119. Senior Holy Knight and Sunny Land [10]

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119. Senior Holy Knight and Sunny Land [10]

Allen was dragged deep into the Door of Yaata which Rain summoned.


「It’s a lie, isn’t it…?!」

The cries of Ria and Rose echoed in the silent throne room.

「…Unfortunately, this is reality. Allen, whose consciousness has been sealed, will be trapped forever in darkness. You both will go down the same path.」Rain said, indifferently.

The two who heard the cold, emotionless words,

「Allen… I am sorry.」

「I’m sorry… I’m really sorry…」

Kept apologizing.

They always ended up being protected.

They were never helpful.

On the contrary, they simply held him back.

Regret, guilt, remorse, emptiness, anguish – such negative emotions dominated the hearts of Ria and Rose.

Seeing their suffering looks and apologies, Rain’s heart felt heavy with guilt.

(…It can’t be helped. This is something that can’t be helped…)

He clenched his teeth hard, and told himself that over and over.

He tried to justify his deed, even if it was by force.

In fact, Rain had never killed anyone with his own hands.

The only evil deed he had ever committed was the endless downpour on Dagrio with the ability of his soul dress.

The reckless heavy taxes imposed on the villages, the unjust violence against the villagers, and the murder of King Dagrio – all of this was commited by the underlings dispatched by the organization of their own accord.

Every disgusting misdeed conducted by the low-lifes was overlooked by Rain.

No, he had no other choice but to overlook it.

If he openly stood up against the Black Organization, his wishes wouldn’t come true.

If he did so, the reason for staying with the organization up until now will be lost.


As he was about to be crushed by the guilt of his crime, Rain exhaled loudly and shook his head.

(…Don’t think about anything anymore.『Norma』has been fulfilled. Now, Dagrio is all mine…!)

He cut away his feelings, and shifted his attention to the restricted Ria and Rose.

「All I need is Fafnir. It doesn’t matter whether the host lives or not, is what I heard…」

As Rain recited the “norma”,

「Next is you guys. Door of Yaata…」

He poured spiritual power into the sword stuck to the floor, and two huge doors appeared.

The double doors opened slowly, and the transparent hands of water grabbed Ria and Rose.

「…I’m sorry. At least don’t suffer, and go in peace.」

This was his own『kindness』.

Rain, one of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle who served as the highest executive of the Black Organization, knew.

At the heart of the organization, there are mad scientists, not caring an ounce about humans.

Ria Vesteria is a precious『host of the phantom spirit』.

Those people who are filled with curiosity to the core, will not overlook such a fine research specimen.

He was certain that her body will be fiddled with and that she will meet her end in a gruesome way.

Rather than being treated like that, it would be a blessing to seal her consciousness here, he judged.

The transparent hands of water dragged Ria and Rose into the door.


They didn’t particularly resist.

In the first place, both their hands and feet were restrained. And now, they couldn’t even find the will to resist.

「…I’m sorry, Allen.」

When Ria said that one last time – a hideous darkness, something which couldn’t have been born of this world, filled the entire throne room.

「What the?!」

Rain’s eyes widened in shock. He then felt something, and shivered.

(This power is…! No, it’s impossible…! His consciousness should have been completely sealed! The Door of Yaata has never been broken!)

Cold shivers ran down his spine. He even heard his own gulping loudly.

When he slowly turned around, there stood an unscathed Allen, clad in stormy darkness.


A ray of hope reflected in the eyes of Ria and Rose.

「Sorry, I’ve made you both worry.」

The moment Allen smiled gently as usual, a ferocious, predator-like darkness, swallowed the Door of Yaata and erased its existence.


The sealing technique that has never been broken before was swallowed easily right before Rain’s eyes.

Rain fell speechless in the face of such an abnormal situation.

In the meantime, Allen recovered Ria and Rose with light movements and slashed the mercury that bound their hands and feet with sharpened darkness.

「A-Allen, thank goodness… truly, I am glad!」

Ria jumped into his chest with tears of joy,

「I’m also really glad that you are safe, Ria!」

Allen gently hugged her.

「O-Oi, Allen… Are you really okay?」

Rose asked, with a serious expression, as she touched Allen’s body..

「Yes. There were a couple of things, but… I am all right now.」he said, and stood up slowly.

「I’m sorry, but could you two step back a little? I probably can’t control it perfectly yet.」

「…!! Allen, did you perhaps?!」


The two quickly understood the situation and immediately jumped back.

Allen confirmed that, and stood in front of Rain in an unarmed state.

「Sorry I kept you waiting.」

「…Allen. What the hell are you?」

Rain asked, while taking a defensive posture with his center of gravity lowered back.

「Even if you ask『What are you?』…I’m just a『Dropout Swordsman』you can find anywhere.」

「I see… Then, let me change the question. What on earth did you do inside the door? What changed you in such a short period of time!?」

Rain, a world-class swordsman, perceived Allen’s transformation more accurately than anyone else in that place.

「Let’s see… As you say, just one thing has changed greatly.」Allen said, and stretched out his right hand into the empty space.

Immediately following that, monstrous『pressure』bore down on the throne room.

Rain opened his eyes firmly and gripped his sword tightly.

As the monstrous pressure dominated the place, Allen finally unleashed『That Power』.

「Destroy -〈Zeon〉!」

The next moment, the True Black Sword manifested itself as though ripping through the empty space.

Blade, Hilt and Guard were all jet-black – the Sword of Darkness.

The name of this power -『Soul dress』.

That which Allen gained by struggling to death – a supreme sword.

(So, this is soul dress, huh…)

Then, when he slowly gripped the True Black Sword, darkness swept like tempest.



「T-This is…!」

Rain, Ria, and Rose’s eyes widened as darkness spread like shock waves.

(So, this is the Allen Rodore classified as『special class force』by the Black Organization, huh…)

Extremely black, hideous darkness, that doesn’t match the slightest bit with his gentle face.

A mass which was extremely evil, extremely otherworldly, and astronomical in power.

(I can’t see the bottom of this man’s power…!)

Rain was more vigilant than ever before, gripping his sword even tighter.

Allen assumed Seigan no Kamae and quietly adjusted his breathing.

And then,

「Now, let’s start the third round, Rain!」

「Aa… Come Allen!」

Allen Rodore, who manifested his soul dress, and Rain Glad, one of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle – the curtain finally rose on the climax of their match.


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