104. Abnormality and White Lily Academy [5]

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104. Abnormality and White Lily Academy [5]

I cut that guy in the chest with Seventh Sword – Instant Slash.

「Kuh, shitty brat!」he roared angrily, and leapt back greatly.

The wound was shallow. His skin was as hard as steel.

(Regardless, I cut him!)

I was able to 『injure』 him, who always seemed so invincible.

(Yoshi, yoshi… yoshi!)

Realizing my growth as a swordsman, enveloped me in a tremendous sense of happiness.

The next moment,

「…I’m gonna kill you!」

He was clad in『clothes of darkness』just like I was.

Both quality and quantity were dimensions apart. The darkness, which squirmed about as though it were a living creature, stimulated the primordial fear within men.

「Ha, haha… That’s amazing.」

Seeing the overwhelming difference in rank, I could do nothing but laugh. Continuing from that, he brought forth the genuine and authentic『Black Sword』.


I’ve only ever heard about it from Leia-sensei, but this is the first time I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

(…I want it.)

The overwhelming presence that makes the『pseudo black sword』seem like nothing more than a stick.

(I want that sword – that power!)

As I turned my envious gaze towards the true Black Sword,

「Oi, Oi, aren’t you gonna assume your stance? E”e?」

That guy was standing with the Black Sword raised overhead just before my nose tip.


I immediately held my sword horizontally and tried to defend his downswing.

But his 『True Black Sword』 cut through my 『pseudo-black sword』 as if slicing through tofu.

「Ga, ha…」

A big sword wound ran across my chest, and my broken blade rolled at my feet.

「Ha”a, I get a little serious and this is how you end up. As usual, you’re weak! Are you making sure to eat well, E”e?」

I slowly collapsed as his provocations reached my ears. My blood spread across the dry earth.

As pain and anguish enveloped my body,

「Fufu, fu…」

Feeling of joy sprung up in my heart.

「Bastard… The hell is so funny after being cut?!」

「Nah, I was just thinking that… I’ve gotten stronger to the point where you have to pull out the Black Sword. Thinking that… made me really happy.」

Four months have passed since I started undertaking soul dress training.

Yes – it’s only been a mere four months.

This is an amazing speed for me, who has been progressing at a turtle’s pace for billions of years. Every day, the distance between me and this guy shrinks. I was very happy to see that feeling of growth.

「Tch, don’t get me wrong. I just showed off the real thing because you were so smug with yourself!」

In a bad mood, that guy fired one last shot.

「Ga, ha!」

The Black Sword penetrated my abdomen.

Unfortunately… this seems to be the end for me this time.

「Fu, fu… I will come again.」

Just as I was about to lose consciousness – curiously, he started talking to me.

「I’ll give you one piece of advice. For the time being, I can’t go out to the “surface”. Last time, I stayed for too long, so I am pretty exhausted. That body is important to me, too. Treat it as carefully as you can.」

Then my consciousness sank into darkness. When I came to, I was brought back to the original world.

The soul dress class continued till the second period, and now was lunch time.

I went to the cafeteria in a large group of six people in total; Ria, Rose, Idol-san, Sid-san, Cain-san, and I.

「N-No way! All this is free?!」

As soon as we arrived at the cafeteria, Ria looked around with sparkling eyes.

「Yes. Students and staff at White Lily Academy can use this cafeteria for free.」 Idol-san said, and nodded.

「Y-Yay! Then, I would like this『Deluxe Bento』for three people, please!」

She got hungry due to the morning class and made a great start. A slender girl like Ria placed an unbelievable order, so the man at the window stared gaping.

「T-Three people… Here, it is a considerable amount even for one person, though?」

「Yes, it’s okay!」


When she finished her order,

「…A”a? Well then, I want the same thing for four people.」

Sid-san, who has a competitive spirit, placed more orders than Ria.

「Mu! Sorry, but I’d like to order five people’s portion instead.」

「My bad, I meant six people.」

「Ah, I’m sorry. Actually, it was seven people.」

The two, who hate losing, started getting heated up fast.

「Tch… Eight people’s!」

「Mu, nine people’s!」

「「…Ten people’s! 」」

When they both said that at the same time,

「Are you trying to pick a fight, eh?!」

「You started it first, didn’t you?」

They began arguing.

(Oi, Oi, Oi… Give me a break…)

If you fight in a place like this, you’ll trouble the people at the back of the line.

I have no choice but to enter the arbitration between Ria and Sid-san.

「W-Well, calm down you two… In the first place, it’s unreasonable to have a bento for ten people, isn’t it?」

And then,

「Eh? I can eat it though?」Ria said, tilting her head with a confused expression.

「…I guess.」

It is impossible to persuade Ria on this. Because she hasn’t said anything unreasonable. Bento for ten people… yeah, she can finish it single-handedly.

In other words, the person I should persuade is you – Sid-san.

「Sid-san. I don’t think the opponent is a good match for you this time.」

When I tried to politely convince him,

「A”a!? Bastard… Are you saying that I’m going to lose?!」

I seemed to have added oil to his burning spirit, instead.

(I’m almost certain that Sid-san won’t win…)

But If I say that, I’m sure the commotion will grow and cause trouble to the students in the back of the line.

