105. Abnormality and White Lily Academy [6] – part 1

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105. Abnormality and White Lily Academy [6] – part 1

The next day.

All the first years of White Lily Academy gathered in the vast schoolyard.

The purpose is, of course, ability measurement.

「It feels much more serious than I originally thought.」 Ria muttered, overwhelmed by the strange air around us.


Looking around, the students of White Lily Academy have changed into a pure white gym suit.

They all brought out their soul dress and quietly focused their minds.

Apparently, this ability measurement seems to hold a big meaning for the students of White Lily Academy.

We waited a few more minutes, being a little overwhelmed by the tense atmosphere.

At the same time as the chime of the first period, a female student stood on the assembly stage.

「We will now conduct the sixth ability measurement this year.」

On her right arm was an armband that read, “Physical Education Committee”.

It seems that the physical education committee is in charge of this ability measurement.

「For some students, this is their first time taking part in the ability measurement. Thus, I’d like to start by explaining the basics. Students, please pay attention.」

A brief explanation of the ability measurement began.

Ten kinds of events are conducted throughout the ability measurement. Each event is graded on a scale of 100, and students compete by the total sum of points from all ten events.

The use of soul dress is permitted in all events.

Shield and certificate will be awarded to the best performers of each grade.

It was almost the same as what I had heard from Idol-san yesterday.

As the explanation from the physical education committee came to an end, a broadcast began to sound.

「The progress of the event from here on will be conducted by us, the Broadcast Club, as usual!」

The announcer’s voice – which had a hint of northern accent like that of Ferris-san and Rize-san – echoed in the schoolyard.

The voice gave off the impression that it was someone who loved to talk.

「Well, come now! Super famous special guests will be joining us in today’s ability measurement!」

When the broadcaster said so, the gazes of all the students gathered on us.

「First of all is this person – The problem child of Ice King Academy! Sid Eucliuuuuuus! Within just six months of enrolling in the academy, he was suspended from academy twice! However, it is said that his ability is one of the best among first-year!」

And when the brief introduction of Sid-san was given,

「Well, he does have a bad vibe around him!」

「I see. So that is the rumoured “Yankee”…」

「How scary…」

The girls took a step away from Sid-san.

(…Well, he’s a little hard to approach from a men’s point of view as well.)

It can’t really be helped.

「And the next one is someone everyone here knows! The Super Problem Child of Thousand Blade Academy – Allen Rodoreeeee! He is the enemy who defeated our academy’s onee-sama,『Prodigy』Idol Luxmaria!」

When the slightly malicious introduction of me was given,

「…Oh? Unlike the man from before, doesn’t he look a little gentle?」

「But that hair… It’s black and white, right? I’m sure he’s not a decent person.」

「And he’s our nemesis who defeated onee-sama. We can never let our guard down.」

Sharp glances mixed with hostility were turned towards me.

I am also not very welcomed, apparently.

「Well then, let’s start with the customary『betting』! Please fill in your name, year, class, number, and bet amount, on the『betting paper』that was distributed last week and cast it in one of the boxed placed in front of the stage!」

Looking towards the assembly stage, there were three large boxes.

Yellow box read, Idol Luxmaria.

Blue box read, Sid Euclius.

Black box read, Allen Rodore.

The three boxes were written with the names of us three.

And then,

「Of course, onee-sama is going to win!」

「I’ll put it in for onee-sama too!」

The students of White Lily Academy inserted a piece of white paper taken out of their pockets into Idol-san’s box.

While her box was being filled up with great excitement, mine and Sid-san’s were completely empty.

「Betting paper?」

As I whispered to myself at the unknown word,

「Yes, betting paper. You bet money on people whom you think is going to place first in the ability measurement of that grade. Just small gambling. Come to think of it… Allen and the others haven’t had the betting paper distributed yet, right? If you ask the physical education committee, you can get it too.」Idol-san explained, standing next to me.

「I see.」

In other words, the students of White Lily Academy were convinced of Idol-san’s victory.

Which could also be interpreted as, they don’t want neither Sid-san nor I to win.

And then,

「Muh… I’ll go put it in!」

「Fufu… From an objective point of view, Allen is the only possible choice.」

Ria and Rose said, and got two betting papers from the physical education committee.

And in the betting column, they wrote “100, 000 Gold” and cast it in the black box that read Allen Rodore.

「100,000 Gold?!」

My eyes widened on the ridiculous amount of money they had invested.

「Hey, is that really okay?!」

「「…What about?」」

Ria and Rose tilted their head as though they didn’t understand my concerns.

「No, no, no… Why are you both acting so cool?! It’s 100,000 Gold!」

One hundred thousand gold wager.

It lightly translates to the living expenses of an entire month.

By Goza village’s standard, you can afford a few months of expenses with that amount.

「Mou… Allen is exaggerating. 100,000 Gold isn’t that huge.」

「Aa, it’s not enough to make a fuss over.」

「…I-I see.」

Come to think of it, these two are super rich people.

We’re always together, so I tend to forget about it.

Ria is the princess of Vesteria Kingdom, and I heard that Rose built tremendous assets during her bounty-hunting days.

Their sense of money is very different from that of the poor me.

「And, it’s absolutely impossible for Allen to lose in the first place!」

「Yeah, that’s right.」

The two of them said, and nodded with confidence.

「…I’ll do my best.」

Ria and Rose’s trust made me very happy.

A few moments later, the odds of this betting were announced.

I am 50/1.

Sid-san is 55/1.

And Idol-san is 1/5.

(Even so, what a great sight.)

So, it is true that these sorts of gambling are not prohibited in this country, huh…

In such broad daylight, and in the middle of a schoolyard no less, a large-scale bet where all the first-year students participate.

(Legally, there is no problem, but is it really okay considering the academy regulations side of White Lily Academy?)


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