106. Abnormality and White Lily Academy [7] – part 2

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106. Abnormality and White Lily Academy [7] – part 2

…It would seem that she is not trusted by her students at all.

「Well, uh… I’ll do it then?」


Being ganged up on by a large number of students, Chemy-san nodded, brokenhearted.

(I feel a bit sad for her, but…)

As far as repairing the trust and relationship between a teacher and her students goes… she has no choice but to make an earnest effort.

(…Oops. I mustn’t. Just focus on what’s in front of you.)

I returned to my original mindset which was about to derail, exhaling greatly, I swung down my sword in one breath.

「Sixth Sword – Dark Roar!」

The moment I fired the enormous jet-black slash, an unprecedented recoil struck both hands.

(This is… huge!)

A super huge black slash that was more than twice as large than usual.

The slash, which was turning over the ground underneath, easily crushed Anti-Impact Mechanism No. 2.


Accompanied by Chemy-san’s heartbroken voice, the measuring instrument which has become pieces of metal, rolled around.

On the cracked lcd -『100 points』appeared.

「Wh-Wh-Wh-What power!!! This is just overwhelming! I’ve never seen『100 points perfect score』in the long-range attack event!」

The voice of the broadcaster sounded loudly.

Looking around, many of the female students were gaping wide eyed.

And then,

「Teme… It’s much stronger than at the Sword King Festival.」

「Allen…Just what kind of training did you?!」

Sid-san and Idol-san grit their teeth and stared at me.

When I was at a loss as to how to reply,

「That’s right, Allen! That’s a stunning blow!」

「You’ve gotten even stronger again… You really are an amazing guy.」

Ria and Rose came in at the right time.

After that, Anti-Impact Mechanism No.1 that was sleeping deep in the warehouse was taken out, and the measurement of the long-range attack was carried out.

Then, various events such as sword speed, leg strength, and reaction speed were conducted, and we finally reached the result announcement.

Looking at the clock tower, the time was already 5pm, right about the time when the sun was slowly beginning to set.

「Now, we will announce the overall scores of『Bet targets』Idol Luxmaria, Sid Euclius and Allen Rodore!」

When the broadcaster announced loudly, tense air began to drift.

Now that I’ve completed all ten events with all my might, I don’t remember my total score.

It was a moment of tension for me, too.

「First of all, the representative of White Lily Academy! The result of our nee-sama, Idol Luxmaria – 950 points! 900 points range! It is a wonderful record that piled up extra fifty points further!」

At that moment, the girls around me burst into cheers.

「As expected of nee-sama! The dream-like 900 points range!」

「If this is the case, we can beat that accursed Allen Rodore!」

When I look at it from the perspective of out of a 1000 points, the score that Idol-san earned is certainly a tremendous high score.

「Followed by the representative of Ice King Academy, Sid Euclius’ result – 947 points! We did it! Victory belongs to nee-sama!」


Unfortunately, he lost to Idol-san, and clicked his tongue loudly.

(Three points difference. So close…)

After the ”long-range attack”, he surpassed Idol-san in many events.

In terms of “the number of events that was won”, Sid-san was definitely better.

As expected, the “12 point difference” produced in the long-range attack made all the difference.

In the overall score, he lost by a narrow margin.

「And the result of Thousand Blade Academy’s representative, Allen Rodore – 975 points! T-This is an incredible record! It’s probably the highest score in the history of White Lily Academy!」


「I lost again…」

Sid-san kicked the Anti-Impact Mechanism No. 3 that was lying at his feet, and Idol-san dropped her shoulders.

Right after that.

「With a million gold wager… And Allen-kun’s odds being fifty times… The final sum becomes… Fifty million gold…! Fufufu…Fuhahahahaha!」

Chemy-san, who won an unexpected sum of money, had a wicked smile on her face.

「Alcohol, snacks, gambling…! This is going to be a great weekend! Fuhahaha!」

She was running around like a child with unusually high excitement.

I don’t know why, but… I felt like she was going to be penniless once the weekend was over.

「Allen Rodore, who achieved the best results in first-year, will receive a shield and a certificate at a later date! With this, we will end the sixth ability measurement of this year! Thank you very much!」

After finishing the ability measurement, we had a simple dinner in the cafeteria.

After that, we utilized the vast schoolyard to train our respective swordsmanship.

Ria and Rose were training in High King-style and Sakura Blossom One-Sword style respectively next to me.

Sid-san trained in long-range attacks.

Cain-san was happily doing practice-swings next to me.

Idol-san was training in precise control of lightning.

(…As expected, it’s fun.)

To polish swordsmanship with everyone.

I loved this time of joy so much.

To the extent where I thought – I wish I could pause time in this moment.

A few hours later, when the sun had completely sunk, we dispersed.

「Ria, Rose, Idol-san – see you tomorrow.」

「Yes. Good night, Allen.」

「I’ll see you tomorrow.」

「See you later.」

Because the men’s dormitory and the women’s dormitory were located in opposite directions, I parted ways with Ria and the others in the schoolyard.

After that.

「Sid-san, Cain-san. Well then, I’ll take my leave here.」


「God, I will see you again tomorrow!」

I broke up with them in the male teacher’s dormitory, and entered the room assigned to me.

「I’m home.」

I greeted as usual, but of course there was no answer.

(It is a little lonely without Ria.)

Because this was not Thousand Blade, it was not possible to stay in the same room with her.

「Even so, I’m tired…」I said to myself, stretching greatly.

Practice-swings for hours, after giving my all during the ability measurement, my body was dead tired.

(I’ll take a bath today and go to bed a little early…)

As I thought about that and just chilled, there was a knock on my front door.

(…Who is it?)

Looking at the clock, it’s already around ten o’clock in the middle of the night.

(Perhaps… it’s Ria?)

I opened the front door with a small guess in my mind.

And the person standing there was,

「Good evening, Allen.」

It was Idol-san with a small backpack.

「I-Idol-san… What’s the matter? Why did you come at this time…?」

「I have a little something to talk about… Can I come inside?」

「Y-Yes, please…」

「Thank you very much. I’m sorry to bother you.」

In this way, I invited the unexpected guest, Idol-san, into my room, with a slightly unpleasant feeling.


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