「Haa… I don’t know anymore…」

I gave up the persuasion and sighed loudly.

After that, they eventually asked for a deluxe bento for ten people each. On the other hand, I ordered nori bento. Rose ordered autumn bento. Idol-san ordered special beef bento. Cain-san ordered the same nori bento as me.

(Actually, there are many other menus besides bento, but…)

Ria and Sid-san being noisy about『Bento, bento!』dragged everyone into it. After we each received our orders, we moved to the largest ten-seat table.

And then,


We all put our hands together and start working on our bento.

「Un, this tastes good!」

The thick, deep-fried, white-fleshed fish made my mouth water.

Of all the many bento boxes, I like『Nori Bento』the best.

The kelp, finely chopped with soy sauce, under the seaweed.

Crispy, aromatic, fish-paste cake wrapped in seaweed.

And above all – cheap.

When I was at Gran Swordsmanship Academy, I was very indebted to the “Cheap Nori Bento” sold at food stands.

And, as I was enjoying the nori bento of White Lily Academy,

「The same table as God! The same lunch as God! …Ah, I can’t! This happiness is too much for me. I am already at my limit.」 Cain-san was writhing, holding himself with both hands.

As expected, this person is a little strange.

「-Hmm, it tastes good.」 Rose nodded in satisfaction, placing a bamboo sprout in her mouth.

「Yes, the lunch here is delicious.」 Idol-san said, and elegantly pecked at her bento.

And, as opposed to us who were enjoying a peaceful lunch,

「Munch Munch! Hmm, it’s delicious!」

「Guh, Bastard… So your『speed』is also as good as the『amount』you can eat, huh.」

Ria and Sid-san were engaged in a fierce gluttony battle. Even if you say ”Gluttony Battle”- that doesn’t seem to be the case with Ria. In front of the ten lunch boxes, she was just genuinely appeasing her appetite. Sid-san, on the other hand, was desperately eating, but… to be honest, he looked pretty pitiful.

Not long after,

「Aa, it was delicious. Thank you for the feast!」

Ria, who subjugated the ten people bento, put her hands together with satisfaction.

And next to her,


Sid-san, with dead eyes, was bringing rice to his mouth with trembling hands.

In front of him were two, still untouched deluxe lunch boxes.

This match is decided.

「…Hah. I’ll… acknowledge you a little.」 he said, and lost consciousness.

「S-Sid-san… Are you ok?」

I cautiously shook his shoulder, but… there was no answer.

He had completely fainted.

「Haa… That’s why I warned him.」 I sighed at the expected results

And then,

「…God. May I please say one thing for Sid’s honor?」

Cain-san, who had a serious expression, asked for permission to speak.

「Y-Yes. What is it?」

「Considering from the standpoint of “Gluttony Battle”, it’s certainly Sid’s complete defeat. But take a good look once again. He lost consciousness, but even now in that unconscious state, he continues to hold onto the chopsticks! In other words, his mind has not admitted defeat!」


As expected of Sid-san, this is exactly what his unyielding fighting spirit is.

「This strong heart should be emulated.」

「Oh, as expected of God! That insatiable desire to improve! I have failed to recognise you!」

As Cain-san and I were talking about it,

「Perhaps… Allen is a little bit of an idiot?」

「Hmm, he’s not dumb, but… he is a little airheaded.」

Idol-san and Rose were saying some somewhat rude things.

After that, the unconscious Sid-san was left as is, and the five of us had a friendly chat.

In the middle of it, Idol-san mentioned something which piqued my interest.

「Now that I think about it, tomorrow is『ability measurement』. Allen and others will join us this time, so I’m looking forward to it.」

Ability measurement? I’m sure Leia-sensei said something about that too.

「Excuse me, what is ability measurement?」I asked, to learn more details regarding it.

「Uh… The ability measurement, such as sword speed, arm strength, leg strength, short-range attack, long-range attack – to compete by scoring a total of ten events. It is held once a month, and the person who performs the best in each grade is commended.」

When Idol-san explained the outline of the ability measurement,

「…『To compete』?」

The unconscious Sid-san, sprung back to life.


「Ha, interesting! With that ability measurement, I’m going to knock you down all together!」

All of a sudden, he began to say something I didn’t understand.

(I don’t think ability measurement includes knocking down someone like that…)

When I was thinking of that,

「Fufu, that’s funny! I’ll take on your challenge!」

「If it’s a challenge, there’s no way I can back down either!」

「Obviously, I’ll take you on.」

The hot blooded girls, following Ria’s lead, accepted the challenge immediately.

As I took a fleeting glance at Cain-san,

「All of it is God’s command.」

As usual, he was saying stuff that didn’t make any sense.

(Personally, I wanted to measure my ability quietly.)

When I was thinking about that, I noticed that everyone’s gaze was gathered on me.

「Nee, Allen is joining the challenge too, right?」

「Allen, I will make up for my loss tomorrow!」

「It will leave a bad taste in my mouth, if I don’t beat you, bastard!」

「Revenge Match… Okay!」

…It looks like there’s no way out.

「Hahaa… Fine. I’ll participate in that challenge too.」

Thus, I was going to compete tomorrow with Ria, Rose, Sid-san, Idol-san, and Cain-san, by comparing the results of the ability measurement.


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