C-Calm down, that was Leia-sensei’s selfi-」

When I tried to solve the misunderstanding, a clapping sound loudly resounded as though hindering it.

「Okay, if that’s the case, let’s go to the training ground at once!」

Leia-sensei didn’t give me an opportunity to speak.

(Th-This woman…)

When I glared at Leia-sensei, she expressed the best smile so far and gave me a thumbs up.

What the hell is that? I want to smash it.

After that, the students of year 1 class A moved to the Underground Training Area.

Of course, to watch the mock battle between me and the trio.

(To think I would come here two consecutive days straight…)

As I was sighing while thinking about that, one of the trio called out.

「Oi, Allen. For a self-taught like you who graduated from a nameless third-rate academy, I alone am more than enough.」

He pulled out his sword and pointed his chin at me.

He seemed to be saying「You hurry and draw your sword too」.

(Well… whatever)

The sooner this ends, the better.

And if he fights alone here, I can avoid the overwhelmingly disadvantageous match of one-vs-three.

Therefore, I pulled out my sword took the stance – Seigan no Kamae.

「-Here I come.」

「Go ahead.」

The next moment as I slightly nodded.


He rushed straight, while screaming a manly cry.

(Gripping, posture, stepping in – are all at a high level)

As expected of a student of one of the Five Academy, Thousand Blade Academy, is what I’d like to say but…

ーBut I can’t bring myself to.

「Iron Cutting Style – Rust-Off!」

Towards the looming downwards swing, I sidestepped half a body to the left, and scooped up his sluggish right leg with my scabbard.


Suddenly, with one leg scooped up, he lost his balance and fell down on his butt.

Then, I pointed the tip of my sword at his neck which was full of openings.

「-The match is over.」


The match is over.

Since I won in a one-vs-one match, won’t you guys just recognise me already?

To be honest, I don’t want to fight a one-vs-three match.

In the first place, I never wanted such a futile match

While thinking about that, I heard an intense booing from somewhere.

「Oi wait, Allen! That is unfair! You promised a one-vs-three mock battle! This result is invalid, invalid I say! I cancel this with my authority as the president」.

Yes, it was Leia-sensei.

(This person… no, this woman… what kind of an ally is she…?!)

As my eyebrows started twitching in anger, I took a deep breath and held it.

If I get flared up here, I will be acting just as she wants.

In this situation, ignoring or responding to her would be the best outcome.

But never get angry, don’t let her disturb my heart – the best way to deal with it is a smile.

So as I kept fighting with Leia-sensei below the surface,

「A-Are you alright!?」

「What happened? You fell over so easily!」

Two of the trio rushed to the one who was stupefied due to being defeated by me.

「That guy, he isn’t just all talk… We’ll lose if we underestimate him…」

Apparently his fighting spirit hasn’t broken yet, and as soon as he got up, he turned his sword towards me.

In response, the other two took out their sword and took the formation of an equilateral triangle with me in the middle.

One at the front.

Two people behind diagonally left and right respectively.

There is no sign of an attack from them, perhaps their wariness has increased due to the previous bout.

(This is… a strategy where the two at the back attack me, when I’m occupied with the guy in front)

While guessing their strategy, I was thinking 「why is this happening」.

That’s right, I just wanted to have fun with everyone at this Thousand Blade Academy and swing my sword.

Enjoy going to classes with everyone, graduate three years later, become a holy knight, and receive a stable salary.

I can make mother who has been struggling so long have an easy life with that money, and maybe, I could even get married to someone.

(I was supposed to have such a peaceful and happy every day… Where did I make a mistake…)

Classmates are hostile towards me, and favorability from everyone is brilliantly zero – this is a minus start.

And now, I’m surrounded into a corner by three classmates.


Life really doesn’t go as we want.

Even though I entered Thousand Blade Academy, one of the prestigious Five Academy in the capital, I keep going through one trial after another with no time to rest.

(Anyway, let’s finish up this match soon)

For now, shall I break this stalemate?

To do that, I must first crush one of the vertices of the triangle.

I targeted the one who was in front of me cause it doesn’t really matter whom I choose, and zeroed the distance with him in a single step.

「Eight Sword – Yatagarasu!」

「!? Cloud Style – Cirrocumulus!」

As expected of a student of the prestigious Thousand Academy.

He reacted brilliantly to the high speed Yatagarasu and unleashed a counter technique immediately.


「Nu… gu… Guhaa !?」

Clouds Style Cirrocumulus – It was a stunning four-strike consecutive attack, but it wasn’t enough for the last four strikes of Yatagarasu.

He took four shots, one on his head, torso, right shoulder, and clavicle, and was blown backwards against the ground.

(Two left…)

When I looked back, the guy had just raised his sword overhead.

「EAT THIS!!! Iron Cutting Style – Iron Break!」

「-Too late」

While crossing each other, I hit his neck with one strike.


His upper body violently shook, and he fell face-forward.

When stepping into the opponent’s range, you must adopt a stance of being able to attack at any moment.

If you need to swing up to make a downwards strike for each and every attack, it’s too futile.

After taking down the two guys without injuring them,

「-I’m sorry, you two. But… leave the rest to me.」

A guy’s voice resounded from directly behind me.

The last guy.

(At this distance, this range – I can’t avoid it.)

He is in the most ideal attacking position, evasion is impossible.

「Crescent Moon Style Secret Technique – Moonlight Slash!」

I could hear the sword cutting the wind.

「Watch out, Allen!」

「Avoid it!」

Ria and Rose-san cried out alarmedly.

However, no problem.

The place where he is standing, is within my slashing range.

「Second Sword – Hazy Moon」

「Wha, huh…!?」

Receiving a powerful slash to the abdomen, he collapsed with his eyes opened wide in shock.

「Haa… finally over.」

In preparation of the closing act of this battle – predicting the last attack to come from my back, I prepared a slash beforehand.

Anyway… why is it that, all I’m doing lately is fighting?

(…I want to settle down quickly, and go back to swinging my sword)

While thinking about that, I sheath my sword in its scabbard.



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